Yoga moves to solve gastrointestinal problems

Yoga moves to solve gastrointestinal problems

When it comes to gastrointestinal problems, almost everyone has them. Some people spend a lot of money still can’t solve the problem, which is really a headache.

Gastrointestinal complications and causes are more common: 1.

Ulcers: Gastric ulcers or duodenal ulcers. The cause of ulcers is generally that the organs are stimulated by food such as coffee, alcohol, spices, or exacerbated by mental fatigue, and some are caused by incorrect posture;

Loss of appetite: there are many reasons, such as excessive mental fatigue, insomnia, inflammation of the stomach, intestine, liver, kidney and other parts, constipation, dysentery, etc .; 3.

Chronic gastritis: Divided into hyperacidity with too much fluid and anacidity without gastric acid secretion; 4.

Chronic ulcers: Causes of eating too much, drinking too much, lack of gastric acid, lack of digestive juice caused by pancreatic disorders, diseases of the small and large intestines, and neurosis

Constipation: Because the peristalsis of the large intestine is weak, the abdominal muscles are also weak, and the instructions of the brain and the intestine do not cooperate, which is caused by excessive use of laxatives.

If the disease is not very serious, as long as the tension is eliminated and blood circulation is improved, correct adjustment of the autonomic nerves on the spine can quickly obtain obvious results.

The more effective methods are: 1.

Name: Baby-style movements: 1) Lie on your back, bend your right knee, hold your hands to the upper part of the abdomen, and inhale and press on the abdomen.

  2) Exhale, raise your head, touch your knees, keep your left leg straight, hold for 10 to 15 seconds, and return.

  3) Hold your knees, press your knees to the upper level, exhale, lift your head and touch your knees, take a deep breath 4 times, return to relax, repeat the other leg.

  Role: Treat constipation and increase bowel movements.


Name: Crocodile-style action: 1) Lie on your back with your arms flat and your palms facing down on the floor.

  2) Inhale and lift your left leg at a right angle.

  3) Exhale, hold your left leg to the right, and keep your shoulders steady for 5 to 10 seconds.

  4) Inhale, lift your left leg at a right angle, exhale back to its original position, and repeat the other leg.

  Tip: Also do your legs together.

Or bend your knees and lie on your back, and your knees will fall down.

  Role: Treatment and prevention of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and low back pain.

What to do if there is wet poison in my body?

Recommended 10 spring damp damp soup

What to do if there is wet poison in my body?
Recommended 10 spring damp damp soup

Click to buy in the spring when the humidity is heavy and you need to get rid of it, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the series of wet and rainy weather in spring, the external humidity will lead to poor blood flow in the meridians.Weakness, water does not get wet, wet evil is trapped.

The humidity is heavy, and there is humidity in the body, which can cause multiple problems, such as certain rheumatism, obesity, loss of appetite, and weakness.

Here are 10 spring damp damp soups to help you get rid of the wet poison in your body.

  Qushi Soup 1, Chenpi Barley Duck Soup-Moisturizing and Antidiarrheal[Raw Materials]Water duck meat 250g, Chenpi 6g, stir-fried barley 30g, lotus seed meat 30g, Huaishan 12g, ginger 10g[Step]Duck meat cutSoak the cubes, barley kernels, and lotus seeds in cold water for 2 hours. Put all the ingredients into the pot. After the boil is boiled, cook in a simmer for 2 hours. Add the ingredients out of the pot.

  [Efficacy]Coix seed and dampness, adding duck can nourish the spleen and stomach, relieve dampness and relieve diarrhea.

This soup is especially suitable for those with heavy moisture and thin stools.

  Qushi soup 2, Zhishi barley red bean soup-from the “Compendium of Materia Medica”[raw materials]indica rice kernel, red bean, half a bowl of rice, light bamboo leaves, purslane, sophora rice, green tea, the amount of the above materials into the dry goods[step]Indica rice kernel, red bean, soaked in water for one to two hours, if heated water can be shortened by half; purslane soaked for half an hour; wrap light bamboo leaves, purslane, locust rice, green tea with gauze; wrap all materials intoPot, boil for an hour after adding water.

You don’t need to add any seasonings, drink soup, eat barley kernel rice, red beans and scallions.

  [Efficacy]This is a spleen and dampness-reducing food therapy formula from the Compendium of Materia Medica. It is often associated with spleen deficiency due to moisture weight. At the same time, conditioning can be effective at the same time, and the roots can be easily broken.

The above materials are not easy to collect, but there are finished products for sale on the surface of the city, and sometimes there is also Shutangrenren tea, a cup in the morning and evening, which is especially suitable for spring and back to Nantian.

Compared with ordinary diet indicators, this soup is more inclined to medicated diet, so the effect is much better, and there is also the effect of light spots and whitening to lose weight.

  Qushi soup 3, Coix ribs soup-Moisturizing and diuretic[raw material]500 grams of winter melon, 250 grams of ribs, a small amount of barley[Step]Don’t peel the winter melon, cut into large pieces, add the ribs and barley together into the pot, add water,Let it simmer for an hour and a half, add winter melon, and cook for 10 minutes.

  [Efficacy]This soup has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, diuresis and urination, and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with edema and urinary tract diseases.

  Qushi soup 4, cucumber pork bone soup-clearing heat and dampness[raw materials]old cucumber 1 catty, pig tendon 1 catty, Chenpi 1 horn, red bean 2 2 pieces, broken Yaozhu 1 tablespoon, lentils 1 2 and powder sausage 8 2[steps]Pork bone and powder sausage are dehydrated with water. After the water is boiled, add pork tendon in a pot for 15 minutes, then add powder sausage, rind, red beans, lentils, and old cucumber in a pot for 1 hour.Ready to eat.

  [Efficacy]The old cucumber can remove heat and dispel dampness and detoxify fire, lentils and red adzuki beans have the effect of strengthening the spleen and moisturizing. Adding pig powder intestines to boil cucumber soup, the heat can replace the gastrointestinal effect.

  Qushi soup 5, lentil carp soup-spleen and dampness[raw materials]lentils, 15 grams each of kapok, 2 jujubes, 100 grams of bonito meat, 3 grams of rind, 2 slices of ginger[Step]Stir-fried bonito, pourAdd some water and stir-fry the lentils a little. Put the anchovies, lentils, soaked kapok rind, ginger, a bowl of hot water together in a stew pot, cover, and simmer for an hour and a half.

  [Efficacy]The fried lentils have the effects of strengthening the spleen and moisturizing, and stopping diarrhea. It is stewed with anchovies of kapok skin, which is a healthy soup for strengthening the spleen and dampness when the spring is wet.

  祛湿汤6,沙葛扁豆猪骨汤-祛湿开胃【原料】沙葛500克,猪扇骨500克,眉豆,扁豆和赤小豆各50克,蜜枣2个,姜2片,水10碗  【Step]Soak the eyebrows, lentils and red beans in water for 2 hours, wash the pig fan bones, rinse with water, wash the sagebrush, peel, peel, gluten, and cut into pieces; boil water, add all the ingredients, and cook for 20 minutes on high heat, Turn to low heat for an hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening spleen and appetizing.

  [Efficacy]This soup can be used to clear away heat and appetite, and strengthen the spleen and dampness.

  Qushi soup 7, Poria horseshoe pork soup-Qushi digestion[raw materials]400 grams of lean pork, 200 grams of Poria, 1 carrot, 1 corn without shavings, 10 peeled horseshoes, pitted candied dates 3More than 10 pieces of tangerine peel and 3 pieces of ginger[Step]Soak the tangerine peel for a while, then cut it into clay, carrots, and corn. Divide all the ingredients into the pot, add 10 bowls of water, and boil over high heat.2 hours, just add seasoning.

  [Efficacy]Poria cocos can clear heat and dampness, strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion of horseshoe, and widen the qi of carrots.

  Qushi soup 8, olive water fish soup-Qushijie sleep[raw materials]water fish 200?
250 grams, 6 olives, 3 slices of ginger, ten slices of tangerine peel[Step]After soaking the tangerine peel, cut the olives in half, cut the fish into pieces and pass through the water. Put all the ingredients together into the stew pot, add 4 bowls of boiling water, coverClose the lid, simmer for 3 hours, add the seasoning.

  [Efficacy]It can dispel dampness, it is helpful for various skin diseases caused by moisture, and it can also relieve spring difficulties.

  Qushi soup 9, yam pig fan bone soup-spleen and dampness[raw materials]pig fan bone 1 kg 2 or 2 pieces, Chen Pei 5, 6 tablets, iron rod yam 2 two, Ci Shi, lotus seeds, Poria 30 grams each, 3 ginger[Step]After the pork bone is cut into pieces, pass through the water and cut into yam sections. Pour all the materials into a pressure cooker, cook for half an hour after adding water, and add the seasoning.

For the old-fashioned soup method, you can cook for 10 minutes on high heat, then switch to simmer for 1 hour.

  [Efficacy]Spleen and dampness, if it is to supplement the fan bone of the scapular region of the pig, the tail keel close to the tail of the pig to make soup, the effect of removing dampness is better.

  Qushi soup 10, Flammulina flammulina soup-Qushi slimming[raw materials]150 grams of Flammulina velutipes, 150 grams of soybean sprouts, 240 grams of lean pork.

  [Steps]Slice lean meat, marinate with 2 tablespoons raw soy sauce, half tablespoon of white sugar and half tablespoon of raw powder for marinating and set aside; put oil in a hot pan, stir-fry ginger, soy sprouts and shovel for later use; add 5 bowls of water to the panTurn on, add ginger bean sprouts, boil again, add enoki mushrooms and meat slices, add seasoning when cooked.

  [Efficacy]This soup has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic and swelling, and reducing weight.

  There are damp poisons in the body. You can drink more than 10 kinds of damp damp soups for conditioning, especially in spring, when the moisture such as Nantian is easy to invade the human body, you should pay more attention to it. In addition to diet therapy, active exercise, cupping, moxibustionAre good dehumidification methods.

But if the humidity is heavy and the spleen is weak, then only the diet can get two effects.

Eight measures to alleviate IT eye dryness

Eight measures to alleviate IT eye dryness

With the use of computers for a longer period of time, complications such as eye fatigue and blurred vision are increasing.

According to statistics, 70% to 75% of the population’s overuse of computers will produce “vision and eye discomfort syndromes in computer families.” Its symptoms include sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and chest muscle aches and pains.Stiff, mild symptoms will affect work efficiency; severe symptoms will cause vision loss and joint protrusion.

With the use of computers for a longer period of time, complications such as eye fatigue and blurred vision are increasing.

  In addition, according to the latest Japanese research report this year, as many as one-third of the computer families who feel eye fatigue have dry tears that have reached the diagnostic criteria for dry eye.

So don’t ignore the discomfort of the eyes, especially myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and strabismus friends. Once you find abnormalities in the eyes, please see an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to finding a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, adjusting the use of computers and eye supplements are also good ways to maintain eye health!

  8 rules for using computers properly: 1.

Do not place the computer near the window, to avoid light reflection from the top of the head; 2.

The computer screen is lower than the eyes; 3.

Computer screen and eye distance 60 cm; 4.

Use a computer-specific file shelf to hold the files to be processed; 5.

5. Take a 5 minute rest for each hour you watch the computer (if you can, close your eyes to achieve a complete rest); 6.

Blink more often; 7.

Place a glass of water on the table to increase the surrounding humidity; 8.

Rub your hands over your closed eyes.

  Food supplements for the eyes What our eyes can see is because the eye has an omentum, and rhodopsin is a photosensitive substance of the omentum, that is, under the light irradiation, rhodopsin will produce a chemical reaction and generate a signal, which is oxidized by nerves toThe brain only completes the action of watching.

However, through excessive use of the eye, external stimuli, ultraviolet radiation and other factors, it leads to premature aging of the eye, excessive dryness and fatigue of the eye, damage to the outermost tissue of the eyeball, and delayed complications of the optic nerve.In addition to the 8 rules of diagnosis and treatment and the correct use of computers, in fact, supplementing the necessary nutrients for the eyes is also very important in the process of protecting the eyes.


Food supplements for eye fatigue: Too dry eyes, lack of mucus moisturization and easy to produce eye fatigue, vitamin A or b cucurbitacin and mucus supply have a great correlation. Vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc supplements can also help solve eyesProblems with drying.


Food supplements with blurred vision: Most people often waste computer vision or blurry vision after reorganization using a computer. Others only have poor vision when the light is dim at night.It is generally known as night blindness.

Appropriate vitamin A or b cucurbitacin or the anthocyanin pigments contained in the popular mulberry seeds or bilberry on the market have a good effect on blurred vision or quick adjustment of vision in the dark.

Food supplements to maintain normal optic nerve system: Severe optic nerve atrophy can cause blindness.

Vitamin B group, especially vitamin B1, B12, has a close relationship with optic nerve health. If lack of vitamin B1, B12, it is easy to cause neuritis and neurological diseases.


Anti-Tissue Aging Supplement: Too much free radicals cause damage to eye tissues, including eye diseases such as cataracts. In severe cases, it can also cause eye blindness. Therefore, nutrients that can directly interact with free radicals, that is, antioxidant nutrients,Such as b-carotene, vitamins A, C, E, anthocyanins, etc., can prevent further deterioration of cataracts.

  The eye is the window of the soul. We must protect it well. If there is any discomfort, we must see a doctor as soon as possible. The correct use of computers and proper eye supplements is a good preventive treatment for eye injury and medical treatment.

  Foods that are good for the eyes: dark green vegetables, broccoli, green river vegetables, green peppers, carrots, papaya, guava, citrus, lemon, milk, egg yolk, lean meat, etc.

The magic bullet commonly used in pediatric puzzle

The “magic bullet” commonly used in pediatric puzzle

Thousands of years of up and down, bit by bit of experience record, has stored a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, providing a highly effective resource for traditional Chinese medicine medicine and intellectual therapy.
  The ancients were keen to find a “magic panacea” for two purposes: one is to prolong life and stay immortal; the other is to have superhuman intelligence and do whatever they want.
The latter has made the predecessors of Chinese medicine tirelessly study nootropic drugs.
  Thousands of years of up and down, bit by bit of experience record, has stored a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, providing a highly effective resource for traditional Chinese medicine medicine and intellectual therapy.
The following is a brief introduction to some commonly used traditional Chinese medicines: ginseng, ginseng, no one knows, no one knows, its supplementary effect can be described as immediate, it can bring back to life and save lives at critical moments.
The magical effect of this magical drug is unquestionable.
Its nootropic effect has been thought to be achieved through “tonication”.
According to modern research, ginseng contains 29 kinds of ginsenosides, more than 16 amino acids, 9 sugars, 3 fatty acids, 3 sterols, 7 vitamins, 2 volatile oils, 3 flavonoids, 12 inorganic elements, 3This enzyme, as well as glucoside, ginsengone, choline and other ingredients.
Among them, ginsenoside is its main active ingredient.
Ginseng has a two-way regulating effect on the function of each tissue of the human body, and its intellectual effect is reflected in strengthening the excitatory process of the cerebral cortex, improving flexibility in the process of mental activity, enhancing thinking, working ability, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency;And can restore nervous balance caused by tension.
In addition, the strong effect of ginseng can improve physical strength and intelligence.
  There are many types of ginseng, such as: wild ginseng and garden ginseng according to the source of harvest; three types of raw ginseng, red ginseng and sugar ginseng according to the production method; American ginseng, Korean ginseng, and Jilin ginseng according to the production source.Wait.
The type is not served, and the effect is also different. For example, wild ginseng, American ginseng, and sun-dried ginseng are expensive and slightly warm; red ginseng is relatively hot; sugar ginseng contains the least amount of ginsenosides, has mild properties, and is less effective, but it is cheap.
Ginseng is used in children’s puzzle, and must have certain indications and should not be abused.
  An ancient book of Chinese poems dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine, “The Book of Materia Medica”, said: “Protecting the blood and removing evil spirits, keeping one’s eyes open, being happy, being weak, and having the best taste.

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japan’s MM’s skin is recognized internationally for its fairness, firmness, tenderness, and breakable skin.

Is it a certain lifestyle that allows them to have perfect skin all over the body?

Three meals are inseparable from vegetables and fruits. Every day you care carefully, eat more fish . and the most important thing is to take a regular bath.

Basically, Japan is located on the volcanic earthquake belt and is rich in hot springs, so the Japanese MM simply brought home the heavenly enjoyment of hot springs, which can alleviate discomfort, but also achieve beauty and beauty, and promote blood circulation and other magical effects.

The season of nakedness is coming, and the body skin’s outbound rate is getting higher and higher. Except for peripheral work such as hair removal, the delicate skin of every detail is the basis for making you a truly charming woman. Start with a bath and exfoliation.Right.
  The three-in-one “head cold and hot feet” is an ideal physical state advocated by Chinese medicine, which is the most beneficial for health. However, the temperature of the upper body is generally higher, about 37 ° C, and the temperature of the lower body is relatively high.Low, only about 30 ° C, which is exactly the opposite of the head cold and foot fever claimed by Chinese medicine.

This can easily lead to the so-called “cold cold”. Many diseases such as dysmenorrhea and obesity in women must be blamed on the cold.

Especially air-conditioned rooms in summer, artificially created a “cold” environment, staying a day, hands and feet cold.

Therefore, bathing is more suitable in summer, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body and use the gentle power of hot water to improve the stagnant physical condition.

  In aromatherapy, bath music is often essential.

In the bath, people can reach a state of extreme relaxation, but they are not easy to fall asleep, and are easy to accept outside information and energy.

Therefore, when you bathe, play soothing music, point your favorite aromatherapy, and slowly massage the skin with essential oils, so as to achieve the effect of unity of the human body.

  Taking a bath is of course a beauty plan. When you bathe, you will sweat a lot, and the wastes in the pores will be discharged, so that the skin will become shiny, improve the skin, and thoroughly clean your whole body skin.

In addition, a large amount of hot steam will push your pores to open. If you apply a mask and exfoliate in a bath, the effect can replace the beauty salon.

Therefore, a bath is the best time to do a full body cleansing and facial mask.

  Before taking a bath, choose a “mate” first. If you want to achieve the desired effect through the bath, a bathing agent is essential.

It is important to choose a bathing agent that suits you, it will affect your mood and effect of bathing.

First of all, bathing agents are divided into bubble baths and bathing materials.

Bubble bath is a popular bathing agent in Europe and America. The visual effect is that the entire bathtub is full of bubbles.

The bath material is mainly from Japan and other places. By adding different additives, the bath water is transformed into a “medicine soup” with special functions.

Therefore, in order not to waste the good time in the bath, choose one or more “good companions” to make this time the best physiological reorganization.

  Professional recommendation: Japanese medicinal bathing agent Basquelin: Basquelin is an old-fashioned brand of bathing agents, with more than a hundred types.

Bathing agents with various functions and ingredients.

The more famous is the natural aroma series: there are dozens of natural aromas such as ocean, earth, forest, and floral fragrance, so that you have a wonderful illusion of being in the suburbs when you take a bath.

  Morita bathing agent in Taiwan: Taiwan’s most well-known local lifestyle pharmaceutical brand, which specializes in various health products. Its bathing agents are all developed and manufactured in Japan with quality assurance.

The more famous is the acid whitening bath, which has three different fruit flavors, which can make the whole body skin appear pleasantly white and tender.

  Japan Daiso Medical Bathing Agent: Daiso is synonymous with good quality and low price. Its bathing agent series adheres to this principle. The low price makes you feel no pain when using it. Although there are not many types, the effective ones are popularHot.

The more famous is the hot spring bath agent, which seems to bring Japanese hot springs to enjoy.

  DIY bathing agent: Milk whitening bath: It is 1 liter-2 liters of milk. After pouring into a bathtub filled with hot water, soaking the whole body for about 30 minutes, it can achieve whitening and repairing effects on the skin.

It is said that many netizens have practice feedback, taking a milk whitening bath 1-2 times a week, the whitening effect is significant, and it will not rebound, it is not easy to tan, and the black MM can also transform into Snow White.

  Rose nourishing bath: 10-15ml of rose essential oil, appropriate amount of rose petals.

Creating a luxurious rose bath that can only be enjoyed by the heroine of a TV series can not only nourish the skin, but also nourish the soul, bring you a great sense of happiness, and it is very economical.

  Bath salt to expel cold baths: Bath salt is about 30g (brand is not limited), the amount of ginger is appropriate.

After the rain or cold, try this cold bath to quickly expel the cold in your body to prevent typhoid and colds.

Colds caused by colds and colds can also be treated by this cold expelling bath, which is very effective.

What causes women’s sexual depression

What causes women’s sexual depression

Regardless of whether men and women are normal people, they have physical needs, but some women have low sexual desire, have no interest in normal sex life, and some are regarded as sexually indifferent by the other party.

In fact, there are many reasons for low female sexual desire. Now let’s take a look at what exactly makes women sexually depressed.

  1. Taking contraceptives Oral contraceptives are one of the most commonly used contraceptive methods for women. It is highly efficient and easy to use.

However, as a sex hormone drug, it breaks the normal hormone balance of the human body and affects the secretion of male and female hormones. This will reduce vaginal lubricating fluid secretion and cause discomfort or pain due to dryness during sexual life.

Experts suggest that if you have these symptoms, you can consult a doctor, try another brand of contraceptives, or take other contraceptive methods and use condoms.

  2. There are cleanliness. Many women love cleanliness too much, and like to use scented sanitary napkins during menstruation, or clean the genitals with excessive vaginal cleansing agents. This will destroy the natural acid and alkali environment in the vagina, cause discomfort in the genitals, and increase mold infections.Possibility.

These symptoms directly affect the quality of sexual life.

In fact, the vagina has a self-cleaning function, it is enough to rinse with hot water, or choose unscented soap.

  3. Excessive exercise Persevering in physical exercise will not only help physical health and prevent diseases, but also improve sexual arousal ability and enhance the orgasm pleasure.

However, everything has a degree.

Excessive intensive exercise programs gradually lead to exhaustion and inability to have sex.

When excessive exercise makes the body’s trace content less than 15%, estrogen that controls sexual passion will reduce secretion, making it difficult for women to raise “sexual interest.”

Therefore, when you want to improve the quality of sexual life through physical exercise, you must control the scale.

  4. Smoking nicotine in tobacco can cause arteries to contract and reduce blood flow to the vagina.

Reproductive organs become less sensitive due to reduced blood flow, making sexual arousal and orgasm obstructive.

Experts point out that the only way to solve this problem is to quit smoking.

  5. Taking certain drugs Anti-allergic drugs to inhibit the secretion of glands can cause natural vaginal lubricating fluid to decrease, causing pain in sexual cross-linking; high blood pressure and antidepressants make muscles and tissues around the reproductive organs excessively loose, making it difficult for women to achieve sexualityclimax.

Experts suggest that the use of artificial vaginal lubricants should not be considered a hindrance during the medication.

  6. Psychological and psychological factors inhibit sexual desire, such as receiving wrong sex education at an early age, thinking that sexual life is promiscuous and unscrupulous, which inhibits sexual desire; in addition, tension, depression, and worry will also affect the generation of sexual desire.

The previous vicious stimuli, all kinds of uneasiness and fear left over, such as unmarried people and repeated abortion, caused the pain and sequelae.

  7. Lack of sexual knowledge and skills can also lead to low sexual desire in women. For example, couples do not understand the sexual and physiological characteristics of men and women, do not understand the differences in sexual response between men and women, neglect the preparation work before sex, and do not arouse sexual desire and make the wifeCan not experience sexual pleasure and orgasm in sexual life, as long as you are not interested in sexual life.

  8, bad feelings between husband and wife unpleasant marriage and dislike of spouse, and even hatred.

  9. Poor physical function can also reduce sexual desire, such as overwork, or physical illness.

Vulvar eczema, vulvar wounds (vulvar abrasions or hematomas), vulvar ulcers, clitoris or labia minora (caused by the retina or wound), dry vulva of the vulva, atrophic sclerosing disease, pasteuric cysts, etc. all affect sexual life.
  10. People who have less sexual behavior after menopause and who rarely experience orgasm and sexual satisfaction in their sexual life; people who undergo peroxide resection.

  11. Women who overeating have a low libido, as the old saying says, eating sex also.

People often associate dietary changes with their sexual desire. This is because eating disorders often cause abnormal sexual desire.

Recently, the relevant psychotherapy experts in the United States on the “Natural Neuroscience” website, using scientific research results to confirm this view: female appetite distortion, will directly affect their sexual desire, and even sexual ability.

  12. Negative factors continue to repeatedly and repeatedly do not investigate sexual expression or lack sexual fantasies.

Related to biological, physiological and social factors.

Negative sexual reflexes related to sex can form before adolescence or after marriage, and are related to the long-term implantation and continuous strengthening of many negative factors.

During sexual activity, women are passively manipulated and cannot expect to have fun from sexual activity.

There are sexual values that discriminate and restrict women’s sexual activity in society. Women will suffer more psychosocial pressure than men.

These negative factors make many women’s sexual response slow to occur and the chance of reaching an orgasm is low.

If women experience any sexual wounds during childhood or adolescence, they can reduce their sexual desire significantly.

  Recommend several recipes to increase female libido: Experts point out that dog meat, pigeons, cocks, cordyceps, etc. can be added to female libido appropriately in winter. The reference recipes are as follows: 1. 250g dog meat, 50g black beans, salt, ginger, and spicedAnd a small amount of sugar cooked and eaten; or dog meat, add an appropriate amount of star anise, cumin, cinnamon, citrus peel, grass fruit, ginger and salt and other seasonings.

  2, Cordyceps 4?
Five chickens, stewed around 500 grams (those who do not eat chicken can use lean meat) and eat them after they are cooked; or use Cordyceps 10?15 grams, a fresh placenta, stewed cooked in water.

  3, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, a pigeon, after depilation and viscera, put a proper amount of water in a stew pot, simmer in water, eat meat and soup.
  4. Remove the viscera of one rooster, add oil and a small amount of salt and cook in a pan. Put 500 grams of glutinous rice wine in a large bowl and steam it over water.

  Tips: Drinking a moderate amount of coffee does not prevent females from having low libido.

American studies have found that replacing caffeine may help boost sexual desire for those who do not drink coffee regularly.

Shanghai Yoga Venues

Shanghai Yoga Venues

Guangyin Yoga Guangyin Yoga Address: Block 19B, Building 3, Yinglong Building, No. 1358 West Yan’an Road, Changning District, Shanghai (near Dingxi Road) Tel: 021-62837217 52303052 Youga Yoga Center (Luban Road) EYOGA  Address: Ginkgo Home Club, No. 15, Lane 277, Luban Road, Luwan District, Shanghai Tel: 021-64074214 63038140 Eucalyptus Yoga Center (Huating) EYOGA Address: Clark Hatch Club Mingshi YogaClubhouse (Dalian West Road) Address: Shanghai Heda Yoga Club (Julu), Heda Yoga Club (Julu Store), Lane 1288, Dalian West Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai Address: 361 Julu Road (Maoming, Luwan District, Shanghai)Intersection) Tel: 021-262180955 62187563 Guangya Yoga (Luxi Road Head Office) SUN RAY YOGA Address: Block 18B (Building 5), Minzu City, 251 Luxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai Tel: 021-64089077 54481907  Fanling Yoga (Yan’an West Road) Address: Room 308, Building D, 3 / F, Miramar Business Building, No. 2633 West Yan’an Road, Changning District, Shanghai. Tel: 021-62095212灵Yoga (Chang’an Road) Address: Block F, 7th Floor, Zhongfang Huadong Building, 1138 Chang’an Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai Tel: 021-61235065 61235075 Fanling Yoga (Lujiabang Road) Address: Lupu, Huangpu District, ShanghaiRoom 708, Funan Building, No. 976, Jiayu Road (near Nanzhan Road) Tel: 021-63187277 Alexander Hall (Tianyaoqiao) Address: No. 318 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District, ShanghaiRoad Store) Address: 5-6 Floor, Zhongchuang Building, No. 819 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai Telephone: 021-62553535 Limeijian (Changshou Road Store) Address: 4th Floor, Hengda Plaza, 285 Changshou Road, Putuo District, ShanghaiRoad) Tel: 021-62762922 Hada Yoga Club (Wanping Branch) Shanghai Yoga Fitness Club Address: 1F, No. 650 Wanping South Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai Tel: 021-664273923 Jinglan Fitness Center (Hongkou Branch) Address: Dongjiang, Hongkou District, ShanghaiGate 1 in Hongkou Football Stadium, No. 444 Wan Road, Tel: 021-556669786 Dualism Yoga (People’s Square) eze Yoga Address: 7th Floor, Workers’ Cultural Palace, 120 Xizang Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai Tel: 021-63501086 Y + Yoga Life Hall (Fuxing Store) Y + Yoga Address: 299-2, Fuxing West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (near Huashan Road) Phone: 021-664334330 Panyu Yoga Fitness Club Address: 1885 North Sichuan Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai3rd floor phone: 021-556668966 Fanling Yoga (Dingxi Road) Address: Room 402, Zhaoyi Building, No. 1281 Dingxi Road, Changning District, Shanghai (near Xuanhua Road) Phone: 021-62514885: 上海徐汇区漕溪北路41号汇嘉大厦28楼C-D室  电话: 021-54904413 54900261  优伽瑜伽中心(水清路店)EYOGA地址:上海闵行区水清路1012-1018号珠玛瑜伽(Xuhui Store) Address: 31st Floor, Building 1, Hui Cuihua Park, Lane 737, North Xixi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Tel: 021-524533310 54253312

How to get rid of the annoying four kinds of fruits to help you

How to get rid of the annoying four kinds of fruits to help you

Fruit has always been the right assistant for skin slimming. It can be taken orally, and it can be applied externally. Now many people choose fruit to help lose weight when they lose weight. So what are the fruits of weight loss?

Next, let’s share it for you. Eat a simmered fruit. It is a very effective weight-loss fruit. It is blended with crude fiber, minerals, protein, protein, and contains vitamin B1 and vitamin C. It can be easily eaten.Oh, oh.

  Eat the fruit of the cockroach, the kiwifruit kiwifruit (kiwifruit) contains a lot of vitamin C, which is the food fiber of the crown of the fruit and rich in potassium, which is the reason for eating the babies, and the kiwifruit also has a lot of proteolytic enzymes.Therefore, it is best to match the meat classification.

The kiwifruit with some sweet and sour taste has the effect of preventing constipation, helping digestion, beautifying the skin, and eating the stomach easily.

  Eat the simmered fruit three, the sour taste of lemon and lemon is mainly citric acid, citric acid is an essential substance in promoting metabolic metabolism, and also has the function of eliminating fatigue.

Lemon vitamin C content is also very high, girls will usually bring it to whiten skin, it promotes the function of intestines peristalsis is often used by people who lose weight as a supplementary diet is to eat the delicious fruit of pregnant women, do not believe you tryLet’s go.

  Eat aunt’s fruit four, bayberry bayberry contains very rich organic acids and vitamin C, which can quickly metabolize the body, but also reduce blood lipids and prevent the formation of free radicals.

In addition, the unique fruit acid contained in bayberry can prevent the sugar in the body from transforming into sputum, which helps to lose weight and easily eat 姨

Uterine fibroids try Chinese medicine treatment without moving the knife

Uterine fibroids try Chinese medicine treatment without moving the knife

In September last year, Ms. Li, 33, was diagnosed with diabetic uterine fibroids. Due to fear of malignant changes, she went to the hospital for laparoscopic fibroids removal.

But gradually approaching, she had increased stains on both ends, and her vagina was dry. The previous menstrual cycle was very chaotic and the amount was very small.

In the previous two days, I discovered that my menstrual cycle was not clear, and my abdomen was faintly painful. The examination revealed that the uterine fibroids had recurred. “What should I do?

Is it going to have a second operation?

This reporter interviewed Lai Rong’s world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist Yu Jin’s studio participating in the “Non-surgical Treatment of Uterine Fibroids Seminar” and a local gynecologist in Chengdu to discuss and exchange the world’s most advanced conservative diagnosis and treatment technology.

  Endocrine uterine fibroids treated by TCM are the most common type of benign tumors in gynecology. The incidence rate for women aged 30-50 is as high as 20-30%, which is known as the “gynecological first tumor”.

Uterine fibroids are less likely to become malignant, and complications have been reported abroad.

2% -1%, domestic reports are at 0.

About 5% of the disease occurs, the development and growth hormone, androgen, prolactin and progesterone all have a certain relationship, the clinical manifestations are excessive bleeding during menstruation, dripping unclean, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

At present, clinical treatment has abused surgery, causing recurrence in more than 70% of patients, and more exacerbations of wrinkles and stains, disharmony of sexual life, and early menopause.

  Dr. Wan Dexin, a well-known local doctor in Sichuan Province, participated in and participated in Jinjin’s studio team. He said that the treatment of uterine fibroids should be based on the patient’s age, symptoms, and whether they have children. They cannot be generalized.

If there is a tendency for malignancy, severe oppression or anemia symptoms, surgical treatment should be timely; but if the lesion is not very large and there is no possibility of malignancy, especially those with reproductive requirements, conservative treatment should be considered, including western medicine hormones and Chinese medicine.There are two types of medicine. According to the characteristics of fibroids’ dependence on sex hormones, many sex hormone supplementary anti-drugs have been developed. As a result, perimenopausal menopausal patients may have early menopausal or excessively large tumors, which will temporarily reduce the anemia, but it is easy to stop the drug.Relapse, leading to complications such as obesity.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is mainly based on “blood circulation and removing stasis, and softening and solidifying knots”. It has the advantages of warming up, clearing up, and purging, and has the advantages of small replacement, less recurrence, preservation of women’s endocrine, and does not affect pregnancy.trend.

  It is not just a survey of the overall treatment of tumor elimination. It is found that more than 50% of uterine fibroid patients have 2 or more abortion operations or abortions. Experts are good at it. In principle, treatment should be supplemented and supplemented.The new diagnostic and treatment plan “Belden Therapy” with the three methods of “tonifying the kidney and replenishing the spleen”, “relieving the liver and relieving stagnation”, and “removing stasis and dissolving stagnation” changes the single replacement method in the past.The commonness of treatment, combined with dialectical decoction to treat personality, has improved the clinical efficacy.

  Yu Jin’s studio experts and experts, traditional Chinese medicine treatment is not simply tumor elimination, but another holistic treatment, which can significantly improve the symptoms of irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding, backache and abdominal pain; even control and reduce the growth of fibroids to prevent the emergence of new fibroids, So as to achieve the purpose of avoiding surgery and controlling repetition.

There may be “residual” fibroids. Once the symptoms are relieved and the physique is improved, they can “coexist peacefully” with the human body. As the age increases, the secretion of estrogen decreases, and it gradually shrinks until it disappears.

This has also been recognized by the Sichuan famous doctors, including Chengdu’s first famous old Chinese medicine doctor, and former director of the Chinese Medicine Gynecology Department of the Third People’s Hospital of Chengdu.

  Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to daily diet and health regulation. Xia Xiuying, deputy director of the Shanghai Traditional Medical Engineering Association Gynecology Branch, said that according to the theory of “seven emotions and internal injuries” in Chinese medicine, women are too worried about spleen, and too angry are hurting liver.For important reasons, patients should maintain an optimistic and peaceful mentality, and don’t take things too seriously, learn to relieve stress, prevent excessive fatigue, pay special attention to hygiene during menstruation, and prevent reproductive tract infections.

Take appropriate contraceptive measures to reduce or avoid induced abortion.

  Diet adjustment has positive significance for the implantation of uterine fibroids. It should be light. Eat more vegetables, less beef, ham and other high-content foods. Do not supplement estrogen intake. Do not supplement phytoestrogens and poultry meat fed with sex hormone feed.

Anemia patients can be improved by adding iron-containing foods or using iron-containing cookware.

Care should be taken to ensure adequate intake of vitamins A, B, C, E, and especially vitamin A. These vitamins can be obtained from food or medicine.

Fan Juan Chinese medicine expert talks with you about gynecological diseases. Gynecological experts from Sichuan and Shanghai believe that gynecological mass diseases such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and breast hyperplasia are part of the “symptoms” of traditional Chinese medicine and are related to complications of uterine fibroids.Consistent, the rate of malignant change.

According to the principle of treating the same diseases in traditional Chinese medicine, it is also suitable for “Belden therapy” treatment, especially for chocolate cysts and muscular adenosis. The recovery rate of surgery and hormone therapy is very high. External treatment methods such as cold and hot compress combined with traditional Chinese medicine are comprehensively treated without surgery.It has unparalleled advantages in protecting uterine and ovarian functions, without pain and without recurrence.

In order to let the majority of women understand and master gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, breast hyperplasia, and their correct diagnosis and treatment, experts from Yu Jin Studio are invited to answer the health hotline 028-86969076, 86628215, and welcome women in needReaders consult to understand.

Fan Juan

Women’s Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Women’s Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine believes that regular weight and reasonable combination are the basic principles of “food and nutrition”. At the same time, the food must be diverse and reasonable, and the taste is moderate. When eating, you should chew slowly and avoid overeating.

In addition, food must be adapted to age, physical fitness, regional environment, and seasonal weather.

  The way of eating food is about food that tastes good and has high nutritional value. People naturally like to eat more, but Chinese medicine believes that the nutritional value of the food itself is important, and its consumption method is also important for the absorption of food nutrition and gastrointestinal health.

  Eating on time is the key to maintaining the body’s rhythmic absorption and utilization of nutrients, and is one of the important factors in food and nutrition.

Moderate diet is one of the important moments to maintain the balance of yin and yang of the human body.

  Chewing slowly can fully play the role of body fluids to irrigate the five internal organs and moisturize the body.

Due to the various enzymes, vitamins, organic acids and other substances in the body fluid, it can help digestion, clean the mouth, antibacterial, anti-toxic and anti-cancer effects, overeating, overeating, pampering the appetite, eating and drinking, and it is easy to damageThe spleen and stomach cannot be fully digested, and the violent gas easily erodes the internal organs and causes diseases.

  Food also has “four flavors and five flavors”. Chinese medicine believes that food has cold, hot, warm, and cool attributes, as well as five flavors of sour, bitter, bitter, salty, and sweet.

The difference in the properties and taste of food affects the different effects on the body.

  Cold and cold foods are good for hot diseases.

Such as: bitter melon cold, can clear heat and detoxify, can be used for fever or thirst due to summer heat, liver pain caused by red eyes.

Coldness and coldness are only different degrees. For example, apples and bananas are cold fruits, and they all have the effect of thirst and quench thirst.

The benefits of hot, warm foods on coldness.

Such as: mutton and dog meat are warm in nature, both have the function of warming the kidney and warming, can be used for spleen and kidney deficiency cold abdominal pain and less food, waist and knee soft, impotence.

  At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that different food tastes have different effects.

The sour taste can collect and astringent, such as cherry can nourish liver and kidney and stop diarrhea; Xin can disperse, such as light onion, coriander can disperse wind and cold; bitterness can release fire, such as bitter melon can clear away heat, relieve heat and detoxify.

  The salty taste can be soft and firm, such as laver and kelp can be soft and firm.

Sweet taste can tonic, such as longan meat can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish blood and soothe the nerves; jujube can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood.