Fan Jingshan visited 1.44 million tourists last year

Fan Jingshan visited 1.44 million tourists last year
On April 29, Wuhan Sante Ropeway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sante Ropeway”) released its 2019 annual report.Reporting the average, the three special ropeway realized operating income6.7.7 billion, an annual increase of 4.39%; net profit 1140.58 per month, at least 91 per year.53%.According to the announcement, the operating income of Sande Ropeway increased last year. The reception of tourists to attractions such as Fanjing Mountain and Qiandao Lake has improved. Since September, the combined scope of East Lake Ocean Park has increased the volume of revenue; the decrease in net profit is mainly due toIn the year, the company transferred the equity of Xianfeng Sante Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to form investment income1.US $ 3.2 billion. At the same time, due to the restructuring of a large number of projects under construction in Keqi, Chongyang and other projects at the end of 2018, depreciation has increased, and after the transfer, the company ‘s loan refund expenses in the reporting period are no longer capitalized, resulting in financial costsImprove and increase.According to the announcement, the financial cost of Sante Ropeway in 2019 is 1.07 billion, an increase of 21 per year.18%.In terms of products, in 2019, the main business of three special ropeway business ropeway operation income is 4.6.7 billion, an annual increase of 2.97%; ticket income from scenic spots in another important business segment.31 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 15.65%.By region, the Guizhou market in 2019 contributed 2 to the special ropeway.Revenue of US $ 8.5 billion accounts for approximately 42% of total revenue.07%, an annual increase of 12.64%.Fanjingshan Travel Industry Co., Ltd. is the hero of Sante Ropeway’s growth in Guizhou market.Because of the world natural heritage in the second half of 2018 and the award of 5A tourist attractions in Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area, the attraction for tourists continues to increase. In 2019, Fanjing Mountain Tourism Company received tourists143.560,000 person-times, operating income 2.8.7 billion, up 19.56% and 12.59%.In 2019, 8 of Sante Ropeway ‘s main subsidiaries achieved profit, with a total operating income of 60421.2 million yuan, an increase of 3 from the same period last year.97%; realized net profit 2.200 million yuan.In the construction period, the project subsidiary in the cultivation period realized a loss reduction of about 14.7 million yuan.The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has brought profound impacts and challenges to the domestic tourism industry.In response to changes in the tourism industry after the epidemic, Suntech Ropeway launched a series of plans, including strengthening the maintenance and operation of self-operated e-commerce platforms, continuing to advance the informationization of attractions, and developing from a single ticket product to a complex cultural tourism product system; Carry out asset sorting work and increase the asset scale, revenue scale and profit level of listed companies through mergers and acquisitions.Three special ropeway said that due to factors such as the epidemic, the industry expects that it will take some time to meet the market’s recovery. During this period, by maintaining observation exposure, strengthening brands, and optimizing marketing channels, it will compete in the market after the epidemicTake the lead in the war.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Yijia Picture Sante Ropeway Official Website Screenshot Editor Li Zheng proofreading Li Ming

Guizhou Moutai (600519) released a comment: a good start to wait for direct sales to accelerate

Guizhou Moutai (600519) released a comment: a good start to wait for direct sales to accelerate
The group and joint stock company achieved good results.The company announced the main operating data for the first quarter of 2019. It is expected that total operating income will increase by about 20% in the first quarter, and the net profit of mothers will continue to increase by about 30%, that is, total operating income in the first quarter will be 220.700 million, net profit attributable to mother 110.About 600 million.At the same time, according to the Group’s official website, the group also disclosed the first quarter’s operating situation. Maotai Group Q1 achieved sales revenue of 25.7 billion yuan, an increase of 21%, completing the annual plan of 26%; net profit of 11 billion yuan, an increase of 31%, completing the annual plan24%, realized taxes of US $ 11.4 billion, an increase of 19%, and completion of the annual plan of 27%. In general, it showed a trend of “steady growth, stable development, and expected stability”. Started on schedule, and the performance is more sustainable.When the Secretary of the Congress and Provincial Committee investigated the Moutai Group, he proposed five keywords: “positioning, orientation, weight loss, standardization, and reform.” The company clearly proposed that the most realistic and urgent task is to get started and set an example.Judging from the operating data of the Group and the joint-stock company in the first quarter, the performance achieved on schedule was a good start.The company’s total operating income in Q1 increased by about 20%, and the revenue growth index of 14% above the first-level. We are said to be mainly due to the following factors: 1) Confirmation of advance receipts of Moutai liquor led to income growth in statements.Grassroots analysis feedback, due to the effects of 18H2 dealer bans and the unsatisfactory pace of direct sales of Q1, the actual shipment volume of Q1 is expected to decline slightly, but the dealers have already made payments in March to implement the April-June plan, and the advance payment has continued to increase since 18Q3.It is expected that the revenue received from the Q1 advance receipts will increase.2) Although the direct sales Q1 has not been fully liberalized, at least the direct sales ratio has increased.Company 18Q1 direct sales revenue13.900 million, accounting for only 8.0%. Although Q1’s direct sales channels such as supermarkets and e-commerce channels have been completely implemented, grassroots found that the feedback direct-operated stores have significantly intensified since the beginning. It is expected that the proportion of Q1 direct sales will increase significantly, and the direct sales program will gradually be adopted.The tempo will accelerate.3) The proportion of non-standard issuances has increased significantly, further driving up the ton price.According to grassroots analysis and feedback, Q1 has significantly increased the proportion of non-standard issuance, whether it is the dealer or the direct sales channel. Among them, the dealers have completed delivery of the pig Mao Zodiac wine from January to April before the Spring Festival.Significant improvement, which is very obvious in 18Q4. It is expected that the product structure of 19Q1 will continue to improve.4) Series of wines continue to grow rapidly.According to the data of the Group, the sales of Q1 sauce and fragrance series wines increased by 26% each year, and the revenue exceeded 2 billion, reaching 21.300 million, continuing to maintain rapid growth. The proportion of direct sales and non-standards increased, and profitability increased steadily.According to the company announcement, 19Q1 net profit reached 50.1%, up to 3 a year.9pcts, profitability continues to improve.We judge that it is mainly due to the continuous improvement of gross profit margin for ten years and good control of expense ratio.In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s 18-year alcohol gross profit margin was 91.3%, the same increase of 1.4pcts, of which Moutai benefited from price increases, and gross margin increased by 0.9 points to 93.7%, the series of wines benefit from the structural improvement, the gross profit margin increased by 8.3 to 71.1%, Q1 is expected to increase the proportion of non-standard shipments and direct sales, the increase in ton price will lead to continued increase in gross profit margin.In terms of expense ratio, the company’s 18-year sales expense ratio3.3%, down by 1.6pcts, of which advertising and market expansion costs have further decreased, and the series of alcohol expenditures have gradually decreased. Since 18Q3, the single season 杭州夜网 sales expense rate has continued to decline, and the Q1 expense rate is expected to continue to decline steadily.Initially, the company will focus on streamlining and improving the Moutai liquor marketing system. The proportion of channel direct sales is expected to increase to over 20%, to ensure that the ton price will increase above 10% this year, and supplement the company to further improve the zodiac wine, boutique wine, etcHigh-value-added products are moderately launched, and profitability is expected to continue to improve. The direct sales plan is awaiting the near term finalization, and the long-term certainty guarantees a high premium.Baofang Secretary Air Force pointed out at the Boao Forum that consumption upgrades are creating more market demand for Moutai. The contradiction between the supply and demand of Moutai wine will continue to increase, and supply and demand are normal.Judging from the recent channel tracking, the Moutai channel has good sales and demand, and the approval price performance continues to be firm, stable above 1800 yuan.Recently, the market is concerned about the progress of the company’s direct sales plan. The Group is actively preparing for the establishment of a marketing company. It is expected that the direct sales plan will be gradually finalized in the near future, and the pace of subsequent direct sales volume is expected to accelerate.In the long run, Moutai has experienced short-term marketing adjustments since last year, and the choice of marketing reform path fully shows that Moutai faces efforts to achieve the best balance of interests under multi-party relationships, significant progress in governance structure, and performance certainty brought by it.A higher estimated premium will be achieved. Maintain target price of 1,000 yuan, “strong push” level.In the second half of 2018, the company canceled 1/5 of its dealers, and its performance continued to grow. The 19Q1 performance ushered in a good start, reaffirming its strong brand power and market response capabilities, and the direct-sales guarantee to drive rapid growth.The performance is highly deterministic, and the internationalization of the evaluation of the premium assets of liquor leaders has become clearer.We temporarily maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-202133.5/39.3/45.3 yuan, corresponding to PE is 26/22/19 times, maintaining a target price of 1,000 yuan, corresponding to 20 years of PE at about 25 times, maintaining a “strong push” level. Risk reminder: The prosperity of high-end wines has declined, and market prices have fallen sharply.

Sankeshu (603737) 2019 performance preview comment-long-term net profit growth growth is optimistic about future performance elasticity

Sankeshu (603737) 2019 performance preview comment-long-term net profit growth growth is optimistic about future performance elasticity

Net profit attributable to mothers is expected in 20193.


20 trillion, ten years + 69% -89%.

In the short term, we judge that the company is expected to drive rapid growth by cutting into the supply chain and capacity expansion of large real estate developers; in the long term, it is optimistic that the company has excellent product power, channel power, and brand power to grow into the leading domestic architectural coatings.

The company’s EPS is forecasted to be 2 in 2019-2021.



41 yuan, raise target price to 120 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

In 2019, net profit attributable to mothers is expected to increase by 69% -89%.

The company issued an announcement of the 2019 annual performance 杭州桑拿 pre-increasing announcement, which is expected to achieve (called auditing, the same below) net profit attributable to mothers in 2019.


20 ppm, previous + 69% -89%; net profit after deduction after deduction 3


7 billion, previously + 73% -96%.

The growth of the company’s performance is mainly driven by three factors: 1) the rapid expansion of the engineering wall coating business drives the growth of operating profit; 2) Dayu prevents leakage and strengthens the company’s performance; 3) non-recurring gains and losses such as government subsidies after taxAn increase of about 16 million yuan in ten years.

Demand is picking up and production capacity is expanding, optimistic about 2020 performance elasticity.

In 2020, under the resonance of the expected recovery in real estate completion and the peak period of the repaint market, we are optimistic about the recovery of domestic architectural coatings demand. We estimate that the total demand is expected to reach nearly 800 mm.

In this context, the company is expected to drive the rapid growth of engineering wall paint business by cutting into the supply chain of large real estate developers.

Combined with the expected production of the Anhui factory this year, the company’s wall coating production capacity is expected to be from 73.

5 Growth rate increased to 105 index (+ 43%), optimistic about the company’s profit release elasticity in 2020.

Increasing concentration has become a trend, and paint leaders are ready to come.

Benefiting from the popularization of downstream real estate business’s centralized mining mode and the increase of environmental protection supervision pressure, the concentration of the domestic coatings industry has become a trend.

In the past two years, domestic CR4 has increased by 2pct to 13%, but it is still far below the global level of 26%.

With the local paint companies’ product power, channel power, and brand power gradually aligning with foreign leaders, the share of domestic-scale enterprises is expected to continue to increase.

We are optimistic about the company’s prospects of becoming a leading domestic architectural coating based on green health product positioning and brand promotion.

Risk factors: Weak demand leads to the increase in product sales; the release of increased production capacity is less than expected; the downstream customer development progress is gradually expected; the receivables recovery is less than expected.

Investment suggestion: The short-term company is expected to drive rapid growth by cutting into the supply chain and capacity expansion of large real estate developers; it is long-term optimistic that the company has excellent product power, channel power, and brand power to grow into the leading domestic architectural coatings prospect.

As the company’s engineering business grew faster than expected, it raised its net profit attributable to mothers to 4 in 2019-2021.



23 trillion (previous forecast was 3.



28 ppm), corresponding to an EPS forecast of 2 respectively.



41 yuan.

With reference to comparable companies in the global coatings industry, we will give 39x PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 120 yuan, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): Revenue growth significantly accelerates profit growth in line with expectations

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): Revenue growth significantly accelerates profit growth in line with expectations

Introduction to this report: The optimization of Yunchao’s supply chain continued to improve efficiency, and the main business maintained rapid growth.

The MINI store is expanding rapidly, continuously iterating, and integrating plans to display 1,000 stores. In the future, it is expected to help Yonghui consolidate its competitive advantage and expand its long-term growth space.

Investment highlights: Investment recommendations: Cloud Ultra optimizes and improves efficiency, MINI stores continue to iterate, and underestimate the short-term re-understanding of market share and store density increase brought about by long-term competitiveness.

Maintain EPS0 for 2019-2021.



43 yuan (not considering MINI for the time being) with a target price of 10.

89 yuan, increased holdings.

Q2 revenue growth accelerated significantly, and profit growth was in line with expectations.

The company released a quick performance report and realized revenue of 411 in 2019H1.

73 trillion, ten years +19.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 13.

540,000 yuan, + 45% at the beginning of the year; corresponding to 189 in the second quarter of 2019.

37 trillion, +21 a year.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

3 ‰, +23 a year.

4%, revenue growth significantly increased, and profit growth in line with expectations.

Accelerating the opening of stores drove an increase in revenue growth, and the main business maintained rapid growth.

It is expected that the same-store growth rate in 2019H1 will be 2-3%, with about 40 new red and green labels and about 400 MINI stores, and Q2 revenue growth will be significantly higher than the previous quarter2.

67 points.

In the second half of the year, the speed of opening stores will be further accelerated, and revenue growth is expected to increase steadily.

The company’s investment in Wanda Commercial Management at the end of 2018 resulted in a short-term increase, and it is expected that the H1 interest expense 上海夜网论坛 will increase by nearly 100 million yuan in ten years.

The cultivation period of the MINI store was slightly made up, and Yunchuang Yonghui confirmed its investment in replacement 2.

170,000 yuan, equity incentive expenses1.

36 ppm, resulting in a slight decline in Q2 profit growth, excluding related effects, the main business still maintained a rapid growth rate.

The supply chain continued to optimize and improve efficiency, and the MINI store iterated rapidly.

After Yunchao’s sub-area management, regional procurement was delegated to provincial and territorial platforms. Supply chain feedback was more flexible and operational efficiency was steadily improved.

Considering the extremely low base in the third quarter of 2018 (single-quarter profit was only 84.36 million, offset by 75% per quarter), the growth rate 南京夜网 of profit in the third quarter promoted improvement from the previous quarter.

The MINI store model is constantly optimized and iterated. It is expected to target 1,000 stores. The small store encryption is expected to consolidate Yonghui’s competitive advantage and expand long-term growth space.

Risk warning: market competition intensifies, CPI growth is significant, and the MINI store cultivation period is longer than expected.

Yangtze Power (600900): Completion of power generation plans in 2019

Yangtze Power (600900): Completion of power generation plans in 2019
The company’s recent situation Yangtze Power released the 2019 power data announcement: the total power generation is 210.4 billion kWh (-2 per year.3%), of which the Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiluodu, and Xiangjiaba achieved 969, 191, 608, and 33.7 billion kWh, respectively, 都市夜网 to -4.7%, +4.2%, -2.7% and +1.9%. Comments on the preliminary power generation to complete the company’s plan, the power in the fourth quarter fell slightly.In the case of weak water in the calendar year 2019 (Xiluodu, the Three Gorges, respectively, are withering 19 compared with the same period.8% / 5.6%), the company’s power generation in 2019 still achieved 210.4 billion kWh (multiple slight reductions of 2.3%), completed the annual power generation plan of 210 billion kWh, reflecting the company ‘s hydrological forecasting and joint dispatching capabilities, which is basically in line with our expectations. In the fourth quarter, the company’s total power generation fell slightly twice.2%, of which the Three Gorges, Xiluodu, and Xiangjiaba were reduced by 2.1%, 2.2%, 3.7% to 221, 156, 8.1 billion degrees, while Gezhouba increased to 0.3% to 4.4 billion degrees. In 2019, the power purchase and sale contracts were initially completed, and the electricity price model was basically stable.Recently, the company has completed the annual contract on the amount of power generation, and the contracted power amounted to 200 billion kWh, accounting for 95% of the company’s total power generation.From the perspective of the substations, the contract charges of the Three Gorges, Gezhouba and Xiluodu to Jiajiaba were respectively 905, 177, 590, and 32.8 billion degrees, which are basically the same as last year, accounting for 93% and 93% of the four generators’ power generation in 2019, 97%, 97%. In terms of electricity prices, the contracted electricity price has remained stable. The Three Gorges and Gezhouba are still implemented in accordance with the original state policy.5?11.4 yuan / MWh.Excluding the impact of the reduction in growth rate from 16% to 13%, the captain of the right bank of Xiluodu will reduce the electricity price without tax by 0.9 yuan / MWh (accounting for the original tax-exclusive electricity price of 0.3%), and Xiluodu left bank units and Xiangjiaba downgraded by 3.2 yuan / MWh (accounting for 1.2%), the impact is significant and limited.In the purchase and sale of electricity from Xixiang, the price of electricity involved in market-oriented transactions has not yet been determined, and will be determined according to the market-oriented transactions of the province receiving electricity. Estimates suggest that we keep the company’s profit forecast for 2019/20 unchanged, while 武汉夜生活网 dating the profit forecast for 2021.07 yuan (not considering the injection effect of Wubai unit).The company currently corresponds to a P / B ratio of 2 in 2020/21.6/2.4 times, dividend yield 3.5% / 4.0%.We maintain our Outperform rating on the company with a target price of 19.8 yuan, which is 6 compared with current expectations.Upside of 6%, corresponding to 2020/21 P / E ratio of 2.8/2.6 times, dividend yield 3.3% / 3.8%. Risks came in less than expected, and electricity prices were lowered.

Tianfeng Strategy: To what stage is the sentiment of GEM in the name of turnover rate?

Tianfeng Strategy: To what stage is the sentiment of GEM in the name of turnover rate?

Source: Analyst Xu Biao’s core point of view In the current structure of the liquidity and capital-driven structured market, estimates and fundamentals have limited short-term interpretation speeds. Some indicators of transactions and liquidity are worth paying attention to:Circulation market value), historically, the GEM turnover rate has exceeded 5% four times: 1) 2015/3/17?
2015/4/13, during this period of 19 trading days, the turnover rate remained at about 5%, and the GEM KLCI rose by 26%, and the index fluctuated in the following one-month period; 2) 2015/5/11?On 6/4/2015, the GEM turnover rate for the 18 trading days in the range remained at about 5%, and the maximum growth of the GEM KLCI was 39%, after which the index entered the top area; 3) 2015/10/12?
2015/11/30, during the 33 trading days during the period, the GEM turnover rate remained near 5%, and the GEM rose the highest at 35%, and then entered the top area; 4) 2019/2/25?
On March 13, 2019, the turnover rate of the 12 trading days during this period remained at about 5%, and the index’s maximum increase was 20%. Subsequently, the GEM KLCI entered the top area; back to the current time, the GEM turnover rate has continued to 6This trading day hovered around 5%, and the ChiNext Composite Index rose by 7.


  2. It is recommended to pay attention to Shibor, R007, DR007 in terms of capital prices. From February 3, Shibor, DR007 began to fall horizontally. It is currently oscillating at the bottom, and the current liquidity is still excessive.

  In addition, the data shows that the fund ‘s circulation last week reached a new high in four years (2016 to date), and our report on February 19, “Do Explosive Funds Mean Emotional Peaks?

How much incremental funding does technology stocks have?

“The following points have been put forward: 1. From the historical situation, the high point of phased issuance does not correspond one-to-one with the phased apex of the market, it may also be the phased bottom of the market, and the time when the issuance of explosive funds is related to this phenomenonThe performance of market fluctuations before and after this point will not be clear-cut.

  2. The current boom in the fund market and the steady increase of new stock accounts actually reflect the trend of half-price changes in household savings deposits: under the background of the sharpening of the rise and fall of individual stocks and the higher excess yields of equity public fund productsResidents are more worried about the fund entering the market instead of directly speculating in stocks.

  3. Looking forward, in the current macro-scale excess liquidity environment, it may continue to be maintained, at least until the counter-cyclical policies are fully implemented (loans and bonds are issued in large numbers), but the liquidity released in the previous period may be extended and the most lenientThe time may gradually pass, with the possible exception of a sharp rise in the index, but the individual stocks and themes in the technology sector may continue to be active.

  (For specific perspectives, see the report “Does the Explosive Fund Mean the Top of Emotion?”

How much incremental funding does technology stocks have?

》) A week’s liquidity level can choose to turn off 14 indicators of the upcoming stock market liquidity, a strong indicator of 10 points, ABCDE corresponds to 10 points, 8 points, 6 points, 4 points, and 2 points respectively; a weak indicator halves, and ABCDE corresponds to the corresponding5 points, 4 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 point (then 135 points, the lowest 27 points).

Finally, the rating is obtained to obtain a comprehensive rating.

  One week’s overview Last week, the gradual open market operation totaled 920 billion yuan in net withdrawals, and the price of funds continued to decline. Last week, the reverse repurchase operation was 100 billion yuan, the reverse repurchase was terminated 120 billion yuan, the MLF operation was 200 billion yuan, and no MLF expired. Last week, preliminaryThe reverse repurchase operation was 100 billion yuan, and the reverse repurchase period was 1.280 billion yuan. There was no MLF operation and no MLF expired.

Last week SHIBOR (3 months) closed at 2.

489%, down 7.

60BP; Interbank borrowing (1 day / 7 days) closed at 1.

44% / 2.

71%, a change of 5 / 11BP respectively; interbank pledged repo rate (1 day / 7 days) closed at 1.

42% / 2.

17%, with a change of 6 / -7BP, respectively; AAA + interbank deposit certificates mature yield (1 month / 3 months / 6 months) closed at 2.

05% / 2.

34% / 2.

55%, respectively -3 / 0 / -2BP.

The 3A corporate bond maturity yield (1 year / 5 years / 10 years) was 3 last weekend.

06% / 3.

39% / 3.

56%, a change of -3 over the previous week.


14 / -3.


The yield on maturity of short-term and medium-term notes (1 year / 3 years / 5 years) closed at 2 last week.

77% / 3.

06% / 3.

39%, a change of -0 from the previous week.
29 / -3.



  The Securities Regulatory Commission issued three IPO approvals, and the fund’s issuance share reached a new high of four. Last week, the Securities and Futures Commission approved 3 IPO approvals, without announcing the amount of funds raised, and 0 IPOs of the Science and Technology Innovation Board were approved. Last week, the Securities and Futures Commission approved 2 approvals.No amount was raised, and one IPO of the Science and Technology Innovation Board was approved.
In terms of the establishment date, last week, a total of 18 ordinary stocks + partial stocks / balanced hybrid + flexible allocation funds were issued, a total of 566.

8.5 billion copies, a record high since 2016; the distribution last week was 173.

34 billion copies.

  Net reduction of industrial capital 53.

6.2 billion, continued inflow of capital from the north: industrial capital increased last week11.

8.5 billion, down 65.

4.7 billion yuan, a net reduction of 53.

6.2 billion yuan; last week, industrial capital increased by 9.

7 billion, a reduction of 105.

7.1 billion yuan, a net reduction of 96.

10 billion.

The inflow of funds from the Shanghai Stock Connect last week12.

3 billion, Shenzhen Stock Connect inflow of funds52.

6.4 billion, a total of 64 inflows.

94 billion.

Last week, Shanghai Stock Exchange circulated funds 49.

1.9 billion, Shenzhen Stock Connect suffered funds5.

4.9 billion, with a total inflow of 43.

7 billion.

  In terms of market activity: As of February 21, the balance of margin financing and securities lending was 10828.

38 billion yuan, accounting for A shares in circulation 2.

14%; On February 14, the balance of margin financing and securities lending was 10,389.

50 billion, accounting for A shares in circulation 2.


Last week the total A turnover was 5.

17 trillion, with an average of 10344 per day.

4.6 billion, as of February 21, financing purchases accounted for 10%.

4%; last week’s total A turnover of 4.

12 trillion, with an average of 8237 per day.

4.0 billion, as of February 14, financing purchases accounted for 10%.


  Among the other indicators we are focusing on: As of February 21, the February merger and reorganization plan was listed on the market 3 (among which passed, 2 failed), with a pass rate of 33.

3%; 5 companies were listed in the merger and reorganization plan in January (4 of which passed and 1 failed) with a pass rate of 80.


  A summary of the important data of the week: “Position since this year” indicates the relative position of the indicator since the trend this year.

  Detailed chart and description1, capital requirements / funds available1.
1 Stock financing / M & A and reorganization tracking indicators: IPO, M & A and reorganization meeting, the entire market equity financing scale1.

2 Tracking indicators for lifting of sales restrictions: 上海夜网论坛 lifting of sales restrictions 1.

3Trading cost tracking indicators: transaction commission and stamp tax2, fund supply / funding inflow2.

1 Market transaction tracking indicators: new investors 2.
2Fund issuance (common stock type + partial mixed fund) tracking index: fund issuance (common stock type + partial stock / balanced mixed type + flexible allocation type) 2.

3 Tracking indicators of industrial capital increase and decrease: important shareholders increase or decrease their holdings 2.

4Following indicators for leveraged funds (two financings): margin financing and securities lending 2.

5 Tracking indicators for overseas funds: Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

6 Tracking indicators of the distribution of funds inflow: net capital inflows 3, market sentiment / earnings effect 3.

1 Volatility / risk tracking indicator: CBOE Volatility 3.

2 Participation / activity tracking indicators: turnover rate, financing purchase amount, open-end fund stock investment ratio 3.

3 Style Index Tracking Index: Shenwan Large / Medium / Small Cap Index 3.

40% discount premium tracking indicator: AH discount premium, block trade 3.

5 Stock index futures signal tracking indicators: stock index futures discount, long-short ratio of 4, interest rate and exchange rate 4.

1 Short-end: Money market tracking indicators: inter-bank interest rates, financial product yields, and bills discount rates.

2 Medium and long-term: Treasury bond / enterprise bond market tracking indicators: Treasury bond maturity yield, corporate bond maturity yield, short-term and middle-term bill maturity yield rate 4.

3 Foreign exchange market tracking indicators: RMB exchange rate 5, currency issuance and derivation 5.

1 Level 1 liquidity management tracking indicators: reverse repo, MLF, SLF, PSL, SLO 5.

2 Base currency and broad currency tracking indicators: base currency, broad currency 5.

3Money Supply Channel Tracking Indicators: Social Finance Scale, RMB Loans, Foreign Exchange Accounts

What not to do after exercise

What not to do after exercise

Health education also particularly encourages everyone to exercise more.

However, we have found that many people have a lot of unhealthy behaviors after exercising, which is really a waste of their past achievements.

Let ‘s take a look at what you should not do immediately after exercising, and then try to correct it.

  Do not take a break. Squat breaks are very common practice. This is not an action you should do immediately after exercise.

I feel tired after the exercise. Many people crouch or sit down and think they can save energy and rest. In fact, this is a wrong approach.

Immediately after fitness exercises, if you squat and rest immediately, it will hinder blood flow in the lower limbs, affect blood circulation, and deepen muscle fatigue.

Gravity shock occurs in severe cases.

  Therefore, after each exercise, you should adjust the breathing rhythm and perform some low-speed activities, such as walking slowly, doing a few relaxation exercises, or simply taking a deep breath, which causes the blood to circulate in the limbs and the heart, in order to pay off the “oxygen debt”Speed up recovery and eliminate fatigue.

When the physical strength is not enough, you can let your companion walk around.

  Do n’t be greedy for cold drinks. Exercise often makes people sweat, especially in the summer, a lot of water is consumed. After exercise, there will always be dry mouth and the feeling of urgent need of drinking water. Most of the young people mostly like to buy some cold drinks to relieve the heat.Quench thirst.

Health experts tell us that at this time the human digestive system is still in a suppressed state and digestive function is low.

If the picture is cool and quenching thirst and greedy a lot of cold drinks, it will easily cause complications of paralysis, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, eating cold drinks is not an action you should do immediately after exercise.

At this time appropriately add a small amount of boiled water or saline.

  Do not eat immediately. Exercises that should not be done immediately after exercise and eating, especially during intense exercise, the motor nerve center is in a highly excited state.

Under its influence, the parasympathetic nervous system, which manages internal organ activity, strengthens the inhibition of digestive system activity.

At the same time, during exercise, the whole body’s blood is also redistributed, and the needs of the moving organs are relatively concentrated, while the supply of various organs in the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced.

The aforementioned factors cause the peristalsis of the renal tract to decay, and the secretion of various digestive glands is greatly reduced.

It takes 20-30 minutes to recover after the end of exercise.

If you eat in a hurry, it will increase the burden on the digestive organs, cause dysfunction, and even cause a variety of diseases.

  Tips: If you like smoking, don’t smoke immediately after exercise. It is not advisable to drink alcohol to relieve fatigue, and do not use a bathing method to relieve sweat.

After exercise, pay attention to organizing and relaxing activities. Some do freehand exercises that are good for relaxation, walk, and pay attention to breathing rhythm.

Three minutes of beauty magic every day


Three minutes of beauty magic every day

Modern women who are concerned with work efficiency in everything are accustomed to going to work in the shortest time, because they often overlook important skin care procedures, causing Su Ji to be unknowingly injured.

In fact, it only takes three minutes a day to complete the two procedures of repairing and rejuvenating the skin, making the skin soft and smooth like cotton candy.

  Preliminary: Maybe you will question the essence of applying makeup base, however, it is a must-have product for makeup, it will not only make makeup look more durable, but also fully repair and improve skin texture.

Choose a makeup base primer that is suitable for the skin, which can protect the skin from excess oil damage, give proper moisturization to the skin, and make the skin smoother and more delicate.

The sun is particularly intense in the summer, so it is important to choose a makeup base that has sun protection effect according to the nature of the skin.

The medicated AcneClearUVProtector (OilFree) anti-acne sunscreen does not contain oil. It not only resists strong ultraviolet rays, but also effectively inhibits acne-causing bacteria that cause acne, keeps the skin clean, and creates a lasting makeup effect.

Coupled with a non-chemical anti-ultraviolet formula, antibacterial ingredients effectively inhibit acne bacteria, keep the skin fresh and clean, and make it difficult to form acne.

Prevent acne inflammation and prevent acne from worsening.

Avoid the adverse effects of free fatty acids and lipid peroxides that cause excess oil and ensure skin health.

  In addition, if you want to keep your skin fair, replace the medicated whitening UV protector whitening sunscreen to prevent the formation of dark spots and freckles due to the sun, and make the makeup more durable.

Coupled with a non-chemical UV protection formula, it can effectively inhibit the formation of melanin and prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.

  The second step: daytime skincare UV rays, car exhaust and cigarette smoke will directly irritate and damage the skin.

DayAmulet Daytime Guard Powder can exert two functions of oil control and anti-drying at one time.

Just a light puff on the skin or foundation, the skin looks even and natural, exuding a healthy breath, plus its anti-drying, oil-control, anti-ultraviolet and anti-acne effects, so that the skin can be comprehensively taken care of.

  DayAmulet is specially designed to absorb and inhibit the activated urinary enzymes existing on the skin surface, which causes the skin to dry, leaving the skin smooth and smooth all day long, leaving the surface oily feeling swept away.

In addition, the texture is refreshing and light. Available in three shades, it can be used alone to create a delicate and natural look for the skin.

Another function of the powder is to effectively modify the pores and make the skin prolong the transparency.

The magic bullet commonly used in pediatric puzzle

The “magic bullet” commonly used in pediatric puzzle

Thousands of years of up and down, bit by bit of experience record, has stored a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, providing a highly effective resource for traditional Chinese medicine medicine and intellectual therapy.
  The ancients were keen to find a “magic panacea” for two purposes: one is to prolong life and stay immortal; the other is to have superhuman intelligence and do whatever they want.
The latter has made the predecessors of Chinese medicine tirelessly study nootropic drugs.
  Thousands of years of up and down, bit by bit of experience record, has stored a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, providing a highly effective resource for traditional Chinese medicine medicine and intellectual therapy.
The following is a brief introduction to some commonly used traditional Chinese medicines: ginseng, ginseng, no one knows, no one knows, its supplementary effect can be described as immediate, it can bring back to life and save lives at critical moments.
The magical effect of this magical drug is unquestionable.
Its nootropic effect has been thought to be achieved through “tonication”.
According to modern research, ginseng contains 29 kinds of ginsenosides, more than 16 amino acids, 9 sugars, 3 fatty acids, 3 sterols, 7 vitamins, 2 volatile oils, 3 flavonoids, 12 inorganic elements, 3This enzyme, as well as glucoside, ginsengone, choline and other ingredients.
Among them, ginsenoside is its main active ingredient.
Ginseng has a two-way regulating effect on the function of each tissue of the human body, and its intellectual effect is reflected in strengthening the excitatory process of the cerebral cortex, improving flexibility in the process of mental activity, enhancing thinking, working ability, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency;And can restore nervous balance caused by tension.
In addition, the strong effect of ginseng can improve physical strength and intelligence.
  There are many types of ginseng, such as: wild ginseng and garden ginseng according to the source of harvest; three types of raw ginseng, red ginseng and sugar ginseng according to the production method; American ginseng, Korean ginseng, and Jilin ginseng according to the production source.Wait.
The type is not served, and the effect is also different. For example, wild ginseng, American ginseng, and sun-dried ginseng are expensive and slightly warm; red ginseng is relatively hot; sugar ginseng contains the least amount of ginsenosides, has mild properties, and is less effective, but it is cheap.
Ginseng is used in children’s puzzle, and must have certain indications and should not be abused.
  An ancient book of Chinese poems dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine, “The Book of Materia Medica”, said: “Protecting the blood and removing evil spirits, keeping one’s eyes open, being happy, being weak, and having the best taste.

Postpartum tocolytic weakness foot massage treatment

Postpartum tocolytic weakness foot massage treatment

Postpartum uterine muscle fiber contraction and contraction function is poor, known as postpartum uterine weakness.

Mainly manifested as postpartum hemorrhage, less bleeding during uterine contractions, and more bleeding during transient periods.

For a long time, the blood color is dark red or clot, which can reach more than 400ml within 24 hours after delivery.

Depending on the amount of bleeding, the mother can see pale, cold sweats, cold limbs, decreased blood pressure, thin and rapid pulse; severe cases may appear unconscious.

  Massage site 1, foot reflex area: head (brain), pituitary, cerebellum and brain stem, celiac plexus, thyroid, adrenal gland, kidney, bladder, ureter, stomach, pancreas, duodenum, cecum (appendix)), Ileocecal valve, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectum, small intestine, anus, gonads.

  2. Foot reflex area: lumbar spine, sacrum, urethra and vagina, uterus.

  3, lateral foot reflex zone: lower abdomen, gonads.

  Common techniques1, plantar reflex zone: thumb end point method, index finger joint point method, thumb joint scraping method, pressing method, index finger joint scraping method, double knuckle scraping method, boxing scraping method, thumb pushing method, rubbing method, Fist-face slamming and so on.

  2, foot reflection area: the lateral edge of the index finger scraping method, press method, thumb push method, tapping method and so on.

  3, lateral reflection area of the foot: the index finger lateral edge scraping method, press method, thumb push method, tapping method and so on.