Constructing a new Singapore Sathemum "Family Education Community" unveiled in Hangzhou Jiande

  Youth education, can’t stay in school and teacher, parents can’t be absent. On November 20th, the College of Continuing Education, Zhejiang University, unveiled the "Family Education Community" in Xin’anjiang Middle School, explored the new path of home schools, building schools, families, and social development, new style.

  What is "Family Education Community"? Simply, it is to cooperate with Xin’anjiang Middle School with Xin’anjiang Middle School through the School of Continuing Education, Zhejiang University, which has created a multi-educational, high-efficiency learning exchange platform. Talented.

  This is the innovation of the innovation for family education to replenish the short board for family education. "The ‘Double Reduction’ policy, the importance of family education is more embarrassed.

"Xin’an River Middle School Principal Xia Jiaan Zuo, the school and family need to reduce what, add anything, how to add and subtrack, reach the school and family education 1 + 1 greater than 2 effects, teachers, parents It also needs to be better and more systematically learned.

"We built the platform, for the implementation of the family education and teachers’ family education and teacher’s family education guidance" "reporter learned, next, Zhejiang University City College continued college will seize expert field investigation Based on the informative data, it is aimed at the urgent needs of family education in the current homes and the urgent needs of parents. It has targeted research, opening corresponding "Parents School" courses, and enhances the guidance of Xin’anjiang Middle School teachers. Ability to provide close-up training and help.

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Country tour, the beautiful village is rich farmhouse (first-line investigation · Tour village string to explore Xing)

  In recent years, rural tourism has developed rapidly.

There is data show: Since 2015, rural leisure tourism is growing in an average annual rate of 10%. In 2019, rural leisure tourism directly drives the number of employment people to 12 million, driving more than 8 million households.

Rural tourism not only provides a variety of choices for people, but also provides strong kinetic energy for rural residence.

  After the development of Hedans Highway, the ecological tourism is a small rain, and the fog is holding a green mountain. Tourists arrived in Shaanxi Fangtang Village in Shaanxi, where to settle down, and enjoyed the mountain.

"I ride more than 1,000 kilometers from Nanjing to travel, I have seen a lot of beautiful scenery, not fake!" The small snack shop in the village, the door, the door, the store, the Gao Peng Tao speed tap the keyboard, order to the customer.

"We rented the old house of the villagers, you can see Qingshan, watch the Yunhai, the main product is pulled with tofu, one day can sell more than 1,000 copies." Gao Peng Tao said. The waiter Ren Xuefeng is the village of Fangti Village. She didn’t go out of work last year. "Earn 3000 pieces at home, can also take care of the place in home, no longer run in both.

"Talking about today’s life, happiness is on the face of Xuefeng. In the village, the farmhouse is full of car, the stove is fire, the tourists or dining or taste … Fangti Village is located The top of the Lushan Hill, was identified as poor village in 2014, and the incidence of poverty reached 30%.

"Because it is remote, it has become a poor village.

Now visitors come, good scenery drums the villagers’ pockets.

"The Village Branch Chen Hongwu said. Change from a road.

In 2013, Huanshan Road walked in the village, let the mountain goods go down, visitors go up.

  Do not destroy the environment, no big demolition, and the beautiful hillivays are transforming tourism resources into development power. Chen Hongwu said: "The previous year, we held the first ‘蟠 蟠 节’, the traffic is blocked from the village to the foot of the mountain, 8 mi.

"There are many tourists, the villagers’ mountain goods do not need to go down the mountain, the roadside stall can be sold. Service is also upgraded, an old house hangs a new house -" Fangtang Village Supply and Market ", visitors can buy here Many products and handmade products in the village.

Dai Yonggang, the first secretary of the village: "We are buying a batch of mobile shopping carts, and the villagers can rent them at any time, and the environment in the village is more standardized." The change has a concept. At the beginning of this year, the village Zhu Bo opened a "Bo Bo Meat Collapse" store.

"My store is equipped with the city, the health standard to the fast food restaurant in the city, the ingredients directly from the field to the table, tourists eat more assured.

"Zhu Bo said." Last year, due to the epidemic, ‘蟠 蟠 节’ did not do. This year, I have to be hot, and the ecological tourist rice, the more you eat, the more beautiful! Dai Yong Steel said.

Anti-drying, let’s drink duck soup together

In the summer, it is the second spring of autumn. Although it is still a rhythm of cool summer, it is a hot summer day, indicating that the hot summer day is coming. "Monthly Seventy-two intentions" said: "Affairs, stop. Summer is here.

"The Fifth Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the study of Chinese medicine practitioners Liang Jianning explained that from this throttle, climate characteristics is hot, cold, cold, less temperature difference, less precipitation, low air humidity. Under this climate environment, People are more likely to have superstead dryness, and dryness of dry lips.

Thus, the keyword of health will be to prevent drying.

How to "prevent dry and protect the Yin", you may wish to buy duck soup.

"Autumn wind, duck fertilizer".

Chinese medicine believes that ducks are sweet, salty, sexually cold, have nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, the utility in swelling and swelling, clearing the lungs, can be used to treat heat, pneumonia cough, nephritis edema, urinary disorders. "Japanese Materia Medica" records, ducks can "Zi Dualized Yin, Qinglan Heat, Completion of Shuisheng, and Stomach Shengjin".

It is recommended to make a healthy side of the duck soup composition: the northern sand ginseng 30g, lily 30g, 150g of duck meat. Method: Northern sand ginseng, lilies, duck meat, respectively, put in the pot, add the right amount, first boil, stery with a small fire to the duck, and season. Function: Yang Yin Runfei, clearing the phlegm.

Used in lung yin deficiency cough, etc. All duck melon soup composition: ducks go to Mao and internal organs, winter melons 2000 kg (not peeled), 100 grams of thin pork, 50 grams of glutinous rice, lotus, 30 grams of northern sand ginseng. Method: The above is washed, and the same is placed in the pot, add the amount of water, first boil, stery the fire to the duck, and season. Function: Jianpi Yiqi, nourishing yin and clearing.

Used for insufficient edema, small and unfavorable.

(Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yu Yanhong correspondent Wang Wei).

British prostitutes are difficult to solve "Deast" dead knots

【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【【# On the 12th, the British Prime Minister Tresa Mei facing the party is not trusted to vote. The news was out, and the pound was on the dollar exchange rate.

In the context of the future of the European Agreement, if the prime minister can no longer pass the invisit, I am forced to resign, "Deast" will completely fall into a mess.

Based on the leaders of the conservative party, if Mei will step down, the New Party Kui needs a few weeks to produce, which will lead to the "off" agreement to negotiate with the EU and pass on the parliament on time.

In the words of the prime minister, "This will cause ‘Detest’ delay and even cancellation." But only a few hours later, many of the people in the pacedered party voice, and the prime minister.

If you don’t trust the voting has not been held, the statement that the promise to support the Prime Minister has exceeded the legal half. In the end, the pride did not accidentally win untrusted voting, which means she has a shocking in the road to "off" road. This Prime Minister "The Backyard" promotes the "Deep Agreement" in the parliament in the parliament, but there is no help in the party’s "Deutum" in the party to disclaimed the "Deutum" death of the current entry. This distrust of the voting is not about "whether it passes the ESP protocol", and some extent is not the vote on the "Prime Minister should look at", it has become a "pre-prime minister should ‘now’ now". " Voting of the right candidates.

At present, Mei is still "the least bad" leader.

  Members of the Conservative Party stems from the prime minister from the "Deuts". Last month, the British and European Agreement reached the draft European Agreement triggered political turmoil, including a number of government officials, including two cabinet, resigned, the prime minister leadership once encountered the party’s internal and external challenges.

At that time, the Senior Mr Month, and the "Deep" sports promoter Jacob Lis-Moger put forward the "non-confident polling motion" of the Prime Minister in the party, and considered the "Deep" protocol to the European Union. "Determination of the key rights". When the Conservative Party launched an untrust to vote, the Prime Minister is negotiating with the EU aspect.

  British public opinion believes that although the Prime Minister has spent the leadership crisis in the party, it is not unresolved by the "Deep" agreement in the parliament. Before this vote, the British opposition party, the Scottish National Party, the Liberal Democratic Party leader sounded, and accused the Conservative Party to let the Britain fall into the current "Deo" confusion, the leadership of the prime minister. Analysts believe that Mei this is not able to change the objection to the "Deep" agreement, and Members of the Conservative Party opposition agreement remain restrictive by the interests of the electoral voters, whether their attitude will change after this vote Still waiting to be observed.

  Marskist, the next court, said that Merx Ffi said that Mei has passed the party’s distrust, and she hopes that the "off" agreement passes throughout the parliament, but she doesn’t have a good trust ticket. "Deutum" is so boring, and no one knows what the British will eventually "detelect".

At present, if the Prime Minister cannot obtain a concession on the provisions of the European Agreement in the EU, the British Parliament veto agreement, the UK’s ultimately "no protocol de-Europe" will increase.

  This will allow the pound exchange rate to continue to fluctuate, prospects. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Daxing’anling Intermediate People’s Court actively promotes the creation of provincial civilized units

Original title: Daxing’anling Intermediate People’s Court actively promotes the creation of civilization Recently, Daxing’anling Intermediate People’s Court held a provincial civilized unit model to create a work promotion, the construction of the intermediate-institution, the provincial civilized unit model creation, and then supervised.

The meeting discussed the implementation plan of the establishment of the provincial civilized model unit, and the specific work tasks of each studio department were responsible for decomposition, and the deployment of the creating work in the lower stage.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to attach great importance to the creation of work, and the creation of civilized models is integrated into the daily work, forming a normal state. To deal with the quilted table evaluation, according to the responsibility decomposition plan, implement the tasks. It is necessary to condense, cooperate with work, and meet the test acceptance with high quality work, fully demonstrate the good image of the people’s court. The meeting emphasizes that it is necessary to attach great importance to the first, and further strengthen the "innovative" consciousness; to compact responsibility, do the fine, further grasp the task of "innovation"; pay attention to effectiveness, coordination, further highlight "creation" Effect. Creating a work should be carried out through strong organizational, perfect solutions, solid activities, in place, and grasp the negative list, and achieve the purpose of improving the individual quality and unit of the whole hospital. (Editor: Wang Yan, Zhao Yi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shenfu New District launched a special rectification of "business environment construction

  On November 4, the reporter learned from the Shenfu New District Management Committee that in the context of "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education in the province, Shen Pixing new district concentrated on "business environment construction outstanding issues" special rectification work I strive to open the "last kilometer" of the service enterprise, and strive to build the benchmark area to optimize the investment business environment in Northeast China. The quality of the window is not high, the corporate mass "difficult", the implementation of tax reduction and tax reduction policy is not in place, the business environment complaints issue is low, and the business office in Shenfu New District has a targeted manner. The program has determined 14 specific propulsive measures. The responsibility departments refine the work measures according to the division of labor, set the timetable and roadmap, implement the "Daily Report, Weekly" system, and ensure that the measures to rectify the work on time The order is triggered.

  At present, the Shenfu New District Government Service Center is currently monitored to the business process by enabling the autonomous administrative efficiency monitoring system.

If you come to wait for the waiter or the business handler over the set standard early warning threshold, the system will remind the management personnel through SMS to help manage the problems, provide better and efficient, high-quality and efficient Serve.

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Shijiazhuang: Deepening the Tax Police Collaboration Synthetic Combat Center results

People’s Daily Weiner Shijiazhuang is on August 20th, and 110 cases of the criminal suspect, and the tax loss is 87.94 million; successfully launched 5 national cluster campaign, completed 53 foreign hit mission; clean-out The standard should be 128. In the final warring center of Shijiazhuang City, the Synthesis Competition Center of the Tax Violation Crimes, deepening the tax police collaboration and effective.

Shijiazhuang City Combating the Tax Violation Crime Dataization Synthesis Synthesis Synthesis Synthesis August 20, on August 20, 2020, it was established in the Shijiazhuang City Taxation Bureau, which is the first national capital city.

Under the leadership of the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Taxation Bureau and the Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee, actively promote prevention, the center deepens the expansion of tax police collaboration, cooperates, and maintains taxation, rectifying and regulating tax order, and safeguarding national tax safety Provide powerful support.

Since the establishment of the Synthetic Combat Center, through the enhancement personnel equipped with hardware equipments, build data platforms, implement the personnel synthesis, data synthesis, functional synthesis, and further optimize law enforcement methods, and strengthen combined strike.

A series of special actions such as "lightning" "flashing" "strike the defrauding tax", strengthen the clues and research, pay attention to the full chain blow.

With the strong support of the tax department, relying on the combined data analysis advantage of the synthetic combat center tax police, excellent results in the Piloting the Ministry of Public Security, practical exercise. In the Hebei Provincial Tax Bureau, the Red Blue Dynamic Fair, which is jointly carried out by the Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau, and the Red Brigade, Xingtai, Langfang as the Blue Team, which is the Blue Brigade, and Xingtai, Langfang is the blue team. 1084 companies conducted research and analysis, in a month, the synthetic combat center analyzes data billions, penetrates more than 6,000 households, and constructs 4 models, 2 refining technical combat methods, and 118 cases involved. Lock 396 accounts involved.

At the beginning of this year, the Synthetic Combat Center found a major suspect in a company in data monitoring. According to the rapid settlement group according to the clues, only 5 days, the gang structure, overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, combing the judgment data 6400 10,000, fixed criminal evidence, and 4 criminal suspects, successfully cracked the first national tax-added value-added tax electronic special invoice case, received the full affirmation of the State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Public Security and the provincial party committee.

The case is the first-rate tax-related case of the public security and tax departments to start the rapid response mechanism, showing the advantages of "quick investment, speed" "investigation, co-organizer", and block the virtual open electronic ticket in the future Dismissal, combating new illegal crimes in the tax-related fields. It is understood that the two departments of the tax police will further increase the efforts of the tax-related crime, deepen the function of tax police contact mechanism, and strive to build solidization, synthesis, and normalize the tax-related crimes, and strive to maintain the maintenance. Economic tax order and social fairness and justice make new and greater contributions.

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Tianjin: Developing community social organizations to build a shared community home

Original title: Developing Community Social Organizations to build a shared community home reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to further promote the high-quality development of Tianjin Community Social Organization, play a greater role in innovative grassroots social governance, Tianjin has issued the development of Tianjin Community Social Organization Ten Measures will guide community social organizations to play a positive role in community service supply, community consultation, peaceful community construction, community spiritual civilization and other fields. Community social organizations are residents living in this community. The residential organizations have been established in the community, carry out social organizations such as people’s services, public welfare, neighboring mutual assistance, peace construction, cultural and sports and rural production technology services. .

Community social organizations facing the masses, active in the grassroots, serving residents, serving communities, serving society, and demand, the needs of the masses, the activities have mass participation, and the masses have judged. Top ten measures to develop community social organizations, including strengthening party building leaders, standardizing management system, and improving exiting mechanisms, boosing role, promoting "five social linkages", develop volunteer services, helps rural revitalization, cultivate talent team, improve platform construction, strengthen Publicity and other aspects.

The city will rely on community social organizations, build community-oriented, social workers as support, community social organizations, and community volunteers as a new type of community governance mechanism for the community charity resources.

Positive and regulate and regulate community social organizations participate in grassroots social governance, vigorously cultivate support for public welfare, service, mutual aid community social organization development. Promote government and social resources to tilt to rural community social organizations and agricultural service projects. By 2023, each rural community should create not less than an excellent community service team. (Reporter Liu Chao) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.

Talking about the red story inheriting the spirit of the Long March

  Figure 1: Maotai Town, Maotai Town, Moutai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province.

  Figure 2: A student hurts the red story of the Maotai Exhibition Hall in Maotai Town, Guizhou Renhuai City.

  Chen Yong photo (image China) Figure 3: Jiangxi’s central Red Army head of the county departures a monument.Huang Yangjun (image China) Figure 4: Red Army Bridge, Zhongfu Village, Nanshan Town, Chang Ting County, Fujian Province.Qiu Jiarui (People Vision) Figure 5: "Half of quilt" sculpture on the Sandhou Village Square in Yucheng County, Hunan Province.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zegeng Figure 6: Red theme cultural landscape of 4114 meters above sea level in Sichuan Mountain.

  Hao Liyi (Xinhua News Agency) Xi Jinping General Secretary emphasized that no matter which step in our career, we have to promote the spirit of great long march, continue to move forward in the new Long Zun Road.

  This year is the 85th anniversary of the Red Army Changjun Victory.

Through the construction of the national cultural park, it has highlighted significance, important impact, and cultural relics and cultural resources along the long prototype. For the full use of red resources, carry forward red tradition, inheriting red gene, and has a significant meaning.

  According to the "Long March National Cultural Park Construction Protection Plan", the construction of the National Cultural Park will integrate 15 provinces (districts, municipalities) cultural relics and cultural resources along the long prototype. According to the Hongjun Long Squiration, the overall space framework is constructed, strengthen control protection, theme Display, Wen Daoli, traditional use of Type 4 main functional area construction, implement protection inheritance, research excavation, environmental support, cultural integration, digital reproduction, education and training project.

  What is the progress of the construction of the national cultural park in Long March? What role will be played after a group of iconic projects? The reporter interviewed more.

  - The editor has more than 10 provinces, and the long drive is 25,000 miles, crossing nearly 100 rivers, climbing more than 40 high mountain danger peaks … Long March deposited a large number of long-term cultural relics and cultural resources.

In August of this year, the "Long March National Cultural Park Construction Protection Plan" was introduced.

According to the plan, the national cultural park is protected to protect the long qualifying cultural relics, tell the long-term story, inherit the spirit of the long march, use the long-term resources, and drive the long-term development as the overall construction target, will complete the construction protection work in three stages.

  The reporter learned that the current national cultural park construction work leading group is strengthening overall coordination, with the national development reform committee, culture and tourism department, and actively promotes the implementation of various construction tasks according to the planned target requirements, timetables and roadmaps, and actively .

  The National Cultural Park Construction Work Leading Group will have the national development reform committee, through local declaration, expert review, department review, local publicity, etc. Project reserve library. At the same time, it is guided to promote the construction of landmark projects arranged in central funds in the past two years.

Next, it will promote the landing of various tasks of planning, decline, implementation, and proliferation agree to print and discontinue the provincial planning, and guide the provincial (district, municipal) to promote major landmark projects to ensure the work goals. Launched the image marks and use specifications of national cultural parks, and select the importance of the importance.

Building a national cultural park official website and a digital cloud platform.

Actively guide the promotion of TV feature film "Song of Long March".

Guidely organize the Changzheng Cultural Development Forum.

Support for publishing a batch of long march theme boutique books, etc.

  Fujian Section – Differential Layout Characteristics This newspaper reporter Liu Xiaoyu face Pang Ximen, the body is standing, the shoe shoe is paddy – Fujian Longyan City Chang Ting County, the boy, the teenage red army wax display Eye-catching. On September 23, 1934, the Battle of the Matsushitelling was in this.

"The 14-year-old teenager wants to be a soldier, worried that the height is not enough, just put the straw on the shoe." Telling the staff Zhong Ming introduced that there were 6663 Red Army martyrs who have named Changting County, and there is more martyrs.

"Chang Tin County and Sanming City Ninghua County is one of the departures from Long March. It is also the key county of Long March National Cultural Park (Fujian Section). The Red Jiu Legion exhibition hall built in May last year, the Red Nine Legion is in the West Battle, a bit drop left by life is an important part of the Long March National Cultural Park (Changting Section). "We invited professional teams to prepare the development plan of Zhongfu Village, scientifically guided red tourism development and rural revitalization.

The Central Red Army head is under construction and the Memorial Memorial Hall of the Songjiling, which reflects this concept. Huang Wei, Manager, Chang Ting County Departure Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said in Loufu Village, Riverside Town, Zhongfu Village, China (Changting) Soil and Water Loss Control Museum opened in January this year. The system demonstrates the effectiveness of soil erosion in the current Soviet section.

  In August this year, Changting County was listed as the first batch of national cultural park cultural relics protection and use demonstration counties. Chang Ting County plans to use 4-year-old, key planning, construction, construction, mainly, the topic, and the integration, and traditional utilization.

  In the Ninghua County Changsheng spiritual education base, tourists stop watching photos and real things in the pavilion, feel the people who raise the "Thousands of Paper, Wanbily Food" for the Red Army.

Ninghua County Changsheng Mental Education Base is the key project of the construction of the National Cultural Park (Ninghua Section), in the "Wanli Long March" and "Military No." and "Military No.", the theme of the policy, this year, after opening this year, Teams and tourists more than 100,000 people.

  Ninghua County identified a number of major construction projects such as 2 Central Red Army’s long-term departure land and the Long March Academy, Changzheng Trail, 8 sub-projects have been completed or put into use.

  "We use the Central Red Military League Route as the main shaft," in Changting County and Ninghua County as the core construction area, forming a ‘first-line diced two-core two-way two gardens with Fujian characteristics, multi-point’ spatial layout, The uncompredational focus, and it is not blind.

The person in charge of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of Fujian Provincial Party Committee said. This year, the national opera "Song Longling’s Love" was staged in the National Grand Theater. Huang Wei said: "The Love of" Song Longling "has become a long Tentin’s long-term projects from the departure of tourism infrastructure and red cultural creative bases, and then we plan to introduce immersive scientific projects such as virtual reality experience. ".

The 2nd China · Jade High Level Talent Entrepreneurship Competition

  On December 4th, "The Global · Infite Future" 2021 The 2nd China · Jidide High-level Talents Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Hangzhou Jiande.

Lu Wenge, Director of the Foreign Experts Bureau of Zhejiang Province, deputy minister, deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Communist Party of China, the Secretary of the Party Group of Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the party group of Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Zhu Chongmin, deputy director, the relevant leaders of Jiande City attended the event .

  It is reported that this competition is aimed at bio-medicinal, intelligent manufacturing, general aviation, and new materials and other key areas, and issues 274 projects in the world.

Single selection, 20 quality projects advance to the finals. "Project hard core" is the keyword of the finals of the finals mentioned more. The highlight of the high-level entrepreneurial project is frequently present.

The four-axis self-driving tilting rotor drone project is combined with the advantages of fixed wings and multi-rotation helicopters; the development of flexible wearable people’s health identification system R & D industrialization projects are intelligent into the flexible electronic technology on the basis of intelligent medical … Construction of the "Global Talents" signature, "unveiling" project and Fengda organization service, Jiande enterprise signing, the start of the 3rd Entrepreneurship Competition. The competition aims to superimpose through talents and projects of "seamless docking", achieving the advantages of technology and industries, promoting innovation chains and industrial chain associations.

The relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of Jiande Municipal Party Committee said: "In addition to the lead, it also pays back.

In order to ensure that the quality projects can erase sparks with the local posts, we have arranged relevant departments in the previous period to arrange relevant departments, venues, funds, etc. to do a good job. "Talents are not just the industrial policy, but also the city’s soft environment, including the business environment, and respect for" people ".

This year, Jiande introduced "16 people in the new government", constructed innovation and entrepreneurship, to create a good talent habitat. "The former two contests have opened the new style of global talents for Jade. We look forward to having more global entrepreneurial elites to participate in the third contest, providing strong scientific and technological support and talents with new rise in Jiande. Safeguard. "The relevant person in charge of the Jude People’s Bureau said.

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