Tuina three strokes teach you hypoglycemic

Tuina three strokes teach you hypoglycemic

Massage is also called “massage”. It is based on the theory of viscera and traditional Chinese medicine. It combines the anatomy and pathology diagnosis of Western medicine, and the manipulation of specific parts of the human body to regulate the body’s physiology and pathological conditions for physical therapy purposes.Method, naturally, it is a physical treatment.

From the treatment of massage, it can be divided into health care massage, sports massage and medical massage.

  (1) The function of the head massage and massage head can not only cause nerve excitation, but also inhibit nerves, thereby achieving the effect of regulating balance, and regulating the relative balance of the high-level nerve center and autonomic nerve of the cerebral cortex through nerve reflex.

Common methods are as follows: 1.

Yingxiang massage the tip of the thumb or middle finger pressed on the Yingxiang point, the hands slightly trembled and slowly exerted force.

Each time it is about 300-500 times, the frequency is more than 3 times per minute.


The wind pool massaged the tip of the thumb and pressed it on the wind pool hole. The other four fingers swayed freely and exerted a little force.

This method can loosen the muscles and make the blood smooth.

Each time 200-300 times in a row, the frequency is 100 times per minute.


The head massage is followed by the finger at the top of the head, and it is slightly vibrated.

Its main role is to relax the cerebral cortex.

Improve blood circulation in the brain.

Do 300-500 times in a row, the frequency is 100 times per minute, and the speed is fast and powerful.


Others use bamboo, sun, eye, pulp, sun, Baihui, track points (ears), Shenmen (ears), endocrine (ears) with press, point, push, squat, vibration, tremor and other techniques.

  (2) Abdominal massage and massage The abdominal colon is mainly treated with push, take, rub, and other methods.

Massage the abdomen can promote venous blood circulation and perfusion peristalsis, accelerate digestion and absorption, and improve delicate nutrition, so that the lack of micro blood supply is corrected, which is conducive to the recovery of compression function.

Place your hands flat on the abdomen and make a circular massage clockwise, 5-10 minutes each time, frequency 60-90 times per minute.

  (3) The four-limb massage method is mainly based on centripetal manipulation, using push, press, point, and sputum methods to improve microcirculation of limbs, promote tissue metabolism, accelerate the absorption and utilization of sugar by cells, and clinical observations have shown that blood sugar is lowered and urine is reduced.Liquid sugar, improve the symptoms.


The upper limb massages one hand on the other arm and pushes it from the wrist to the arm, 3-5 minutes each time, 70-100 times per minute.


The lower extremity massage hands are pushed down from the root of the inner thigh to the ankle, and then pushed back from the root of the foot, 50-80 times per minute every 5-10 minutes.

The method has the functions of promoting blood circulation, improving blood supply to the heart, promoting blood circulation, softening blood vessels and the like.


Press Zusanli: Use the tip of the thumb of both hands, press at the foot of Zusanli, and use force, about 1-3 minutes each time.

This method has the functions of promoting gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, and enhancing physical fitness.