The discussion of steel straight men is always directly,Although Li Hui has never admitted that he is a steel straight man,But a lot of things to show a lot of things.,That is the proper steel straight male。

Qin Xue is also just after school.,I have been thinking about what I have to eat at night.。
Seeing Li Hui’s information, she couldn’t help but surprise in her heart.。
After all, this student has not contacted a lot of days.。
She feels that Li is always escaping the feelings of the two.,Since the other party chose to escape,She is not a woman who rushes to。
Soil is not chasing it。
But today’s SMS,But I broke her in my heart.。
I want to ask me to eat?”
Say this sentence,She is behind the expression of a playful tongue。
This allows Li Hui, suddenly felt that the other’s cold appearance has a cute inner heart.。
“OK,Where are you?
I will look for you!”
Qin Xue saw this news,First stunned first,Then, the little heart, the heart, jumps up.。
“You are in Huashan City?”
“Um,Teacher in the vita high school!Just take office today。”
This news directly let Qin Xue surprised。
She has always thought that Li Hui Feng will develop in the mountain village.,After all, Li Fang has always been the kind of person who said.,He said that he should build his hometown.,Then I will definitely build a beautiful building.。
“Your hometown is not built?”
“Under construction,Just, I don’t need me to help.,And just I also accepted the invitation.,Come here to Dangdang teacher,Experience the feeling of life in your weekdays。”
This is in this,Qin Xue listened to what。
I am very happy in my heart.。
She knows that Li Hui’s meaning is to completely talk to her.,So, let’s experience the life of her weekdays.,Otherwise there may be a lot of contradictions together。
She didn’t expect to seem to have such a delicate mind.。
And Li Hui Reni is not thinking that Qin Xue can make up so much.,He just said,More even some things don’t look for me.。
“I am waiting for you at the university.,Come and pick me up.,Meet。”
See the information of Li Hui’s last back,Qin Xue has been smiling.。
When I decided to eat with Li with the wind,By the way, press the road together。
Li Huiye saw this news,It’s also laughing.。
“it is good,Arrive on time after ten minutes。”
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-six chapter small depressed
Qin Xue saw this news,It is also directly sorted out clothes.,I went out to wait for it.。
Again see,Even if you have time,Qin Xue gives Li Hui’s feelings still amazing。
The cold gas field as always,Just when I saw the silk smile,But like thousands of trees and pears,The whole cold world is warm.。
Qin Xue once again saw that Li Hui Rong, but knowing that Li Hui Feng, which is, it is no longer her Muskine.。
But a young man who dares to hate dare to fight。