China Space Station Construction Note: What are the advantages of female astronauts in the aerospace activities

  "She Power" shines China Space Station (Building a Dream "Space House" – China Space Station Construction Report (13)) In the blink of an eye, the Shenzhou-No. 13 astronauts entered the China Space Station for more than a month, and the space life of half a year has spent six One of them.

  During this period, three China astronauts completed important tasks such as outgoing activities.

The second time, Wang Ya, who entered the space, became the first female astronaut in China, created a new record of China’s space, and contributed "her strength" for the development of world space development. The charter attracted the world’s gaze. Beijing time on November 7, Shenzhou No. 13 astronauts passed the first chartered activities.

After walking out of the hatch, Wang Yaping moved to the installation work point along the cabin armrest, assist Qi Zhi Gang to install the mechanical arm suspension and adapter.

In addition, she also stands on the robot arm to perform the typical action test of the cabin.

The historic "first step" of Chinese female astronauts, and it is necessary to stabilize. Before Wang Yaping, there have been 15 women in the world since 1984. This time, Wang Yacheng wandered, and also attracted the attention and admire between the world.

  NASA, former female astronaut, Kati Coleman, Wang Yiping, said: "When you look outside the window, see the vast star, see the earth, don’t forget, global women also look at the window , Including me. "Behind success is the thickness of China’s space for China’s space.

In response to female astronauts, the Shenzhou-No. 13 mission is more complete for spacecraft and space stations. Chinese manned space engineering spokesperson, Lin Xiangqiang, deputy director of the China Manned Space Project Office, said that Shenzhou No. 13 mission analyzed the physical characteristics and individual needs of female astronauts, focusing on living security, health protection, etc. Designed to ensure that female space officers fly, healthy, and efficiently. In the outbound task, Wang Yaping wore a new set of shopping space clothes, costumes with the national flag of the stars.

According to experts, this new cabin is dedicated to female astronauts, and its size is based on Wang Yaping’s body design. In structure, new cabin clothes are optimized, making the knee joint and ankle joints more accurate, suitable for small female astronauts. When working in the cabin, the new cabin is wearing fit, flexible movement, helping astronauts to reduce physical consumption, improve work efficiency, and smoothly implement the charting task. In addition to the costumes such as the costumes such as the female astronauts, the Tianshiza No. 3, which was launched, in addition to the costumes of the female astronauts, and provided adequate protection for the space life of female astronauts.

  In the next five-month space station life, Wang Yaping has a exclusive task – in the space station to talk about "the second lesson" in space. In 2013 Shenzhou 10 mission, Wang Yaping has gave a vivid space class for 60 million primary and secondary school students in the country.

"Flying dreams will never lose weight, scientific dreams", in many children, in the hearts of space dreams.

You can expect, soon, the second "space teaching" will be more exciting and more interesting.

  The unique advantage and hard training Wang Yaping once said in an interview that the previous flight experience made her deep understanding of the advantages and characteristics of female astronauts.

"Female unique affinity, toughness, patience, care, play a unique advantage in the completion of the task and the coordination." In aerospace activities, female astronauts have many advantages.

Pang Zhao, chief scientific communication expert in the national space detection technology, said that the female astronaut is small, and the space is easy to control the movement of the body, and some detailed work can be done more flexibly; Magnesium metabolism is better than men, the content of iron in the body and the low waste, it is not easy to have problems such as thrombosis, iron poisoning, vasospasm, arrhythmia, more suitable for manned spaceflight; in terms of psychology, female astronauts to aerospace environment The adaptation ability is more lasting, and the lonely ability is strong. Considering the problem is more comprehensive, language expression and communication skills are also stronger, and the male and female astronauts are highly efficient, and the error rate is less.

  In addition, female astronauts enter space, which is also conducive to comprehensively carrying out medical research.

It can be said that there is no female to participate in the manned space flight, and the results of space life science research are incomplete. Explore space, women can top half.

But the harsh environment will not change due to the arrival of women, nor will they reduce the threshold for women. The task of manned space activities is arduous, the skills are complex, the environment is special, and the danger is large. It needs to overcome the weight, overweight, hypoxia, vibration, noise, etc. In astronaut training, female astronauts and male astronauts are basically consistent.

  Wang Yaping said that when he is underwater, the high-capacity of high-capacity is trained, astronauts need to wear 200 kg underwater training suit, six or seven hours of training load is very large.

Because the body is no male astronauts, Wang Yaping does not occupy the ability to control the capabilities of the fair space service.

Wearing the same clothes often requires twice the force to complete the action.

  In order to narrow the gap between the male astronaut, it can only be safe.

Wang Yaping’s physical training faculty Gu Zhi Ming said that every training, Wang Yaping will act at the outbound task, practice the grip, push-up, and raise the barbell. After each exercise, although the body is exhausted, Wang Yaping is very happy because the technology grows, and it will take a step away from the dream.

  "Everyone is full of confidence in the occupies of female astronauts, I have confidence.

"Before performing the mission of Shenzhou 13, Wang Yaping said.

With the entry space station and go out, her dreams are finally realized. Female science and technology workers have taken heavy responsibility in recent years, China has increased the training of female astronauts.

From 2012, the first female astronaut Liu Yang entered the space, and now Wang Yacheng successfully opened the cabin, and the female power of China’s aerospace shines in the universe. During the realization of the dream of China Space, there are many female science and technology workers who have a female science and technology worker, and they are not afraid of difficult, positive energy to the world. Huang Weifen, a general designer called Astronaut ‘s "Female Teet", began to participate in the selection and training of astronauts from nearly 30 years ago. Once, in the absence of system and information, there is no training experience, Huang Weifen will hand over the overall astronaut’s training overall program design in 3 months. Under her leaders, the China Astronaut Training System has not yet.

With a space hero, Huang Weifen also became an indispensable person behind hero, vividly showing "extraordinary achievements, namelessness". Long March 2 F carrying rocket chief designer is easy, leading the development team to launch a major key technology for China’s next-generation launch rockets, and has achieved a series of major progress.

In the construction launch task in the spatial station, it is easy to get any details and make sure the launch is safe.

As she said, "At that moment, the lives of astronauts are pinned on us.

‘Manned space, life Guan Tian’ is not a slogan, but our commitment to astronauts.

"Shenzhou No. 13 Astronauts, the first space drawing activities, Wu Hao, the first space station, the first space station, the special women’s command, is also the only female faculty member of the training group of the caching activities.

In the event, the ground support team communicates directly with "Shuguang" and astronauts.

In 10 hours of activities, "Dawn understand" in Wu Hao has always guided and supports every action of astronauts.

Wu Hao said, "Astronauts are all challenged, as astronauts, we must also work harder.

"With the construction of China Space Station, among the vast universe," her power "will be more shine. This reporter Liu Wei.