5 jaar uitgaven 67,2 miljard yuan Zhongwei City "Small Finance" om het levensonderhoud van een groot volk te houden

Originele titel: Zhongwei City "Small Finance" om onlangs het levensonderhoud van het grote volk te houden, Herbat, die in Shapou District woont, Zhongwei City, zei dat haar familie het meest gelukkige is in 2021, het kind ligt dicht bij het nieuw voltooide publiek kleuterschool. In 2021, 9 nieuwe openbare kleuterscholen in Zhongwei-stad, 3.600 graden in de pre-educatieve fase van het onderwijs, verlicht de problemen zoals moeilijkheden en tuinen duur. "Kleine financi?n" om het levensonderhoud van het grote volk vast te houden – Zhongwei City 2021 de uitgaven van mensen is goed voor meer dan 75% van de financi?le uitgaven.

Transformeren van 36 oude gemeenschappen, wordt de residenti?le omgeving van het publiek verder verbeterd; 7812 stedelijke en township zwangere vrouwen, vrijwaartse screening; 11 locaties zoals Zhongning Township Stadium, Haiyuan National Fitness Center voltooid en in gebruik genomen … 2021 De gemeentelijke regering van Zhongwei 10 mensen zoals het oude communautaire renovatieproject en de acties van vrouwen en kinderen. Tijdens het verwerkingsproces, alle niveaus van fiscale prioritaire regelingen, prioritaire schema’s, en zorgen ervoor dat alle fondsen op tijd zijn. Aan het einde van het jaar leefden 10 mensen in echte dingen.

"Het nieuwe jaar is toegenomen in de werkgelegenheid, 170.000 landelijke arbeidsoverdracht en arbeid is 3 miljard yuan.

"De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over het Social Security Bureau van Zhongwei City People zei.

In de afgelopen vijf jaar hebben de levensonderhoud van het financi?le volk van Zhongwei-stad 67,2 miljard yuan opgebouwd, een gemiddelde jaarlijkse groei%. 102 Onderhoudsscholen, 102 renovatie sportboerderijen en identificeerden de nationale toezichtbeoordeling door de basale evenwichtige ontwikkeling van de verplichte opleiding.

Het promoten van de integratietoepassing "Internet + Education", wordt het ministerie van Onderwijs beoordeeld als een universeel gebied voor de universele ruimte van het nationale netwerk. Nieuw veranderd, 11 provinciale ziekenhuizen, 5 township ziekenhuizen, 62 dorpen, voltooide de uitbreiding van het stadsziekenhuis, de bouw van het Chinese geneeskundeziekenhuis, nieuwe constructie van het Maternal en Child Health Center.

162 Oude gemeenschappen onthulden de nieuwe kleur en de Renovatie Shantytown maakt 10.000 inwoners mogelijk om te bewegen. Tegelijkertijd breidt het de dekking van de sociale zekerheid voortdurend uit, met investeren van miljarden dollars, lost de erfenis van de pensioenverzekering op van de landingsoverschriften en speciale post-leraren.

(Reporter House Name) (Editor: 梦 婕 ,, 容) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Announcement on further implementation of payment policies

Dear Customer: In order to implement the four ministries "Notice on Reduce Small Micro Enterprises and Individual Industrial and Commercial Households" (Yinfa [2021] No. 169) work deployment, CITIC Bank actively responded to the relevant initiatives of the supervision department and strive to undertake the society.Responsibility, from September 30, 2021, reducing the payment fee for public customers.Among them, some bill business charges will be canceled longually; reduce bank account service charges, reduce the benefits of renminbi transfer remittance fees, etc. 3 years.

The specific payment is as follows: 1. Cancellation of some of the bill business charges, including checking costs, hanging fees, and handling fees for this ticket and bank draft, cost, hanging permission, and preferential period for a long time.Second, reduce bank account service charges, on the basis of all public customers exempted the unit settlement account management fees and annual fee, this time, this time, the preferential period is 3 years.

details as follows:.

A Chinese movie, Tanzania has allowed people to forget to eat

July 27 electrical July 24, the people here one after another came home from the workplace, men get together to play a few rounds called "BAO" board game, a group of teenagers came here the most famous sand flying soccer pitch, little ones Shuaqi lot of Chinese people’s childhood memories – roll hoops.

Mba Gera air as usual happy and relaxed. At this time, a big guy with a variety of team attracted everyone’s attention, they move lower bracket, sound, screen and projector from the car, neat and quick, an open-air cinema will build up.

In football this is a big screen set up global WAN Media Group, a joint local media, the first attempt to form an open-air screening of the film in Tanzania, but also a "film projects in Africa Manba" (CineTravel) in. Earlier, the World Wide have been many film screenings in Tanzania, and in the country’s largest exposition on the show, "Saba Saba" is caused great repercussions. Mba Gera Kanai Er Sama village is one of the audience, he hopes Chinese friends to give him back the villagers put a movie.

For seventy and after many older Chinese people, open-air movies are memories of childhood.

Every night film screenings, young and old enjoy the fun parts of the whole piece out, gathered before a large screen, excitedly waiting for the film to start, even if the film has seen dozens of times.

In that culture’s poor, watching movies has become a collective memory for some special and valuable experience, and the film’s songs, and plot lines, it has become the golden years of the most classic footnote. Unfortunately, in Chinese movie theaters everywhere today, it is most Tanzanians do not watch a movie experience in the screen.

Baca force is a local fruit business in a small roadside vendors, one day only earn a few thousand shillings he only heard of the existence of cinema. For him, cinema is occasionally and a few friends crowded into a small shop doorway, staring at the wall-mounted TV is not clear.

However, this did not affect his passion for film. Even the dinner did not even spare some time, he stood early on the most forward position waiting for the film to start. That night, two film screenings took more than three hours, the people are very Duotan Sang stood watching the audience. It Duo Tansang people stood up all night watching the movie Ali is a native of local villagers, he has not arrived on the scene on the first day of film screenings. When I heard from a friend a wonderful open-air cinema at football, he was very sorry.

The next day, he was pleasantly surprised to find movie screen and stand up. See local people to film screenings unbelievable enthusiasm, the team decided to show here show continuous days. The next day, more people get the message from all of Tanzania rushing over. Debugging equipment Gula hometown in southern Tanzania Mbeya to reach the city to work more than three years.

Due to work, he rented a house in Mba Glasgow.

In an interview, he said, never thought to see the big screen movies here, and with such a shocking sound effects.

After watching the movie first day, he took two friends come together to enjoy movies seen in the night. The photo of the little boy took the microphone Jiaozhu horse, and most of the children live, he also sat on the floor watching the highlights on the screen. He told reporters that his favorite movie of Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Chinese martial arts is very fascinating. He told us that this is already the second day here watching movies, also neighbors of the small partners call came.

Live many viewers are holding a bowl while eating, not willing to waste valuable time watching movies.

Before I left, the boy also asked whether we will continue tomorrow. Little boy holding jobs and Juma have the same problem was also invited Kanai Er Sama village we put the movie. He said that he and his villagers revel in the movies, everyone seems happy.

He told us, "I hope you do not bother, we still have more than back.

"Kanai Er Sama village interview in addition to great movie, show team also carefully selected a film about" gold lacquer wood carving, "Chinese folk documentary.

Kanai Er village pleasantly surprised that the people of Tanzania ebony carvings have been proud, I did not expect China’s wood carving techniques also true talent.

Two-day show attracted a total of more than 3,000 local people came to watch.

One detail worth mentioning, before the show, due to the high screen bracket heavy, limited only by screening team is not enough manpower. Seeing this, many local young people and even the police have to take the initiative to help the stent struts up.

Local television program picture can say, "Africa Manba film projects," China really rely on simple and sincere friend of Africa, with "hold up".

Editor: Shao Yuxiang, Lu Po.

American Medical Article: Cooperation in China in accordance with the US diplomatic core interest (2)

However, Biden made his government to continue to pursue policies with extreme competition with China. He accepted many policies in Beijing former President Trump in terms of trade, technology and Taiwan. Each of these methods can continue to bring tactical benefits to the United States, but as Friedman pointed out, they may have tension with the strategy focused on repairing and reconstructing international systems. The latter road is the only way to cope with the increasingly serious common challenges that countries cannot address individuals.

For the last US government, there is no tension between these two practices.

For Trump, an open trade system, the United States’s alliance, even for the so-called human rights, it is to make other countries account for a US cheap scam. He has accepted a completely different way. If the United States sacrifies the core achievements of foreign policy for the temporary tactical advantage of Beijing, it will be a mistake and historical tragedy.

Co-promoted the high quality development of Sichuan meteorological cause, Peng Qinghua met Zhuang Guotai Huang Qiang attended

  On June 1, the provincial government and the China Meteorological Bureau cooperated to jointly establish a joint meeting and jointly promoted the Sichuan Meteorological Sergeant High Quality Development Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony held in Chengdu.

Peng Qinghua, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, met with the director of the China Meteorological Administration, and the two sides surrounded the construction of meteorological infrastructure, comprehensively enhanced meteorological monitoring forecasting ability, and jointly promoted the high quality development of Sichuan meteorological undertakings. Provincial Party Committee, deputy secretary, governor Huang Qiang and Zhuangtai attended the meeting and signed the contract from both parties.

  Huang Qiang represents the provincial party committee and provincial governments to China Meteorological Bureau’s careful guidance and strong support of Sichuan meteorological work.

He said that Sichuan is one of the types of meteorological disasters in my country. One of the provinces that have seriously affected natural disasters. It is currently facing unprecedented development opportunities, which urgently needs a higher level of meteorological work to escort high quality development. The signing of the new round of the provincial cooperation agreement marks the cooperation between the two parties to cooperate with new stairs.

We will conscientiously implement the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary to Weather Work, and continue to increase the support of support and improve meteorological services. I hope that the China Meteorological Bureau further deepened the provincial cooperation, strengthening the project support, and vigorously supports the construction of double-city economic circle in Chengdu, promoting more cooperative project construction and reform pilots in the Sichuan land, implementing the business capability of Southwest China, Sichuan Meteorology Disaster prevention and mitigation comprehensive capacity improvement project, incorporates the construction of meteorological security capacity in Double City Economy in Chengyu in the national "14th Five-Year" meteorological plan, promoting the comprehensive strength of Sichuan meteorological strength to reach the national leading level.

  Zhuang Guotai expressed his gratitude to the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government’s high attention and concern for meteorological work.

He said that the China Meteorological Bureau will deliver deeply in-depth implementation of General Secretary General Secretary to Meteorological Work and further deepen the provincial partnership. Consolidation of poverty campaign and rural resolution and food safety meteorological service capacity, strengthen the construction of labor in the weather, promote the construction of "145" major meteorological projects, guarantee meteorological services, the construction of double city economy in Chengyu, strengthen meteorological technology innovation and talent Cultivate, promoting the improvement of meteorological services and promoting the high quality development of "14th Five-Year Plan" Sichuan Meteorological undertakings. It is recommended to continue to play the role of the provincial partnership platform, implement the cooperative work mechanism, and speed up the implementation of the key projects in the cooperation, strengthen the main responsibility of the Sichuan meteorological department, and better protect the high quality development of Sichuan and the welfare of the people.

  Before the meeting, Huang Qiang, and Zhuang Guotai surveted the development of the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the Provincial Meteorological Service Center, the Provincial Gas Disaster Prevention Technology Center. Huang Qiang emphasized that it is necessary to continuously improve forecasting and accuracy, strengthen information sharing, and explore the establishment of a short-term forecast assistance emergency risk award and punishment. Vice Governor, Sussen, to participate in the survey and hosted the meeting. The relevant person in charge of the China Meteorological Bureau, the Provincial Government Secretary-General, the person in charge of the provincial government, the person in charge of the Provincial Meteorological Administration, and other participation in the survey or conference.

(Reporter Li Wei) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].

The ground is angry and is angry – Chongqing Nanchuan "dam gas station" helps rural resolution

  - Chongqing Nanchuan "Dam Gas Station" helps rural rescue in Hanchangba Village, Muliang Town, Nanchuan District, Chongqing, is the favorite place in the village. I used to listen to the volunteers "Gay Dragon Gate". Now I am willing to open and even grab the people who have to say, more and more, the parents are short of rich, and everyone is talking together, together, together, the days have passed together, more comfortable . Nanchuan District is a national new era civilization practice center construction pilot zone. Exploration of the "dam gas station" in various villages (community), the dam gas station, extending civilized practice activities to the farmhouse dam, activating the publicity of the masses, educating the masses, caring for the masses, serving the masses "nerve endings". What is the "dam gas station"? According to the person in charge of the New Times Civilization Practice Center in Nanchuan District, the "dam gas station" is managed by the village (community) civilization practice station, according to the principle of "close to the actual, close to the masses, close to life", is set in the farmhouse dam, village society Square and community hospital, guided party members and cadres in the nearby householders, advanced typical and rich entertainment can be registered as volunteers, adopting "fixed + mobile" "online +-line" mode of normalization, mutual help, mutual help, etc. volunteer service. Chen Yulan planted alpine vegetables in 10 groups in Yundu Temple Village, Nanchuan, due to the low land position of the flow, was flooded every year.

The New Times Civilization Practice Center provides expert volunteers from the regional agricultural rural community, and to the "dam gas station" to Chen Yulan’s vegetable base consultation, and guide her to develop ecological farms in the development of the earth.

After the transformation, Chen Yulan suddenly became more and more smooth, and the income has increased by three times this year. She took the sweetness to apply for a "dam dam gas station" near the ecological farm, driving the villagers to transform the idle farmers into a home and B & B, and the red fire has made a rural tourism.

  In order to integrate volunteer service resources, Nanchuan on the one hand, through "household proposal, social collection, village implementation, town organization, district overall", according to the people’s urgency to improve the "list of demand", on the one hand, "what is the" people want "and" " What do we have "to form a list of new era civilization practice" project "," dam gas station "is completed, and the comprehensive practice platform of recommendations, disputes, learning knowledge, and promotes development. As of March this year, there were more than 6,000 civilized practice activities, and nearly 400,000 people were benefited from the masses. What can the "dam gas station" bring to the masses? The New Times Civilization Practice Center in Nanchuan District designed the "Dam Dam Propaganda" "Dam Dam" "Dam Dam", "dam mutual help", "dam mutual assistance" and other "fixed columns", " The dam gas station can also organize civilized practice activities according to the actual situation and specific needs of nearby residents. It has been organized to organize civilized practice activities. Ertody.

  "This is my personal application form application form, and the account of the account is a copy of the ID card. There is also the original land use certificate …" "In the" dam gas station "" dam gas station "in the Dazhen Town, the" policy] "On the scene, the villagers Gao Shi strongly submitted the rural house to the old construction and new procedures. After the staff of the Town Village Construction Management Station, after careful verification, the "Rural Construction Planning License" was handled for Gao Shiqiang, and then preached the relevant policies of the renovation of the countryside in the original house. "Don’t have a lot of things to save the doors, and the policy is easy to listen to." Gao Shiqiang said.

  During the study of party history, the Nanchuan District Committee collects a list of demand through the "dam gas station", at least two things to do every month, let the masses feel the warmth of the party.

In order to solve the problem of "hot medium temperature" in the new era civilization, the whole district also launched a "double sun" activity in the theme of "Sun Volunteer Service Project, Sun Civilization Practice".

Typical practice, effective experience, highlighting deeds to release the people of the whole district, nearly 400,000 network clicks, forming a volunteer service to promote school, with "sun", to "dry" to dry " Learn to "new boom.

  The "Qiao Hand Embroidered Pad" in Jinshan Town, Nanchuan District is the local intangible cultural heritage. Jinshan Town invited the inheritance of Wang Xiaolan as a volunteer, and went to the hospitality "dam gas station" to carry out free technical training. The first training course attracted more than 50 women to participate. "This pair of golden footwear is the literary product we have developed. The pattern is inspired by our Nagawa, the souvenir and the apricot leaves.

"Classroom" of "Dam Gas Station" is a bit simple, but Wang Xialan is teaching still handle, and occasionally active atmosphere through the skill competition.

"Before the Bill Dam Gas Station ‘, I also participated in the training of volunteer service, and I fill the electric add oil.

"Wang Xiaolan said with a smile.

  How to ensure the volunteer service is better than once? In 2019, Nanchuan built Chongqing’s first new era civilization practice training base, opened 13 professional courses and theoretical teaching, skills training, outdoor expansion and other classification projects such as grassroots preaching skills, and the fundamental training of volunteers to fundamentally Implement the transformation of the volunteer service team by "amateur" to "professional". In the past two years, there have been more than 10,000 people who have been trained in the district. The volunteer’s registration rate has increased by 11%, and the active rate increased by 8%. Nanchuan also took the lead in launching "Volunteer Education" and the new era civilization, and the "Volunteer ID Card" and Hui Chapter were issued for the District Star Volunteers. Volunteers are In the area, public transportation, loan credit, etc. can enjoy courtesy and concessions, "Let’s have a German", Incentant to "Dam Gas Station" to provide face-to-face, heart, zero distance volunteer service.

Up to now, Nanchuan has established more than 2,600 "dam gas stations", surrounding the ideal beliefs, technical skills, etc., for the masses "refueling charging" near 10,000 times. Through the "dam mutual evaluation", there are more than 10,000 civilized households and other demonstration households.

The grassroots masses have promoted rural grassroots social governance from "When the audience" to the "singing protagonist".

  Relevant recommendations of "Guangming Daily" (November 14, 2021).

Sound ideal beliefs

  General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the ceremony in the "July Medal", in the cadres in our province.

Everyone is unanimous to say that the general secretary of Xi Jinping is a model, which is a sharp power to force the power to move forward, and add a full enthusiasm to the party’s 100-year-old birthday. Dedified ideal beliefs, do 29 shiny names for the party’s career, 29 outstanding representatives. In their body, vividly reflect the "Communistism of the Communist Party", practice the purpose, hard work, and honesty, the noble quality, and the lofty spirit, and more excuse all people to learn.

  "The ‘July One Medal’ winners are ordinary hero dedicated to their own positions. They firmly believe in our own learning.

We have to put its spirit into practice. Progress, in order to overcome difficulties, not afraid of any risk challenge.

Zhang News, Minister of Propaganda Department of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, was deeply encouraged.

  On the morning of June 29th, the retired old party members and resident representatives of the Jindaire Community, the street street streets in Yangquan City, and won the broadcast of the Ceremony of the Civilization Practice Station in the Communist Party Civilization Practice Station.

From the concierge bus to the Great Hall of the People, the atmosphere was warm and the applause continued. The old party member Liu Zhu said with excitement: "As an old party member, I have to continue to play the waste heat, contribute to the community, contribute my own strength to the society, tell yourself, the great changes you have witnessed and progress to more people Let ‘red memory’ incentive.

"Today, we have the highest honors in the party to praise the party members, we must carry forward their beliefs, practice the purpose, hard work, and honesty, the noble quality and lofty spirit." "The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Yuting Town, Yizhen County said," The ‘July 1 Medal’ winner’s firm beliefs and struggle, so that I feel very deep.

The mountain resources in the Tili Town are rich. We must use the development of tourism economy, trade economy, green economy, explore multi-development paths, to benefit the people. feelings.

"Adhere to the people’s position, always keep the flesh and blood of the people, the Chinese Communist Party has never changed, from the people to draw the strong power of hardships, and lead the people of the country to achieve the world-famous achievements.

  "The tide is full of inspiring, and the power is doubled.

"After listening to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Wu Jun, Chairman of the Women’s Federation of Dingxiang County, used three words to express their feelings. She said, as a grassroots women worker, she is going to mark the table, see the sizzling, Draw a model power.

In the future, we must consume welfare for women as the starting point and the foothold of the work, to fulfill the unity and guide the women to listen to the party Chinese, feel the responsibility of the party, and to drive the majority of women and the masses to actively participate in the Women’s Federation. , Do a good job in the woman’s "mother family", let the women have more feelings, happiness, safe feelings. "As a member of our party! As a communist party member, I have to make greater contributions in my own position, listen to party Chinese, feel the party, and I will follow the party." After watching the ceremony, Luliang Wang Heng, director of the Information Center of the Municipal Party Committee, "As the political and legal cadres in the new era, we must keep the loyalty and love of the party and the people in mind, implement the social overall situation, and promote social fairness, Safeguarding the people in peacetime. We must use the merit model as an example. Take the purpose of the actual actions to serve the people. The Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Taxation Bureau of the Taxation Bureau said that the Secretary of the Taxation of the Jincheng Taxation will profoundly lead the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, with the "July Medal" winner as an example, all work around the taxpayer ", I hope, think ", continue to carry out the practice activities such as enterprises, help their business, and joint construction, continue to promote taxpayers’ satisfaction, and contribute their own strength to our province.

Keep in mind the mission of the initial mission, China’s dream of the Chinese nation, we are the witnesses of brilliant history, standing on the intersection of the "two hundred years" struggle, Sanjin children will keep in mind the initial mission, to the Chinese nation The revival of China Mengfeng forward.

  Killing the Tikou Scenic Area issued the twenty-five bay village cadres and party branch secretary Wang Caixia said: "Implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary, General Secretary, is to further motivate the majority of party members and cadres to keep in mind the party’s purpose, keep in mind the initial mission, unremitting struggle Struggle forever, do a career on the stage of revitalizing the country. We will carefully study the deeds of the ‘July 7 Medal’, and cast the rural resolution to the great journey of the development of the party and national business, in the village. A greater contribution in the great practice of realizing the great practice of Chinese dreams.

"" In them, vividly reflects the noble quality and lofty spirit of the Chinese Communists firmly believe in firm beliefs, practice purposes, hard work, and honesty. " Li Zhonghua, secretary of the Secretary of Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee, said that the "July 1 Medal" is awarded, so that he has a clearer direction.

As a new era, I want to listen to the party Chinese, I feel the party, keep in mind the initial mission, carry forward the fine tradition, the red blood, learn the hero model, put the party absolute loyalty to the soul, Remember no regrets and contribute to the Chinese dream contributing to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. "29" July 1 Medal ‘winners are from the people, the root people are based on their own, and their deeds can learn, their spirit can be chased. "Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone Guo Junjie, director of the Party Crafts, said that a generation of people had a generation of people. A generation of people have a generation of people. As a grassroots party member, they will sway their sweat in the job position, and the initial heart of the Communist Party will be solid. Work, when the good party’s microphone, the waiter of the masses.

Under the leading leadership of the party flag, from the party’s glorious history, the strength of the party will continue to improve the service level, optimize the business environment, and help the development of high quality transformation.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping, an important speech, an important speech, an anabilization of Methanol, and said that he was excited: "We have to remember the arrogance of General Secretary of Niping, firmly and firmly struggle, and firmly , Strictly implement the maintenance work system, formulate a scientific and detailed work plan, further strengthen the safety awareness, improve the technical level, ensure the safety of the task, on time, high quality, ensure safe and stable operation of each set of equipment, to promote the province Quality development contributes its own strength. "Our reporter Su Xiaochen section Weihua Ren Yongliang Zhao Zhicheng Li Jiaming Wang Shaoke Zhang Qian Zheng Du Chunchun Zhou Mingfei Gaohua Zheng Na (Editor: Wen Wen, Liu Yang).

Shenyang: Agriculture is stable, the overall situation, farmers, and social security

"Ganzi Prefecture will firmly implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, fully implement the party’s governance, the provincial government, and conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government about counterpart support work, and ChengduUnder the strong support of Chengdu, continue to promote the construction of the poverty and expand the poverty, fully implement the revitalization of rural villages, and join hands to move towards common prosperity; deepen the exchange of people in people’s livelihood, constantly create new well-being of all ethnic groups, let the people in the world more deeperCommunication exchange, cultivate the awareness of the Chinese nation; promote ecology and other advantageous resources to integrate complementarity, adhere to innovative drivers, protect the ecological environment, and continue to improve the development level of Ganzi, to maintain the unity of the motherland, strengthen national unity, new and greater contributions. ".

The list of the new party committees of the new party committee in Qixian County, Sichuan Province, released the latest personnel in Nanchong, Yibin, Guang’an and other places

People’s Network Chengdu September 29 (Yuan Yizhen) Recently, Sichuan has released personnel dynamics, as follows: Zhangzhou Luzhou Qixian County, the list of the new party committee leadership team released as of September 28, Zhangzhou Qixian County Party Committee It has been fully completed, and the leadership team of the new district and county party committees will be selected.

On September 25, Jiangyang District, the first plenary meeting of the 10th Committee of Jiangyang District, China, China, was held, and the conference election has produced members of the Tenth Committee of Jiangyang District, Jiangyang District, China. The list is as follows: Jiangyang District Party Committee: Yang Changwei, Jiangyang District Committee Deputy Secretary: Tang Dongliang, Liu Zejun Jiangyang District Committee Standing Committee, Jiangyang District Committee: Yang Changwei, Tang Dongliang, Liu Zejun, Tang Yan, Liu, Luo Tang, Wang Gang, Zhang Zhi, Ye Jidong, Road Dunqin, Yang Yulong Mattan District September 28, the sixth committee of Longmatan District, the Communist Party of China held the first plenary meeting, and the meeting has produced a member of the Sixth Committee of the Longmatan District, Luzhou City, China. And secretary, deputy secretary.

The list is as follows: Dragon Mantan District Party Secretary: Deputy Secretary of Longmatan District Committee: Xu Bing, He Gang Long Mattan District Committee Standing Committee Committee: Qi Lizheng, Xu Bing, He Gang, Li Ping, Chen News, Yuan Rui, Chen Jia, Zhang Daoping, Meng Chen Shuai, Liu Bo, Li Zhengliang District September 26th, the 14th Committee of the Naxi District, the Communist Party of China held the first plenary meeting, and the selection of Conference has produced Naxi District, Cangzhou City, China. Members and Secrets, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the 14th Committee.

The list is as follows: Naxi District Committee Secretary: Tan Rongbing Niki District Committee Deputy Secretary: Yuan Weirong, Zou Bing Niki District Committee Standing Committee Member: Tan Rong Shu, Yuan Weirong, Zou Bing, Li Shengchun, Zhang Yi, Li Wei, Zhu Yimei, Ai Zongran , Tang Haoran, Xiao Ke, Wang Yunxian, on September 26, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the meeting has produced members and secretary of the Standing Committee of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China. vice secretary. The list is as follows: Secretary of the county party committee of Jixian County, deputy secretary of the county party committee: Cao Yang, Lu Xianji County, the Standing Committee of the county party committee: Xiao Gang, Cao Yang, Lu Xian, Zhang Lei, Huang Anhua, Xiao Chun, Shi Lei, Ye Shi Liang, Feng Huaoyu, Zhu Daqing Liu Lijun Hejiang County September 26, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of China Communist Party Hejiang County, and the meeting has produced members of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China Hejiang County Standing Committee members and deputy secretary.

The list is as follows: Hejiang County Party Committee Secretary: Li Renjun Hejiang County Party Committee Deputy Secretary: Wang Bo, Li Qinghejiang County Party Committee Commission: Li Renjun, Wang Bo, Li Qing, Chen Quan, Zheng Chaojiang, Xia Zeong, Liu Bin, Ren Jianyu, Zhang Lei, Wang Hui, He Yongxian County On September 28th, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China, the first meeting of the Conference, has produced members of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China. The list is as follows: Syro County Party Secretary: Liao Jun, Yong County Committee, Deputy Secretary: Wang Yongqiang, Jiang Yongqiang, member of the Star Council of Yong County Committee: Liao Jun, Wang Yimi, Jiang Yongqiang, Fang Shengming, Feng Jian, Zhang Jing, Shen Gang, Zhu Hai Bin, Anjian Jian, On September 28, Zhang Lili, Zhang Lith, held the first plenary meeting of the 13th Committee of the Communist Party of China. The list is as follows: Guzhang County Party Committee Secretary: Ren Xiaoyu Guzhen County Committee Deputy Secretary: Zhao Yuanhua, Chen Shiwei Gumei County Committee Standing Committee Member: Ren Xiaobo, Zhao Yuanhua, Chen Shiwei, Lu Gang, Lu Zhuo, Wang Ming, Ge Pengcheng, Lang Jie, Liang Chao, Nanchong Nanchong Municipal Committee agreed: September 27th, the Jialing District People’s Procuratorate held the National Police General Assembly to announce the main leadership adjustment of the People’s Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchong City. The Municipal Party Committee agreed: Nominant Zou Gang Comrade Linked to the procurator of the People’s Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchong City, eliminating the procuratorial president of the People’s Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchain City, Nanchong City. The Nanchong Municipal Party Committee agreed: September 27th, Xiqi County People’s Procuratorate held a new leadership meeting, announced on the main leadership adjustment of the People’s Procuratorate in Nanchong City.

The Municipal Party Committee agreed: Nominant Chen Yixiao is a procurator-General of the People’s Procuratorate of Xiqiao County, Nanchong City, eliminating Tang Hengbo, Nanchain, the procurator-head of the People’s Procuratorate of Xi’an County. The Nanchong Municipal Party Committee agreed: On the morning of September 27, Peng’an County held a meeting of the leading cadres and announced that the main leadership adjustment decision on the People’s Procuratorate of Nanchong City. The Municipal Party Committee agreed: Nominant Wang Waijun is the procurator-General of the People’s Procuratorate of the Peng’an County, Nanchong City, and handled in accordance with relevant laws.

At the 183th meeting of the 13th National County Committee of Peng’an County, September 27th, the county party committee agreed: Comrade Wang Wenyi was a party secretary of the People’s Procuratorate of Peng’an County, Nanchong City, China.

Guang’an Wen Par is elemits Guang’an Guang’an District Party Committee Secretary, Liu Yongming, Zhang Jianchao Zhou Zhi District Deputy Secretary, September 28, the first plenary meeting of the 6th Committee of Guang’an District, China, China Team.

Wen Pavilion was elected as secretary of Guang’an District Committee, Liu Yongming, and Zhang Jianchao were elected as deputy secretary of the district committee. Xu Zhong, Li Changbing, Shi Yuanbin, Tian Guochun, Yang Wei, Zhu Bin, Hu Peng, Guo Zhen was elected as the Standing Committee of the District Committee. Mi Liang was elected as Secretary of Yuechi County Party Committee, Chen Songbai, and Liu Dongxi’s deputy secretary of the county party committee on September 28. The first plenary meeting of the 13th Committee of Yuechi County, China, China, was held.

Mi Liang was elected as the county party secretary, Chen Songbai, and Liu Dongzhen were elected as deputy secretary of the county party committee, Yuan Xingjun, Liu Guohui, Zheng Wei, Sun Qi Feng, Liu Yonghong, Wang Haibo, Long Tao, Tan Jinhua was elected as the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee.

Mianyang Du Zhengmao was elected as the Chairman of the Seventh Committee of Wucheng District, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, September 28, the seventh committee of the Yucheng District, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, at the Election Conference held in the closing conference, and produced a new leader in the CPPCC. The team, Du Zhengmao was elected as Chairman of the Seventh Committee of the Yucheng District, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, Mianyang City; Qin Pure, Xiao Xingliang, Yu Xiaoyan, Liu Zhengxi is elected as Vice-Chair; Jiang Chunquan is elected as the Secretary General; the meeting elected Liang Jun, Wei Ziqin and other 43 comrades as the Political Science and Technology Mianyang City Standing Member of the Seventh Committee of the Yucheng District. Jingyou was elected as Chairman of the 11th Committee of the CPPCC, on September 28th, the first meeting of the 11th Committee of Mianyang City, China’s Political Consultative Conference, held a third plenary meeting.

The selection of conference produced the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-General and Standing Committee of the Eliographic Committee of Mianyang City, Mianyang People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Jingyou is elected as the chairman of the 11th Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Liu Ji’an, Yang Shiru, Zhou Houchun, Gan Xiaomei as a vice chairman of the 11th Committee of Mianyang City, Mianyang City; Luo Xiangjun was elected as China The People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Secretary-General of the 11th Committee of Mianyang City.

(Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Xue Yutian) Sharing let more people see.

Qingping: A good time to papers in the magnificent historical tide

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China nineteenth Sixth Plenary Session held in Beijing, passed the "CPC Central Committee on the Party’s struggle for centuries significant achievements and historical experience of the resolution."

Steady stream of history, often new era papers.

In the new exam on the road, we always hold the development of the "baton", take a good foot of the "Long March", the combination of high-spirited majestic power in magnificent historical tide, and perseverance to achieve our goals. The party loyalty as the cornerstone of faith. Party loyalty, not abstract but concrete, not conditional, but unconditional.

A hundred years, many Communists hold high the flag of the ideal, raised the sails of faith, courageously forward, overcoming difficulties winning, to achieve national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people’s happiness and make unremitting efforts.

According to records, from 1921 to 1949, died in the revolution led by the Communist Party of China martyrs, known to be investigated amounted to 370 million people.

It is these loyal to the party, loyal to the country, loyal to the people of martyrs to "I would like to fight blood Wei Hua," the faith and action, as China’s achievements today laid a solid foundation. On a new journey, we should thoroughly study the party’s history, the belief spread fire, Geng continued red gene, made the party in the party, the party for the party, the party love the party, always uphold the "loyalty of the heart", the "party loyalty" in the forefront. Always enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance" and continuing to build a strong base of faith, the spirit of the calcium supplement, rudder dependable thoughts. The "people’s happiness" as a struggle coordinates. Looking back on the party’s struggle, the Communist Party of China after a century of trials and hardships still be able to survive, is backing behind the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the Communist Party seized political power, we keep country, people are happy to keep the heart of the people.

Way for the government to shun the people-oriented, people’s livelihood thick oriented, security-oriented without interference.

The people are the main body of the practice, are the creators of history, to benefit the people is our bounden duty, the people ride out the storm is our sacred duty.

On a new journey, we Party members and cadres should consciously practice early heart the mission to strengthen the sense of purpose, conservation feelings for the people.

We must firmly adhere to the people-centered development thinking, always harbor so happy the people living in this "country big person" to the people heart to heart, with the people sitting in the same bench, the satisfaction of the people as a test of effectiveness of the work of an important criterion . To adhere to the "dry" for the first word, a warm dry, dry good results; the "real" word underpinning, things practical, realistic and effective, the piece into the hearts of the masses of things to do inside, and enhance people’s well-being and get a sense of. The "clean and honest" as the first ethics. Incorruptible government to win the trust, with the right to justice and to win hearts and minds.

From the history of the party look, honest and upright, is integrated into the same character among the Chinese communists blood, but also Chinese communists from generation to generation red gene.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that a person can self-discipline, the greatest temptation is his hardest to defeat the enemy is ourselves.

Communists should strengthen self-cultivation, self-discipline, self-fashioning, to set an example in self-discipline.

On a new journey, the majority of party members and cadres to strict self-discipline, and often repair of government of Germany often think victims of greed, Chang Huai self-discipline of the heart, to be honest and upright into daily habits.

To strictly abide by the provisions of honesty in politics, so that self-police introspection, Cautiousness adopt an extremely careful, swayed by personal considerations, not self-serving, ever loyal to temper the political character to play a clean, take the lead and create a Delicate gas is the political environment. Before and after the journey after another, the same strain struggle. Our Party members and cadres to strengthen their faith in a look back in history, to draw strength from the great achievements, we should write a more glorious era respondents in a new era exam on the road.

[Responsible Editor: Wang Junxiu].