Gujia Home (603816): Launched 300-600 million stock repurchase program to buy back stocks for subsequent distribution incentives

Gujia Home (603816): Launched 300-600 million stock repurchase program to buy back stocks for subsequent distribution incentives
A stock repurchase program was launched, and all stock repurchases were for subsequent equity incentives.The company intends to use its own funds of 300-600 million to repurchase the company’s shares in a centralized bidding process, the repurchase period is 12 months, 武汉夜网论坛 and the repurchase price does not exceed 50 yuan / share (relative to the closing price of 43 on September 19).55%).Based on the repurchase price and the upper limit of the amount, it is estimated that the number of repurchased shares will be 12 million shares, accounting for 1 of the company’s total share capital.99%.The repurchased shares will be used for subsequent replacement incentives. If the company implements this use within 36 months after the completion of the repurchase, the remaining unpurchased shares corresponding to the transfer will be replaced. The company’s financial status is good, and the repurchase will not have a significant impact on the company’s operations and controlling interests.As of June 30, 2019, the company’s total assets were 106.34 trillion, net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 50.US $ 4.1 billion, with a maximum cap of US $ 600 million for repurchasing funds, accounting for the company’s total assets, and the proportion of net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 5, respectively.64%, 11.90%.The company has sufficient repurchase funds. As of June 30, 2019, the currency funds are 17.920,000 yuan, transactional financial assets 9.US $ 8.8 billion, and the specific repurchase price and number of repurchases in this repurchase The company has independent controllable space for ownership.This repurchase will not have a significant impact on the company’s continued operations and development in the future, nor will it affect the controlling stake. The performance of the second quarter increased steadily. Tax cuts and price reductions of raw materials drove up gross profit margins.The company achieved revenue of 25 in 19Q2.500,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.10%, net profit attributable to mother is 2.63 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.01%. The company’s 19Q2 sales expense ratio was 17.11%, a decline of 3 per year.23pct.By optimizing the investment of advertising channels, the company’s fee control effect is obvious.The company’s gross profit margin for 19H1 was 35.64%, basically the same as the same period last year, with Q2 gross profit margin of 36.52%, increasing by 0 every year.94pct, mainly benefited from increased tax cuts and lower raw material prices. Channel construction covers blank markets, and the nationwide distribution of production capacity has been completed.The company shortened the store opening cycle by optimizing the process. It entered 82 blank cities in the first half of the year and optimized 48 cities at the same time. The number of global brand specialty stores exceeded 6,000.In terms of production capacity, the construction of the Huanggang base (an annual output of 600,000 standard sets of software and 400 universal custom home products) has completed 23% of the plant construction, and the Jiaxing base (the annual output of 800,000 standard sets of soft furniture project, phase I) has completed 74%The company’s national production capacity distribution is almost complete. Maintain profit forecast and maintain “Buy” rating.It is expected that the company will achieve net profit attributable to mothers by 2019-2021.06/14.48/17.50,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.89% / 20.07% / 17.78%, PE was 17.4X / 14.5X / 12.3 times. Risk warning: rapid land appreciation transition; less-than-expected channel development, Sino-US trade friction escalating

Chinese medicine: self-fried?

Generation fried?

Chinese medicine: self-fried?
Generation fried?

Automatic decoction to keep the effect of volatile medicine. The hospital uses an automatic decoction machine for decoction. The decoction process is performed in a closed, high-pressure environment. Set parameters such as time and pressure. After decoction, manually or automatically squeeze,The medicinal solution is delivered to the automatic packaging machine for packaging.

  Some of the traditional Chinese medicines we commonly use, such as mint, turmeric, and iris, all contain volatile oil components. They are the effective ingredients of the medicinal materials. To reduce the loss during the decoction process, the efficacy can be guaranteed.

The fully sealed automatic decoction machine can supplement the escape of synthetic volatile oil components.

  On the contrary, when the decoction is boiled, the active ingredient is in the air, and when it is boiled at high temperature, some ingredients are oxidized, which is not more concentrated.

  Traditional generation of decoction, flexibility of medicine. In order to give full play to the efficacy of drugs, traditional medical practitioners of the past have concluded a set of decoction methods in long-term practice.

  For a prescription, some medicines must be fried first (such as tortoise shell and vermiculite), some medicines must be used later (such as rhubarb, amomum), and some must be fried (eg ginseng).

  Frying time is also particular about: anti-emulsifiers (such as ephedra, chrysanthemum, lisianthus) should not be fried for a long time.
10 minutes, so as not to reduce the lightness and divergence; while the tonic drugs (such as ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, and tortoise shell) are heated, they need to be simmered for more than 40 minutes.

Some ore, animal horn beetles and other small hard pieces should be fried before they can dissolve the effective ingredients; aconite, pinellia slices and other toxic ingredients also need to be fried for 30?
60 minutes to reduce toxicity.

  If a recipe contains these different properties, the traditional frying method using a clay pot casserole can meet these different requirements.

Automatic decoction machines cannot.

  The do-it-yourself fact is to achieve the maximum benefit of the drug, who will cook it better?

In general, there are no special requirements for the cooking time and heat, and the hospital can directly fry them. However, if there are special medical orders such as cooking first and then lowering, it is better to do it yourself.

  Because the decoction container of the automatic decoction machine mostly uses a stainless steel liner, the nickel, chrome iron, etc. sometimes chemically react with proteins, amino acids, and other active ingredients in the drug under high temperature and pressure, which affects the efficacySome decoctions, such as Liuwei Dihuang Decoction, are not suitable for automatic decoction.

  In addition, the amount of fried medicine should not exceed seven days, otherwise, it will easily deteriorate even if it is placed in the refrigerator.

Before taking the liquid medicine, heat it in a microwave oven for a minute or two or burn it with hot water.

If the medicine appears swollen, it means that it has deteriorated and cannot be taken.

Seven steps to prevent dengue young children pay more attention _1

Seven steps to prevent dengue fever in young children

Seven steps to prevent dengue fever in young children1.

Clean up the stagnant water in the house and pay more attention to the sanitation of the sewers and other nearby places to prevent mosquito breeding.


For aquatic plants, change the water frequently and wash the roots and containers to prevent residual mosquito larvae and mosquito eggs from sticking to the roots and container walls, or use sand for cultivation.


Clean up garbage, pay attention to home hygiene, keep the area clean, and prevent mosquito activity.


When the mosquito activity in the house is earlier, you can consider using mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent and other mosquito repellents.


Be sure to use mosquito repellent when going out to play, wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites.


Screens, mosquito nets and other house attachment tools should be installed.


Citizens with early symptoms should go to the medical institution for examination, diagnosis and timely intervention.

Remind the child Yi Zhongzhao in the low-rise buildings in the old city. Although the diagnosed cases of dengue fever this year are mainly elderly over 50 years old, the concern for young infants, school-age children and adolescents should not be ignored.

The Eighth People’s Hospital of Guangzhou City has treated many children with dengue fever. The outpatient department of the Women’s and Children’s Medical Center and the inpatient department also cured 5 children.

Yesterday, the infectious disease area of Liwan Hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University successively treated young children.

A 7-year-old girl, Xiao Ling, lives on the second floor of a low-rise building in the Gonghe Community of Yuexiu District.

After fever appeared 5 days ago, Xiao Ling went to the city’s internal hospital for a cold.

Three days ago, the child’s father was diagnosed with a case of dengue fever, and Xiao Ling’s persistent high fever has not been controlled.

She was admitted to the Liwan Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University yesterday for treatment.

“The fever was 41 ° C, the leukocytes were extremely low, and the flakes were at the lower limit of normal values.

Coupled with a typical congestive rash and bleeding spots.

The first judgement at the time was that the child had contracted dengue fever.

“Said the hospital’s director of pediatrics.

This is already the second child dengue patient in the hospital, and a child in the retina is 8 years old. It is also living in a low-rise building in the old town, where mosquitoes reproduce.

Doctors at the hospital perform symptomatic treatment of children with implants and monitor their indicators.

Doctors said that they are most afraid that the blood routine indicators of these children will gradually decline, so the risk of critical illness will increase sharply.

Younger children cannot express themselves. Older school children who need special attention can also express themselves, describing typical symptoms of dengue such as headache, soreness, and muscle pain.

But young children, such as mosquito bites, do not show typical symptoms such as rash, may delay treatment and become a potential group of severe patients.

Parents of children should focus on their children’s emotional changes. They keep shaking their heads, irritability, crying, refusing to eat, etc. are all important symptoms of muscle aches and headaches.

At this time, if your child has symptoms of high fever or white spots on a large area of red skin, it is a typical symptom of dengue fever.

The doctor said that at this time parents should send the baby to a medical institution for investigation and treatment as soon as possible.

Because the child’s immune system is weak, neurological symptoms are more likely to occur.

Cutting-edge older children will not have underlying disease, and immunity is on the rise.

However, it does not rule out that a small number of children with basic diseases such as immunodeficiency and congenital heart disease have become severe due to dengue fever.

The doctor said that the younger infant group may have a lower bite because of the limited range of activities.

But mosquito control at home is particularly important.
Clear water, hygiene, long-sleeved, and mosquito nets suggest that the key indicator for preventing dengue fever is still to prevent and eliminate Aedes albopictus.
After the occurrence of community diabetes, the disease control department will work with the sanitation department to disinfect the external environment of the epidemic site and kill mosquitoes.

However, the standing water and mosquitoes in the indoor area require the citizens to act on their own.

Among them, cleaning up the water in the house and paying attention to the sanitation of the adjacent places such as the sewer to prevent mosquito breeding is the most important part.

In addition, citizens should also pay attention to home hygiene, keep their areas clean and prevent mosquito activity.

When the mosquito activity in the house is earlier, you can consider using mosquito repellents, mosquito repellents and other mosquito repellents. When you go out and play, you must use mosquito repellents. Wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites.

In the current severe epidemic situation, alternative tools such as screens and mosquito nets must be installed.

Dengue fever has a short incubation period, and the initial symptoms are mainly sudden high fever, that is, onset of illness, fever with chills, which can reach 39 ° C-40 ° C within 24 hours.

In addition, patients with early dengue fever have obvious flushing on the face, neck, and top, which may be accompanied by unexplained bleeding of the gums.

In addition, some rashes in early dengue patients are also very significant.

Citizens with the above-mentioned early symptoms are advised to go to a medical institution as soon as possible for investigation, diagnosis and timely intervention.

Infectious disease experts and experts suggest that headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, and nausea are also early manifestations of dengue fever, and citizens who have experienced mosquito bites need attention.

You must know the details that invalidate the movement

You must know the details that invalidate the movement

Time is precious.

We want every minute of fitness time to be spent on the blade.

So, did you get the expected results?

Does the maintenance campaign work?

If you don’t look as slim and fit as you might expect, it may indicate a problem with your fitness method, which prevents you from getting the results you deserve from your exercise.

  Of course, you may already know some issues that need to be avoided during exercise.

For example, not warming up before exercise can cause premature fatigue and affect your potential.

In addition, leaning on a stepper or elliptical machine during exercise, although extending the exercise time, will greatly reduce exercise intensity and reduce fat burning.

  Member of the American Fitness Commission, Los Angeles fitness coach Ken?

Allen pointed out that people often make mistakes in daily exercises. Some of these mistakes are ideas and movements. These mistakes seem to be small but the losses are great. A small deformation of the movement will have a huge effect on traininginfluences.

  5 mistakes that make exercise ineffective 1: Keep the same set of strength exercises: If you repeat the same set of exercises over and over, our muscles will gradually adapt.

Because each exercise can only stimulate a limited number of muscle fibers, fitness exercises can stagnate.

However, if we gradually add new exercises or rotate different exercises and exercise from various angles, we will have more muscle fibers to exercise, so as to achieve the purpose of improving muscle elasticity and increasing body strength.

  True: For each muscle group, learn 2?
3 practice methods, try new angles and new equipment, if there is no coach’s guidance, you can refer to the relevant bibliography and video.

For example, if you often do dumbbell push-up exercises on your back, you can try to adjust the angle of change; if you usually use the chest trainer, you can try dumbbell push-ups or barbell push-up training.

Learn multiple training methods, try every 6?
Change one set of exercises in 8 weeks.

  2: Action repeats too quickly: If the action is repeated too quickly during strength practice, the muscles will not be stimulated enough due to the assistance of potential energy, and the amount of fat burning will be greatly reduced.

In addition, it can easily cause damage to muscles and connective tissue.

  Correction: Each action takes 6 seconds-2 seconds to lift, 4 seconds to lower.

In the process of lowering, due to gravity assistance, the movement should be slower at this stage, and the brakes have reached sufficient strength.

Experts believe that slowdown is a major improvement so that you can get the most from your strength exercises.

  3: Exercise intensity is too high, too repetitive state: If the body does not get enough rest between endurance exercises or strength exercises, then not only can not improve, the existing fitness results will be restored.

  Correct: In order to maintain the vitality of the body and the freshness of exercise, the fitness plan should be relaxed, that is, short-term endurance training (such as 20 minutes) and long-term low-intensity exercises (40?
60 minutes).

High intensity exercises are violated more than 2 times per week.

You know, the harder the training, the slower your body recovers.

The ideal state is 2 days of intense training and 1 day of rest time.

For strength training, you should rest for at least one day between two exercises for the same muscle group.

  4: Endurance training lacks a challenging state: Endurance training is not as challenging as overtraining, it will damage existing fitness results.

In order to get better results, and to burn fat less hard, you need to challenge yourself twice a week and train until you are out of breath.

  Correction: At the same time, perform high-endurance endurance training step by step. It is better to insert high-intensity training twice a week.

For example, after warming up on a treadmill for 10 minutes, speed up or slope for 30 seconds?
1 minute and then 1?
3 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise as a recovery.

This alternates 10?
20 minutes, stop again.
  5: Dumbbell weight is unsuitable: dumbbell weight is too light, of course, can not achieve training purposes, is not conducive to the improvement of muscle strength, elasticity and bone density.

Excessive weight increases the risk of serious injury.

In addition, you must use other muscles to help lift weights, reduce weights, and use the strength of the whole body to complete the flexion and extension of the biceps, which will not allow the target muscles to be fully exercised.

  True: For high-intensity strength exercises, do 4 for each group?
6 times for mid-strength strength exercises, 8 for each group?
12 times.

The choice of weight should be appropriate, and the last exercise of each group should be very difficult to complete, but it should not be heavy enough to deform the action.

If you feel you have the ability to do another exercise after completing the last exercise, it is recommended that you increase the weight by 5?
You may find that when you increase the weight significantly, you will reduce the number of repetitions, it does not matter, as long as the target muscle is tired in the last few repetitions.

Rest assured that lifting to fatigue will not make your muscles large and thick.

  5 actions to invalidate the movement1.

When squatting, contract over your toes, lift your heels, and tilt inward vertically.

  Condition: These incorrect actions put excessive pressure on radial tendons and ligaments.

  Correction: Hold one dumbbell in each hand and straighten it, separate your feet, and make it as wide as your hips. Stand your feet upright and lift your chest and abdomen.

Place your body center of gravity on the heel, bend and tilt it down, and back down, trying to make your thighs parallel to the ground, with your upper body straight and aligned with your feet.

Then straighten your legs and lift your body.

  Exercise your chest, quadriceps and biceps.


When leaning over for side pull training, arch upwards, the body does not start from the crotch, and pull the dumbbells too far back.

  Condition: The pressure caused by these wrong radial spines reduces the requirements on the back muscles and affects the effect of exercise.

  Tip: Keep your feet apart and the same width as your hoe. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and hang perpendicular to your body.

The tip is curved, the body is bent down from the crotch, the upper body is kept straight, and it is 90 degrees to the lower limbs.

Align the shoulders with your palms inward.

The abdominal muscles are contracted to support the hips and the chest is pressed against the shoulders.

Keep your body posture, bend your elbows upwards, and lift them towards your waist until your upper arms are flush with your upper body, your forearms are perpendicular to the ground, and your knuckles are down.

Slowly straighten your arms to the initial position and keep your upper body posture unchanged.

  Exercise your hips, back shoulders, and biceps.


When lifting the abdominal triceps, the upper arm swings and the shoulders tilt, raising the arms and dumbbells too high.

  Situation: If the above error occurs, the fractured triceps will not be fully exercised and will cause pressure on the shoulder and elbow joints.

  Correct: Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, stand and point to the right, with your feet apart, the same width as your hip, or stride apart (you can also kneel your right knee on the replacement).

The body bends forward from the crotch, 90 degrees, with the right hand on the stool.

Keep your upper body still and bend your left elbow until your upper arm is parallel to the ground, your forearm is perpendicular to the ground, and your palms are inward.

Place your elbows close to your waist and contract your abdomen.

Keep your upper arm still, and use your abdominal triceps to stretch your arm straight to the back of your body until the dumbbells are down.

Bend your elbows slowly to return to the vertical position.

  Exercise the triceps.


When you do sit-ups, you yanked and raised without lifting your shoulders and your abdomen.
  Condition: These errors can cause acid soreness, but cannot make the kidneys firm.

  Correction: Lie on your back, shrink and bend, keep your feet close to the floor, separate your feet, and make them as wide as your hips.

Put your hands behind your head, put your thumbs behind your ears, and keep your fingers crossed.

Spread elbows to both sides.

The abdomen is tightened so that the lower ribs are close to the crotch and the chest is relaxed.

Without pulling or pulling, or pulling your elbows toward your body, lift your upper body upwards, lift your shoulders off the ground, and relax your head and replacement during the whole process.

Stop and lie down slowly.

  Strengthen your abdomen.

  5. When the horizontal dumbbell expands the chest, the arm position is too low.

  Condition: This wrong movement leads to the shoulder and shoulder rotation tendons (the shoulder rotation tendon is in the shoulder joint, which consists of the superior muscle, infraganglia, infrascapularis and small round muscles, which connect the muscle groups of the scapula and bones.Allow your arms to perform lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, rotating, and forward motions.

) Cause tremendous oppression.

In addition, it is difficult to lift the arm again, and it is impossible to effectively exercise the chest muscles.

  Correction: Lie on your back, align and bend, put your feet on the edge.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and reduce the diameter. Lift it above and above. The elbows are slightly bent with the palms facing inward.

Contract the abs and keep your chin level.

Keeping the elbow arc, extend the elbow downward and laterally until it is in a plane with the shoulder or slightly below the shoulder.

Then lift the dumbbells to the initial state. Do not let the two dumbbells touch each other or lift the shoulders off the bench.

Diagnostic computer family often has 3 kinds of dark circles


Diagnostic computer family often has 3 kinds of dark circles

The MMs who have been facing the computer for a long time have the same sign-dark circles, MMs with large double eyelids and large eyes are particularly obvious, and then MMs with single eyelids can’t escape it. You must know how the eyes with dark circles are not beautiful.Oh, let’s see if you have dark circles!

  1. Blue-and-black eye circles — “Unusual work and rest” The black-and-white eye circles usually occur around 20 years of age. People with abnormal daily life and daily life are particularly difficult to avoid because of the slow blood temperature in their microvessels, increased blood volume and increased oxygen consumption.As a result of a large increase in hypoxia heme, from the appearance, the skin appears dark blue.

Due to the microvessels around the eyes, insufficient sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia and other factors can cause skin congestion and edema around the eyes.

  2, tea black eye circles-“long-term sun exposure” The cause of ghost tea black eye circles is closely related to the increase in age. The pigmentation caused by long-term sun exposure will form around the eyes, and over time, black eye circles will form.Delayed melanin metabolism caused by retention, and excessive dryness of the skin can also lead to the formation of dark brown eyes.

  3. Eye edema——The disaster caused by “poor blood circulation” As for the eye edema and poor blood circulation, because water and oxygen are exchanged in the microvessels, unwanted water is recovered by carbon dioxide, a process called “The “metabolism” of water, when the life is abnormal and the water recovery capacity is reduced, more water will be accumulated in the cells, or when you excess water, when the delivery amount is greater than the recovery amount, the remaining water will leak through the microvessels.In both cases, the culprit is puffy eyes.

  How to prevent dark circles In skin care, prevention has always been greater than treatment. We should pay attention to preventing dark circles in our daily life.

So, what to start with?

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Eye drops to relieve eye fatigue For office girls sitting in front of a computer screen, a drop of eye drops is a good way to relieve eye fatigue.

But be careful, the mouth of the bottle must not touch the eyelids and eyelashes, otherwise the medicine will be contaminated.


The cold work of the spoon and the late sleep and early rise makes the eyes often swollen. You can put two small stainless steel spoons in the freezer of the refrigerator before going to bed, take them out the next morning and put them on the swollen eyesApplying a cold compress for 2 minutes can quickly reduce the swelling of the eyes and make them look clearer.


Pay attention to the daily habits. The skin around the eyes is too delicate. If you don’t pay attention to daily care, especially if you don’t thoroughly apply eye shadow makeup, it can easily cause dark circles.

In addition, smoking and lack of sleep can cast shadows around the eyes.

It may be that the pillow is too low when sleeping.