Iron deficiency anemia patients eat what 2 drug pricing spectrum to help you

Iron deficiency anemia patients eat what 2 drug pricing spectrum to help you

Ejiao jujube fungus porridge group: Ejiao 15 grams, red dates 10, black fungus 10 grams, glutinous rice 100g.

Practice: mash the gelatin.

The black fungus is warm and blistering and washed.

Jujube to go nuclear.

When the black fungus, jujube and glutinous rice porridge will be cooked, add the gelatin and stir.

Take breakfast every morning and dinner.

Efficacy: Black fungus is good for qi and blood. It contains 98 mg of iron per 1 gram of black fungus. It is the highest iron content in various foods.

Ejiao can promote bone marrow hematopoietic function, significantly increase red blood cell and hemoglobin content; red dates nourish blood.

This porridge is good for qi and blood, and is suitable for blood deficiency, dizziness and iron deficiency anemia.

Celery fried pork liver group: 200 grams of pork liver, 300 grams of celery, 25 grams of soy sauce, sugar, salt amount.

Practice: remove the pig liver to the fascia, wash and cut into thin slices, add appropriate amount of salt and mix well, set aside.

Wash the celery and cut into sections.

Heat the oil pan to 60% oil temperature, ingest the pig liver, and after discoloration, pour the oil into the colander.

Keep a small amount of oil in the pot, take celery and stir fry, add soy sauce, sugar, salt before cooking, then pour the pork liver, stir fry a few times, and immediately pan.

Efficacy: This recipe helps iron and folic acid. It is a good daily supplement for women and infants with anemia.

Successful men’s muscle gain is actually very simple

Successful men’s muscle gain is actually very simple

Diet: If you want to see your beautiful abs, you need to lose the aunt covered.

Therefore, we must implement the following simple principles: A.

Absorb enough static electricity to keep your muscles alive.


Do not absorb excessive amounts of energy to avoid excessive increases.

  These principles are simple, but they are not so easy to do. Here are my four specific practices: 1.

Eat enough protein and a variety of vegetables.

A high-protein diet can delay the development of fatigue and help maintain fractures in the waist and abdomen.

If you add vitamins, I will feel full, so I usually eat chicken, fish or beef, and there are a lot of vegetables. The more colors the vegetables, the better.

Onions, broccoli, potatoes, spinach, asparagus, etc. are all suitable for eating with a high protein diet.

I also add some protein snacks between meals, such as boiled eggs and cheese, or some soy milk, and some bananas and other fruits.


Please note the addition.

After 4 pm, I avoided eating supplements from staple foods such as rice, pasta or potatoes. These foods tend to pile up my stack, but I can still enjoy a sumptuous dinner, just like I enjoy a hearty breakfast and lunch.same.

But I have my own dinner principle, some I will eat protein grilled tuna, plus fruit or vegetable salad.

So when I woke up the next morning, I would never worry about how much fat I had in bed yesterday.


Pay attention to eating more carbonated cellulose.

Cellulose can keep your body running and help to supplement your aunt.

Try to replace the refined grain with the roughed whole oatmeal. At the beginning, eat two tablespoons a day and gradually transition to 4 spoons.

You can make oatmeal into porridge, add some raisins and peanut butter.

This kind of food can provide you with enough cellulose, some protein and a moderate amount of healthy, and can maintain a sense of fullness.


Attracting health.

About 60 from avocado, olive oil, peanut butter and fresh nuts every day?
100 grams.

Your body needs healthy adults to maintain vitality and vitality.

  One of the mistakes people often make is to completely abandon their jealousy, so they often feel that their physical strength is not enough.

  Schedule a day of eating “Indulgence Day”, in which you can break all the eating rules.

And there is no feeling of guilt, I suggest you try this.

After 6 days of strict adherence to the dietary principles, it is beneficial to properly indulge on the 7th day.

I found out that when you start the strict diet again, you don’t have so much desire to eat so-called junk food, which is conducive to a reasonable diet for a long time.

  Oatmeal Snack: Add a cup of coarse oatmeal to the inflow of the two cups.

Heat to boiling for 30 seconds, simmer for 5 minutes after extinguishing the fire.

Put oatmeal in a bowl, add your favorite seasonings, such as peanut butter, bananas, strawberries or raisins, etc., you can use skim milk agent water to increase protein content.

  A delicious companion for the abdominal muscles: add two tablespoons of protein powder and a cup of half soy milk to the blender, then add some peanut butter, a banana and a few pieces of ice and mix well.

(You can also use frozen bananas instead of bananas and ice cubes. I will freeze the bananas that I bought for a while to prevent the bananas from getting dark and bad.

Finally, add a quarter cup of oatmeal to enjoy this delicious.

6 pounds per month, the happiest weight loss recipe

6 pounds per month, the happiest weight loss recipe

Have you started to develop a new weight loss plan?

At present, the “completely happy diet diet” that is popular in Australia tells you that balanced nutrition can also overcome the slim body, so that you don’t have to endure starvation, you can eat delicious food, and lose 9 kilograms in 12 weeks, minus 3 per!

  The new diet was developed by CSIRO, an Australian scientific and industrial research organization. The principle of weight loss is to supplement the proper chicken, fish and other proteins every day to resist obesity and promote slight loss.Fruits, vegetables, and cardio-pulmonary movements quickly remove excess meat from the body.

According to this principle, the diet maintains muscle relaxation during weight loss, satisfies the vital nutrients vitamin B12, iron, etc. required by the body; and simultaneously lowers the triglyceride level in the blood.

  Specifically, the specific content of this diet includes: 1.

Eat three servings a day, 100 grams of protein, peeled chicken and fish, eggs, tofu and low-fat dairy products;

2 servings of fish per week for 2 dinners, 1 peeling per week for dinner, fat chicken, 2 red lean meats (including beef, veal or lamb) 4 times a week;

For breakfast, it is recommended to eat whole wheat bread or high-fiber corn husks, oatmeal, and low-fat milk;

Eat at least 2 every day.

5 servings of vegetables, and more colors; 5.

Follow this diet, you can still drink 2 glasses of red wine a week, it is okay to drink coffee, even chocolate can eat.

  For those who love food, this “completely happy diet” is easy.

After many experiments, it is confirmed that eating high-fiber, high-protein diet, basically no substitute, but more importantly, in the process of weight loss, do not need hungry, especially the five major food types are included, due to nutritionBalanced, so you can maintain good physical strength and maintain healthy blood sugar standards, so it is less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Close your eyes and raise your liver, raise your hands and adjust your spleen, raise your feet and raise your kidneys.

Close your eyes and raise your liver, raise your hands and adjust your spleen, raise your feet and raise your kidneys.

One trick and one raises the five internal organs. You may not believe it when you say it, but in the eyes of health care practitioners, the simpler and easier to operate method is beneficial to long-term practice, and the effect is beyond the reach of any medicine.

The following five actions, the choice of one is always a benefit, if you just look at it, then you will miss a lot of physical fitness, longevity, and solve the problem of physical problems.

1, single arm to adjust the spleen and stomach single arm. This action originated from Ba Duan Jin, has been passed down to the world in the Song Dynasty, has a good regulation of the spleen and stomach.

“The spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow”, Chinese medicine believes that the stomach is mainly descending, and the temper is rising. Through the orderly transportation and transportation, the water valley essence is transported around the whole body to nourish the body.

Therefore, the key to nursed the spleen and stomach is to change the law of change in accordance with the visceral qi machine.

The specific method is: natural weight, the knees are slightly bent, the two hands are held in front of the lower abdomen, the palms are up; then the left hand is turned over the chest to go up, the right hand is turned to the right, and the two palms are pushed up and down.Stand with your legs straight and stretch the whole body; after stopping for two seconds, return the two hands to the original road, re-close the front of the lower abdomen, relax your body; then switch to the right hand and repeat 30 times.

Don’t look at this movement is simple. If you want to do it, you need to understand the inner strength, that is, slowly inhale when the arm is lifted, and the lower abdomen is slightly closed. When the one arm is lifted to the top of the head, the force reaches the palm of your hand and feels the strength of the sky.Force, make the body pull long; when the arm is aligned, slowly exhale, the lower abdomen is slightly loose, and the place is called to suffocate the body.

2, the shoulder expansion chest Xuanfei lung lung is the most delicate of all organs, nursed back to the main.

Simulating the action of pulling the bow and archery can induce the lungs, circulate the lungs, and enhance the physiological functions of lungs and sinks.

This action is completely suitable for patients with lung disease, and is also very suitable for sedentary families.

The specific method is: the two palms are clasped to the chest, then the left hand is changed to the eight-character palm, and the right hand is hooked like a bow. At the same time, it is horizontally separated from the left and the right; the left arm is bent, and the right arm is bent, just like the ancient bow archery.Spread the back of the chest, force down, stop for two seconds; then both hands become palm, the sides of the arms are flat, then fit on the chest, then change the right hand to do the other side, repeat 30 times.

Through the expansion of the shoulder and the elastic change of the back, it can stimulate the Du Meridian and the back acupoints; the changes of the fingertips such as the eight-character palm and the hook can stimulate the lung acupoints distributed on the fingers and wrists, such as Shaoshang, tooYuan et al, long scorpion announced the role of lungs, improve lung function.

3, normally closed eyes, liver and blood eyelids is like a switch for liver work and rest. As long as people close their eyes or fall asleep, the liver begins to rest and exert its blood-staining power.

In addition to eyesight exercises, it can improve symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes, and eye muscle fatigue.

“The liver is the main blood”, the liver is the main eye.

Eyes dry, eyelids and other eye diseases are actually related to liver disease. Wind and tears are the function of the liver’s astringent function. The dry eyes are the lack of blood in the liver. Therefore, traditional health is very prominent.

The specific method is: lightly close your eyes, use your two thumbs to circle around the temples outside the corner of the eye, then turn 5 times for each turn, and gently point your hand toward the temple in the direction of the back. Swell is good.

4, diligent toes, kidneys, sputum, toes, can be used to evacuate the three yin, the suffocation, so warm the kidney, stimulate the gas, improve kidney function, can use the blood to supply enough oxygen, and protect cardiovascular health,Exercise the calf muscles and enhance the stability of joints and joints.

The specific method is: walking on the toes, or tilting the toes, walking with the heels, these two walking methods can be alternated, the number of times and interval time according to their own situation, step by step, to feel comfortable and easy.

Elderly people with reduced mobility and patients with high-grade osteoporosis should avoid falling and falling. It is recommended to practice when sitting or lying down, keep parallel with the thigh, and rub the toes or hook tips repeatedly.30?
50 times.

5, the key to adjusting the umbilical cord to relieve the heart and heart disease is to lower the heart.

The lower abdomen is also called “Dandian”, just like a fertile soil, the root of nutrition and viscera, the source of qi and blood.

During exercise, you should breathe slowly and physiology is united, that is, “inspired by the heart, the mind is flat.”

The specific method is: the eye is slightly closed, you can see a trace of light, and at the same time, the navel is warm and comfortable; the breathing path, breathless, deep into the lower abdomen, one breath and one breath, experience the feeling of slightly opening and closing the lower abdomen;Open your eyes, both palms should be clockwise for a few weeks, then counterclockwise, the saliva in your mouth will be more and more, and then slowly swallowed.

Small remedies for serious illnesses, physiotherapy actions in addition to dysentery, health is in their own hands, it depends on our willingness to reach out and grab it!

Quickly share it with your friends and have a look!

Excessive milk induces senile cataract

Excessive milk induces senile cataract

Medicine believes that under normal circumstances, after the age of 50, the secretion of parathyroid hormone in the body is too strong, and the sex hormones are decreasing, leading to calcium absorption disorders in the body.

At the same time, the intake of calcium in the plasma of the elderly is insufficient, resulting in the continuous loss of calcium in the bone, resulting in osteoporosis, bone brittleness, and easy fracture.

Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to calcium supplementation.

  Milk is widely recognized as an important source of calcium supplement food in the world because of its nutrient-rich, high calcium content and high absorption and absorption.

For a long time, many elderly people choose to drink more milk to supplement calcium.

  However, recent studies by foreign scientists have found that it is not worth the loss of calcium supplementation in the elderly because milk can cause senile cataracts.

The reason is that 5% of lactose in milk is decomposed into galactose by the action of lactic acid, which is easily deposited in the lens of the eyes of the elderly and affects its normal metabolism, and the protein is prone to degeneration, resulting in a decrease in the lens and induction of the elderly.The occurrence of cataracts, or exacerbate their condition.

  Therefore, the elderly should prevent calcium deficiency and do not use milk as the sole source of calcium supplementation.

It can supplement calcium lactate, calcium phosphate, vitamin D and other drugs, and can also replace shrimp, shrimp, fish, shellfish, eggs, meat bones, kelp and snails, celery, soy products, sesame seeds, red dates, black fungus, etc.Calcium-rich foods are used to supplement calcium, and natural foods are the best.

Beautiful weight loss drug: 24 hours minus 3 pounds

Beautiful weight loss drug: 24 hours minus 3 pounds

After decades of unremitting exploration and practice, people have seen the replacement of chemical drugs to lose weight.

However, dieting or sports to lose weight, if not sustained, often half the effort.

So some traditional methods of ancient East, such as Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine, began to be recognized by Western scientists in the application of weight loss.

  According to US media reports, there is currently a popular diet pills that are popular in the United States.

This powerful and active biological compound extracted entirely from natural plants brings good news to many dieters.

Its benefit is that there is no substitute for a purification agent.

Users don’t have to go on a diet or exercise, but the effect of losing weight is unprecedented.

According to media reports, the accelerated weight loss effect is 3 pounds in weight within 24 hours.

This magical plant is a natural plant called “Kenjac” that grows in southern Asia, and the powerful and effective weight-loss biological compound is extracted from its roots.

  The plant’s learning is called “Amorphophallus Konjac”, and many years ago locals were found to have magical substitutions after squeezing the roots of the plants.

Based on these findings, the scientists studied the experiment in detail and finally found an automatic and rapid reduction in the body weight caused by the juice of the plant.

The cause of weight loss is that when a small dose of this plant juice enters the human body, it breaks down into a natural substance that dissolves the variables in the human body and destroys them, preventing them from forming feces in the human body, changing and interfering with the human body.The process of absorption spectroscopy.

At the same time, in the process of weight loss, people will not have a sense of old age.

  At present, this powerful and effective diet pill is named “FAT FIGHIER”, which is a concentrated effect of the most effective ingredients extracted from the juice extracted from this plant root.

If taken in excess, it can cause uncontrolled weight loss and the danger of going from one extreme to the other.

Therefore, people who use this medicine to lose weight must be required to do so under the guidance of experts.

Hypertension prevention: the most important thing to control weight

Hypertension prevention: the most important thing to control weight

Click to buy for people to control weight to prevent obesity is far more important than weight loss, the following small series for everyone to share the method of weight control, look together.

  From infancy, early childhood, adolescence to adulthood, pregnancy and old age, our body’s aunt is constantly changing.

To prevent obesity, it can be said that it is a lifetime, and you can’t relax at every stage.

  Adolescence: Adult cells continue to increase developmental stages, early childhood and pre-puberty, these three stages are the period of increasing adult cells.

Many parents feel that the children at this time are getting fatter and more lovely. Today’s little fat man may become a big fat man in the future.”

  ”Preventing high blood pressure, it is about to start from the period of high blood pressure.” Because the weight itself can’t control how many cells grow, this right is in the hands of mother.

Relatively speaking, healthy high blood pressure is about six or seven kilograms. If you don’t pay attention during pregnancy, you will have eight or nine kilograms or even ten kilograms of huge children. The child will gradually develop obesity, and the chance of diabetes is much greater.

“From the genetic factors, the chances of too many children born to fat parents will be coefficient.

If one parent is obese, the child obesity rate is about 20%?
40%, if both parents are obese, then the child’s obesity rate can reach 70%?

“Being a parent, it is better to give them a healthy body by leaving a Jinshan Yinshan.

“When it is puberty, many parents only know to add enough nutrients to their children, but they don’t know how to scientifically mix and match, and it is easy to cause obesity.

Nutrition is not a lot of traces, there are other nutrients, such as sugar, protein, various vitamins, the ratio between minerals must be appropriate.

  Adulthood: The longer the pregnant women’s cells reach adulthood, during pregnancy and old age, the pregnant women’s cells will no longer increase, but the volume of each cell may become larger.

“A lot of people lose their weight during pregnancy, and their weight does not return to the state before maturity. When others enter the old age, their weight increases year by year, because they are stored in the body, making the unfortunate cells longer.of.

In these three stages, in addition to genetic factors, binge eating, nightingale, staying up late and other bad habits are important factors leading to obesity.

Therefore, for adults, pay special attention to these times to increase restraint and control your mouth.

  The first one is when you have a meal.

Studies have shown that eating with others takes an average of 44% more time than eating alone, and eating too much, with this one, and with that one, you will not eat more.

I said that I have to eat 70% of the meal. What is the feeling of this 70%?

“It’s just that you are still eating well, don’t feel hungry, but feel that you are not full, it is called seven full.

When I was having a meal, I was most afraid of eating a buffet together.

As for eating a buffet, there is a joke called “holding the wall in, and then holding the wall out”, this kind of eating is the most terrible.

If you must eat a buffet, the first is to eat less, the second is not to eat what you usually like to eat, often eat.

  ”If I eat a buffet, I definitely choose to eat it rarely, or if I have not eaten it, I must put some fruits, vegetables, and a variety of foods. This will ensure balanced nutrition and effective control.

As for the amount of micronurs in a day, the purpose of weight control can be achieved. The US proposal is that men are 1,724 kcal per day and women are 1295 kcal.

“We Asians should be less than this transition, about 1700 kcal for men and 1200 kcal for women.

In addition, a person from adult to old, the weight change is best not to exceed 10 pounds.

“Nutrition and not hungry to lose weight three meals In order to make everyone easy to operate, experts specially designed a three-course recipe for weight loss: breakfast bowl of oatmeal, a boiled egg, apple, pear or banana, and another one, eat at noonSteamed pumpkin or yam as a staple, because we usually eat too little potato.

Then you can eat some beef sauce, a bowl of food; dinner bowl of eight-treasure porridge, this porridge can be served with nuts, steamed a dish, or cold salad, simmering all the way, put less oil; add a meal can be a bowl of fruit, it is recommended in the afternoon orEat better in the morning.

  Extended reading: The method of controlling the weight gain of office workers to use the working environment: 1.

Your unit may have sports facilities or contact with a local health club or stadium.


Support and encourage mutual support with other colleagues in the unit who are controlling weight.


Communicate with colleagues, seek their help, and discourage them from giving you exceptional food control work catering: 1.

Have three meals a day without ignoring breakfast and lunch.
If you don’t eat lunch, you are likely to heal back to your home and eat a big meal at the dinner table.

Eat less snacks and only carry low-fat, low-energy snacks or snacks such as fruits, vegetables, biscuits, popcorn, etc.


Drink water regularly during the day in the summer.

When you want to eat something sweet, drink a glass of water and the desire to eat sweets will disappear.

Drinking a glass of water before lunch can reduce your appetite.


Don’t let mental stress force you to eat more. When you have mental stress, don’t pick up food, but go for a walk.

Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating.


Eating rice at a restaurant outside often contains more energy and sputum than a home-made meal.

Keep an eye out for restaurants that offer low-fat meals near your unit.

Don’t go to a fast food chain because there are very few low foods to choose from.


Don’t eat alone with colleagues and friends.

Focus on the personality of the companion, not on the food.


Not eating a buffet buffet often leads to a lot of eating.


Note that alcohol has a high energy content, which prevents the consumption of body fat and reduces the willpower.

If you want to drink some wine, it is best to mix it with soda.

Drink plenty of water and low-energy drinks.

  Let the right sports happen to your daily routine: no matter how busy you are, you can definitely squeeze out for 10-15 minutes.

When you work after you are active, you will feel tired and eliminate more and more awake.

In your daily work, you can do some simple physical activities.


Take a stop in advance from the BMW or subway train and walk the rest of the road.

You can also park your car a little further and walk to the unit.


Go to the colleague’s previous pre-personality, not the phone.


Take the stairs when going up and down the building, don’t take the elevator.

Less at the beginning, and then increase the number of layers of stairs after adaptation.


If you often sit and work, take advantage of every opportunity to stand up.


If you can put a low-energy drink bottle on the table, you don’t need to take a coffee break.

Take a walk with this time.

Massage your fingers to improve immunity against colds

Massage your fingers to improve immunity against colds

Hand can surgery diseases, so how do you look at it?

Is hand health important?

How to do hand care and massage?

  Hands can predict health and disease.

Palm fever and sweating, hyperthyroidism; red spots on the palm, hepatitis or diabetes; pale fingertips for blood flow disorders;Red lines appear for high blood pressure, rheumatism or heart disease.

  Massage the different parts of the hand, improve the heart of the hand massage to improve the heart and lung circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis; 揉搓 thumb can excite nerve function, maintain body fluid acid-base balance, treat diabetes; 揉搓 index finger can regulate digestive system function, spleen and stomach, soothing liver and gallbladder, treating lung diseases.

  Massage middle finger can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and treat high blood pressure; massage ring finger can regulate nervous system function, improve sensitivity, treat spleen disease and seizure.

  Massage the little finger can enhance the function of the respiratory system and urinary system, prevent colds and treat other infectious diseases and kidney diseases; massage fish body can prevent constipation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Are you eating right in the six principles of spring diet?

Are you eating right in the six principles of spring diet?

Spring health should follow the principle of raising the sun and protecting the wind.

In the spring, the human body’s yang is in line with nature, and it is excessively evacuated. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to defending the yang in the body. Any situation that damages the yang should be avoided.

So how do you eat in the spring to maintain your health?

Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

. The six principles of spring diet 1, food is diverse, come to “thick”.

  Different foods provide different nutrients, and no natural food provides all the nutrients the body needs.

Eat more foods a day, so that the nutrients provided by the various foods can complement each other to meet the nutritional needs of life and work.

Always eat coarse grains, such as cornmeal, millet, etc.

Nowadays, the food is too fine. The total consumption of such food is prone to B vitamin deficiency. Regular consumption of coarse grains can supplement the supplement.

In addition, often eat some potatoes, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. These foods are rich in supplemental fiber, which can prevent constipation and prevent cancer.

  2, colorful fruits and vegetables, add a little “wild”.

  Eat green, red or yellow vegetables or fruits every day, because dark fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and antioxidants than light ones.

Spring is here, and a variety of naturally grown fruits and vegetables are also on the market, such as plums, apricots, citron, and leeks.

Yellow and green fragrant scrambled eggs, sautéed scrambled eggs, and a white scallions mixed with tofu, while looking at the “eyes”, the food is refreshing.

If you can take the wild vegetables that grow naturally in the earth, leeks and leeks, it is a pleasure.

  3, light diet, less oil and salt.

  Try to use less oil when cooking, less salt, and a light diet is good for your health.

Eating less oil can reduce oil intake and help control weight.

Eating less salt helps prevent high blood pressure.

  4, animal food, leisurely.

  Animal food can provide high quality protein, traces, vitamins and minerals, and you should eat some animal food every day.

Too much animal food, unfortunately, will increase at the same time, which is not conducive to health, and should be stopped.

Animal liver, such as pig liver, chicken liver or duck liver, is rich in zinc, iron and vitamin A and other nutrients, you can eat some often.

  The nutrition of dairy products is more comprehensive, and it is best to eat some dairy products every day.

Pay attention to the instructions when choosing dairy products. Do not use milk-containing beverages as a dairy product.

  Although soy products are plant-based foods, they are diverse and contain a lot of protein and should be eaten regularly.

  5, three meals a day, clever arrangements.

  The year is in spring, the day is in breakfast!

A nutritious breakfast can not only “refuel” for health, but also contribute to the efficiency of morning study or work.

Breakfast can not be ignored, sloppy, not only to eat every day, but also should be full, eat well.

Can not do it, “retro style” comes with “bamboo”, it can be said that the benefits are many, saving time, money, nutrition, health .

If a few colleagues bring it together, you can organize a small lunch “party.”

Dinner does not have to be a big fish to treat yourself, and the diet is moderately healthy.

  6, more active and less sitting, healthy.

  Spring sprouts spit green and flowers bloom. It is a good time to go out and bathe in nature. It should be more outdoor activities, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, so you can exercise and promote health.

Lazy MM’s six super weight loss sports

Lazy MM’s six super weight loss sports

Regular exercise in spring can enhance the body’s immunity and significantly reduce the incidence of diseases such as the respiratory system in a year.

Going out is not only good for the body, but most importantly, it can alleviate the depressed mood in winter.

If you go to the outside world, whether it is an outing, climbing, or other skyscraper sports, you will have more to gain than indoor fitness.

  As soon as you hear about it, many people will be eager to try. The simple, economical and easy-to-do green fitness exercise can make people stay away from the noise of the city, bathe the fresh air of the forest, and enjoy the physical comfort.

But what to do is not to hinder the choice of the most desirable way of exercising according to your own hobbies.

  Cycling riding this kind of bicycle that relies on physical strength to walk through the beautiful scenery like a scroll, can not help but feel very incomparable, suddenly feel that this is almost a kind of fitness exercise, but also a kind of exile.

There are a lot of corresponding acupuncture points on the human hand and feet. When you hold the handlebars and force the bicycle, you have actually started the acupressure of the body without knowing it.

In addition to cycling, the leg movement can accelerate the blood circulation and strengthen the microvascular tissue.

  The free cycling method is not limited to time and strength, mainly through physiological fatigue caused by the pressure of life; the strength cycling method can stipulate how many kilometers per hour of riding speed per hour, which can effectively strengthen the stimulation of the heart and lungs.Exercise the human cardiovascular system; intermittent cycling can be alternately fast and slow, for example, slow ride for 5 minutes, then fast ride for 5 minutes, and then cycle as many times; aerobic cycling is mainly at medium speedIt usually takes 45-60 minutes to ride and improve your heart and lung function.

  Mountaineering is an excellent aerobic exercise. The air in the mountains is unusually fresh. It is very likely to improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, improve lung function, and enhance the ability of the heart to contract.

The rough road between the mountains is beneficial to improve the balance function of the human body and enhance the coordination ability of the limbs, especially walking on non-stepped sections without artificial modification, which can make the human muscle fibers thicker, more muscular and enhance the flexibility of the limbs.

In addition, it is far from the top of the mountain, which can relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles and relax and rest the nervous brain.

  Mountaineering is generally chosen in the early morning, but the intensity should not be too large, and the heart rate should be maintained at 120-140 times/minute.

Mountaineering should be carried out step by step. First, do some simple warm-up exercises, and then gradually increase the intensity according to a certain respiratory rate.

At the end of the workout, relax and get the blood back from the limbs to the heart.

Pay attention to replenish moisture during exercise to relieve fatigue and restore physical strength as soon as possible.

  Flying a kite in the spring to fly a kite, you can breathe fresh air, clear your mind and promote metabolism.

When flying a kite, you can move your body and joints, you can stretch your muscles and bones, promote blood circulation; metabolism, improve blood circulation, look at the kite, look far and wide, can adjust eye muscles and nerves, eliminate eye fatigue.

  Pay attention to protection when flying a kite. Don’t continuously lean back and neck, but alternate between back and flat, to think of the Lord.

It is best to fly a kite with 2 to 3 people, choose a series, open space is appropriate.

  Golfing A golf ball hitting action requires the use of muscles and joints, especially the waist, shoulders and limbs. It is good for exercising flexibility and correcting bad posture.

Golf is a good gentle exercise. It takes about 445 calories for 75 minutes, which is equivalent to 65 minutes at 16 kilometers per hour.

Playing golf has a high demand for human endurance. Walking for an hour or two in the outdoor, it can not only strengthen the heart, but also increase the burden on the heart.

  Playing golf is very easy to get injured. If the swing posture is not correct, some joint activities are not proper, the movements are not fully coordinated, and the force is not properly caused, etc., which will cause tendonitis and muscle strain, foot sprain and so on.

You must do a warm-up exercise for 5 minutes before exercise, especially to fully exercise the waist, shoulders and wrists, ankles and other parts.

  Do yoga in the mild afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, quietly do a set of yoga on the green lawn, let the body slightly sweat, is a very enjoyable enjoyment.

The posture of yoga various posture methods, massage the internal organs of the body, not only can promote blood circulation, shrink the stiff muscles, make the joints flexible, but also make the glands secrete balance, strengthen the nerves, eliminate the body tension and fatigue.

Yoga breathing method, through conscious breathing, can eliminate the body’s exhaust gas, virtual fire, eliminate tension and fatigue.

  Tip: Yoga breathing is a general breathing by inflating the upper abdomen and chest, and then removing the air more thoroughly through the abdominal muscles.

The purpose of the Yoga Breathing Method is to concentrate on mind by consciously controlling breathing.