2018 China Mother Fund 100 Forum Forum

The opening ceremony of the Standing Committee of the Xi’an Municipal Committee, deputy mayors: 9: 05-9: 10, the opening ceremony of Zhao Yahui, the deputy editor of the People’s Network, the general manager of the People’s Ventures: 9: 10-9: 15 Opening, Honglei China Securities Investment The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Fund Industry Association, the president, the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony PhD Time: 09: 40-09: 55 Policy Interpretation Gao Tianhong China Securities Regulatory Commission Private Equation Fund Supervision Department Director Time: 09: 55-10: 10 Theme Speech Yin Zhen Mi Mi Fund Joint President, Song Fei Assets found Partner, CEO Time: 10: 20-10: 40 Theme Speech Shen Zhengning Mi Fund Secretary Secretary, Bauhinia Capital Chairman Time: 10: 40-11: 00 Theme Speech Xiao Feng Mother Fund Commission, Zhongjin Fuyuan General Manager 11: 00-11: 20 Theme Speech Thank God : 2018 China Master Fund Market Development Prospect Time: 14: 00-15: 00 Round Table Forum Liao Junxia, ??Palace Pu Ling, Li Huaijie, Liu Yufei -16: 00.

2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Development Zone Collaborative Innovation Development Forum in Steen

Originele titel: 2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Development Zone Collaborative Innovation Development Forum in steen, 2021 (5e) Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Development Zone Collaborative Innovation Development Forum werd gehouden in Shijiazhuang.

De deze sessie is het thema van "Development Industrial Internet, Digital Development Zone", en gezamenlijk gesponsord door het Civil Construction Beijing Haidian District Committee en de Economische en Trade Universiteit van Hebei. EXPERT-geleerden uit het hele land, uitgaande van de status-quo van de ontwikkelingszone van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei en het visie op middellange en langetermijn, de nieuwe idee?n, nieuwe intenties, nieuwe initiatieven en nieuwe paden onder de ontwikkelingszone in de Industrieel internet. Discussie, streven naar een wetenschappelijk en geanticipeerd advies voor overheidsafdelingen en ontwikkelingszones, die gunstig is voor de ontwikkeling van digitale economie?n in Beijing, de ontwikkelingszone van Tianjin-Hebei, de uitwisselingssamenwerking op drie plaatsen in kunstmatige intelligentie, biomedicine, bevordert en moderne energie. Maak technologische innovatie-resultaten beter toegepast op de economische ontwikkeling van de ontwikkelingszone.

  Sinds de oprichting is de ontwikkelingszone van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in 2016 vastgesteld, het forum is continu gehouden door de industrie in de ontwikkelingszone in Beijing, de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkelingszone-industrie. Verbetering, voorstellen van de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkelingszone stelt suggesties voor en bevordering van de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkelingszone van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, leidt de transformatie en het upgraden van de industri?le transformatie van Hebei om actief te promoten. (Reporter Jia Nan) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

After the earthquake, they completed more than 36,000 houses "medical examination" in 4 days.

Original title: 4 days to complete 10,000 household house "medical examination" [business card] Sichuan Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Safety Total Station Branch. After the county-level earthquake, the branch organized all industry experts in the province’s construction project, rushed to the disaster area to carry out the safety emergency assessment of house building construction after the earthquake, in order to win the "9 · 16" earthquake for earthquake relief this hard battle Make a positive contribution.

"In less than 4 days, through more than 200 experts, we completed the emergency assessment of more than 30,000 houses after the earthquake in Lu County.

"On December 2, the Sichuan Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Safety Tire Branch Secretary was still remembering when the Housing Evaluation of the Sichuan Provincial Earthquake Shock.

At 4:33 this year, the county earthquake occurred in Jixian.

After the earthquake occurred in the county, it was first thought that how to organize experts in the first time to rush to the scene after the emergency evaluation. At around 8 o’clock on the same day, under the arrangement of the Party Group of the Provincial Department of Construction, the provincial construction project Quality Safety Terminal The staff and backbone completed emergency assets.

There are also 30 experts from all industries in the construction project in the province. "After arriving in Jixian, we directly went to the Shengzhong Fuji Town and the victims of the victims of the victims, and the Yuxi Street will establish the emergency assessment working group with the Cangzhou City and the County Handling Bureau.

"To learn.

After the earthquake building safety emergency evaluation work is an important support for the resumption of order in the disaster area. "The safe is not safe, you need to make professional conclusions as soon as possible. For this, the masses are very concerned, the government also needs to carry out scientific and effective transition places for this basis.

"Introduction to the school, the emergency assessment is divided into 4 levels, including public buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. in public buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. in public buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., government emergency office and mass housing safety.

As a lead unit, how to organize experts to carry out emergency evaluation? For the Sichuan Provincial Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Tire Branch, an orderly, fast is key. First, from the Fuji Town and the victims of the victims of the victim, the jade street begins, and gradually expanded to 20 townships and towns (streets) in Jixian (street).

At the same time, experts’ strength is also constantly growing: as of September 19, experts who carry out construction safety emergency assessment have been composed of provincial, municipal, county three-level housing construction department, including 115 provincial experts, From the provincial construction department and other testing agencies and supervision companies.

How is the result of the assessment makes the masses at a glance and is also a key.

Introduced to the school, according to the earthquake emergency evaluation guide template, Sichuan Construction Engineering Quality Safety Terminal Branch guided the "Red Yellow Green" three-color logo overnight, respectively, three types of conclusions of emergency evaluation It is clearly indicated that red means "disabled", yellow indicates "limited", green means "available". "After completing the evaluation of each house, we will paste the identification card in the eye-catching position of the assessment of the building, so that the masses know if their housing can live, how to deal with it, greatly eliminates the anxiety of the masses for their own housing safety.

"At 12 o’clock on September 19th, the emergency assessment work in Qixian County has completed the completion of the 20 township (street) 36673 houses in Ji County, and the emergency evaluation of 1636 public buildings was completed.

Turning the hometown, wearing a member of the evaluation group of the "Sichuan Housing Construction Housing Emergency Assessment", which is the "Dingxin Pill" in the hearts of the masses. The collapse, landslide, etc. of the afterniot, the assessment group under the leadership of the community committee and the village support, entered the "medical examination" of the affected people to make meticulous "medical examination", issued a rigorous "diagnostic report", let the masses know the house in time Safety status, avoid secondary injury from the collapse of the house after the earthquake. "The assessment team members pass through the streets, crossing the hillspok, and the average must take 20 kilometers per person. After the on-site assessment is completed, they must summarize the summary information, often busy to two in the morning, but no one shouts a sentence. Bitter. This is a practical thing we use professional for the masses. "

[Fees] 11 groups of villagers, Xiong Changshu, 11 groups in Fuji Town, Jixian: Thank you for assessing experts, they are very hard, very responsible.

Our house is new in 2019. In this earthquake, in addition to some cracks in the hospital, there is no big problem, but our old couple will not be relieved. After careful assessment of experts, after "Can use" conclusions, our hearts suddenly, and the children worked in the outside.

(Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Zhang Minghai) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

China en oude spoorwegen dragen bergen "

Referentiebericht Netwerk 3 augustus Verslag (Wen / Zhang Jianhua du Dapeng) Dit is de zesde keer dat ik naar de middelste en oude spoorwegscène kwam. De premier van de Lao-overheid Tonglun XISUI inspecteerde de bouwplaats van Zhonglian spoorweg Vientiane-station op 30 juli en luisterde naar het verslag van China en oude spoorwegbevordering.

In december 2016 werd Tonglun gebouwd voor de middelste en oude spoorwegen en de constructie werd aangekondigd. Deze spoorlijn is China’s all-way-initiatief en Laos Chain Lock Land als het strategische dockingproject van Lu Lalai, meer dan 400 kilometer lang, die allemaal China technische normen en management standaardconstructie gebruiken. Volgens Xiao Diwen, de algemene manager van de oude en oude spoorwegconstructie, de werking van de Old-China Railway Co., Ltd.

Xiao Dongwen zei dat onder de voorwaarden van epidemie de bouw van de oude en oude spoorwegen strak is, de taak zwaar is en de Laozhong Railway Co., Ltd. zal de bouw van de hoge kwaliteit en effici?nte vooruitgang van de onderneming blijven leiden de resterende projectconstructie en bereidt het bedieningsbeheer zorgvuldig voor.

Op 8 juli verspreidden China Spoorweg tweede bureau bouwvakkers naar Vientiane City in het noordelijke deel van Vientiane in de hoofdstad van Laos.

(China Spoorweg tweede bureau voor figuur) Epidemische preventie en constructie Twee onjuiste LAO-overheid maandelijkse werkconferentie op 24 juli bespreekt voornamelijk hoe u sociale en economische ontwikkelingsdoelen in de epidemie kunt bereiken.

Volgens lokale media-rapporten is de relevante initiatieven van de Conferentie-onderzoeksbesluit dat de relevante ministeries en commissies nodig zijn om grootschalige projectconstructie, inclusief China en oude spoorwegen te implementeren, met succes het plan afgerond.

Tonglun zei bij het symposium op de 30e dat elke fase van de uitvoering oprecht blij is geweest voor de bouw van de spoorweg, sinds de bouw van het midden en de oude spoorwegen, de ontwikkeling van stedelijke verschijningen langs de lijn is veranderd, het bevorderen van sociale en economische ontwikkeling en mensen langs de lijn. Hij bepaalde dat alle deelnemende bedrijven de invloed van de epidemie, garantie engineeringconstructie overwinnen en het oude China Railway Company aanmoedigen om de geavanceerde ervaring van China Railway volledig te gebruiken aan het China-en-oude spoorwegproject, de middelste en oude spoorwegen bouwen Om de Lao National Economy te dienen, dient u de Moderne Spoorwegontwikkeling van Zuidoost-Azi?. Tonglun, vooral voor het zorgvuldige ontwerpplan voor de China en oude spoorwegen, dat zeer gewaardeerd wordt, wat aangeeft dat de relevante afdelingen van de Lao-regering alles moeten gaan om voorwaarden voor de bouw van engineeringconstructie te cre?ren en effectieve maatregelen te nemen om ervoor te zorgen implementatie van de franchiseovereenkomst.

Hij benadrukte dat de twee kanten van het midden en oud nodig zijn om de realisatie van het binnenlandse en oude spoorwegverkeer volledig te garanderen, en ze zullen niet wonen aan de hoge verwachtingen van de twee landen op de oude en oude spoorwegen.

De constructie van de oude en oude spoorwegen houdt zich vast aan de preventie en controle van de epidemie en de technische constructie, en de leiders op alle niveaus van Laos zijn onlangs door de site bezocht.

Deputy premier van de Lao-regering, preventie en controle van de leider van de nieuwe Coronal Pneumonia-epidemische situatie, Songdi, op 28 mei, zeer ge?valueerd de constructie van middelste en oude spoorwegen, en sterke isolatie, nul infectie, nul infectie, twee niet De resultaten van fouten hebben gefeliciteerd; het Revolutionaire Partij Centraal Politiek Bureau van People, de Centrale Commissie voor Discipline-inspectie, de plaatsvervangend premier van de Centrale Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie, en de legende van het Laozhong Railway Project Guidance Group-team inspecteerde het oude En oude spoorwegen. De prestaties van spoorwegconstructie zijn het symbool van de vriendschap tussen het oude China en China. De hoogste leiders in de twee landen kunnen de intergouvernementele samenwerkingsprojecten bevorderen die worden aangedreven door de economische ontwikkeling van Laos, de bezienswaardigheid van de Hui Lao mensen, en de Laos Society kijkt uit naar een lange tijd. Tijdens het einde van het verleden zullen de mensen de epidemie in de vroege dagen zien, het zien van de midden- en oude spoorwegbrugtunnels, de wegbasisstap is sterker, de 500 meter lange spoorwegsporen het dorp kruisen, de verwachtingen van het Laos People’s waar en enthousiast.

China’s spoorwegtechnologiewereld is eersteklas, ik zag een brugpier om op te gaan, een tunnel voorbij, en de middelste en oude spoorwegen zijn tegelijkertijd geweest. Na de voltooiing van de trein kunnen we de trein nemen om naar de hoofdstad te gaan, je kunt ook de trein naar China nemen, dit is echt geweldig! Het onderhoud van de oude grensslijpen wordt nu vertaald in China, China, China, China, China, China, China. Hij zei dat dit werk zijn inkomen enorm heeft verbeterd en het leven van het gezin is verbeterd. Ik gebruik het salaris Bedekt een huis in ons dorp.

De provincie Vientiane, het zuidelijke deel van de China en de oude spoorweg, het dorp Alan en echtgenoot A Peng werkt bij de Chinese TV-projectafdeling van de elektriciteitsconstructie van China, één is een helper, één is een chauffeur.

Onze familie is geweldig veranderd. Het bleek dat een pengge naar het veld moest gaan en geld verdienen. Nu kan ik geld verdienen met Apeng Brothers. Je kunt ook in hetzelfde bedrijf werken. Alan zei tegen de verslaggever dat we hier ook erg tevreden zijn. Het blijkt dat Apeng Brothers een maand 200.000) hebben (ongeveer RMB 1.500), nu meer dan 3 miljoen (meer dan 2200 yuan), meer dan 5 miljoen met mij. ( Meer dan 4.000 yuan), dit geld wordt thuis geholpen.

In het beursterweide, het ministerie van Nomay, de provinciale natuurlijke hulpbronnen en het ministerie van milieu in het midden van de oude en oude spoorwegen, zeiden dat sinds het begin van het project, met name de epidemie, de China Spoorwegconstructies zijn voortgezet , in een groot aantal aankopen in een groot aantal bouwmaterialen. Lokale werknemers inhuren, inderdaad binden aan lokale ontwikkeling.

De bouw van de oude en oude spoorwegen is het vooruitzicht van de economische en sociale vooruitgang in het noordelijke deel van Laos, en het oog wordt geleidelijk een realiteit en de verwachting van de lokale bevolking is dringend.

Het stadsgebied van Mengsai County zal de helft van het station uitbreiden door de spoorweg te repareren. Na de voltooiing van de oude en oude spoorwegen wordt het een belangrijk transporthub in de middelste en oude spoorwegen, en we zijn hier blij mee. Meng Jun bevindt zich in het bergbekken, is de Provinciale hoofdstad van het UMT, en de provincie zit vol met oplichterijen. Wan Rong is een beroemde toeristische attractie in Laos, bekend door de Chinese bekend als Laos.

Op 26 juli bedroeg de bouw van China en oude spoorwegen 100 kilometer Daguan, met succes aangekomen bij Station Laos Wanrong, voltooide bijna 1/4 van de volledige lijn van de oude spoorweg. Sinds 27 maart, aangezien de wasbouw van het Second Bureau met het witwassen van het CHINA Railway Second Bureau moeilijkheden heeft overwonnen, zoals hete, personeelstekage en epidemische effecten, en dag en nachtbewerkingen zorgen voor de soepele vooruitgang van de epidemie.

Volgens het plan zal het dit jaar aan Luang Prabang worden gelegd. Eind juni 2021 werd de volledige lijn van de oude spoorweg voltooid.

Na het Toerismebureau van Wan Rong County ging hij naar het midden en de oude spoorweg. Er waren een groot aantal toeristen naar Wanlong om te reizen, waardoor hij zweefde naar Wanong-toerisme, meer zakelijke kansen bieden voor de lokale bevolking, meer werkgelegenheid. Laos-jeugddromen helpen die uitkomen voor de middelste en oude spoorwegen om deel te nemen aan de Laos-jeugd om lid te worden van de spoorwegbewerking. Op 27 februari van dit jaar werd het Recruitment-werk van Laos Academy gelanceerd en de Laozhong Railway Co., Ltd. zorgvuldig bestudeerd het rekruteringswerkprogramma. Het werd ingediend bij rekruteringsopleiding in drie fasen. 233 studenten zijn geselecteerd om deel te nemen aan de eerste lijn van spoorwegprofessional training..

Ze hebben de Chinese versterking, spoorwegbureau-theorie, Kunming Railway Bureau Live-training doorgegeven, en de vier fasen van de training van China en oude spoorwegen, zullen treinen, dispatcher, apparatuur onderhoudspersoneel en elementaire apparatuur onderhoudspersoneelswedstrijden in de vier soorten onderhoud worden Berichten. Song Peng is de eerste batch van de Chinese trainingscursussen van Laos tijdens de oude en oude spoorwegoperatie. Het 23-jarige meisje zei dat haar droom de eerste vrouwelijke treinbestuurder is op de eerste moderne spoorlijn in Laos. In Laos is dit de eerste moderne spoorlijn. Wij zijn de deelnemers en de eerste batch deelnemers. Ik ben erg trots om een ??macht te geven aan Laos. Deze partij studenten neemt momenteel deel aan de Chinese versterkingstraining van 10 weken, die verantwoordelijk is voor het Confucius Institute of Lao.

Er wordt gemeld dat de selectie van de tweede en derde fasen van de derde fase is gelanceerd en de driefasige totale planselectie 600 LAO-studenten.

Ik probeer hard te studeren en ernaar te streven om een ??gekwalificeerde medewerker van China en oude spoorwegen te worden, ik hoop hun leven te verbeteren. De 24-jarige nummer Ben komt uit het Sichuan-Chongwei-plateau in het midden van Laos.

Zhu Fu, een vrijwillige leraar van het Confucius Institute of Laos, nam deel aan de training van Laos-studenten. Ze zei tegen verslaggevers dat de oude en oude spoorwegen een zeer belangrijke link zijn om de twee volkeren aan te sluiten. De student van deze spoorlasse is de eerste, en het is ook een heel belangrijk beginnend voor de oude en oude spoorwegen.

YANVILLE, de oudere decaan van Confucius Institute, zei dat China en oude spoorwegprojecten een belangrijk project zijn dat een secundair lot communautair actieplan bouwt. Ze hoopt dat de studenten hard zullen bestuderen, ernaar streven om Chinese en spoorwegexpertise te leren en de kans te grijpen om hun levens en carrière-lot te veranderen. Het oude en oude spoorwegproject zal de conversie van engineeringconstructie op dit einde realiseren.

Xiao Dongwen introduceerde dat Laozhong Railway Company een team van loyale en oude spoorwegen zal bouwen, de ontwikkeling van oude en oude spoorwegen, identificeert de culturele en oude spoorwegen, en de middelste en oude spoorwegen zullen de Laos-medewerkers worden en hun talenten tonen en beseffen het stadium van het leven.. Alle werken die zijn aangegeven "Bron: Reference Message Network" mogen niet worden herdrukt, op andere manieren ge?xtraheerd of gebruikt.

Pursue red footprints Changsha County sixth issue Qing training camp to the red base to visit

Students visit the new people to learn. Unit for map People’s Network Changsha October 18th "How do they transform this unreasonable old society? After Cai Hi Sen graduates …" In the rain, the new people learned the former site, Yang Lizheng, deputy professor, Yang Lizheng, is endlessly explained in the early days. The Chinese Communists issued the process of "establishing party ancestors".

Recently, in order to inherit and carry forward the party’s glorious tradition and the fine style, the party’s sexual cultivation, 60 students in Changsha County Youth Cadre Training Camp went to the new people to learn the old site, Hunan Party History Exhibition Hall, Lei Feng Memorial Hall, move the classroom teaching to red Base, injecting the red spiritual power in the field to visit, improving the political literacy and patriotism of youth cadres. The young training counselors first came to the old site of the new people.

There is a quaint farmhouse, surrounded by a bamboo fence. Although it is not eye, it is the early Chinese Communists to study Marxism, explore the state of the country, and the revolutionary ancestors will first put forward the party theory here, buried the "red fire" of the revolution. In the historical real display of the new people, the students carefully watch the real thing, listen carefully, and explore the persistence and firmness of the revolutionary predecessors such as Mao Zedong, Cai Hise.

Subsequently, the students went to the Hunan Party History Exhibition Hall. Before the "Dare to Teach the Sun Moon" sculpture, all the students held the right hand, solemn and sworn, revisit the party oath, and the initial mission.

In the exhibition hall, follow the explanations, the participants "focus on" The Chinese Communist Party leads the Hunan people to carry out the glory, construction, reform, and remember the older generation revolutionary, political home, military home. Into the Lei Feng Memorial Hall, "learning Lei Feng good example", the sound of the song is from time to time.

"One kilometer of a business trip, a good thing," Outside the hall, the rain is endless, the hall, enthusiasm is high. In the middle, more than ten students combined with their own experiences and shared what they think.

Yan Linhui, a class of young training camp, from the school history, the history of history, the school history, the history of the history, the history of the school, said the importance of the party history, and calls on the principle of the students, Zhengqi, Zheng, will be learned, what is thought, Enlightening to work.

Liu Ziying, two classes of Qing training camp, to transform the red education into learning motivation, work motivation, and learn from the old party members, calm down, take a practical thing, do practical things, and be a careful person of the people. In addition, the event also organized a party history micro classroom with the theme of "the initiality of Hunan Communists".

Students have said that this series of activities has benefited a lot. (Luo Bingqian) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client download.

Shanxi Pinglu: Mountain Village Persimmon

  The villagers in Macquasun are pending with persimmon.Xinhuanet issued (Lan Liqiang), in the past few days, farmers in Marquanese village in Pinglu County, Shanxi Province are busy harvesting, peeking, mounting persimmon, drying, processing local specialty persimmon.In recent years, local supporting a batch of plants, playing a demonstration leading role, through unifying packaging, unified standard, unified quality, unified sales, making the persimmon industry to achieve scale, brand, and is favored by the market.Persimmon income has also become the pillar of the masses by the past "browning."

  The villagers in Muquang Village hanged the persimmons.

Xinhuanet issued (Lan Liqiang) Mangquan Village villagers santed to hang the persimmon.Xinhuanet issued (Lan Liqiang) Mangquan Village villagers will cut the skin’s scorpion to dry.

Xinhua Net (Lan Liqiang) is a long history of Persimmon.

Xinhua Net (Lan Liqiang).

Shijiazhuang Bridge West District Federation of Trade Unions build the warmers warmers "Mother"

On August 20th, the employee bookstore came to the West Workers Service Center, and experienced the charm of the Lang Dynasty. WeChat scan, poetry prose, Tang poetry Song word, parent-child child classic literature selection, foreign language name (with translation), etc.

Each reading one, the reading system is also automatically given. According to Zhang Ligen, Director of the Office of Qiaoxi Federation of Trade Unions, Lang-reading pavilion integrates a rich function such as reading exercises, English learning, recording, speech training, reading, online sharing. "At present, we have given a Langdu patern to the streets such as Dongfeng, Nanxi, Zhongshan, Hongqi, Trunking Camp, and will also give other grassroots trade unions to the other grassroots trade union, and realize the full coverage of the bridge West District union grassroots site. The employee is daily life. At the same time, in order to enrich the lives of employees in the jurisdiction, the "Shuxiang Bridge" will continue to deepen, but also organized the ‘product reading red classic condense work’ reading activities, nearly 500 Quanxi District employees to participate in the competition, 9578 visitors 91981 votes in total tickets, are welcomed by the majority of employees.

"In addition, the service center has established the Psychological Studies of Qiaoxi District Workers’ Psychology Research Association, the Psychological Researcher and Public Protection Department, the Office of the Office, and the Psychological Experts of the Bureau of Trade Unions in the Wi-Psychological Second School, the Office of the Office of the Office of the University of China About 200 people provide mental health education and counseling, psychological intervention, expert assistance, etc. Lectures, skills training and members offers.

Calligraphy painting, goggles, flower arrangements, pottery art, wood art engraving, psychological counseling, baking class, yoga, meditation, etc., launching lectures, training, employee experience activities benefit, Huiqiao West District employees.

The courier earns more than four or five hundred "delivery" every month.

  Recently, "Express delivery fees" became a hot spot, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baidi, Yunda, etc., etc., etc., regulations, from September 1st, all network distribution Yuan / ticket.

  After the feppension is improved, "Express Brother" increase how much income every month? Does consumers want to "buy" for this? What is the impact on the price war of major express delivery companies? In response to these issues concerned, the reporter conducted an investigation. Delivery to transfer the paid / ticket courier than the monthly increase of 500 yuan yesterday, Jiangbei District Yunda Express Small Brother Chen Ning Mountain told reporters that he can send a video of 4000-4500 tickets per month. " fluctuation.

Wang Zhifen, the relevant person in charge of Shunfeng Express Chongqing Branch, told reporters that SF’s express delivery is generally about 4,000 tickets every month, and some express delivery can make more.

  Subsequently, the reporter learned from Zhongtong and Yunda and other express delivery companies that these company’s express brothers, the average monthly delivery volume is maintained in the range of 4000-5000 votes.

  What does the palette will mean for the courier? Putting the paid on the paid, complete 4000-5000 votes, express brothers can increase the income of 400-500 yuan per month.

  It is worth mentioning that the delivery fee will be issued directly from the delivery company to each courier, not by the franchise network. Zhongtong, also reported that the joining outlets must not be trapped casually. Express delivery fee rising consumers do not need to "buy" for consumers, express delivery fee, does it mean to pay more in the future? "The delivery of the delivery is not related to the express price, but the labor cost of the express delivery company has increased." The relevant person in charge of some express delivery companies told reporters. The relevant person in charge of Yuantong Express said that "the head office raised the payment of the delivery," now many couriers have left because the delivery is too low, the new courier is very difficult, the company wants to solve this problem by adding disposal Consumers will not be affected. "The reporter learned that, in fact, the fees refer to the courier sent a courier income. In the express delivery industry said that the upward dispute belongs to the internal adjustment ratio assignment of the courier company, and there is no impact on the sending and recipient. The delivery fee will not cause a new round of price war company rising dispute and courier group rights guarantee policy.

  On July 10 this year, 7 departments such as the Ministry of Transport and the State Post Bureau were issued and issued with the "Opinions on Doing the Legal Right and Interests of Courier Group".

It will be proposed, and the "Express Terminal Payment Guidelines" will be developed, and the company has urged the company to maintain a reasonable end dispatch level to stabilize the courier’s income level.

  It is worth mentioning that the income guarantee for employees, SF will announce salary to the courier in July.

From August 1, this year, from December 31, SF will carry out income activities for the collection, that is, on the basis of the unchanging of the existing party, add more than 200 million yuan to enhance employees. income. On July 9, Zhongtong Express announced the funding of "express Xiaogong Chuan Chuan Fund", providing funds for express delivery, and their families, which caused the difficulties, and their families in the causes of diseases, accidental injuries. Zhao Xiaomin, expert expert, said, "With the order of the market order, the legal rights of the courier and the relevant policies of the express delivery industry and the green environmental protection and other related policies, the single price war model of the express delivery company has not been possible."

"Zhao Xiaomin believes that the rise of the delivery fee will not directly affect the performance of express delivery company, but the fees can be just the first step, and there will be other links in other links, which will bring a certain profit pressure to the courier company. "" To alleviate these pressures, it is possible to increase the increase in express prices. "News observation dispatcher is relieved" User’s Description "" Delivery to the door "problem is still in the notice in the notice, and the dispatch will be directly sent to the hands of the salesman. Freshly intercepted.

In the express delivery industry believes that the disposal fee is directly sent to the courier, avoiding the loss of the courier to a certain extent, which is conducive to cracking the "use of industry shortage" in the express industry. In an interview with a reporter, the person in charge of the reporter said that the express delivery will lose the profit, the first-level pressure level, the ultimately lose or the courier: "The courier salary is low, There will be a serious loss of people.

Without employees, the outlets will also be affected, and then the first level is affecting the company’s headquarters. "

  There is a courier told reporters that the traffickeepers have long been a normal, and some have just been gone for two days, and even the names of colleagues have not been recognized. "Since this year, a first-line operation employee has been shortage.

I can’t recruit people, I can only improve the price of the delivery, causing you to join a year in a loss. "The person in charge of a courier company complained. On the other hand, the courier is a decline in profit, resulting in only an expansion of the single amount to maintain the profits of the courier and the end outlet.

In order to improve efficiency, the courier will put the parcel directly in the station or express cabinet. However, such practices have damaged the user experience. Today, the express delivery company guarantees the income of the courier to a certain extent, but does not propose reasonable solutions for the "delivery of the door".

Express outlets single-piece express delivery profit is low, the courier company does not pay the door, and the phenomenon of the express delivery in the station will still exist without the recipient.

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Practice the initial mission, showing real things for the masses as the people’s feelings

Donation ceremony. Autonomous Region Government Development Research Center for Tuto Autonomous Region Government Development Research Center adheres to the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", and temperament of party members, and condense the important starters of the masses. Targeting force. In-depth investigation and service demand for people’s livelihood.

Focus on the difficult problem of Guangxi reform and development, the problem of concern concerns, the party group members take the lead in entering the corporate first line, deeply enter the rural grassroots, and listen to the public research, understand the people’s livelihood, report a group of people to reflect the people The results of the survey, promoting the relevant departments to solve people’s livelihood issues.

For example, the "wage income is the main driving force of the income of Guangxi residents" to obtain the main leaders of the autonomous regional government. The other batch of research results involving people’s livelihood issues have also received the instructions of the relevant leaders of the autonomous region, promoting relevant departments. Take measures to solve. It should be supported to support the rural residence. Overcoming less staff, the difficulties of the task, and continue to choose 4 of the first secretary and workforce in the village, accounting for 10% of the staff of the unit, and the powerhouse is unprecedented. Give full play to the strong support of the backing unit, in the case of limited funding, strive to invest 130,000 yuan, help the design of the new cultural sports square, build a full primary school culture display window, and improve the public service capacity of rural rejuvenation infrastructure.

Pay attention to the overall situation of rural residence, increase the research of major issues, form "" small seed "writing rural resolution big article – Strengthening the protection and utilization of Guangxi agricultural germplasm resources" "Accelerate the development of Guangxi milk cattle full industry chain development to help rural resolution" Research results provide intellectual support to fully promote rural revitalization in the region. Do a good job in the formation of interconnection. Establish and improve the communication and exchange mechanisms of various land development research centers, each office contact 2-3 City Development Research Center. Strengthen accurate docking, guidance, and services to help each city development research center to solve difficulties in developing research, training exchanges, research results sharing, and form new situations of interconnection.

Close to the masses to carry out volunteer services, with the volunteer service team as the main position, with the main position of Nanning City, the "Party History Learning Education into the Community" volunteer service activities as carriers, close to the masses, close to the actual, targeted normalization Volunteer service.

At present, a total of party history learning education topics, red stories into campus, gift books, rectify environmental sanitation, condolences to retired soldiers, and effectively enhance the sense of gain and happiness. Heart workers have a good job of employees.

Party group members take the lead and regularly carry out individual talks, collective discussions, random exchanges, etc.

Focus on the service "one old", visit the old party of the old party, care about the children of the employees, and focus on solving practical difficulties such as enrollment enrollment. Organize all cadres and workers to conduct annual medical examinations, hold a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and health consultation, and improve the health level.

Strengthen communication and docking, for the central non-households to apply for public rental housing and strive for dangerous housing to buy housing purchase places, solve housing difficulties.

Do a good job in the office’s renovation and office equipment, provide a good office environment. (Autonomous Region Government Development Research Center).

I am busy every day from morning to late.,When I got home, when did I have not paid a public food??”

Looking at the anger of Dai Changsheng,Especially those who finally Dai Changsheng said,It’s even more indignant.。
Two men around her are also can’t help but wanted。
There is also a red face。
“You both want to laugh?”
I heard this,The two are also right to pretend what they don’t know.。
“What do you say,What is going on??
This will always have fake photos.?”
“Wife,Are you really stupid or a fake?
Obviously, I was arrested.,Some people can’t read us for a good day.,I am very normally good to fall.。”
Looking at Dai Changsheng’s face of grief,Zhong Zhao Feng still does not believe。
After all, the woman is suspicious.,That must definitely, the more doubtful。
Dai Changsheng decided to solve things once again,Otherwise, this is a white.。
“Humph,These are the words of your side,What do you want, how to say,How can I believe you??
Waiting for me to check that you will know how to record.。”
Zhao Zhao Feng’s exit,Dai Changsheng is constantly sinking with the heart of Anxin Moon.。
Dai Changsheng knows that the more you want to calm this time.。
“Go back,Go back,You casually,If you don’t believe,You ask me directly this secretary,Anyway, secretary, you also hit it.,It is also unfair to ask questions.。”
How did An Xinyue have never thought of this time Dai Changsheng will bring her to the knife.。
But when she looks to Dai Changsheng,I saw the color of her use of her.,She will immediately。
After all, the instant aware of the two people.,But the tacit understanding of the cultivation is absolutely not the case of the eye.。
She clearly remember that Dai Changsheng said some emotion.,He is gently slap,Yes, my wife will pay attention to it.,She immediately understands。
Even when he issued a low,I don’t know how to cooperate.。
For so many years,Wife has always belonged to a strong type。
Which man will like your wife’s strength??
Not all like to conquer??
Remember,An Xinyue is also a bottom gas in my heart.。
Dai Changsheng this is to let her play.。
Zhong Zhao Feng did not know the two people。
Especially when I see the confidence of Dai Changsheng,A look of a friendly look,Her heart has begun to shake。
Look at the eyes of peace of mind, no longer so fierce。
“Come,you say,Do you have any legs with him?,If you dare to say a fake?,I guarantee that you can’t do it in this plant.。”
“Of course, if you recognize it, you have an leg.,I can not only let you go.,And will also make you high。”
Dai Changsheng heard this,The whole person is stunned.。
“Wife,Are you a question??