Guangshen Railway (601333) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Performance Pressure or Release Fully Expect Q4 Cost Speed Down

Guangshen Railway (601333) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Performance Pressure or Release Fully Expect Q4 Cost Speed Down

Due to the cost side dragging down Q3’s 杭州夜生活网 performance more than expected, it is expected that Q4’s cost reduction will push the gradual performance upward.

At present, the market value is more fully responsive to the company’s performance pressure, and the current PB is less than 0.

8 times, it is estimated that the safety margin is high.

The securitization of railway assets has accelerated, and the net interest rate of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen section of the high-speed railway commissioned by the company may rise to about 23% in 2020. The injection of high-quality assets will help improve the profitability of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway.

The decline in the third quarter results exceeded expectations and is expected to increase by operating costs13.

4% dragged down, expecting Q4 cost reduction to advance performance.

On January 9, 2019, the company’s operating income increased by 7.

1% to 156.

100 million, attributable to mother / deducted non-net profit 8.

75 billion, 8.

7.7 billion, down 9 every year.

2%, 11.


The gross profit margin has decreased by 1 year by year.

1pcs to 9.

4%, the average ROE is expected to drop to 0.

33 points to 3.


The third quarter operating costs increased by 13.

4% excellence surpassed market expectations, an increase of 7% over the first half of the year.

6pcts, which is 6pcts higher than the previous period.

The cost side may drag down Q3 performance significantly.

6%, 1.

The scale of 1.3 billion net profit hit a record low in the past (the average net profit in the third quarter of 2008-18 was 4).

100 million), expecting Q4 cost reduction to drive performance growth.

The growth rate of Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity passenger traffic increased by nearly 4pcts in 1-3Q, and the drop in long-distance buses and through-traffic trains expanded. It is expected that through-train traffic in 2019 may affect performance1.


On January 9, 2019, the overall passenger traffic growth of the company decreased by 2.

4% to 67.49 million, of which long-distance buses, Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity and through trains increased by -3.

7%, 3.

2% and -44.


Affected by the macroeconomic slowdown and the Hong Kong incident, Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity passenger traffic has narrowed by nearly 4pcts from the first half of the year, and the decline in passenger traffic through Hong Kong has increased by 5%.


Taking into account the 2018 through-port through train to achieve operating income5.

0 ppm, and the Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed railway opened to traffic in September 2018. It is expected that the number of passengers passing through Hong Kong through trains in 2019 may decrease by about 33%, which is expected to affect the net profit of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway by about 1.

About 200 million.

The significant increase in cost in Q3 dragged the cumulative growth rate back, and the intercity distribution between Shenzhen and Dongguan is expected to be limited.Operating costs increased by 8 on January 9, 2019.

4% to 141.

400 million, surpassing revenue growth rate1.


Among them, the growth rate of Q3 operating costs increased sharply to 13.

4%, expected wages and benefits and equipment rental costs increased faster than expected due to Q4 cost-side decline.

Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity starts from Guangzhou Xintang Station, passes through Zhongtang, Houjie and other towns, and ends at Shenzhen Airport Station, with a total of 15 stations.

Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Shenzhen Intercity mainly attracts passenger traffic from cities and towns along the route and Shenzhen Airport. Considering the stopping areas and destination differences, the impact of diversion is expected to be limited. The improvement of the railway network promotes the promotion of intercity passenger traffic.

In 2020, the net interest rate of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway may reach 23%. It is expected that the injection of asset certificates is expected to land.

Shipai junkyard received land compensation for storage and storage13.

It is expected to contribute about 800 million net profits at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

As China Railway has a total of only three listing platforms, it is beneficial to the pace of state-owned enterprise reform.

Benefiting from the opening of the Hong Kong section of the high-speed railway, the net profit of the high-speed railway commissioned by the Guangzhou-Shenzhen section in the first 3 quarters of 20194.

300 million, expected to achieve 7 in ten years.

700 million.

The Hong Kong incident affects short-term disruption of some inbound and outbound demand. It is expected that the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway will achieve net profit in 2020. 8

200 million (about 23% net interest rate), high-quality asset injection will help improve the profitability of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway.

Risk factors: Railway reforms are less than expected, land development progress is less than expected, and asset securitization is less than expected.

Earnings forecasts, estimates and investment ratings.

Q3 performance gradually exceeded expectations, expected to increase operating costs13.

4% drag, expecting Q4 cost reduction to drive long-term performance 北京桑拿洗浴保健 upward.

The securitization of railway assets has accelerated, and the high-speed railway operated by the Guangzhou-Shenzhen section of trusteeship may rise to about 23% in 2020. The injection of high-quality assets will help improve the profitability of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway.

We maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021.


17 and 0.

19 yuan.

It is expected that the cost side will reduce speed to improve performance, and the injection of high-quality assets will promote the improvement of road profitability.

The current PB is less than 0.

8 times, it is estimated that the safety margin is high.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Guangzhou Restaurant (603043): Proposed cash acquisition of Guangzhou’s time-honored brand Tao Taoju The reform of state-owned enterprises is gradually realized

Guangzhou Restaurant (603043): Proposed cash acquisition of Guangzhou’s time-honored brand Tao Taoju The reform of state-owned enterprises is gradually realized

The main points of the report describe the company’s announcement that it intends to acquire 100% equity of Tao Taoju in cash.

Tao Taoju is one of the oldest names in Guangzhou’s catering industry. It specializes in refreshments, moon cakes, and locations, and its revenue from January to September 2018 was 6,463.

130,000, net profit 830.

79 thousand.

Comment on the event Tao Taoju is also a long-established brand in Guangzhou, and has deeply cultivated the Guangzhou market.

The Taotaoju brand was founded in 1880, and Guangzhou Taotaoju Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is mainly engaged in food management, baking workshops and catering chains.

Product features include specialty hand-letters, snack foods, reorganized foods, etc. The physical store has teahouse chain stores, baking chain stores, roast meat chain stores, etc. The sales network covers offline supermarkets and online platforms.

On January 9, 2018, it achieved revenue of 6463.

130,000, net profit 830.

790,000, income accounted for 3 of the restaurant in Guangzhou during the same period.

21%, net profit ratio is 2.


The acquisition is part of the company’s state-owned enterprise reform plan.

Tao Taoju is held indirectly by the People’s Government of Guangzhou City through the Guangzhou Industrial Development Group. The company is a holding company of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municipality (shareholding 67).


The stock budget incentive plan launched by the official company will definitely expand the binding force. This equity acquisition meets the requirements for deepening the deployment of state-owned and state-owned 都市夜网 enterprises. The future integration and utilization of related resources within Guangzhou’s state-owned assets and the further activation of management mechanisms are worth looking forward to.

Although the profit increase is small, the synergy between the two is of great significance.

Although the acquisition of Tao Taoju has not significantly increased the overall performance of the company, Tao Taoju itself has a mature brand, a certain food production capacity (factory is located in Guangzhou) plus a considerable scale of catering (13 branches at the end of 18) and food salesOutlets, after the completion of the acquisition, will help the company continue to focus on the main business of “food + catering”, merge the two main business sectors of food and catering with multiple brands, differentiated development, and further improve the industrial layout.

Earnings forecast and investment advice: Capacity expansion and market expansion are two-pronged, and performance growth is based.

Without considering M & A factors, it is expected that the net profit attributable to the mother in 19-21 will be 4 respectively.



670,000 yuan, the EPS is 1.



65 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 29/23/19 times, given an “overweight” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

The construction of the new base and the release of production capacity were less than expected; 2.

Competition in the frozen food market has intensified.

5 soy dishes to help women lose weight and breasts


5 soy dishes to help women lose weight and breasts

Soybean woman’s best food A woman who loves beauty must not miss soybeans. Soybeans are just delicious and have high nutritional value. They have three major effects of calcium supplement, weight loss and beauty.

Soy beans are rich in protein. 500 grams of soybeans contain protein equivalent to 1500 grams of eggs, 6000 grams of milk, and 1000 grams of lean pork.

Soy beans also contain “phytoestrogens”-“isoflavones” substances, which can effectively increase the level of estrogen in the body, thereby maintaining the youthful beauty of the breast and delaying female aging.

  In addition to breast enhancement, soybeans can also lose weight.

You may not have heard the term “cholesterin.”

But it is a magic weapon to lose weight.

This substance is related to digestion, it can control appetite and keep food in your stomach more slender.

So how to increase the content of cholecystokinin in the body?

Studies have found that after eating soy, the content of cholecystokinin in the body doubles.

Soy also helps keep your blood sugar levels constant, so you won’t feel tired easily.

  Here are some recommended breast-promoted dishes made from soy beans, to teach you how to use food to make yourself more beautiful: 100 one, soy-pea peanut breast crisp material: 100 grams of peanuts, 100 grams of red dates and 100 grams of soybeans.

  Practice: 1.

After the peanuts and soybeans are dried, they are ground into powder, and the red dates are chopped, stirred well, and the water is transformed into shape 2.

After kneading it into small balls, it is pressed into a small round cake shape (the size can be determined by yourself).


Preheat the oven for 10 minutes and bake at 150 ° C for 15 minutes.

  Efficacy: breast enhancement.

  Second, boiled soybeans material: about half a catty of soybeans, spring onions, ginger, soy sauce, red wine, sugar.

  Method: First wash the soybeans, soak in water for 12 hours. After soaking, put them in the pan, cook, remove, heat the wok, pour an appropriate amount of oil, pour onion, ginger, soybeans, stir fry for a while, pourWhite sugar, wine, soy sauce, boil, reduce to low heat and simmer for a while, then light the fire to collect the juice, serve, and cool.

  Efficacy: breast enhancement, beauty.

  Third, soy pork ribs: 500 grams of pork ribs, a handful of soybeans, 10 jujubes, 20 grams of grass, ginger slices, salt and other appropriate amounts.

  Method: First, clean the pork ribs, chop into pieces, soy beans, jujube, ginger, washed with grass, wrapped in gauze, and put in a medicine bag.

Then add water to the pot, boil over medium heat, add pork ribs, soybeans, jujube, ginger, and sachets, cook over low heat for 2 hours, remove the sachets and season with salt.

  Soy-boiled pork ribs increase the skin’s elasticity: This dish is good for qi, nourishing blood, and clearing the collaterals. It is suitable for women with weak blood and dry breasts, and can increase the elasticity of women’s skin.

  Fourth, soy pork trotters breast soup soup ingredients: 3 trotters, 100 grams of soybeans, 25 grams of ginger slices, allspice powder, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil.

  Method: 1. Soak the soybeans with warm water.

  2. After the trotters are removed, split into two halves, wash the chop pieces, and permeate with boiling water.

  3. Put the right amount of water in the casserole, add the shallots, ginger, soy sauce, salt, and sesame oil. After the water is boiled, add the soybeans and pork trotters. After the high heat is boiled, simmer the hoof meat and soybeans on a low heat., Sprinkle allspice powder and mix well.

  Efficacy: Soy beans and trotters can add a lot of protein for women, especially collagen, which is conducive to breast shape development.

  5. Soybean and green bean stew chicken wings Ingredients: Soybean, green beans, chicken wings Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, broth Soybean and green bean stew chicken wings: First, put soy beans, green beans, chicken wings and other ingredients into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of broth, useCook on fire, and finally season with salt, MSG, and cooking wine.

  Tips: Be careful not to remove the skin when soy beans and green beans are soaked in water.

Chicken wings should choose fins to neutralize wing tips, rather than wing roots with reduced collagen content.

  Efficacy: Soy beans, green beans and black beans are all famous breast enhancement foods. In addition to protein and lecithin supplements, they also contain “phytoestrogens”.

Become the best girlfriend’s code of conduct

Become the best girlfriend’s code of conduct

Don’t expand your rights without restriction because a man loves you. Don’t interfere with his ideals, beliefs, and pursuits. He must have some characteristics that you don’t understand.

  Don’t be late often, don’t think that men love you, you should have infinite patience.

There is a limit to the patience of all people. When patience is consumed, love is consumed.

  Don’t believe in the phrase “You love me, you should know what I think”. This is a complete nonsense, no one can fully understand what the other party is thinking.

It is foolish for a man to not love you because he does not know your thoughts in time.

  Don’t often ask men to accompany you for shopping. Most men don’t really like shopping, and the final outcome of forcing will be resistance.

  What men do for you when they are in love, don’t expect him to continue in the future, smart girls usually know how to get 50% off.

  Don’t try to completely change a man. Don’t have the idea that “he will become your ideal type under your training.” It is wiser to adapt to him than to change him.

  Don’t be overconfident in your own charm. Few men will last forever, and there are few men who can come and go, unless this man loves you with no motivation.

  Don’t use this line of thought to guide your love-look for evidence in a man’s words and deeds that he doesn’t love you.

A man cannot put a complexion on a woman at all times, nor can he notice every hint and displeasure of a woman.

When you look for dust with a magnifying glass, you will always find it.

  When a man is thinking, try not to disturb him. Sometimes he also needs the joy of being alone, which does not prove that he doesn’t care about you.

  No matter how close a man is to you, don’t hurt his self-esteem. Whether in front of others or alone, hurt is hurt, whether he loves you or not.

  Don’t always compare your man with other men, don’t say that he is not as romantic as other people, and not as considerate as others.

Everyone is special and the way of love is different. It is often said that anticipating love becomes a psychological burden.

  Always keep a little mysterious in front of the man, don’t reveal everything to him, he will be anorectic without being grateful if he is too full.

  Don’t expect to get men by sex, this is the least reliable way to capture men, because true love has nothing to do with the flesh.

  Love is a magnetic field, not a rope. It’s better to attract him by catching him.

A rope provokes men’s desire to break free, while a magnetic field can give men the illusion of freedom and an eternal temptation.

What to do if there is wet poison in my body?

Recommended 10 spring damp damp soup

What to do if there is wet poison in my body?
Recommended 10 spring damp damp soup

Click to buy in the spring when the humidity is heavy and you need to get rid of it, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the series of wet and rainy weather in spring, the external humidity will lead to poor blood flow in the meridians.Weakness, water does not get wet, wet evil is trapped.

The humidity is heavy, and there is humidity in the body, which can cause multiple problems, such as certain rheumatism, obesity, loss of appetite, and weakness.

Here are 10 spring damp damp soups to help you get rid of the wet poison in your body.

  Qushi Soup 1, Chenpi Barley Duck Soup-Moisturizing and Antidiarrheal[Raw Materials]Water duck meat 250g, Chenpi 6g, stir-fried barley 30g, lotus seed meat 30g, Huaishan 12g, ginger 10g[Step]Duck meat cutSoak the cubes, barley kernels, and lotus seeds in cold water for 2 hours. Put all the ingredients into the pot. After the boil is boiled, cook in a simmer for 2 hours. Add the ingredients out of the pot.

  [Efficacy]Coix seed and dampness, adding duck can nourish the spleen and stomach, relieve dampness and relieve diarrhea.

This soup is especially suitable for those with heavy moisture and thin stools.

  Qushi soup 2, Zhishi barley red bean soup-from the “Compendium of Materia Medica”[raw materials]indica rice kernel, red bean, half a bowl of rice, light bamboo leaves, purslane, sophora rice, green tea, the amount of the above materials into the dry goods[step]Indica rice kernel, red bean, soaked in water for one to two hours, if heated water can be shortened by half; purslane soaked for half an hour; wrap light bamboo leaves, purslane, locust rice, green tea with gauze; wrap all materials intoPot, boil for an hour after adding water.

You don’t need to add any seasonings, drink soup, eat barley kernel rice, red beans and scallions.

  [Efficacy]This is a spleen and dampness-reducing food therapy formula from the Compendium of Materia Medica. It is often associated with spleen deficiency due to moisture weight. At the same time, conditioning can be effective at the same time, and the roots can be easily broken.

The above materials are not easy to collect, but there are finished products for sale on the surface of the city, and sometimes there is also Shutangrenren tea, a cup in the morning and evening, which is especially suitable for spring and back to Nantian.

Compared with ordinary diet indicators, this soup is more inclined to medicated diet, so the effect is much better, and there is also the effect of light spots and whitening to lose weight.

  Qushi soup 3, Coix ribs soup-Moisturizing and diuretic[raw material]500 grams of winter melon, 250 grams of ribs, a small amount of barley[Step]Don’t peel the winter melon, cut into large pieces, add the ribs and barley together into the pot, add water,Let it simmer for an hour and a half, add winter melon, and cook for 10 minutes.

  [Efficacy]This soup has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, diuresis and urination, and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with edema and urinary tract diseases.

  Qushi soup 4, cucumber pork bone soup-clearing heat and dampness[raw materials]old cucumber 1 catty, pig tendon 1 catty, Chenpi 1 horn, red bean 2 2 pieces, broken Yaozhu 1 tablespoon, lentils 1 2 and powder sausage 8 2[steps]Pork bone and powder sausage are dehydrated with water. After the water is boiled, add pork tendon in a pot for 15 minutes, then add powder sausage, rind, red beans, lentils, and old cucumber in a pot for 1 hour.Ready to eat.

  [Efficacy]The old cucumber can remove heat and dispel dampness and detoxify fire, lentils and red adzuki beans have the effect of strengthening the spleen and moisturizing. Adding pig powder intestines to boil cucumber soup, the heat can replace the gastrointestinal effect.

  Qushi soup 5, lentil carp soup-spleen and dampness[raw materials]lentils, 15 grams each of kapok, 2 jujubes, 100 grams of bonito meat, 3 grams of rind, 2 slices of ginger[Step]Stir-fried bonito, pourAdd some water and stir-fry the lentils a little. Put the anchovies, lentils, soaked kapok rind, ginger, a bowl of hot water together in a stew pot, cover, and simmer for an hour and a half.

  [Efficacy]The fried lentils have the effects of strengthening the spleen and moisturizing, and stopping diarrhea. It is stewed with anchovies of kapok skin, which is a healthy soup for strengthening the spleen and dampness when the spring is wet.

  祛湿汤6,沙葛扁豆猪骨汤-祛湿开胃【原料】沙葛500克,猪扇骨500克,眉豆,扁豆和赤小豆各50克,蜜枣2个,姜2片,水10碗  【Step]Soak the eyebrows, lentils and red beans in water for 2 hours, wash the pig fan bones, rinse with water, wash the sagebrush, peel, peel, gluten, and cut into pieces; boil water, add all the ingredients, and cook for 20 minutes on high heat, Turn to low heat for an hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening spleen and appetizing.

  [Efficacy]This soup can be used to clear away heat and appetite, and strengthen the spleen and dampness.

  Qushi soup 7, Poria horseshoe pork soup-Qushi digestion[raw materials]400 grams of lean pork, 200 grams of Poria, 1 carrot, 1 corn without shavings, 10 peeled horseshoes, pitted candied dates 3More than 10 pieces of tangerine peel and 3 pieces of ginger[Step]Soak the tangerine peel for a while, then cut it into clay, carrots, and corn. Divide all the ingredients into the pot, add 10 bowls of water, and boil over high heat.2 hours, just add seasoning.

  [Efficacy]Poria cocos can clear heat and dampness, strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion of horseshoe, and widen the qi of carrots.

  Qushi soup 8, olive water fish soup-Qushijie sleep[raw materials]water fish 200?
250 grams, 6 olives, 3 slices of ginger, ten slices of tangerine peel[Step]After soaking the tangerine peel, cut the olives in half, cut the fish into pieces and pass through the water. Put all the ingredients together into the stew pot, add 4 bowls of boiling water, coverClose the lid, simmer for 3 hours, add the seasoning.

  [Efficacy]It can dispel dampness, it is helpful for various skin diseases caused by moisture, and it can also relieve spring difficulties.

  Qushi soup 9, yam pig fan bone soup-spleen and dampness[raw materials]pig fan bone 1 kg 2 or 2 pieces, Chen Pei 5, 6 tablets, iron rod yam 2 two, Ci Shi, lotus seeds, Poria 30 grams each, 3 ginger[Step]After the pork bone is cut into pieces, pass through the water and cut into yam sections. Pour all the materials into a pressure cooker, cook for half an hour after adding water, and add the seasoning.

For the old-fashioned soup method, you can cook for 10 minutes on high heat, then switch to simmer for 1 hour.

  [Efficacy]Spleen and dampness, if it is to supplement the fan bone of the scapular region of the pig, the tail keel close to the tail of the pig to make soup, the effect of removing dampness is better.

  Qushi soup 10, Flammulina flammulina soup-Qushi slimming[raw materials]150 grams of Flammulina velutipes, 150 grams of soybean sprouts, 240 grams of lean pork.

  [Steps]Slice lean meat, marinate with 2 tablespoons raw soy sauce, half tablespoon of white sugar and half tablespoon of raw powder for marinating and set aside; put oil in a hot pan, stir-fry ginger, soy sprouts and shovel for later use; add 5 bowls of water to the panTurn on, add ginger bean sprouts, boil again, add enoki mushrooms and meat slices, add seasoning when cooked.

  [Efficacy]This soup has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic and swelling, and reducing weight.

  There are damp poisons in the body. You can drink more than 10 kinds of damp damp soups for conditioning, especially in spring, when the moisture such as Nantian is easy to invade the human body, you should pay more attention to it. In addition to diet therapy, active exercise, cupping, moxibustionAre good dehumidification methods.

But if the humidity is heavy and the spleen is weak, then only the diet can get two effects.

Magic recipe: Keep you away from chronic fatigue

Magic recipe: Keep you away from chronic fatigue

Do you always feel tired in your daily work and life?

Do you sleep poorly and often suffer from insomnia, yawning and sleepy as soon as you walk into the office?

After you work overtime in the evening and get up the next day, the feeling of tiredness is still not relieved?

Then you have to beware of “chronic fatigue syndrome”.

Health experts said that chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease newly recognized in modern medicine.

The main symptoms of the disease are: fatigue, insomnia, dreams, tinnitus, forgetfulness, backache, hair replacement and early whitening.

It is characterized by repeated episodes of symptoms that last for more than 6 months, and full rest cannot be relieved.

  White-collar workers: Medical statistics of high-risk groups of chronic fatigue show that white-collar workers are “high-risk groups” of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Due to overloaded work and surprise tasks, white-collar workers often work overtime, irregular diets, and poor rest, which can lead to long-term health overdrafts and cause chronic fatigue syndrome.

In addition, facing many competitions and challenges from work and life, white-collar workers maintain a long-term spiritual sense of urgency, increasing feelings of stress and worry, lingering psychological fatigue and depression, back pain, sleep disorders, and normal exercise.Extreme fatigue stress, even joint discomfort, muscle soreness, lymphadenopathy and pain, can also induce hypertension, coronary heart disease, lumbar muscle strain and many other diseases.

  Modern science tells us that overwork is a huge and fatal danger.

Japanese scholars proposed the theory of “overwork death” in the 1960s and 1970s, which defined overwork death as sudden death induced by chronic chronic fatigue.

We can generally understand that during the labor process, normal work and life rules are destroyed, fatigue and siltation in the body increase blood pressure, increase arteriosclerosis, and appear fatal.

  Magic recipe: Keep you away from chronic fatigue. In the middle of summer, various toxins that invade the body are more active. Office workers are easily irritated, swollen, and mentally fatigued due to irregular life.

So, how can we gradually entangle chronic fatigue?

  Self-relaxation: Lie on your back, relax the belt, take deep and slow abdominal breathing, and meditate on the word “relaxation” at the same time, so that the limbs, shoulders, and head and neck muscles can relax, about ten to twenty minutes.

  Bathing frequently: After a hard day’s work, it is best to take a hot bath at home.

If there is swelling, you can also add 6 drops of lemon essential oil in the bath and massage with detoxification and swelling bamboo salt powder or scrub.

Bathing can help restore physical strength, fully eliminate sweat dirt in the body, make pores and sweat glands unblocked, enhance blood circulation, regulate the nervous system, and effectively relieve fatigue.

  Take a nap: Siesta can synchronize the physiological clock with the 24-hour cycle rhythm, so that the hormones in the body maintain a balance.

If you often stay up late to work and get tired the next day, you can try to take a nap for half an hour every day at noon, it will quickly drive away the “sleepy bug” in the afternoon and night, improve work efficiency, and also promote lunch digestion and improveHypertension function.

Do not eat pork with shrimp

Do not eat pork with shrimp

Pork should not be served with shrimp.

“Drinking to eat”: “Shrimp should not be eaten with pork, damage sperm.”

  [Analysis]There are freshwater shrimp and sea shrimp.

Freshwater shrimp (such as prawns), with a sweet and warm nature, has kidney and aphrodisiac properties, and breast milk; sea shrimp, with a sweet and salty warmth, also has kidney and aphrodisiac properties, and excitatory function.

Pork helps to dampness and heat, and makes it hot. Therefore, the two are compatible and consume yin essence. Yuan Zhu Zhenhengyun: “Pork fills the qi.

Weibu Yanger; those who are deficient today, not in yang but in yin, use flesh to fill yin and be cured by fire, cover the flesh into the stomach, and become hot and humid.

“Yin deficiency is hot, avoid pork and shrimp food.

  Don’t pair pork with pork.

“Dining is about”: “Pork should not be eaten with glutinous rice, it will rotten the human intestines.”

  [Analysis]Wuxi Xinwen, its sexual emission, exhausting gas hurts.

Pork is nourishing and helps to sputum with dampness and heat.

Han Yu said, “Every meat has tonic, but pork has no tonic.

“One consumes gas, but no supplement, so the two foods are harmful to the body without benefit.

Wuhu also known as coriander, can go to fishy.

Eat with mutton.