Anhui Province Explore "Guide + Net Tour" service

  Recently, the Anhui Provincial Cultural and Tourism Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction and Management of Tourism Team", adapting to the tourism market small group, customized consumer demand, exploration tour guides and related service vehicles to apply for webmobile driving according to law The competency certificate and vehicle transport certificate provide tourists with "Guide + Net Tour" service. "Notice" proposes, the promotion application of the tour guide service appointment platform is actively promoted according to the national tourism supervision service platform, and actively promotes the management of electronic tour guide certificates, enrichs the practice information show, and promotes the application of the tour guide service reservation platform, convenient Guide practice, guarantee legal income; carry out unreasonable charges, travel agencies may not charge or change to the guide, margin, management fees, service fees, etc. Unreasonable fees, the tour guide industry may not register as a name to charge any Fee; Implementing the action of the tour guide into the scenic spots, encourages the A-level tourist scenic spot to exempt tickets for tour guides to practice activities or related activities related to practicing activities, and support tour guides to provide visitors in the A-level tourist scenic spot; strengthen " The gold medal guide "cultivated, and the" Golden Medical Guide "team was doubled in 3 years.

Play a good "Golden Medical Guide" studio pass, help, belt effect, support the "Golden Medical Guide" and the Cultivation Cultivation of Tour Guide Professional Students in Vocational Colleges.

Strengthening the assessment and management of senior guides, and conducts a group of special guides.

  In addition, "Notice" proposed, establish a comprehensive evaluation system for tour guide service quality, adhere to tourists’ evaluation as the guide, and excite the tour guide consciously enhance service quality. Establish and improve the tour guide credit file, promote the application of the national tourism supervision service platform credit management system, adhere to the principle of "should be included, listed in", and guide the city according to law, according to law, to organize the list of conflicts to be included in the subject list and implement credit discipline.

(Reporter Zhang Idea).

China Agricultural University of Hebei Province, Hebei Province, 45-jarig jubileumservice Land Revitalisering

In Quzhou County in Southern Hebei, een groep mensen die in deze 46 jaar stil wordt geworteld, werden ze gewekt door de lokale bevolking "Nong Dafa Leraar".

"Nong Dafror", is de bijnaam van de Chinese Local University-docenten en studenten van China Agricultural University, in het hart van Qu Zhou People, "Location University Leraar" is niet alleen een bijnaam, maar ook een soort van vertrouwen op het kracht van gemoedsrust.

Op de massa-onderwijspraktijk van het feest luidde de school in de 40e verjaardag van het Constructiebureau van het Quzhou-experimentele station.De mensen van Qu Zhou hebben hun gevoelens van landbouwmensen in hun gewone vorm uitgesproken.

Het School Party Committee riep de geest van leraren en studenten op de school, die de Geest van Qu Zhou promoot, en oefende de Geest van Qu Zhou.

Zhang Fuchun-team, China Agricultural University, innoveert en verifieert technologie, integreert technologie, integreert technologie, integreert technologie, integreert technologie en lost onderzoek en productie van fasevelenia op en het schrijven van de papieren in het land, het is ook een vleugels van technologie voor lokaal mensen.

De QUIXIAN Middelbare school Leraar Kwaliteitscursus van de Jeugd, hield de volksregering van Xingguo County in Xingguo Middle School

Om het enthousiasme van het onderzoek en het onderwijs en het onderwijs van leraren verder te stimuleren, bevordert de professionele groei van docenten, moedigen docenten aan, vooral jonge leraren om continu het onderwijsmethoden te verbeteren, de onderwijskwaliteit te verbeteren, 11 november, Xingguo County High School Physics Youth Teacher City Course Competition Het opnemen van het klaslokaal werd gehouden.

De vier jonge leraren voerden een klasse-display-activiteit uit in overeenstemming met de volgorde van de loterij, en het klaslokaal was vrij, de lesvorm was divers en de interactie tussen leraren en studenten en gemakkelijk en effici?nt vertoonde de solide professionaliteit en de actieve vooruitgang van de County’s jonge leraren.

Het volledige mededingingsproces, de rechters van de rechters die zich houden aan het beginsel van eerlijkheid en rechtvaardigheid, en de evaluatie van de klas van de vier leraren.Na een zorgvuldige beoordeling, Xing Guo Zhongxue Jing Yan was de eerste eerste prijs, en nam deel aan Xingguo County om deel te nemen aan de hoogwaardige leerwedstrijd in de middelbare school van Ganzhou.(国学 学学 李群).

At the beginning of the plateau, the recruits how to conduct physical training

Recently, a number of recruits in a certain organization in Tibet were carried out.

Qihe Xinxiao said, "Bao Jianfeng from grinding, plum blossoms". For veterans who are stationed in the snowy plateau, this truth understands. They root root here, they must have suffering, they have to live loneliness, they have to blind, they are suffering, they can better fulfill their mission. However, for new series, they need to face air thinner, cold, rain and snow, and need to adapt to new environment, new training, new tasks, this is not the next new environment. easy. For the simplest example, in daily life, most veterans can do only one piece of single clothes, just in the cold-spying winter, the spiritual training. However, our new comrades wear thick cotton coats, sometimes you may have a fever in a warm house. Why? This is because the new plateau, the body’s respiratory system, circulatory system, etc. have not fully adapted to the environment, climate, and physical fitness levels and the environment of high altitude, low air pressure and oxygen. There are many newcomers in previous years. Not afraid of tiger, but the plateau response still let them eat hard, and finally see the "powerful" of the plateau. Another group of new comrades are connected.

How to make them less detours, adapt to the plateau environment as soon as possible, and go to the new battle in soon? Perhaps, in addition to bravely facing positive attitude, scientific training is also a key way to accelerate the body and the plateau environment. For a few more time in the first high, pay more attention to more rest and exercise less. After a two weeks, the body slowly started, and some adaptive physical training can be performed, and the intensity should be controlled in a relaxed and pleasant range. The amount of exercise per day should be adapted to the physical condition, and the physical condition can increase the amount of exercise properly. For new comrades in the first high, military training can probably be divided into three stages, and each stage is about one month.

First, it is a military training that adapts to the plateau.

The so-called adaptation of the plateau training is that it does not have a plateau in the snow training in the snowy plateau environment.

Adaptive training is recommended for adaptive training with the following three methods.

First, improve the training of cardiopulmonary function. It is raised 50 times high, and then converted to the original half jump 30 times.

The number of groups starting with 3 groups, can be added slowly, resting between 1 minute between each group. The second is to train in the water.

Water in the water can improve the lung capacity of new comrades in a short time.

At the same time, the body turned abdominal breathing when he was suffocated, and the depth of breathing was expanded through the air box of the diaphragm. Three jumps in the original place. Standing in the same place, the left foot must be jumped outward, and the hands are played up, 50, 5 groups each time, can slowly add the number of groups. Second, it is a military training that is suitable for the plateau.

The so-called suitable plateau training, means that after the first phase of training, efforts have been made to let the new comrades in the snowy plateau to find their own training methods. Because everyone’s physical fitness is different, the physical fitness foundation is different, you need to find a training method suitable for you. First, take the slow run, the running slope is supplemented. Usually physical training is mainly jogging, speed and distance measurement according to your physical condition, and a running slope training weekly, a survival training helps to strengthen the leg strength of the new comrades and gradually increase the amount of lungs.

The second is to arrange appropriate intermittent training.

It is mainly to arrange some short-range fast sprint running, can be a runway of 50 meters or 80 meters, not necessarily a full speed sprint, probably 70% -80% power in full speed. In the process of running, slowly find the rhythm of running, this rhythm will have a lot of help to carry out 3,000 meters running and 5000 meters. The third is to arrange some strength training. The new soldiers are in the original plateau, and the power is generally to be improved. Some power training will be arranged after gradually adapting to the plateau, helping to lay a good physical fitness basis.

Push-ups, sit-ups, weights, race, snoring, weight, running, etc. are good choices.

Finally, it is a "suitable plateau" military training. The new comrades will take their own battle in the future, and I want to have some as a new position, you must have a good physical fitness. At this stage, some challenging physical training methods can be arranged to inspire everyone’s potential. First, the plateau frog jump, first jump for 20 or 30 meters, and then the frog jumps 25 or 30 meters, and then the one-foot jump back to the original place, that is, the group is completed. Generally, each training is at least 5 groups, and the group is resting for 2 minutes.

Second, the plateau combination relay run, one group, one person runs 30 meters, then exchanges each other, and another person runs 30 meters away, and then the two will go back to 60 meters. Inspiring, you can prevent cramps in running, or you can improve the strength of the recruit.

The third is to strengthen strength training.

In the outdoor training, we will carry out heavy heavy squats in the gym, horizontal bed push, prone legs and other training.

It is row with a small amount of minimalism. Fourth, long-distance load is pulled. Carrying up a tweed cup of 30 kilograms, walking on the ridge, the time is a whole day or two days. Plateau, scarce is oxygen, precious is the spirit. At the beginning of the plateau, scientific training is the key. Only this is a half-time.

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Urumqi Winter Network House Dedification This Saturday opening meets the conditions to complete the network number can enjoy the payment tax payment

Core Tip: 2021 Urumqi Winter Network House will open on November 20th, this housing fair is 42 days, ending on December 31.

Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Wang Yuanyuan) 2021 Urumqi Winter Network House will open on November 20th, this housing fair was 42 days, ending on December 31.

On November 16, the reporter learned from the Urumqi Real Estate Association, in order to promote the health and sustainable development of the Urumqi real estate market, meet the needs of the people, 2021 Urumqi Winter Network Housing will be on November 20th to 12 On the 31st on the 31th. In the meantime, the buyers pay 5,000 yuan to buy a house in the WeChat applet, and the network sign is completed during the exhibition, and you can enjoy the full subscription of the purchase of house deeds. In addition, buyers have completed the netcar, 5,000 yuan to buy a house, no reason to retreat at any time; after completing the network sign, you can transfer the 5,000 yuan deposit paid to the purchase price on the Husseng Building applet, and enter the pre- Selling fund supervision account. The capital real estate development company is actively registered, and the exhibitors involve various commercial housing such as high-rise residential, apartment residential, villa and office writing. All major housing companies will provide online stereoscopic living experiences for buyers by building a line of sale, VR look at the house, online live broadcast and other forms. Buying a house can search for the mobile WeChat to search for Anju Guangxia applet. Click on the online room to understand the details. If you have any questions, you can contact the staff at online consultation.

People’s Daily Like Jinan Construction Higher Horizontal Civilized City: Civilization Creates National Participation

Jinan – civilized creation of the whole people participated in the reporter Xu Jingeng Xiao Jiaxin "This pothoish road can be repaired, and there is my credit" "Beer house noise pollution, it is I am in time to solve" … Shandong Jinan Tianqiao District North Wang Mingying, member of Tan Street "Photographer", said. Through the form of "hand shot", the shooters discover the weak links and uncivilized phenomena in civilized cities, assist the street community in time and quickly solve the problem.

"Creating a higher level of civilized cities, it is to let the people sing the protagonist. Yang Feng, the Standing Committee of the Jinan Municipal Committee, Yang Feng, Minister of Propaganda Department, said Jinan specialized in forming" the citizens "" Quancheng Volunteers "and encourage the general public to take" Chuangcheng actuator ", Build a new situation in the construction of civilized cities.

At present, Jinan City has a volunteer service to organize 10,000 volunteers all over the whole city, and more than 20,000 volunteer activities will be carried out each year, and more than 10 million people are served.

In 2020, "Epidemic Prevention and Control, Volunteer has" civilized practice activities, more than 1.6 million people participating in volunteers.

The departments of all levels in Jinan are most concerned about the masses, reflecting the strongest problems, and do a good job in the good things of the people’s livelihood, doing the practical things of the people, solve the small things around the masses, and further form the people "gain" "" The vivid situation of dry ". Jinan founded the "Discount" platform, annually around a theme, organizes government department representatives, and the Committee on the CPPCC, and experts scholars went to the masses, negotiating things, after at least 3 mutually investigations, live broadcasts, local TV stations and other media participated, and Making into a special table disclosure. The Foshan Scenic Area is the core area of ??the Qianfoshan National Scenic Area. There are many architecture to invade the forest green space, and the public reflects strong.

Nowadays, illegal construction is demolished, the construction site becomes a green square.

"It is the whole people cooperated, and all the people participate, formation of a civilized city to create cooperation." The citizen said.

In the 12345 hotline in Jinan, specialized in establishing civilization and progress, its original intention is to turn the public to the "List of Licenses" created by the "Responsibility List" of Daily Life.

To this end, Jinan took the lead in establishing the streets of the public’s "12-hour claimation, 24-hour reform", and accepting the proposal to handle the masses, and the appeal was nearly 7 million pieces. The public Su Xi Rong is a photographer. In her lens, the Green Tree in Jinan is more, and the four seasons are more.

In recent years, Jinan has increased efforts to promote more than 20,000 pieces of small things around the people.

Sun Lisheng, Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Secretary of Jinan City, said that Jinan City established the people-oriented thinking, and painted "same heart" in the creation of civilized cities, and better satisfies the people’s good life. .

The "Project Sheriff System" in the rain lake area is a key project escort

On July 18th, the Xiangtan Public Security Bureau Yuhu Branch of the City, the police station quickly attacked, and 5 people who were arrested and quickly cracked a stealing case involving key projects involving the region. After investigation, 5 people were suspected of on July 16th, 17th, the scrap reinforcement of Xiang Yunding project demolition project will be more than 20,000 yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of the Yuhu Public Security Bureau, in order to protect key projects and corporate development, the district is implemented in the local system, and the project is guaranteed to protect the project construction. In March of this year, the rainhu district is equipped with "project alarm" in the region of 138 key construction projects in the region. Each "Project Sheriff" passes regular visits, regular schedules, to provide enterprises to provide security, legal consultation, dispute adjustment, etc. , As a good business security guard.

At the same time, in the enterprise to carry out publicity of foreign economic crimes, severely playing contract fraud, infringement of intellectual property, etc.

Up to mid-July, "Project Sheriff" visited the project (enterprise) more than 710 times, 12 of the project (enterprise) illegal suspects, cracked 6 related cases, and more than 30 discovery contradictions disputes. In order to make all the service measures, the Rainwater Public Security Bureau also established a special inspector mechanism for business environment, established a service enterprise office, multi-channel acceptance report public security organs in an optimized business environment, and chaos. Discover the problem special supervision within a timely rectification, spare no effort to ensure the smooth progress of the project construction.

(Reporter Jiang Rui correspondent in super) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei).

The season of eating chestnuts is here, these three categories have eaten good for the body!

It’s time to eat the season of chestnuts, the rigs that have just been baked in the street are sweet. Chestnuts can be said to be "autumn limit", is the fruit of autumn, and it is also a food gave us in nature. What is the characteristic of chestnut in nutrient ingredients? Chestnut belongs to nuts, but the ingredient is close to the food. It is not as rich as other nuts, and the fat content of cooked chestnuts is about%, while its carbohydrate content is more, accounting for 46%, which is higher than steamed rice (% of carbohydrate).

From the heat, 100 grams of cooked chestnut (10 or so) is 214kcal, about 2 times the roast rice, so if the chestnut eats, it must reduce the intake of staple food.

However, the heat of chestnuts is much less than other nuts, such as 100 grams of dry walnut heat is 646kcal, 100 grams of fried almond calorie is 618kcal, which is much higher than the chestnut. Therefore, under the premise of controlling the total heat of the day, the right amount of dot chestnuts, such as 4-6 per day, is ok. Chestnut contains protein, dietary fiber, carotene, and a variety of nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium.

The following three types of people are appropriate to eat some chestnuts to the body: people who often "bad mouth" contain a lot of vitamins that are good for oral mucosa, such as vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is also named riboflavin, if the body is lacking, oral, skin, reproductive and other inflammatory responses.

  For example, the "bad mouth corner" of the people often say, it is related to infection, and is also related to the lack of vitamin B2.

Serious lack of vitamin B2 may also cause symptoms such as conjunctivitis, eyeliditis, corneal angiogenesis, and light.

  100 grams of fresh chestnut containing gram vitamin B2, is 3 times the same weight noodles, 5 times the rice, 4 times the potatoes. So friends who have oral ulcers or frequently "rotten mouth" often eat chestnuts.

  The human data of immunity shows that Beijing’s cooked chestnuts are 36 mg per 100 grams of vitamin C (starch has a protective effect on vitamin C, and different varieties have different data), not only higher than the general nuts, food, even Many vegetable fruits are high. Vitamin C is immunized to "defense ministers", if long-term lack will cause a reduction in immune system. In addition, lack of vitamin C, which is also prone to gum bleeding, subcutaneous rubber, oral ulcer, and difficult healing.

  The potassium content of human cooked ruthenia is very high, reaching 468 mg / 100 grams, which is high than the general food, and potatoes. It is well-known banana, which is also 256 mg / 100 grams. The main role of potassium in the human body is to maintain acid-base balance, participate in energy metabolism, and maintain normal function of neuromuscular.

When there is potassium in vivo, it will cause uncomfortable, tired, heartbeat, dizzy, and add sufficient potassium to prevent stroke, assist muscle normal shrinkage and assistance to lower blood pressure.

  It should be noted that the crowd of renal function is abnormal, as well as patients who are taking some patients that may affect the discharge of potassium ions, and the diet must comply with the doctor’s advice to avoid high potaemia, and seriously endanger life. The chestnut is in a measuring method, the most common is sugar fried chestnuts, and the taste is sweet. However, for sugar fried chestnuts, don’t eat more, you can eat three or four, and don’t exceed 10 days. The people who have weak digestive functions such as old people, children should pay more attention to it. In addition to sugar fried chestnuts, steamed, stewed, and boiled methods are more worth advocating, such as steam, chestnut stew, chestnut stew.

Chestnuts can delay the absorption of fat in the meat, but also complement the meat, give the body to supplement the protein, which can be eaten when you eat, you can eat, you have two, the taste is also very good.

  Text / Professor of Clinical Nutrition Academic Nutrition in Beijing Union Hospital.

Medical history:Lower abdominal pain5-6sky,Oral ancient pain,Discover the upper abdominal pain,No disgusting and vomiting,Gynecological surgery has been visited。

Inside:God,Cardiopulmonary diagnosis,Upper abdomen and lower right abdominal tenderness,
diagnosis:Abdominal pain,Pelvic fluid,
Suggest:Gynecology does not consider specialty diseases,Infusion。1
NS236chapter Two egg fried rice
Zhou Ye is still thinking about Xie Xiaohui,At this time, Sun Jun gave some opinions.。
Look at him,Sun Jun seems to have thought about what to do next.。
Is it actually a further improvement?,Then go to clearly diagnosis!
It is impossible to say that the patient pulls in,I diagnosed it in minutes.,This kind of doctor is now very small now.。
And the most important question is,Now this society is already unlikely.,Is a more existence of evidence,Not that year, a group of fools,The doctor will fool you a few words.,You all believe in the age.……
The current state of society is,Doctors and patient relationships are highly tense!At any time, a violent patient may take a knife like a watermelon.,Remove the doctor’s head!
Therefore, I have heard the most, I have heard the most, I have heard the most.,Don’t diagnose in advance,Be sure to wait for the auxiliary examination.,Clearly telling the patient how to diagnose。
No doctors, dare to rely on their own experience,Diagnose patients directly according to clinical symptoms,They are all routine symptomatic treatment and then waiting for follow-up。
After all, doctors are also an industry to eat.,No one is willing to throw your own rice bowl inside,So, it will lead to see a doctor now.,A bunch of checkup,Slowly treatment。
This may be the side of the other aspect of the height of medical and patient.!
“Xiao Wu,Since it is difficult to diagnose,What do you think next?,In addition to conventional symptomatic support。”The question of Sun Jun also made Zhou Ye have some difficult to answer.。
He looked at Sun Jun in a little horror,The cold is flashing,I want to diagnose my diagnosed no trail.。
You also let me go to the next step,I am more faint.……
“Take it easy,This patient’s abdominal pain is not very obvious,And there is something I want to tell you in advance.,This Xie Xiaohui is to be received another hospital to do hospitalized.,It is an emergency closure.,We have slightly treated this,Tomorrow or go to the second disease area.……”Sun Jun is not slow,The mouth under the protective mask smiles。
For a long time,This patient is not subject to six disease areas.!
But the second disease!
Zhou Ye 神 神 怔 怔,But you can also understand why you do this.,Because all major wards are newGPatient isolation。
However, the director and biased characteristics in several wards are still different.。
The isolation ward like the diamond zone is slightly biased towards the new surgical and obstetrics.GPatient’s treatment!
Xie Xiaohui big probability like his eyes is not the disease of obstetrics,Surgical disease,Therefore, diagnosis should be more professional in the diagnosis of diagnosis in the second disease area.。
“Military brother,The just gynecological doctor Chen Yuanyuan is not a consultation, is it not like a maternity??”Zhou Niwu is a little curious.。
Because I look at Sun Jun, the meaning of this.,It seems to be a problem that is biased towards obstetrics。
Sun Jun also speaks directly,See Ye Ye,Nothing to laugh:“Medicine is also an experience discipline,Just a little girl working for a few years,Ordnance,I think she may miss the diagnosis.……”
Zhou Ye smiled:“Military brother,You just don’t say your own opinion,You have always nodded to send people in the room。”
This style is simply not very the same as before.!
Zhou Ye thinks that the emergency young doctor before, because there is no inspection downstairs,Then by Sun Army,The two pictures are really stark contrast。
“Little girl,How do I feel so?,And this is not auxiliary inspection.,Diagnosis and missed diagnosis is also normal,I can’t let her make aydan examination,Then diagnose the problem.。”Sun Jun is a way,More tenderness in the eyebrows。
He is actually taking care of the little doctor。
Things to say the emergency doctor,At that time, the patient’s vital signs were unstable.,Then the practice of emergency is some free,I will suddenly lose my temper。

The length of the gun body reaches one meter,This gun has an energy slot,Also has a handle,。The weapon has a purple texture throughout,The muzzle inexplicably produces this deterrent,But it’s so frightening。

Warning light above the energy slot behind the gun,Red light is on,Obviously Prince Zikurdanis has turned on this weapon。
Li Ming, who is fighting hard, feels a strong sense of threat。
“YesB9Laser gun!”Babata made a hurried sound:“Let Ling Er kill him soon!”
“B9Laser gun!”Li Ming’s face changed slightly,“The kind that can kill the vast majority of the 9th-level constant star powers,And the unavoidable laser gun?!”
The heart jerked!
Raised hair!
Eyes rounded!
An unprecedented panic made the soul tremble in an instant,Li Ming understands that if he is hit by this weapon,I must die。
“Reiji,kill him!”Li Ming quickly ordered,At the same time, we can break free from Meenos’ attack,But at this moment Meteoros is constraining Li Ming in turn。
The prince Zikurdanis naturally also noticed the madness of the opponent,But the weapons in his hand need some time to accumulate energy。
“Block that guy!”Prince Zikurdanis shouted this,His five men looked at each other,A face of determination。Rushed out quickly,Crazyly resisting a blue streamer shot by Ling Er。
The connection pierced three constant star warriors,The speed of the red mixed copper mother fragments finally slowed down。
With the combined blow of two constant star warriors,Although their arms were broken,But it did block Ling Wu’s blow。
And at the same time,The energy of the laser cannon in the hands of Prince Zikurdanis has also been accumulated。The technical content of this laser gun is very high,Target automatically。
A white streamer,Shoot out silently
Dazzling white light flashed,Li Mingyifang’s strongest spiritual teacher‘Reiji’,Fall!
“Second brother!”The tears flowed from the corner of Ling Da’s eyes,The three brothers were raised as slaves since childhood,The only thing you can rely on is your brother。Until Li Ming bought it,Li Ming still respects them,As a bodyguard rather than a slave,Got a promise of freedom。