Yi Shu Golden Years Chen Daoming Dong Zijian joined, Liu Shishi Ni Ni or act as girlfriends

Yi Shu “Golden Years” Chen Daoming Dong Zijian joined, Liu Shishi Ni Ni or act as girlfriends
On April 29, the TV series “Golden Years” officially announced the list of actors.The play is the director of “My First Half” Shen Yan, and screenwriter Qin Wen’s cooperation again, led by Chen Daoming, Dong Zijian, Liu Shishi, Ni Ni, actor Tian Yu, Yang Youning, Yang Yue (in alphabetical order of surname), becomesOfficially started on the 29th.According to the plot, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni will play a pair of girlfriends who share the same hardship and support each other in the play.”Golden Years” was adapted from Yishu’s novel of the same name. According to the summary of the content recorded in the TV drama filming of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the plot tells the story of Shanghai in the 1990s. Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun have different family backgrounds and different personalities, but they are also beautiful and smart.When he was young, the family life of the locks was not good. The Nansun family accepted them and helped the locks, so these formed a deep friendship.After entering the society, Zhu Suosuo was ups and downs in the workplace, and developed quickly with his ingenuity and excellent conditions. Jiang Nansun continued to pursue academics and talked about love and became more intellectual.Later, when the Jiang family fell into distress, Zhu Suosuo helped Nan Sun get out of the campus to provide him with accommodation and work. Jiang Nan Sun also gradually became an excellent white-collar lady through hard work and knowledge.Zhu Suosuo married, seemingly beautiful, but the marriage was not recognized by her husband’s family. When the red light of the husband and wife relationship was lighted, Jiang Nansun helped her take care of the children and cook her life until Zhu Suosuo had the courage to get out of the predicament.Personnel are vicissitudes and the years are ruthless. They have tasted the taste of life, but they support each other and share the same hardships. They not only manage their lives in a colorful manner, but also become the most mature women, each with their own golden years.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Jun

The source of all diseases!Do you know the nine major dangers of obesity?

The source of all diseases!Do you know the 南京夜网论坛 nine major dangers of obesity?
Editor’s note: As the saying goes, “One hides all ugliness, and one fat destroys everything.”From a health perspective, the multiple appearances that obesity” destroys “will cause a lot of serious harm to the body.In this issue, the editor talks to you: What are the harms caused by excessive increase of the body?The nine major hazards of obesity to life impact The degree of obesity is closely related to the mortality rate, that is, the increase in over-degrees has increased the mortality rate.When the body mass index[BMI = body weight (kg) / height 2 (meters)]exceeds 35, the case fatality rate increases by 30% -40% compared with the average person.According to scientific research data, life expectancy of obesity is reduced by 6-7 years.Even more frightening is that if you are severely obese, men with a BMI greater than 40 will lose 20 years of life.The effect on blood pressure in adulthood, especially in the 40-50 years old, obese people have a 50% higher chance of developing hypertension than ordinary people.The effect on the heart is not a secondary hypertension or coronary heart disease, but a direct effect on cardiac function.Because of obesity, it occasionally attaches to the surface of the heart, which reduces the contractile function of the heart, leading to a large increase in the proportion of heart weakness.Cerebrovascular disease In China, the incidence of cerebrovascular disease is very high. Due to arteriosclerosis and thrombosis, as well as obesity and dyslipidemia, cerebral infarction is very high.Diabetes Diabetes is accompanied by diabetes like a shadow. The incidence of diabetes in people with diabetes is 4 times higher than normal.Ninety percent of newly diagnosed diabetic patients are obese, and few are not obese.According to research, when the body mass index is 22-23, the risk of diabetes is actually very low; while from 23-31, the risk of developing diabetes becomes 40%, a 10-fold increase; when the body mass index is 35, women developThe risk of diabetes is 93.2%!So the relationship between diabetes and hypertension is very tight.Aunts and dyslipidemia Aunts and dyslipidemia have a very high incidence in China, and it is rarely known to everyone. In fact, about 10% of aunt patients will progress to fetal hepatitis, leading to cirrhosis or liver cancer.Snoring is what we call bidirectional sleep apnea syndrome.Don’t underestimate snoring, this disease is very common in obese people, and it is also very harmful.The incidence of this disease is as high as 50% -70% in obese people, but only 2% -4% in the general population.Some obese people doze during the day or sleep at night, and there is obvious hypoxia and certain brain damage. It is very common for these patients to experience sudden cardiac death.Tumor obesity is closely related to some tumors. In women it is ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, bladder cancer and cancer; in men it is prostate cancer.Obesity will lead to a significant increase in the incidence of these diseases, and the incidence of rectal cancer will increase significantly after obesity for both men and women.Some of these cancers have achieved good results in the treatment of prostate cancer, such as prostate cancer, cancer cells and rectal cancer.But like ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, endometrial cancer, the survival rate of patients with these cancers over 5 years is still relatively low.The incidence of osteoarthritis increases with age, our joints gradually deteriorate, and heavy stress may promote joint diseases, coupled with disorders of glucose and purine metabolism, which greatly increase the incidence of these diseases.Obese adolescents begin to harden blood vessels at the age of ten A study published in The Lancet for Children and Adolescent Health showed that arterial blood vessels in obese adolescents began to become stiff in their teens.”Arterial stiffness is no longer present in the elderly.”” Said Xu Zhimin, deputy chief physician of cardiovascular medicine at Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.An increase in arterial stiffness is an increase in the stiffness of blood vessels, a decrease in elasticity, an increase in fragility, and an increase in blood pressure fluctuations, which are prone to plaques in blood vessels and cause vascular complications.Can cause many diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, coronary heart disease, lower extremity arterial occlusion, etc.Mortality and aging of arteriosclerosis are becoming more and more obvious. Among these groups, obese people are the main population, and children, adolescents and young people are the rising obesity rates.”In the past, arteriosclerosis was thought to be a disease in the elderly.But now we found in the clinic that many obese children, young people will develop arteriosclerosis.Xu Zhimin explained that some children, due to excessive intake of nutrients and inactivity, caused slight accumulation and obesity, which caused a large amount of accumulation on the inner wall of blood vessels, which formed arteriosclerosis over time.Hypertension patients generally have hyperlipidemia, and hyperlipidemia is an important cause of atherosclerosis.Fitness every day, why don’t you lose weight and eat more.Many people have increased appetite after fitness, especially those who exercise at night and women.When the excess absorption is greater than the consumption, it is impossible to reduce fat.The wrong choice of fitness program.If the purpose of fitness is to lose weight, then bench press, squat and other items that stimulate muscle growth are not suitable, because these exercises will increase muscle cross-sectional area and muscle weight, resulting in overall weight gain.It is recommended to choose some small strength exercises, flexing and lifting with dumbbells or no weight-bearing exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.) to stimulate small muscle groups, thereby reducing the impact on the cross-sectional area of the muscle, and avoiding excessive muscle volume growth, soThe illusion of losing weight will appear.Reduced resting metabolic rate.The fat loss method will produce an impurity, the resting metabolic rate (the rate of energy consumption when you do nothing) starts to decline.The correct way to reduce fat should be in the order of “aerobic + strength + relaxation”, in order to ensure that the muscle content is not lost, do not rely on dieting to reduce fat, this will only cause a lot of muscle loss.When muscles are lost faster than adults, muscles shrink and eventually lead to a reduction in resting metabolic rate.Usually inactive.Too many people like to concentrate their time on fitness, which leads to exhaustion of their bodies. After returning home, they just want to “paralyze” in bed and do not want to move.This behavior is called “exercise replacement”, that is, the human body increases physical activity in one area, and the body becomes inactive in another area. It automatically compensates for the energy consumed, which is not conducive to fat loss.Therefore, exercise should be moderate, not excessive, sweating to mild to moderate.In this way, you can keep your body active for most of the time, such as cycling to and from work, walking to the subway station, and going up and down stairs.Not sleeping well for four days and accumulating lightly. A study published in the American Journal of Lipid Research showed that failure to sleep well for four days can lead to accidental rapid accumulation in the body and weight gain.The effects of anorexia on health can be ground only from changes in body weight.Earlier studies found that when sleep is inadequate, leptin levels in the body decrease by 18%, while elevated levels of drought hormone increase by 28%.Therefore, when sleepiness is not good, obesity is more likely, and high glucose is particularly preferred.When you’re not getting enough sleep, people eat more (especially high-calorie foods) and store it as excess energy.This will result in a sharp rise, a slight rapid storage, and a rapid weight gain.Therefore, if you want to lose weight and fat, in addition to a reasonable diet and active exercise, you must “sleep”.The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get enough sleep per night?9 hours.Other studies have found that receiving light for 120 minutes after getting up can promote leptin secretion in the body and reduce aging hormone levels.Therefore, the lack of sleep in the outdoor sports and sun exposure can reduce the risk of obesity caused by lack of sleep.Long-term use of mobile phones increases the risk of obesity and growth time. The harm of using smart phones is not only to hurt the eyes and the cervical spine.A study by Simon Bolivar University in Colombia shows that using a mobile phone for more than 5 hours a day increases the risk of obesity by more than 40%, and is more prone to unhealthy habits such as inactivity, junk food, and increased risk of illness.Chance of heart disease, risk of diseases such as diabetes.Researchers report to the 2019 American College of Cardiology high-level meeting that the study involved 1,060 college students aged 19 to 20, including 700 girls and 360 boys.The researchers found that the use of smartphones for more than 5 hours a day increased the risk by 43%. At the same time, the possibility of shifting to sugary drinks, fast food, desserts, and snacks doubled.Smart phones bring many conveniences to life, but people should pay attention to develop healthy habits, repeated use is prone to sedentary, insufficient exercise, which increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, and bone and joint discomfort.Many people look thin, in fact, secretly fat, many people eat and drink, do not love sports, but their limbs are slender and do not look fat.Types of people may not have low body fat and have various potential health problems.Articles on the website of the American “Body Shape” magazine remind similar “thin fat people” to pay attention to changing lifestyles.Lauren Klein, a weight management expert in New York, USA, said that the “lean fat” BMI value (body mass index) is usually normal or low, but after inspection, they found that they will have high blood sugar, good cholesterol and high triglycerides, Hypertension and other issues.Because of their inherent thinness, this type of people often eats badly and does not like sports, which leads to low muscle mass and insufficient vitamin intake. They may also be prone to fatigue, cause inattention, and have poor metabolism.If their bodies have problems, they may be worse than fat people.Be vigilant if you meet most of the following conditions: after graduating from school, no strength training; love sweets, artificial sweeteners, mixtures, processed foods; insufficient protein; often feel tired, unwell, attentionDon’t concentrate, love to forget things; apple-shaped figure, thin limbs and fat abdomen; moderate exercise can also feel dizzy.The recommended type of “slimming” is to change the lifestyle from three aspects: 1.muscle training.Muscle is the key to increasing the basal metabolic rate, which can prevent sugar from entering the blood vessels and causing hyperglycemia.Strength training is recommended at least twice a week.2.Balanced diet.In particular, you should reduce sugar intake, take a balanced intake of protein, oil, vegetables, and a small amount, and eat as little polished rice noodles and processed foods as possible.3.Release in time.Stress can increase blood pressure. You can try yoga and exercise to help relax your body and mind.Guaranteed 6?8 hours of sleep to allow the body to fully rest.(People’s Health Network is integrated from Beijing Youth Daily, Life Times, Health Times, Beijing Daily) ☆ Recommended reading ☆ Glycemic control, antithrombotic these “hands” of food therapy assistants are exquisite in the autumn. Why is it easy to cough?Teach you how to do fitness rightSix erroneous exercises to accelerate agingBathroom stains 咋 Remove the bath before washing the organs before entering the winterWhat to eat during the frost season?One orange is equal to 5 medicines!Eat oranges like this in autumn, cut the peppers with hot hands, cut the onions and shed tears?”Raiders” here

Palestinian aviation minister takes the lead in reducing wages

Palestinian aviation minister takes the lead in reducing wages

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Original title: Leadership of the senior aviation company to take the lead in reducing wages or not responding to pressure in order to recover from the aviation market depends on two important routines.

  Since the “closing of the city” in Wuhan on January 23, free refunds and reduced flights have brought about a sharp expansion in cash flow to flights and a dramatic change in passenger flow and load factor.

  The latest statistics from the Civil Aviation Administration show that the free refund policy since the end of January has drastically reduced the passenger flow of civil aviation. From January 25 to February 14, the average daily passenger traffic of civil aviation was 470,000, a quarter of the same period last year.
  The Civil Aviation Administration predicts that the potential momentum of passenger flow will continue in the future. From February 15 to 23, the average daily passenger is expected to not exceed 200,000. The passenger flow is insufficient, which is 1/10 of the peak period (Jin Qilin analyst). The passenger load factor is insufficient.40%.

  With the sharp decline in passenger volume, in the contradiction of flying one flight at a time and losing one flight, airlines began to cancel a large number of domestic and international flights, and also began to formulate a “self-rescue” plan to deal with operating pressures.

According to the exclusive information learned by the First Financial Reporter, some airline executives have begun to take the lead in reducing wages, even without paying them.

  Delaying salary or taking the lead in reducing wages. Following the announcement of the unpaid rotation leave policy for each position of each airline company, HNA Group recently issued a notice on the delay in salary remuneration of management cadres during special epidemics, requiring members of the board of directors of HNA Group and the chairman of the board of supervisors.Members of the Group’s headquarters management team and cadres at the management level of M5 (inclusive) and above (the level of the chairman and president of the airline divisions under the HNA Department are also M5). All compensation will be postponed from January 2020 until the impact of the epidemic is over.

  For front-line employees, HNA Group requires all units to give priority to ensuring wage distribution when ensuring that the company’s daily production and operation are not responsive, strictly in accordance with the order of front-line low-income employees-other front-line employees-back-level employees-management cadres in orderTo minimize the impact of the epidemic on low-income employees and front-line employees, and strive to “do not lay off staff, do not reduce wages.”

  According to the reporter’s understanding, at present, all airlines under the HNA Department have basically carried out rotation off according to the plan formulated. The rotation off time is mainly based on the proportion of decline in capacity, involving flight, flight attendance, shipping, ground service, sales, administrative and other positions.No bonus will be paid during the period, and the budget will be calculated according to the working hours. Social security, provident fund and company benefits are normally enjoyed.

  Springing Airlines (601021), which has slow bonuses for management cadres, also has good performance and cash flow performance.


In recent days, including Spring Airlines and most of the management cadres within 重庆耍耍网 Spring and Autumn Tourism, they have applied in writing to apply for zero expenditure from February 2020 until the epidemic is over and the aviation business has returned to normal.

  According to the reporter’s understanding, as early as the financial crisis in 2008, the cadres of Spring and Autumn had zero expenditures for several months, but the company replenished them with money after the economy improved.

  Spring Airlines’ first-line crews have received a notice requesting to report the need for personal rotation leave, saying that from February 10 to mid-April, it is expected that each person can apply for more than 8 days of rest (adjusted according to epidemic conditions).If an individual has an expected rotation, he may apply to the branch for a specific date of rotation, and then arrange it uniformly by the planning 佛山桑拿网 office.

  The leading cadre to reduce salary is Juneyao Airlines (603885).

(SH) Jiuyuan Airlines belongs to the company. The company has issued documents. The company-level leaders unanimously decided to take the lead in reducing the monthly fixed salary by 30%, and called on the department-level managers to apply for the reduction of monthly fixed salary or job replacement in accordance with the principle of personal voluntary.20%.

  When will the market recover? At least yes, the above-mentioned measures to slow down or take the lead in reducing wages are mainly from the private sector. For Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, etc., it often happens. At present, employees report that most of the paid wages are normal, but the company also issued them.The notice requires all departments to sort out the implementation plan for increasing income and reduce expenditures, formulate a list of measures, and require clear goals, persons responsible, and timetables.

  According to the reporter, for the current expenditure, when the urgent task is to stabilize the cash flow by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the merged company has replaced or replaced the cost expenses and related investment plans.

For example, a medium-sized airline company requires a reduction of 20% of the daily business budget, publicity and advertising costs, and a training budget of 10%, while reducing labor costs by 10%. At the same time, it will reduce labor costs. By 2020, non-production front-line departments will not increase.

  Statistics from Fei Changzhun on the 17th show that although the current daily output of the aircraft is still less than two hours (more than 8 hours before the closure of Wuhan on January 23), the number of flights and airports that have stopped all flights is decreasing.

  The search data of Qunar.com also showed that although the number of flights has been decreasing, the search volume of Qunar.com platform has not decreased, indicating that tourists’ expectations for travel are still growing.

  On the Qunar.com platform, bookings for the first to third day of this year have increased even more than last year. January 25 (the first day of the first month) and January 31 (the seventh day of the first month) have become the latest air ticket reservations andAt the peak of rebooking, this part of the passengers who insist on travel all have clear travel needs, and the destinations are concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

  Frequently-asked statistics show that for the number of domestic flight arrivals in the four major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, compared with the same period from the 8th day to the 36th day of the Spring Festival, the total number of inbound arrivals in the four major cities is at least 5.28 million (no return).

  Civil aviation officials Lin Zhijie analyzed the reporters. The recovery of the aviation market has two important routines. The first is whether other provinces in Hubei can control the epidemic. If the alarms in these places are removed first, the fundamentals of the entire market will be affected.There has been a marked improvement, especially for international routes; the second is that the market will be completely restored after the epidemic is fully resolved, but the retaliatory growth is relatively not as strong as that after SARS, because the market ‘s driving force is relatively weak. This yearThe growth rate of the market itself is slow, and the continuous start of students will inevitably change the summer vacation time, so it will also have a spreading effect on the summer vacation.

SAIC Group (600104): Leading market share continues to rise

SAIC Group (600104): Leading market share continues to rise

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report: 2018 realized operating income of 9021.

90,0合肥夜网00 yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.

6%; net profit attributable to mother is 360.

1 ppm, an increase of 4 in ten years.

7%; realized non-net profit 324.

1 ppm, 10-year average 1.

5%; it is planned to distribute a dividend of 12 per 10 shares.

6 yuan, the dividend rate is 40.

9%, dividend yield 4.


Affected by the accelerated decline of the industry’s prosperity, Q4 dragged down the annual results. In 2018, the prosperity of the domestic auto market continued to decline, and automobile sales continued to rise.

8%, of which passenger vehicle sales increased by 4.


The company’s overall sales in 2018 were 705.

20,000 vehicles, an increase of 1 each year.

8%, significantly profitable industry.

In the context of the downturn of the industry, the leading anti-risk capabilities have been prominent, 武汉夜生活网 and the market share has continued to increase. The company’s domestic market share in 2018 reached 24.

1%, at least 1 increase.

The company’s revenue and net profit in 2018 both achieved positive growth, but non-recurring gains and losses have increased significantly compared to 201721.

100 million to 36.

0 ppm, mainly due to the increase in government subsidies and the one-time premium of the subsidiary Huayu Automobile’s consolidated billing, confirmed as investment income, and the company’s net profit decreased slightly after deduction.

In a single quarter, the company’s 2018Q4 revenue increased by 13.

4%, net profit can be reduced by 14.

5%, to improve the pressure, initially increase the sales volume of the industry in 2018Q413.


It is worth noting that the company Roewe and MG sold 73 in 2018.

0 million vehicles, an increase of 36 in ten years.

5%, industry-leading growth rate.

We believe that the auto market is expected to usher in a revival in 2019. The company’s joint venture has solid profits, strong independent performance, and steady growth in performance.

Benefiting from the strong product cycle, the joint venture’s profit remains stable. In 2018, the company’s joint venture performance was generally stable: SAIC Volkswagen achieved a net profit of 280.

2 ‰, an increase of 4 in ten years.

8%; SAIC-GM’s net profit was 156.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 1 in ten years.

3%; Shangtong Wuling’s net profit was 41.

9 trillion, 21 on New Year’s Eve.


In terms of profitability: SAIC Volkswagen made a profit1.

40,000 yuan, an annual increase of 4.7%; SAIC-GM’s bicycle profit is 0.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 2.

8%; Shangtong Wuling Bicycle earns 0.

20,000 yuan, 18 years ago.


In the context of intensifying competition in 2018 and the increase in terminal price reductions of various auto companies, it is not easy for SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM to remain strong, fully showing the power of alternative products of joint venture brands.

We believe that for a long period of time, SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC-GM have successively entered a strong product cycle and jointly maintained a stable profitability.

Shanghai Tongwuling’s performance and profitability significantly underwent pressure, which ultimately weakened the consumption capacity of third- and fourth-tier cities, resulting in pressure on sales in the corresponding segment.

Profit forecast and investment advice The company is a leading domestic vehicle with stable performance for many years.

At present, the company’s joint venture is still in a strong product cycle, its profitability is stable, and it is in a strong upward trend.

The EPS is expected to be 3 in 2019-2021.



58 yuan, corresponding PE is 8 respectively.



4 times.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the industry’s prosperity is below expectations; the company’s product sales are below expectations.

CITIC Securities (600030) Annual Report Commentary: Leading Mergers Solidify Future Development

CITIC Securities (600030) Annual Report Commentary: Leading Mergers Solidify Future Development

Event: The company achieved operating income of 372 in 2018.

21 trillion, an average of 14 in ten years.

02%, achieving net profit of 93%.

90ppm, ten years average 17.

87%; total assets 6531.

US $ 3.3 billion, an increase of 4 from the end of the previous year.

41%, the net assets of the mother 1531.

4.1 billion yuan, an increase of 2.

twenty three%.

Investment points: The overall leader is solid and the competitive advantage is obvious: Due to the weak market performance, the company’s performance has fluctuated slightly. It is mainly dragged down by self-employed, investment banking and brokerage businesses, and accrues income impairment.Overall solid.

Judging from the disclosed annual reports and performance reports, the company’s operating income, net profit, total assets and net assets ranked first, and its competitive advantage was obvious.

Wealth management transformation was fully launched, and the market share of the brokerage market increased against the market: In 2018, the market-wide stock base transaction volume extended by nearly 20%, while the market share of CITIC Securities increased to 6 against the trend.

09%, keeping the industry second.

The company is the most securities brokerage with wealth management genes. Its clients, especially high-net-worth clients, are rich in resources and sticky alternatives. In 2018, the company renamed the Brokerage Business Development and Management Committee as the “Wealth Management Committee” to comprehensively transform wealth management and future transformation.With continuous upgrades, branch offices serve as regional customer acquisition platforms, and the future development of the market is worth looking forward to.

Asset management revenue has increased, and active management continues to exert its strength: the company achieved net asset management revenue of 58 in 2018.

$ 3.4 billion, an annual increase of 2.

27%, asset management scale 1.

34 trillion yuan, including 552.8 billion yuan in active management, both ranking first in the industry.

The company’s asset management business performed well, mainly due to the reduction of channel business and the active promotion of the transformation of investment and research results, the continuous expansion of the scale of active management, which resulted in the continued strength of the fund business and revenue growth9.

08%, stemming from the company’s increasing investment and research capabilities, the continuous enrichment of fund products, and the continuous development of institutional business.

The strength of the investment bank broke through, and the launch of the science and technology board was good for business development: The company’s investment bank continued to maintain its leading position. In 2018, the territory distribution underwriting scale was US $ 178.3 billion, with a market share of 14.

75%, the scale of bond underwriting is 765.9 billion yuan, and the market share is 5.

11%, ranking first in the industry.

After the launch of the science and technology board, securities firms with outstanding pricing capabilities and strong sales 武汉夜网论坛 capabilities will stand out in the new round of competition, the company’s investment banking advantages will be more obvious, and the city’s share will further increase.

The acquisition of Guangzheng strengthens the strength of the South China region and encourages employees to inspire vitality: If the company successfully acquires Guangzhou Securities, it will strengthen the company’s strength in the South China region and share the dividends of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The company released the draft employee stock ownership plan on March 4. If it is successfully implemented, it will help the company to bind high-quality talents and elders to improve the company’s operating efficiency and profitability.

Investment suggestion: The company’s leader is generally very stable, with strong performance and strong competitive advantages.

Against the backdrop of structural reforms on the financial supply side, the company, as a leading broker, attempts to enjoy the dividends of direct financing for capacity expansion.

If the acquisition of Guangzheng will expand the strength of South China and implement employee incentives to improve operational efficiency, we are optimistic about the company’s future development and maintain a “buy” investment rating.

Risk factors: market volatility exceeds expectations, operating conditions are less than expected, risk of M & A failure

Industrial Bank (601166): Steady improvement in asset quality and steady earnings growth

Industrial Bank (601166): Steady improvement in asset quality and steady earnings growth

Investment points: Industrial Bank’s asset structure has been gradually adjusted while asset quality has been steadily improved, so as to maintain 19 years of stable endogenous growth and maintain a “scale market” rating.

  Although the growth rate of revenue has decreased, the growth rate of profits has remained basically the same.

Societe Generale Bank recently released its 2019 performance report, and in 2019, it initially achieved two growth rates in revenue.

55%, compared with 19 in the first three quarters.

18% decline, we think it is mainly due to the gradual disappearance of the low base effect in 19Q4, the single quarter revenue growth in the fourth quarter was extended2.


The initial net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 is expected to achieve a ten-year growth rate.

66%, a growth rate of 8% in the first three quarters.

52% increased slightly, the growth rate in the fourth quarter of the single quarter was 9.


We calculate a minimum effective tax rate of 10.

8%, a slight increase of 0 from the 2018 full year ranking.

Eight shareholders, we believe that tax-free assets are still one of the company’s asset-side allocations.

  The growth rate of total assets is stable, and the proportion of loans may increase further.

Express performance report shows that Industrial Bank ‘s total assets in the final period of 19Q4 increased by 6 years.


The company’s half-year growth rate of total assets has stabilized at around 6% since the end of the second quarter.

Considering that the highest average growth rate of loans in the first three quarters was above 20%, we expect that loans will also maintain the same growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2019, and the proportion of loans will further increase.

The company’s loan ratio at the end of 3Q19 has increased by 4 compared with the end of 2018.

9 up to 49.


  NPL ratio continued to decline and asset quality improved.

The performance report shows that the non-performing rate at the end of 19Q4 was 1.

54%, down 1BP from the previous month.

The company’s non-performing rate has gradually declined since mid-2019.

At the end of 19Q2 and 19Q3, the interest rate of interest loans decreased marginally along with the non-performing rate. At the end of the two seasons, the interest rate of loans fell by 23 and 3BP, respectively.

We believe that the marginal decline in both the non-performing ratio and the interest-oriented loan ratio reflects that the company’s asset quality is gradually improving marginally.

  Investment Advice.

Industrial Bank’s asset structure has been gradually adjusted while the quality of its assets has been steadily improved, thereby maintaining a steady, endogenous growth of 19 years.

We use the DDM model (assuming the company’s EPS for the next three years is 3.

10, 3.

47, 3.

92 yuan, the fourth to tenth year of net profit growth was 8.

0%, the dividend ratio is 25%; the net profit growth rate in the sustainable phase is 5.

0%, perpetual dividend payout ratio is 30%, risk discount reorganization9.

73%) to get a reasonable value of 26.

08 yuan, and the comparable estimation method, according to the PB-ROE model, the company’s 2019E PB statistics are doubled (comparable company average 1).

10 times), corresponding to a reasonable value of 成都桑拿网 23.38 yuan.

Therefore, the 2019 PB assessment is given1.


12 times, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 23.


08 yuan (corresponding to PE for 2019 is 7).


4 times, the average PE of comparable companies is 8.

14 times), give “previous market” rating.

  Risk warning: the company’s ability to repay its debts has declined, and the quality of its assets has deteriorated severely; major changes have occurred in financial regulatory policies.

Previous rice and glutinous rice have some differences

Previous rice and glutinous rice have some differences

Grains and rice are headed.

The fragrant rice has always been an essential staple food for the Chinese.

Southerners are used to eating glutinous rice, while northerners prefer previous rice. What are the differences between the two kinds of rice?

  “Previous rice and glutinous rice were the two most common and most commonly eaten rice.

Liu Fangcheng, a senior engineer at the Beijing Food Society, told the Life Times that the rice grains were short, wide and elliptical, so some people called it “fat rice”. Common crystal rice, northeast rice, pearl rice, etc.Glutinous rice is deformed. Commonly used are Thai basmati rice and Chinese fragrant rice.

Because there are many rice grown in the north and more japonica rice in the south, there are some regional differences in eating habits.

  “These two kinds of rice are very nutritious, but there are still some differences.

Liu Fangcheng pointed out that the previous rice’s gel consistency requirement is greater than 70, and the glutinous rice only requires more than 60, so the rice is always much more sticky than the glutinous rice.

However, the protein content of glutinous rice is higher than the previous rice, the protein content of glutinous rice is more than 8%, and the previous rice is only 7%.

  Because of the gelatinization temperature, gel consistency, rice grain elongation, and flavor of the two rice varieties, the method of consumption varies.

Liu Fangcheng said that it has always been a high consistency of rice gelatin, suitable for porridge, used to make porridge; glutinous rice amylose and protein content is high, steamed rice is placed in a soft and delicious.

In addition, the previous rice has a certain antihypertensive and lipid-lowering effect, while the glutinous rice has the effect of warming the stomach and helping the yang.

People can choose according to their own taste and constitution when eating.

In addition, Liu Fangcheng also reminded everyone: “No matter how the meter, the heating time should not be too long, otherwise the vitamin will be lost a lot.

Six rules for husband and wife loving together

Six rules for husband and wife loving together

1, often remember the love: love is the precursor of marriage, men and women in love, the kind of affection, a moment of hard to leave, it is really wonderful.

After marriage, often recalling the pre-marital love scene, can evoke the emotional resonance of the couple, and add romantic emotions in the memories, yearning for the future, thereby enhancing the relationship between the couple.

  2. Arrange the “honeymoon” again: The honeymoon during marriage is the time when the couple have the strongest feelings.

At that time, the two set aside all the disturbances and completely entered the world of love over honey and enjoyed the joy of “Eden”.

After marriage, if you can take advantage of holidays and arrange “honeymoons” that vary in time every year, such as traveling to a different place, recreating the love world of the two, and revisiting the dreams of the past, you will continue to set off waves of love and make the couple ‘s feelings more and more intense.
  3. Celebrating commemorative holidays: wedding anniversary, partner’s birthday, commemorative anniversary, etc., are important days in the love history of both parties.

At that time, taking an appropriate form to commemorate it will make both sides feel that the other side has a deep love for themselves, which will have a great effect on consolidating the relationship between husband and wife.

  4. Compensation for past love debts: Too many couples use the ideal form to return to each other’s love when they are married due to conditions, such as replacing honeymoon, buying a decent gift for the lover and so on.

A few years later, when the conditions are right, remember to complete these unfinished matters in order to repay the debts owed in the past, which will make the other party feel that you are a very affectionate and affectionate person, and love youIt will multiply. For example, many gay men buy gold jewelry for their loved ones after marriage, and many couples who have passed the age retake wedding photos.

  5, learn to please your lover: some men and women, when dating with each other before marriage, always try to please each other, but after marriage, they no longer care about each other’s feelings about themselves.

This approach will hurt the relationship between the couple.

Therefore, after marriage, lesbians must be gentle and caring, and care for their husbands as usual; while gays should carefully understand the wife’s inner feelings, not only to take care of his wife everywhere, but also to learn some skills to please his wife.For example, as a high-ranking ginseng for her clothing purchases, help her make a beauty plan, and come to humor from time to time.

  6. Create unexpected surprises: Unexpectedly surprise each other, often leading to the role of emotional “stimulants”.

Therefore, creating a little surprise is good for enhancing the relationship between husband and wife.

Such as hiding the other party, bringing his or her relatives in the distance to meet, buying the same thing for the other, creating an event for the couple that the other party did not prepare but loved, etc., may be unexpectedly unexpected.In this way, the flowers of strong feelings burst out in surprise, setting off a jubilant love wave.

Yoga moves to solve gastrointestinal problems

Yoga moves to solve gastrointestinal problems

When it comes to gastrointestinal problems, almost everyone has them. Some people spend a lot of money still can’t solve the problem, which is really a headache.

Gastrointestinal complications and causes are more common: 1.

Ulcers: Gastric ulcers or duodenal ulcers. The cause of ulcers is generally that the organs are stimulated by food such as coffee, alcohol, spices, or exacerbated by mental fatigue, and some are caused by incorrect posture;

Loss of appetite: there are many reasons, such as excessive mental fatigue, insomnia, inflammation of the stomach, intestine, liver, kidney and other parts, constipation, dysentery, etc .; 3.

Chronic gastritis: Divided into hyperacidity with too much fluid and anacidity without gastric acid secretion; 4.

Chronic ulcers: Causes of eating too much, drinking too much, lack of gastric acid, lack of digestive juice caused by pancreatic disorders, diseases of the small and large intestines, and neurosis

Constipation: Because the peristalsis of the large intestine is weak, the abdominal muscles are also weak, and the instructions of the brain and the intestine do not cooperate, which is caused by excessive use of laxatives.

If the disease is not very serious, as long as the tension is eliminated and blood circulation is improved, correct adjustment of the autonomic nerves on the spine can quickly obtain obvious results.

The more effective methods are: 1.

Name: Baby-style movements: 1) Lie on your back, bend your right knee, hold your hands to the upper part of the abdomen, and inhale and press on the abdomen.

  2) Exhale, raise your head, touch your knees, keep your left leg straight, hold for 10 to 15 seconds, and return.

  3) Hold your knees, press your knees to the upper level, exhale, lift your head and touch your knees, take a deep breath 4 times, return to relax, repeat the other leg.

  Role: Treat constipation and increase bowel movements.


Name: Crocodile-style action: 1) Lie on your back with your arms flat and your palms facing down on the floor.

  2) Inhale and lift your left leg at a right angle.

  3) Exhale, hold your left leg to the right, and keep your shoulders steady for 5 to 10 seconds.

  4) Inhale, lift your left leg at a right angle, exhale back to its original position, and repeat the other leg.

  Tip: Also do your legs together.

Or bend your knees and lie on your back, and your knees will fall down.

  Role: Treatment and prevention of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and low back pain.

Trick to teach you through his nonsense

Trick to teach you through his nonsense

Scene one: Wife: Why do you always come home so late?
  Husband: There are a lot of things in the unit during this time.
  Breaking through the diorama: I occasionally go home late one or two times, and may really work overtime in the unit, but return late every day for a week or two or even a month or two in a row.
If he happens to be a new female secretary or driver during this time, and if his client partner is a beautiful and single woman, it is even more doubtful.
  Clues: A. When I got home, supper was eaten out.
  B. Laying in bed in the morning.
Although he said that the unit was busy, he would rather be late or hit and sleep for two more hours.
  C. When you tell him things, he always can’t remember.
He was told to change the light bulb in the bathroom, but he bought a new lampshade and returned.
>>> Treasures Alternative countermeasures for the third party “wisdom retreat” Mrs. Kwon countermeasures: Kwong A, come home later than him.
If necessary, occasionally do not return all night.
  B. Pretend to be on the way, often visit his unit.
Remember to dress like a noble white swan.
  C. Make the home more comfortable, then make a good table, prepare his favorite wine, make a cup of hot tea and wait for him to go home, so that he realizes that the person who loves him the most is you or you.
  Scenario No. 2 Wife: How come the salary is so small these months?
  Husband: I funded a child out of school.
  Dividing the Diorama: If it is a friend ‘s marriage and followers, he will notify you in advance; if the work is mistaken and the bonus is deducted, it is only occasional.
But the salary he has given you is getting less and less for several months in a row, and he insists that you give a noble and perfect reason until you ask, it is difficult to guarantee that he is not fooling you.
If by the way he tells you the way . then you can be more sure that he is engaged in some less noble activities under the noble coat.
>>> The only reason for a man to get married[Pictures and signs: A. Occasionally there will be lipstick marks on the neckline, and there will be one or two long brown or red hairs on the sweater.
  B. His singing skills and dancing skills have suddenly improved.
  C. He renovated in the spouse’s house.
  D. The phone shuts down intermittently, explaining that the phone is out of power-lies are always used to cover up and improve.
  Mrs. Countermeasure: A. Occasionally follow.
It’s not bright, but it is the most effective way.
  B, knock sideways.
To get to know someone, look at the friends around him and find out what those people are doing.
  C. Buy designer fashion, go to a beauty salon, sign up for a ballet training class—in a word, reinvent youth and spend money on beauty.