Three Autumn Moistening and Nourishing Lung Herbal Recipes

Three Autumn Moistening and Nourishing Lung Herbal Recipes

It is beginning to fall, the golden wind is sending off, and the scorching heat is fading.

After a summer’s hot summer fumigation, people’s bodies need to be restored.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that the lung is the main autumn, and the health of the autumn should be at least moisturizing, nourishing the lungs, nourishing yin, and more acidic 8-character rule.

Learn to make the following lung-breathing foods, and start the health-care mode in the autumn season!

1. Jujube Autumn Pear Juice Ingredients: 80 grams of seedless red dates, 4 pears or pears, 150 grams of honey, 80 grams of rock sugar, and 5 grams of scallop powder.

Practice: 1.

Pear peeled and twisted to get pear juice; 2.

Put red dates and rock sugar in a saucepan, pour in pear juice, boil over low heat for 40 minutes;

Add Chuanbei powder and boil for 20 minutes, turn off the heat; 4.

After cooling, add honey, stir well, add to sealed jar, and refrigerate.

Take it off with a clean spoon, add water below 60 ° C and stir well.

Efficacy: This formula nourishes yin, moistens dryness, nourishes lungs and coughs, and effectively relieves the symptoms of dry mouth and dry throat in autumn.

Second, red dates, lily, ginkgo biloba ingredients: 50 grams of lily, 10 pitted red dates, 50 grams of ginkgo, 300 grams of beef, 3 grams of ginger, 3 grams of salt.

Practice: 1.

Wash and slice the beef; 2.

Ginkgo husks, soak the outer film with water; 3.

Wash the lily, red dates and ginger, peel and slice the ginger; 4.

Add water to the casserole, boil it with a simmering fire until the water rolls, add lily, red dates, ginkgo and ginger slices, boil the lily on medium heat until it is cooked, add beef to the beef until the beef is cooked, and add salt.

Efficacy: This formula has the effects of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing and nourishing beauty, nourishing lungs and nourishing qi, and is suitable for women.

Third, red date almond and red bean porridge ingredients: 8 pitted red dates, 6 grams of almonds, 60 grams of red adzuki beans, have been rice, a small amount of sugar.

Practice: 1.

Wash the red beans and soak for two hours; 2.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add the previous rice, red beans, red dates, and boil over high heat; 3.

Add almonds and sugar to the half-cooked previous rice pot, and cook over medium heat until congee.

Efficacy: Suitable for those with deficiency of lung yin and strong fire.