2021 Sanlitun International Week opening to build a cultural business circle model

Tongdong Square holds a tourist city set for parent-child, young casual relaxation. People’s Daily Newsletter Gao Xingjing International Week will also hold a colorful cultural and artistic activities. "Nan’an Theater" with the main body of Shi Ma Henan, provides a close-up participation, high-frequency experience of cultural and entertainment activities; three streets and communities such as Sanlitun translate into the "public art" area, inviting domestic and foreign Well-known sculpture art, equipment art, public artist, national embassy culture office, art institutions and team colleges, with Sanlitun’s historical and cultural inheritance, international trend culture, urban public art concepts as a creation and exhibition of Chen and Public art creation.

In addition, in Tong Yandong Square, the playground for parent-child, young people, relaxation; in Hongjie North Square, interactive experience 3D floor, VR black technology; meets in the building square to shoot cards The autumn is a market collection, as well as the old residential residential residential residential residential residential community in the regional update and changing in Yingca North Square.

In the future, Sanlitun International Week will also increase cultural consumption supply, build an internationally influential modern cultural industry system, promote the integration of cultural and health, science and technology, finance, sports and other related industries, and earnestly enhance the brand value of "cultural Sanlitun". Promote regional economic high quality development.

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Deshan Smart Hi 8th Anniversary Business Partner Compese Thanksgiving, Successful

On the morning of November 11, hosted by Hunan Deshan Wine Business Marketing Co., Ltd., Hunan Yipin Marketing Company hosted by Hunan Yipin Marketing Co., Ltd. – De Mountain Secret 8th Anniversary Agency will be republican in Changde Gongsha Hotel The hall was held.

The person in charge of Changde City, and the merchants from counties (cities) from counties (cities) from Guangdong, Changsha and Changde, Guangdong Province, gave a grand meeting.

In recent years, the Hunan small wine market has continued to be hot, and the huge market capacity has led to many small wine brands in Hunan. "Small bottle secret Hidden Wine" is the local brand of Hunan, since 2012, consumers are core, deep cultivated native land market Through accurate brand positioning, strong market promotion, refined channel management and a series of brand marketing innovation, continued to win the vast number of consumers, leading the new style of small wine consumption. At the meeting, Guo Zhiqiang, president of the Changde City Wine Industry Association, and Guo Zhiqiang, chairman of the Due Mountain Wine. Guo Zhiqiang said that Due Mountain is a wide range of consumer groups in the past eight years. It is also as young as young people, and has become the "Gao Fu Shuai" in the small wine market with high cost performance and rich cultural connotation. . Guo Zhiqiang said that small wine has always been our strategic single product, and the Deshan Wine Industry will continue to improve product quality, increase brand investment, and make better development with merchants. After the guest speared, the meeting was awarded various "Sales Contribution Award" for the "small secret" to sell outstanding businessmen. (Zeng Xiang) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei).

At the time of January, Henan became a heavy rain center? Experts reminded vigilance of superimposed impact

  China Youth Daily Department Beijing On August 21 (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter Qiu Chenhui) strong rainfall again.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, from August 21st to 24th, my country will have a heavy rainfall weather process from the west.

Among them, Henan has just experienced the "7 · 20" extraordinary rainstorm, will be a heavy rainfall again after a month.

  This heavy rainfall is compared with the "7 · 20" mean heavy rain, how is the strength? Zhang Tao, chief predictor of the Central Meteorological Observatory of China Meteorological Administration, was interpreted.

  This round of rain-raining stages of Henan Province, Zhang Tao said Zhang Tao said that the heavy rainfall has the characteristics of a wide range of heavy influence, high rainfall, and fast system shift speed, and has strong wind in Huang Huai area.

  He told reporters that because the process movement speed is faster, the cumulative rain is not particularly extreme, but the short rain is big, it needs to be paid; the rain is superimposed in the pre-affected area, the water is very large, the reservoir, lake, The rivers need to be waiting. Zhang Tao explained that from the system configuration, the heavy rainfall process is a very typical monsoon rainfall, the subtropical high-pressure junction, so that the warm and humidity from the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, the Western Pacific is smoothly along the side of the side tropical high pressure, and from the north The cold air is a confrontation, causing a large range of rainfall.

  In addition, strong rainfall has a wide range. Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu and other 9 provinces (city) are in the rainfall area, the whole is mainly in the rain, but in a few more places, there will be Big to heavy rain. Among them, the strongest rainfall in the Sichuan Basin and Henan, the local rainfall can reach 250 ~ 400 mm, which is the level of heavy rain.

  Rainstorm or less than "7 · 20" extreme but still needs to be vigilant during this rainfall, Henan will become a heavy rain center. Compared with the "7 · 20" Henan rainstorm last month, the rainfall process is intensity, what is the same? Zhang Tao said that the rainstorm process in Henan is different from "7 · 20".

This rainfall process is mobility, and it does not reproduce the "front of the rain", so the cumulative rain is not particularly extreme.

  Further, this process is a heavy rain in the west side of the subtropical high pressure, and the water-vapor combination is a typical flood season. In contrast, the typhoon and side tropical high pressure in the "7 · 20" process are at sea, far away, It belongs to the indirect impact, and the production of chemical reactions is generated in terms of water vapor and terrain, not only in the summer, and it will eventually lead to the rare breakstream rainstorm. However, Zhang Tao specially reminded that although the accumulated rainfall this time will not be particularly extreme, it may still bring very much, very unfavorable impact on Henan. "Because the impact of extreme torrents from the extreme torrents have not been completely over, the rainfall area overlaps with the preliminary rainstorm, so,,,, Strong winds increase the rain, and the destructive power is stronger Zhang Tao said that this rainfall process has a very typical feature that is not only rainy, and the wind is also very strong.

With the conversion of the summer and autumn, the cold air of the north gradually became active, and three cyclones "" in the cold and wet air flow collision from the south, falling in the southwest to Northeast, located in the northeast, northwest to Henan, Shandong And the Sichuan Basin.

These three areas are also located in this round of rainfall.

  "Especially in the northwestern region to Henan, the cyclone of Shandong is from Henan, Shandong is self-contained in the east movement, strong winds increase the rain, and the destructive power is stronger.

Zhang Tao said. He told reporters that from the perspective of preventive perspectives, this process can regard this process as "tropical cyclone on land" in terns of high standards. According to forecast, No. 22 and 24th The Middle East, most of Shandong and the Yellow Sea waters will have 4 to 6, the wind winds 7 to 9, the gang wind can reach 8 ~ 11. Therefore, he suggests that Henan, Shandong and other places need to do outdoor advertising. The reinforcement of the card, the temporary workstore, reduces or avoids high-altitude operation; Huanghai sea demand will prevent high winds to adversely affect past vessels and maritime homework. The rainfall process has uncertainty Zhang Tao suggestions, this process is "" Three cyclones can now foresee the general position and intensity of the three rainfall centers. "But we still need to pay attention to possible hidden in three rainfall centers, and the scale is much smaller.

"Zhang Tao said that these strong convection processes like" small blisters after water boiling "are truly small and medium-sized scale systems that truly determine the extremely rainfall.

  He said that from the law, the smaller the scale, the greater the uncertainty, the lower the forecast, so it is necessary to dynamically pay attention to the shortcoming of the short-term approach forecast for the local meteorological department rolling updated.

5 people in Nanning won the Sixth Autonomous Region Moral Model Title and Nomination Award

Carrying forward the traditional American German Treatment of the new style of 5 people in our city, the sixth autonomous region’s moral model title and nomination award yesterday, the sixth autonomous region’s moral model commendation symposium was held in Nanning. The meeting commended a new batch of autonomous regional moral models.

5 people in Nanning have obtained the sixth autonomous region’s moral model title and the sixth autonomous region’s moral model nomination award.

There were 3 people in Nanning, received the title of the sixth autonomous region. They were: Ning Hua, villagers in Tao Shu Town, Hengzhou City, Nanning City, Ning Huayuan, the sixth autonomous region, seeing the name; Guangxi Qiao En Tea Co., Ltd. Chairman Liang Qiao The 6th Autonomous Region honesty trustworthy model; the villagers of Lianxin Village, Mailing Town, Hezhou City, won the model title of filial piety in the sixth autonomous region. At the same time, there are still 2 people in Nanning to win the moral model nomination award: Zhang Qingxiu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhonghua Town, Binyang County, Nanning City, won the sixth autonomous region to help people in the music model nomination award; Shanglin County Disabled Federation The Director of the Director Huang Limen won the 4th Autonomous Region Defining Dedication Model Nomination Award. All along, the city insists on cultivating and practicing socialist core values, in-depth promotion of moral construction, and promoting Chinese traditional virtues, focusing on cultivating new people, continuing to cultivate new winds, emerges a number of deeds, and people recognize, have The distinctive characteristics, typical exemplary strong advanced models have become the banner of leading the society. They have been selfless, and they have been touched by their own advanced deeds. They have set an example for the majority of cadres; they use mortals to infect people around them, encourage everyone to actively and good; they use a small matter to interpret help people , Seeing righteousness, honesty and trustworthiness, dedication, filial piety, love, for promoting the formation of seeing the sage, and the social atmosphere of Chongde has played a positive role.

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This year, Zhangjiakou will complete the 17.87,000 mu of forestry.

Original title: This year, this year will complete Lin Wan acres will complete the creation of Lin Wan acres. As of June 15, it has completed 10,000 acres of afforestation. This year, Zhangjiakou City plans to build Lin Wan mu, including 10,000 acres of tree planting in Zhang Cheng area, Fengshan Yulin 200,000 mu, the camp is 500,000 mu. As of June 15, the city has accumulated the creation of Lin Wan acres.

According to reports, since last year, Zhangjiakou City, afforestation, promotion, leading group, intensive research, deployed this year to create forest work, multi-dispatch county block implementation, operation design and development and bidding and other pre-work, and lay the foundation for building construction. The county is hiring the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau of the State Forestry and Grassland as a design unit, in-depth field, gradient, and sequential, precise design, repeated argument, and ensure steady advancement of Zhang Chenglin project. It is understood that the afforestation project has signed the construction and supervision contract for construction management regulations, and it is clear that the afforestation is 5 years of insurance, and the project will be exchanged according to the annual acceptance results to ensure the effectiveness of the construction.

During the construction process, the forestry competent authorities implemented track supervision, monitoring each of the standards, strict control of design standards, strictly controlling the quality of the whole land, seedlings, planting, management, acceptance, effectively preventing it, It should be complemented by unbearable, stealing and reducing standards, and the standards are ensured.

At the same time, further innovation mechanism models, give full play to physical defense and civil air defense, strictly require construction units to set up fences, protect forest ditch, etc., prevent livestock. At the same time, give full play to the governments, market subjects and village collective roles, through adoption of construction units, afforestation owners, forest operators and professional companies multi-party care, etc., comprehensively strengthen post-management efforts and management results.

(Correspondent Sun Lin, Zhang Zeyang reporter Li Yanhong) (Editor: Formo, I wish the dragon super).

The national absorption foreign capital increased by 17.8% in the country, the main army

[] On the 15th, the Ministry of Commerce issued data show that January-October, the country actually used foreign capital of billion yuan, year-on-year increase% (excluding banks, securities, insurance fields, and below). From the perspective of the industry, the actual use of foreign capital is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

The actual use of high-tech industries has increased year-on-year, among which high-tech services have increased by 10%. "10 months before this year, the service industry absorbed foreign capital accounted for nearly 80% of the national absorption foreign investment, and is a veritable main force.

"Zheng Wei, deputy researcher, China Service Outsourcing Research Center, said that the" Economic Report "reporter said that the current world economy has entered the era of service economic economy, and the value of service industry accounts for increasing GDP, which has become the main force to promote the growth of the world economy. As China’s economic development is continuously improved, the needs of services, especially high-end service industries is increasing.

International service industry is to see huge potential and development opportunities in the Chinese market, began to hurry to invest in China and seize the opportunity. It is worth noting that my country’s service industry will also usher in more favorable. Chang Changqing, Director of the Ministry of Commerce, said, the next step, China will further reduce the negative list of foreign admissions, and expand the openness of telecommunications and medical services, and revise the "Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Catalog", introduce free trade. Negative list of cross-border service trade in the test area. Zheng Wei said that in recent years, China’s opening of China has been more and more, constantly compressing the special management measures for foreign investment access negative lists, reducing the threshold for service industry foreign market access, foreign investment in the service industry to create a good opportunity. At the same time, China is open to highland in the self-trade test area, Hainan Trade Port, etc. Development dividend. In the first 10 months, my country’s absorption of foreign investment has more highlights. According to the data, the actual investment of "a belt all the way" and the ASEAN actual investment increased by the national and the ASEAN (including investment data through free port); from the perspective of regional distribution, the actual use of foreign investment in the eastern part of my country is growing year-on-year. %,% And 9%. Zong Changqing said that this year is the "14th Five-Year Plan" start.

According to the Party Central Committee, the State Council stabilizes the fundamental discussion and "Six Steady" "Six Bao" decision-making deployments, the Ministry of Commerce will promote the work of all regions, and have achieved remarkable results.

The actual use of foreign investment in the country has reached a new high, and the introduction structure is further optimized, and the quality of attracting is continuously improved. Next, my country will further improve the quality of foreign capital.

Meng Huating, deputy director of the foreign trade division of the Ministry of Commerce, said in answering the "Economic Report" reporter, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, an important direction in our country’s use of foreign investment work is to continue to optimize Using foreign investment structure, continuously improve the quality and level of foreign capital, service business high quality development and economic high quality development.

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Tibet has received more than 31,000 visitors at home and abroad during "Double Festival".

Original title: During the "Double Festival", the accumulation of domestic and foreign tourists at home and abroad, more than 310,000 tourists, cultural experience tour, hot spring, sports, sports exploration, ecological health tour … A boutique line is successively launched; blue Heavenly, Niwu, Daika, Show Talents, Sikinra, De.ji, etc., to promote the flourishing of tourism in our district.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Autonomous Region Travel Service, from February 11th to 17th, the Tibetan New Year, the whole district accumulates 10,000 visitors at home and abroad, the year-on-year growth rate; to achieve tourism income billion, year-on-year growth%.

The tourism market in the district is stable and orderly, and the tourism has steadily rebounded.

  The reporter learned that since the "Winter Tour Tibet" activities have been carried out, the tourism development of our district has entered the expressway, plus the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year "Winter Tour Tibet" preferential policy period, according to the preferential policies released by the tourist department, except Outside the temple scenic spot, the regional national 3A level (including 3A-level) is free to tour, the following state-owned 3A levels and non-state-owned A-level scenic spots are reduced in the off-season price, three-star (including three stars) Hotel (hotel) and international brands, boutique hotel prices are implemented in 50% of the price of the peak season, and the average discount of airlines that fly into and out of the Tibetan route is not less than 50%.

In addition, self-driving, trains, aircraft and other convenient ways have attracted more and more tourists to play, feel different travel experiences. "I have always wanted to take my family to Tibet, this time I finally gave a lot to get, I saw the Budala Palace and the Jokhang Temple, I have passed a Tibetan New Year." Ms. Feng from Shaanxi said happily, "In order to experience the Tibetan New Year, we Also got to a friend’s house, ‘古 古 突’ Night and Tibetan New Year, I feel very interesting, and it is fun.

"It is understood that in 2021" Winter Tour Tibet ", the first phase of the first phase of March is on March 15. Take a variety of preferential policies, hurry to go to Tibet! (Editor: Hao Jie, Wu Yuren).

Solidly promote the high quality development of vocational education

In the survey, please wait.

If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page to learn to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China. And historical experience (hereinafter referred to as "resolution") is a Marxist programming literature. It is a political declaration in the new era of China’s Communists to keep in mind the initial mission, adhere to the socialism of Chinese characteristics. The Action Guide of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. "Resolution" is a good direction in which the high-quality development of vocational education is demonstrated in the new era.

  Promoting the high quality development of vocational education must always use the Lid Tree people as an fundamental task.

The "resolution" pointed out that "the comprehensive implementation of the party’s education policy, priority development education, the fundamental task of clarity education is the socialist builders and successors who cultivate the comprehensive development of morality in Germany."

The work of Lidshu people in vocational education must meet the characteristics of students in vocational colleges. Under the guidance of the party’s comprehensive leadership and Marxism theory, strengthen the effectiveness of the educational people in higher vocational colleges, and play the field of work and Practical educating people in the field of Communist Youth League, helping students establish the correct professional values, so that the students of the vocational colleges have always maintained the firm belief in Marxism, and the feet is full of technical skills to report the strength of the country.

It is necessary to use the patriotism of China’s excellent traditional culture, the spirit of the craftsman, the spirit of the labor, and the professional education, so that the students of the vocational colleges will inherit excellence, persistence, pursue excellent professionalism, thick patriotism,砥 强 强 国,, practice the trip to the country. Promoting the high quality development of vocational education must always integrate production and education, school-enterprise cooperation as a key core.

"Resolution" pointed out that "implementation of employment priority policies, promoting more adequate, higher quality employment." The source of vocational colleges focused on rural villages, solving higher quality and more fully employment of students in vocational colleges, let them become each line The backbone and elite of all industries are the vivid manifestations of "employment is the biggest people’s livelihood". Vocational colleges should integrate production and education, school-enterprise cooperation as a core element of running a model, realizing the integration of professional settings and industrial needs, integration of teaching standards and occupational standards, classroom teaching and corporate training, teacher development and industrial update Combination, student skills, and corporate technology integration, focus on improving professional and employment matching, promoting higher quality employment.

Vocational colleges must find key focus and common interests in the school enterprise cooperation, using teachers’ advantages to help companies understand problems, service enterprise technology development demand, so that the blend of education is not only "temperature", but also "deep", school Enterprise-made achievements anti-school education teaching and student development, strengthen internship and employment guidance, stability and development of students’ employment channels, and achieve more fully employment.

  Promoting high quality development of vocational education must always take service national and economic social development as responsibility.

"Resolution" pointed out that "promoting the construction of strong country, accelerating the development of modern industrial system."

Vocational education high-quality development should anchor national major strategic deployment, take the initiative to act as a priority, and provide strong talent guarantees to the country from the manufacturing big country and intelligent manufacturing transformation to develop modern industrial systems to improve talent supply quality.

It is necessary to enroll in the village and social economic development, stimulating the endogenous motivation of vocational education.

Vocational colleges should enhance their skills to adapt to the ability to adapt, they should go out of the school gate, go to society, seriously investigate the market and industrial supply demand, so that vocational education can effectively open all aspects of production, distribution, circulation, consumption, with local economic and social development Frequency resonance, deep integration, play a greater role in the new journey of building a socialist modern country, showing greater. Promoting the high-quality development of vocational education must always achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation as a historical mission.

"Resolution" pointed out, "tightly serve the national rejuvenation, promote the main line of human progress, high-level, development, cooperation, win-win flag, advance and improve all-round, multi-level, three-dimensional diplomatic layout, actively develop the global partner relation.

"The new era, vocational education should take national rejuvenation as its own responsibility, and strive to cultivate international competitive technical skills, and promote the construction of" all the way "to cooperate, participate in local infrastructure construction, and promote local manufacturing. Industry transformation and upgrading, benefiting the local people, and speeding up the global value chain cooperation and other transport more patriotic outstanding talents. In accelerating the new development pattern of the domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle mutual promotion, to achieve education chain, talent Chain and industrial chain, innovative links, allow vocational education to go out, enhance the internationalization level, cultivate more local technical skill-type talents, serve international capacity cooperation, provide more public products for the international community, in international affairs Plays the role of responsible national countries to create a favorable external environment for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

(Author Liu Xiaoqi, deputy director of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College, Vice President of Marxist College, Associate Professor).

“Large manager,Gao Rui does not defend the Northern Great Wall,Instead, with the army,Come to Yucheng,Intention。The end will be set up in the water,Completely!”

Amounts light red face,Glaze。
He is not Gao Baoyi,More not fish,As soon as this is now open,Is it quite uncomfortable for a time?。Ambush Gao Rui is true,The whole army is also true,Just there is a question of torture soul。
If you don’t know Gao Rui,How can I arrange a big army waiting in the water??Instead, this is an accidental chance.,It is better to say that it is a long time.“Fairy jump”。
This is how it is not awkward.?
He was originally ordered.,Now equipped with a pair“Defend the city”Model,Not to see Gao Bao,Instead, I will give it to the court of the city center.。
The ridiculous ridiculous laughter on the political field,Mo。
Ambitious Gao Rui,Die“Accident and misunderstanding”,after all,The court did not give Gao Rui,It is the defending army of Yucheng,Don’t ask blue saponis,Just gave Gao Rui fatal one。
This is a bit like defense。
But think about it carefully,There is no big problem。
Yucheng is the capital of Qi,Not only the place where the central champies,Instead, Qi State’s political and economic center。Gao Rui,Going in the middle of the night,And it is giving up the original zone,If you don’t say hello?,what is this?
Say good to listen to it, I don’t know it.,Speak straight,This is the battle,And it has not yet started,Ended military。
So Gao Biyi needs“Be late”,Demertion“explain”,And the mad minishers of the city center,It is estimated that it is also equipped with a fool.。
The rules of the game are played.。
You can say this is very hypocritical,It can also be said that this is very helpless.,only,Everyone has already traveled to see a similar thing.。unless,It is Gao Boyi who wants to tear the face with the high royal family.,otherwise,No one will do this happened to change。
As for high,His death,only“Accident”,His associate,There are people who participate in this matter in the high royal family.,All die“Accident”。
Don’t ask why,Asking is killing the chaos under Gao Rui。
“Gao Rui’s corpse?”
Gao Bo Yi thinks this,Gao Rui,High home room,Treatment is always different。At least after death,Have a full corpse,Burial,This is can’t run away.。
I didn’t expect this to hear this,Billow light is inseparable for a long time,Eyelids flash。
“Gao Rui running?”
Gao Baoyi asked some disappointment。
Noticeable,邺城 这,Not close to the mountain,滏 水 陉 also was blocked by the Light of the Lower,How did he run?,Is it a jumping?
The level of dendrobline is so bad?
“Uh,That is not……At the end, I will not be clear.,Please go to the end of the same way together.。”
The Light of the Light, the army, squatting in the suburbs of the North City,So Gao Biyi came to a military account in the army with dendrobium.,I saw a shocking scene。
Gao Rui’s body,Divided into several copies,Like being pulled,Behind the needle,It looks like a buffed doll。
His eyes are very big,No matter how,After latency, you have been a full,Let the people around feel the hair。
“Why is it possible??How can I don’t give up the decent??”
Gao Baoyi is dissatisfied with the lawdens。
“that,At the end of the soldiers,Praise,then,Golden。”
The Light of the Light is not allowed to find a hole in the cave.。《History》Inside,Xiang Yu is self-sufficient,The body is taken away by people.,Those people finally have to be sealed。
Probably he got someone,The story of history is not understanding,I thought that Gao Rui also had such a component.,So……Such a tragedy。
It’s really unable to spit。
“So be it,Convergence,You see this neck is really bad.……”
Gao Bo Yi put his hand,Leave this heart-owned big account。
Afterward,He took a deep breath.,Suddenly bull out of your mind, you have some fear of yourself.。
If he has failed after someone,Will not be more miserable than Today’s Gao Rui?
have to say,Can’t exclude this possibility。
I think of here,Gao Bao has a rabbit dead fox,The hard feeling of the material。He asked at the light of the Light.:“What is the situation in Yucheng is now??Why don’t you enter the city??”

“Medical staff,Come and have a look,”Flying wolf said behind him。

After a check by the medical staff,The face of this medical staff is ugly。
“How’s it going,Save it soon,”Flying wolf roared directly。
Thor and him have a deep friendship,Leng Feng on the side could not help but persuade。
“See what the medical staff say。”
“A bullet hit the abdominal cavity,Simply stop the bleeding and then continue shooting,Cause the wound to tear,And wound infection。”
“And his lungs were almost penetrated,Both are fatal injuries。”
“There are five gunshot wounds elsewhere on the body,And lose too much blood……”
Did not wait for the medical staff to continue,Flying Wolf interrupted directly。
“You just say can it be saved,”Flying Wolf said directly。
“He needs to be sent back to the base for treatment immediately,There is no treatment here,I can only help him hold on for a while now。”
Although the medical staff did not explicitly say,But everyone around can hear it,He cannot be saved from this kind of injury。
“What are you doing?,Buy him time,I will contact the headquarters immediately。”