Dongzhu Ecology (603359): Employee shareholding demonstrates confidence that excess orders can be expected

Dongzhu Ecology (603359): Employee shareholding demonstrates confidence that excess orders can be expected

Matters: The company issued the first draft of the 2019 employee shareholding plan and management measures, raised no more than 50 million yuan in stacks, and participated in no more than 100 employees. Directors, supervisors and senior management personnel did not participate in this employee shareholding plan.The lock-up period is 12 months.

Employee shareholders holding the “bottom pocket” mobilized enthusiasm to show confidence.

The scale of the employee shareholding plan is expected to be no more than 50 million, and the number of participating employees is expected to be no more than 100, accounting for about 25% of the company’s employees at the end of 2018. The coverage is outside of Dong Jiangao, which is more conducive to overall improvement of employee cohesion.

In this company’s employee shareholding plan, Xi Huiming, the actual controller, and Pu Jianfen provide capital protection, that is, if the total amount that can be allocated after the replacement of all costs during the liquidation is lower than the principal of the employee shareholding plan, the company’s actual controller assumes the obligation to make up the difference.

The company’s employee shareholding plan was mobilized by major shareholders to motivate employees to participate and allow employees to share corporate development dividends.

The company successfully completed the stock purchase of the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan for 2018 in March this year, and the company successively implemented the employee stock ownership plan, demonstrating confidence in future development.

In the new decade, the single-digit growth rate is high, and the performance development is full of flexibility.

According to the announcement of the company, the company won 21 new bids in 2018, with a total of 30 new bids.

32 ppm, an increase of 51 in ten years.

83%, about twice the revenue in 2018; the amount of new projects awarded in the first quarter of 2019 was 32.

63 ppm, about four times the amount of the bid in the same period last year, plus the major projects won since the second quarter, the company has converted more than 79 trillion in bids since 2019, at least 18 years since the bid.

6 times the level. In 2019, the company’s new bids will increase exponentially.

At present, the company’s orders in hand are expected to be around 90 million, and the company’s order revenue ratio is about 5.

6 times, the company’s order income ratio and cash income are relatively high, and the development is full of flexibility.

Good cash flow, abundant funds, sufficient financial leverage.

From 2015 to 2018, the company’s total four-year operating net cash flow reached 4.

71 trillion, excluding 2018 cash flow of -0.

70 trillion, positive for the other three consecutive years, the company’s business scale expanded by 30 in 2018.

17%, but can bring a potential increase in cash flow, which is significantly better than peer cash flow.

Compared with listed companies in the same industry, the company has sufficient cash and relatively high asset quality. At the end of 2019Q1, the company’s monetary funds were 7.

420,000 yuan, can sell financial assets 0.

$ 8.3 billion, the company has about 8 available funds.

2.5 billion, sufficient funds; assets and liabilities supplement 43.

75%, at a low level in the garden industry, and the total liabilities are mainly bills payable and accounts payable, without interest resistance.

Following the increase in financial support and the restoration of the growth rate of infrastructure investment, the industry may usher in a trendy opportunity. The company’s future financial leverage will increase the alternative transmission and enhance the company’s performance flexibility.

Estimates and investment recommendations: It is expected that the company’s operating income will grow at an annual rate of 48 in 2019-2021.

6%, 32.

7% and 30.

5%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company increased by 35.

1%, 51.

1%, 36.


It is expected that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 23 respectively.

6.8 billion, 31.

4.3 billion, 41.

02 ppm; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company is 4, respectively.

4 billion, 6.

6.5 billion, 9.100,000 yuan.

The initial gain is 1.

38 yuan, 2.

09 yuan, 2.

86 yuan, the dynamic PE is 11.

8 times, 7.

8 times, 5.

7 times, PB is 1.

8 times, 1.

6 times, 1.

3 times.

The company, as “the first share of national wetland parks”, incorporates its core competitiveness in the field of 杭州桑拿网 wetland restoration. It has a high order income ratio, sufficient funds, low debt ratio, and strong momentum for future development. The employee stock ownership plan is about to be launched and there are major shareholders. “”Bottom pocket” commitment demonstrates confidence in future development, optimistic about the company’s layout in national wetland parks, national reserve forests and other fields, maintaining a “Buy-A” rating with a target price of 24.

3 yuan, corresponding to 17 in 2019.

6 times PE.

Risk reminders: Fixed asset investment is accelerating, PPP projects are progressing slowly, project payments are not timely, and core staff are at risk.

Bruises: Anchovy strong bone and bone soup

Bruises: Anchovy strong bone and bone soup

Ingredients for Yuqiangjinjiangutang: Ingredients: 250g catfish Supplementary materials: Codonopsis 25g, Angelica 10g, Beef hoof tendon (bubble) 15g Seasoning: 5g cooking wine, 5g green onion, 5g ginger, vegetable oil10 grams, 3 grams of salt teach you how to make anchovies and strong bones and bones soup, how to make anchovy and strong bones and bones soup is delicious1.

Put the hamstrings in warm water to raise the hair, then sprinkle the fascia, cut into 6 cm long sections, codonopsis, angelica, wash and slice, and put a gauze bag into the mouth.


Cut the carp meat into strips and fry in a pan until golden brown and remove it. Fill the pot with the appropriate broth, add the tendons, carp, refined salt, medicine pack, cooking wine, onion ginger, and cook until the meat and tendons are cooked.Remove the medicine pack and the onion and ginger serve.

Tips-Health Tips: The sturgeon with strong carp and strong bones is made from sturgeon. Sturgeon has the effect of replenishing and nourishing blood, passing through the channels and activating the collaterals, and supplementing with blood tonic and qi, promoting blood circulation and collaterals, and relieving qi and pain., Angelica and strong tendon beef tendon, its effect is more significant, combined with all things, Qi and blood nourishment, strong tendons and bones, Tongluo analgesic effect, suitable for weak blood, weak muscles or pain, andTraumatic fracture embolism.

Tips-Food: Gravy: Sturgeon is not suitable for dog meat, dog blood, pumpkin, spinach, red dates.

Codonopsis: should not be used with veratrum.

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japan’s MM’s skin is recognized internationally for its fairness, firmness, tenderness, and breakable skin.

Is it a certain lifestyle that allows them to have perfect skin all over the body?

Three meals are inseparable from vegetables and fruits. Every day you care carefully, eat more fish . and the most important thing is to take a regular bath.

Basically, Japan is located on the volcanic earthquake belt and is rich in hot springs, so the Japanese MM simply brought home the heavenly enjoyment of hot springs, which can alleviate discomfort, but also achieve beauty and beauty, and promote blood circulation and other magical effects.

The season of nakedness is coming, and the body skin’s outbound rate is getting higher and higher. Except for peripheral work such as hair removal, the delicate skin of every detail is the basis for making you a truly charming woman. Start with a bath and exfoliation.Right.
  The three-in-one “head cold and hot feet” is an ideal physical state advocated by Chinese medicine, which is the most beneficial for health. However, the temperature of the upper body is generally higher, about 37 ° C, and the temperature of the lower body is relatively high.Low, only about 30 ° C, which is exactly the opposite of the head cold and foot fever claimed by Chinese medicine.

This can easily lead to the so-called “cold cold”. Many diseases such as dysmenorrhea and obesity in women must be blamed on the cold.

Especially air-conditioned rooms in summer, artificially created a “cold” environment, staying a day, hands and feet cold.

Therefore, bathing is more suitable in summer, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body and use the gentle power of hot water to improve the stagnant physical condition.

  In aromatherapy, bath music is often essential.

In the bath, people can reach a state of extreme relaxation, but they are not easy to fall asleep, and are easy to accept outside information and energy.

Therefore, when you bathe, play soothing music, point your favorite aromatherapy, and slowly massage the skin with essential oils, so as to achieve the effect of unity of the human body.

  Taking a bath is of course a beauty plan. When you bathe, you will sweat a lot, and the wastes in the pores will be discharged, so that the skin will become shiny, improve the skin, and thoroughly clean your whole body skin.

In addition, a large amount of hot steam will push your pores to open. If you apply a mask and exfoliate in a bath, the effect can replace the beauty salon.

Therefore, a bath is the best time to do a full body cleansing and facial mask.

  Before taking a bath, choose a “mate” first. If you want to achieve the desired effect through the bath, a bathing agent is essential.

It is important to choose a bathing agent that suits you, it will affect your mood and effect of bathing.

First of all, bathing agents are divided into bubble baths and bathing materials.

Bubble bath is a popular bathing agent in Europe and America. The visual effect is that the entire bathtub is full of bubbles.

The bath material is mainly from Japan and other places. By adding different additives, the bath water is transformed into a “medicine soup” with special functions.

Therefore, in order not to waste the good time in the bath, choose one or more “good companions” to make this time the best physiological reorganization.

  Professional recommendation: Japanese medicinal bathing agent Basquelin: Basquelin is an old-fashioned brand of bathing agents, with more than a hundred types.

Bathing agents with various functions and ingredients.

The more famous is the natural aroma series: there are dozens of natural aromas such as ocean, earth, forest, and floral fragrance, so that you have a wonderful illusion of being in the suburbs when you take a bath.

  Morita bathing agent in Taiwan: Taiwan’s most well-known local lifestyle pharmaceutical brand, which specializes in various health products. Its bathing agents are all developed and manufactured in Japan with quality assurance.

The more famous is the acid whitening bath, which has three different fruit flavors, which can make the whole body skin appear pleasantly white and tender.

  Japan Daiso Medical Bathing Agent: Daiso is synonymous with good quality and low price. Its bathing agent series adheres to this principle. The low price makes you feel no pain when using it. Although there are not many types, the effective ones are popularHot.

The more famous is the hot spring bath agent, which seems to bring Japanese hot springs to enjoy.

  DIY bathing agent: Milk whitening bath: It is 1 liter-2 liters of milk. After pouring into a bathtub filled with hot water, soaking the whole body for about 30 minutes, it can achieve whitening and repairing effects on the skin.

It is said that many netizens have practice feedback, taking a milk whitening bath 1-2 times a week, the whitening effect is significant, and it will not rebound, it is not easy to tan, and the black MM can also transform into Snow White.

  Rose nourishing bath: 10-15ml of rose essential oil, appropriate amount of rose petals.

Creating a luxurious rose bath that can only be enjoyed by the heroine of a TV series can not only nourish the skin, but also nourish the soul, bring you a great sense of happiness, and it is very economical.

  Bath salt to expel cold baths: Bath salt is about 30g (brand is not limited), the amount of ginger is appropriate.

After the rain or cold, try this cold bath to quickly expel the cold in your body to prevent typhoid and colds.

Colds caused by colds and colds can also be treated by this cold expelling bath, which is very effective.

These toy babies are getting smarter the more they play

These toy babies are getting smarter the more they play

Toys cannot be played without babies. Toys can stimulate the development of babies’ intelligence.

What toys you play and how you play them all affect your baby’s potential learning ability.

Toys can not only stimulate the development of children’s brain, but also carry out multi-growth synapses of brain nerve cells.


Pulling animal toy babies will be fascinated by pulling the “animals” who can move, they will slowly understand that this rope originally had such a driving force, which is not as good as those electric battery cars with dry batteries.effect.


By the end of the two-year-old stroller, the baby can basically control all parts of his body. He can drive a “car”, he can drive fast, slow, or he can ride a “horse.”

If the “car” can still carry some of their own small toys, and they can become a transport driver, even if the baby is interested in playing, it will open up intelligence.


A 2-year-old baby in a picture book has already seen too many items through eyes, mouth, and hands. If you can find the items you know in the picture book, it will be a great pleasure for the baby.

In addition, parents can teach their babies to learn more through picture books.

Such paintings are of course simple lines and bright colors, and you can recognize what is at a glance.


Stacking cups For a two-year-old baby, stacking cup toys is the most endless game. It can be folded into a tower or a single cup. Even small blocks or other small things are hidden in the stacking cup.Look again.

Through this kind of games, babies can know that although some things are invisible, they actually exist.


The two-year-old baby of the doll has begun to express his personality, at this time they can express their love and disgust.

If there are doll toys, especially girls, they can treat the dolls like their mothers do, wash their faces, dress, feed, praise or blame them.


All babies love to play with sand and water, and after 18 months, babies already know that they can’t put anything in their mouths, and then they can let them play with sand.

Provide a variety of small tools, such as small shovel, small harrow, small bucket, etc., let your baby exert his creative ability to make sand piles into various shapes.


Complex shape box This is a toy used to train the baby to observe the shape of the object. Through this toy, the baby can recognize that a shape of the opening allows only the same shape of the object to pass through.

Toys let babies understand the different shapes of daily necessities, and these toys are more suitable for babies and toddlers 18 months old.


6-month-old babies are interested in everything that can be moved. The colored balls are the most inclined to them. They will roll forward once they push the ball. The baby will crawl and chase the small balls.It’s even better to play.

  9, ring ring 3 months old babies can hold the “ring ring” in one hand to play, they begin to try the tactile, sensory, visual or taste function.

Try to feel it, feel how it feels on the hand, look at the various colors of the toy with your eyes, and taste the taste of the toy with your mouth.

  In addition, the building blocks are also suitable for babies. Faced with the building blocks, the baby will start to use two hands, and the two blocks will make a sound when they collide. One stacked on top of the other will be higher than a single block.Into many different shapes.

This can also inspire your baby’s intelligence and lay a good foundation for future development.

Summer siesta taboos one by one

Summer siesta taboos one by one

In the hot summer, people are generally tired at noon, especially after lunch. This is because the digestive function is strengthened after lunch, the supply of blood to the digestive tract is significantly increased, and the supply to the brain is relatively reduced, and the brain is supplied with oxygen.The amount will be reduced, so some people will feel drowsy, and taking a nap during this time is conducive to the adjustment of physical condition.

However, although siesta is very good, if you break into the misunderstanding of incorrect sleeping position, it will also affect your health, especially those with cervical disease, so be extra careful.

  First of all, don’t go to bed right after lunch. This is not good for food digestion. You can do a small exercise first, walk around, and then take a nap.

Time, do not take a long siesta time, it is better not to exceed 1 hour. When time goes into deep sleep, you will feel uncomfortable when you wake up. At this time, you can wash your face with cold water and drink boiling water to reduce blood viscosity.

In addition, do not choose to take a nap in a well-ventilated place, especially in the direction facing the air conditioner, because it is easy to cause colds, joint pain, muscles, especially hip muscle pain, and severe facial paralysis may also be caused.

  In particular, it is important to remind that office workers should never sleep while sitting or lying on their backs, which will cause breathing difficulties and lead to working at desk for half a day. Reusing these incorrect sleeping positions will increase the burden on the cervical spine and cause each cervical spine.disease.

At the same time, the eyeballs were oppressed at the desk, causing corneal deformation, changes in radian, and temporary blurred vision.

In addition, siesta at the desk will compress the tibia, affect breathing, and increase the burden on the heart; using an arm as a pillow will cause urgent head pressure, affect blood circulation and nerve muscles, and cause numbness and tingling in the wrist.

  The correct nap position should be lying down or lying on your side, with your head above your feet. This can both relieve the pressure on the heart and help digest food. Comfortable sleep can also stimulate lymphocytes in your body and enhance your immune system.