2021 Sanlitun International Week opening to build a cultural business circle model

Tongdong Square holds a tourist city set for parent-child, young casual relaxation. People’s Daily Newsletter Gao Xingjing International Week will also hold a colorful cultural and artistic activities. "Nan’an Theater" with the main body of Shi Ma Henan, provides a close-up participation, high-frequency experience of cultural and entertainment activities; three streets and communities such as Sanlitun translate into the "public art" area, inviting domestic and foreign Well-known sculpture art, equipment art, public artist, national embassy culture office, art institutions and team colleges, with Sanlitun’s historical and cultural inheritance, international trend culture, urban public art concepts as a creation and exhibition of Chen and Public art creation.

In addition, in Tong Yandong Square, the playground for parent-child, young people, relaxation; in Hongjie North Square, interactive experience 3D floor, VR black technology; meets in the building square to shoot cards The autumn is a market collection, as well as the old residential residential residential residential residential residential community in the regional update and changing in Yingca North Square.

In the future, Sanlitun International Week will also increase cultural consumption supply, build an internationally influential modern cultural industry system, promote the integration of cultural and health, science and technology, finance, sports and other related industries, and earnestly enhance the brand value of "cultural Sanlitun". Promote regional economic high quality development.

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