First1284chapter Have a play
Not to mention such a night,An old woman bowed suddenly appeared。This Wang Youcai can be considered a bold person,If this is for someone else,Screamed long ago。
”What am i doing?What are you doing?Why did you go to the yard without sleeping in the middle of the night?,Do you want to beat my wife?? I can tell you,Don’t even think“Li Lanhua said coldly。Although it is night,But Wang Youcai could feel the fierce light in the eyes of this old woman。
Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Can’t help but scold:”You are a lunatic,I want to beat your wife and wait for you to arrest me?I would have been under her bed when you found out,I can still stand here waiting for you to catch“Wang Youcai got angry,Just say what you want。
”Are you alright!I’ll get up as soon as you open the door。I can tell you,We are poor,But never do shameless business,If you have this idea,You take your money,Leave tomorrow“Li Lanhua said with a throat。
There are more than 20 households in Chenzhuang,Everyone built the house in their own land,So the people are scattered。This Yao Chunni’s yard is at the top of the village,Behind the house is the big forest。Her home is hundreds of meters away from another family,That’s why Li Lanhua dared to speak loudly。
When Wang Youcai heard this dead old woman talking like this,He’s afraid he really doesn’t want him,So he smiled and said:”You old man is really my heart。My wife works in the city,Young and beautiful,How can I like your rustic daughter-in-law??You don’t think about it“
”Really!“Wang Youcai’s lie,Made old man Li Lanhua believe。
At this moment,Just listen to the creak of the east door,A dark shadow came out。It seems that the quarrel between Li Lanhua and Wang Youcai awakened Yao Chunni。
”mother!what are you doing?It’s shameful, right?!“Yao Chunni said,Jumped down the steps and walked towards them。Although in the dark,But Wang Youcai uses the faint light,I can still vaguely see the two lumps on Yao Chunni’s chest wearing clothes。
Thin pajamas can’t cover her plump breasts,As she walks around,These two soft balls swayed up and down。Looking at the seductive Yao Chunni,Wang Youcai suppressed the anger in his heart。
”Damn!Just arrived at your home,There are fleas on this soil kang,Bite people can’t sleep,So come out for a walk,I didn’t expect to wake up Auntie too“Wang Youcai said with a smile,And didn’t mention Li Lanhua troubled him。This is equivalent to giving Li Lanhua a step down。
Yao Chunni walked to Wang Youcai’s side in two steps,Said angrily:”You’d better not walk around at night,Otherwise some people will be suspicious again“
Some people in Yao Chunni’s mouth naturally refer to her mother-in-law。Li Lanhua is not stupid,She immediately sneered:”In the past two days I found a bitch called Chun,I’m afraid of bringing male dogs to the house“
”what!Your family also has a dog!Why didn’t you hear it?“Wang Youcai asked deliberately。
Yao Chunni listened,There is no place for the anger in my heart,She unexpectedly pinched Wang Youcai,Then a sharp turn,Angrily returned to the room。
that’s it,Wang Youcai returned to Xifang again passively,He lied on the kang secretly,Fell asleep。

“There is a problem in four or five miles northwest。”Zhong Sanpu has no interest in admiring Li Tianzhu’s‘Magic Box’,The body turned into a blue smoke and went away instantly,The old man is not arrogant,But without any experience in battle,Since I found the problem, I went immediately,Completely unaware of the danger。

Li Tianzhen can’t let Zhong Sanpu stand alone,Call out Li Xiucheng’s golden body,Several strides have caught up with each other,Wind and sand,There is very little vegetation in the depths of the wasteland,But looking very hard,The buried hill is still some distance away,And there is no gray-black rock band described in the brochure,All eyes are khaki。
Zhong Sanpu stops,Look a little dazed,There is nothing but wind and sand here,He not only rushed to the air,The other half of the red dragonfly in the divine consciousness also suddenly disappeared。
“They must have been attacked。”
Li Tianzhen nodded and said nothing,The divine consciousness that has long been retracted spreads slowly again,Dozens of blood stink bugs are still not far ahead,But the state at this time is also a bit bad,Flying aimlessly like a headless fly,He can’t understand,If the attacker is the blood,Why only attack the red dragonfly,And let go of the blood stink bug?
“Go back and make plans。”You can’t take risks if you don’t understand,Li Tianzhen couldn’t help but Zhong Sanpu answered,Pulling him back sharply,Two or three gasps and returned to the original place。
The coolies have dug a big hole on the surface,More than two meters deep,Finally encountered a very hard object,So Li Tianzhen let the coolie dig horizontally around,Soon I saw the gray-black rock,Large rock area,The digging speed of a hundred coolies is still not fast enough,Li Tianzhen then‘Magic Box’Call out more artisans and coolies。
“What’s up?We didn’t dig the soil and dig pits。”Supernatural power missed,Zhong Sanpu has no face,I was also very dissatisfied with Li Tianzhen’s forcibly dragging him back,Whining around the pit。
Li Tianzhen was silent,Nervousness already high,Many coolies,Plus‘Blood stink bug’with‘Terrain Worm’,There are more and more nodes in Li Tianzhu’s spiritual consciousness,Sudden increase in mental stress,And the energy consumption rate is quite amazing,Fortunately, coolie moves extremely fast,The big hole gets bigger and bigger,Li Tianzhi finally saw the rock belt described by Huang Cezzi。
“It’s here。”Li Tianzhen pointed to the gray-black strange stone road in the pit,“Back then, your master stood here and looked at the buried hill,According to the record, there should be forty miles。”
Zhong Sanpu, who has been complaining, is stunned,After looking at the pit for a long time, I suddenly realized,They found the right place,Just over a thousand years,The landform has undergone tremendous changes,The rock belt of that year has long been buried by the sandy loess in the wasteland,Layer by layer,All traces in the record have gone underground。
Now that the position is confirmed,There is no need to dig further,Li Tianzhen received all the artisans and coolies,Mental stress alleviated suddenly,Look up to the northwest,The look immediately became weird,Those ones‘Blood stink bug’Actually still flying around within the range that I just sensed,Neither forward,Do not go back,Seems to be confined within a certain space,Weird。
Li Tianzhen is about to take back everything with his spiritual sense‘Blood stink bug’,Suddenly Li Xiucheng’s golden body sounded in my ears,“Don’t act rashly,The bug can’t be collected。”
The golden body is actually reminding itself with words rather than spiritual knowledge,All of Li Tianzhi’s nerves immediately tightened again,After a little thought, I reacted quickly,“Have you discovered where the magical power to control bugs comes from??”
“Very smart,Can’t lock position。”The golden body has become invisible,And cut off the spiritual connection with Li Tianzhi,But what is he going to do,Li Tianzhen knows very well,Just about to speak against,That vague natural induction has gone far。
“what are you doing?It’s not early,Let’s speed up。”Zhong Sanpu naturally found no abnormalities,Seeing Li Tianxuan staying still,Upset again。
A gust of wind,Sandstorm,The natural induction is back,Whispered in Li Tianzhu’s ear,“Still can’t find,Can’t you make some movement?”
“Too risky!”

All the way,When Xia Jian arrives at the venture group,Exactly one o’clock,Coincides with the lunch break of company employees。The security guard on duty knows Xia Jian,He didn’t ask anything,Quickly opened the door for him。

“Is Mr. Xiao on it??”Xia Jian put his head out of the car window,Asked with a smile。
Which security said with a smile:“Mr. Xiao never went out,Should be in her office”Xia Jian nodded,So he parked Da Ben under the office building。
The little girl on duty at the front desk saw that Xia Jian was here,She immediately stood up and said:“Mr. Xia!Do you want to inform Mr. Xiao that you are here??”
“Thank you!no need,I go up by myself”Xia Jian smiled slightly,And walked into the elevator with a small bag。
Xiao Xiao, who was on a lunch break, heard the door bell,Of course it is very annoying,But she came out wearing her clothes and pressed the door lock。Xia Jian opened the door and went in for a moment,Xiao Xiao’s face immediately smiled。
“You came?Why don’t you tell me”Xiao Xiao was both surprised and happy,A little panicked。She flicked her hair with her hand,I quickly stepped into the lounge where Xia Jian had slept。
Xia Jian walked a few steps back and forth in this familiar office,Everything remains the same,But the owner here is no longer him。
After packing, Xiao Xiao walked out of the lounge,She smiled and said:“are you tired?If tired,Just go to sleep for a while and let’s talk,The beds are freshly washed”
“No need to,Drove for two hours,Can’t talk about how tired”Xia Jian said,So I threw my bag on the coffee table,People sat on a comfortable sofa。
Xiao Xiao quickly made Xia Jian a cup of coffee and brought it over,She is very passionate today,This surprised Xia Jian。Xiao Xiao she knew before,Is a cold high-definition woman,Really hard to get close。If she used to be like this,Maybe between them…
“I thought you would go back to Pingdu directly,Didn’t you think you can still live reliably?!”Xiao Xiao said,Pushed the coffee cup in front of Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took back his wild thoughts,Smiled slightly:“There are two days off,So i come and have a look,Didn’t you say that the group had a little trouble recently??”
“Hi!Is a small trouble,But this trouble one after another”Xiao Xiao said,A little helplessly shook his head。
First1666chapter Love lock
Before Xia Jianlai Venture Group,I knew there was nothing good,as expected,He asked,Xiao Xiao frowned。

By the third thousandth,Li Ming’s full blow,I can only tear the two bans。And this is already when Li Ming’s flying sword formation has improved。

Sixth-eight hundredth prohibition,For the first time, Li Ming’s bombardment could not completely tear a heavy ban,The speed of breaking the formation has also slowed down。
“I don’t know how fast other practitioners break through the formation?”Li Ming sighed slightly,Take a small bottle of immortal elixir。
Li Ming’s pure Yang Ling Dan has long been exhausted,But taking the immortal spirit pill can barely make do,Can barely replenish mana。
at the same time,The other twenty-six formations in the restricted space,A large number of 26 true immortals are also breaking the formation。
The speed is naturally fast and slow。
Fastest,But a strong man in Dagan Mountain。
The strong,On the realm is not the highest in Dagan Shenshan,But he is the only one‘The power of the knife’A strong man who has risen to the fourth realm。
Chance in the Universe Tower,It is based on the nine heavenly ways,The implied Tao is mainly based on the Tao of the rules of heaven and earth,So on the whole, study the skills of swordsmanship and kendo,There are relatively few strong people who condense the power of swords and Tai Chi.。
His knife power,Attack power will not be stronger than Li Ming,But the knife power is naturally condensed,He doesn’t need to spend time swallowing pills to restore mana,Naturally saved a lot of time。
now,He has reached the seventh thousandth restriction。
And second only to him,It’s the second elder of Shenshan,His understanding of realm is no worse than Li Ming’s clone,I don’t know because he is good at Mu Xing Tian Dao,So pure attack is slightly inferior to Li Ming。
He also reached more than six thousand five hundred。
In addition, Shenshan has two true immortal powerhouses,Broke the five thousand four hundred ban、Five thousand three hundred prohibition。
This time,Only five of them can break through the five thousand ban。

The walkie-talkie uploaded a report from the men guarding the periphery。

“police officer!”
Turn on surveillance video,I saw dozens of police officers rushing in from three entrances on the screen,Most of the dozens of subordinates that I arranged outside are already subdued。
“Walk from the tunnel!”
The rich man in the audience asked the bodyguard to catch the young woman,After clashing with the security of the auction house,Chen Xiu saw the chaos,I’m afraid that someone accidentally hurt Gong Daoming during the chaos,Quietly pulled him aside。
“hit,Hit hard!”
Gong Daoming was heartless when he saw the chaos,
154 Heavy treasure!
The sixth man who was shot in the thigh pushed Yuanwu away,Shen Sheng said:“Yuan Ge,This is not the time for mother-in-law,The painting you are carrying must not be intercepted by the police officer!
If you lose the painting,You should know better than us,I won’t be the only one who will die then,My family will suffer!
Means of organization,You know better than me!”
At this time, the other person who was shooting on the ground to prevent the police officer from rushing over also said:“Yuan Ge,The sixth is right。Our two brothers have also made a lot of money over the years,Enough for the family for most of their lives,After we go in,You help us take care of our home!”
“Old five,you……”
After the fifth shot fired twice,,Turned around and shouted
155 Got caught again

The phone rang,Xia Jian took it out and took a look,Lao Xiao came here,He is busy:“Hey!I’m at the company,Where are you okay!“

“I’m fine,Don’t worry,What happened last night,I already know,You must not panic,Do not confront the police,Try to cooperate is,It’s obvious,Someone wants to interfere with your work,Let the development of our financial center and Nanyuan run aground,This is their purpose,You must not be fooled“Old Xiao on the phone,Very seriously。
Xia Jian listened,While thinking,Fortunately, I restrained myself last night,Otherwise, he might still be in the police station right now,I’m a little scared to think about it。
Just hung up the phone,Heiwa ran in without knocking the door,He holds several tabloids from Bucheon,Scolded while walking:“These little reporters,I know to spray all day long,What shit is written here“
Xia Jian took a look,My heart was almost blown up,I saw it written with a bright red headline“Xia Jian, General Manager of Venture Group,Due to personal grievances,Push the company security down to the eighth floor,There is also a picture of him under the title“
Another,Makes people even more angry“The French Open,Xia Jian, general manager of the venture group, turned himself in,The people of the city hailed the justice of the law“
“What shit newspaper“Xia Jian yelled out of anger,Fell the newspaper in his hand on the table。
I can’t forget it this time,Or else he built these tabloid dolls in summer,Do whatever you want,Xia Jian thought of this,And said to Heiwa:“You have to work harder these two days,While fixing the order here,Look out for financial centers andaLandmark,This group of people has bad water,Must prevent“
Heiwa thought for a while,Seems to understand,He said quickly:“Ok,I immediately arrange manpower,Patrol day and night“
Heiwa is gone,Xia Jian called Wang Lin,He pointed to the tabloids on the table,Very angry and said:“Report the matter immediately,And contact a lawyer,These small newspapers,Go to court,Be fast,Don’t be afraid of making money,This time we must let them know how good we are“
“it is good,I’ll do it right away“Wang Lin picked up the newspaper on the table and went out。
Xia Jian just sat down,The whole person suddenly became soft as if there were no bones,From last night to now,He never slept,I’m really sleepy right now。
Xia Jiangang fell asleep,Fang Fang who rushed in the door quarreled,She gasped and said:“It’s bad, Mr. Xia,A group of people came downstairs,All women and elderly,They get off the car,Then climbed at the entrance of the hall,Heiwa didn’t dare to touch them at all,The crowd on the road now,Is more and more“
Xia Jianyi listen,No sleepiness,Fang Fang said loudly:“Let President Wang call the police immediately,Close the hall door,Don’t let them in“
It’s never ending,Who is behind it?,If you can’t find the disease,The light alarm does not seem to have any effect。Xia Jian with his back,Walked two back and forth in the office,He wants to give the medicine personally,Even if it’s a bet。
Thought of here,He immediately called Heiwa:“You personally lead the security team,Even more than 30 firefighters bring along,Go to the financial center“Heiwa was confused。

Where does Xia Jian live in Guan Tingna?,One stay is two days,The relationship between the two is getting more and more ambiguous,But Xia Jian holds a degree,he knows,At this moment, he really dare not fool around,Also, Tingna is not an ordinary woman,It’s a hassle to get rid of it if it’s good。

So no matter what kind of joke you make,Xia Jian just doesn’t touch her body。And when sleeping at night,Two people in one room。Xia Jian is afraid that there is a case,So when he slept, he locked the door from inside。
This way,It’s kind of funny to say it。But Xia Jian really did this,What surprised him was,Although Guan Tingna is intimate with him,But it’s pretty regular when sleeping at night。
As the saying goes,Long night dreams。Love for a long time,Xia Jian believed these two sentences,So once I had breakfast this day,Xia Jian bid farewell to Guan Tingna,The excuse is that he wants to go back to Xiping Village。
“Xia Jian!Are you afraid of me sticking to you??“Guan Tingna suddenly asked a little unhappy。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:”No!Thank you for hosting me for two days,I am happy in these two days。You know,I can’t stay here in Bucheon for now,I have to go back to Pingdu“
“You are good at everything,Just too righteous。Its Beiwei Group is pretty good,He Weineng personally invite you,You should do it with her。This society is a mother if you have milk,With whom it’s for RMB”Guan Tingna said disapprovingly。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“You can’t do it with He Wei,This woman is too scheming,I’m not her opponent at all。Moreover,If I go to Northway Group,Don’t talk about Xiao Xiao here,Where is Xiongji, how can I tell,You heard the phone calls we made these two days”
“What are you doing back home??Can’t go back to farm!”Guan Tingna gave Xia Jian a blank look and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What happened to the farm?If you can plant a group company,It may not be a good thing”
“Okay, serious,I heard that when you came out this time,The group gave you a sum of money,Or start your own company,I followed and bought some shares,Let’s do it ourselves”Guan Tingna said solemnly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“I haven’t thought about it yet,Let me think about it for a few more days.!and also,Starting a company is not a trivial matter,What kind of money the group gave me what you can do?”
Guan Tingna still wants to say,But Xia Jian has stood up。Seeing Xia Jian’s decision to leave,Guan Tingna didn’t say anything,She changed a dress and said:“Let’s go!I will take you downstairs。Back to Bucheon,This is your home,Much more comfortable than your hotel,At least I might cook for you”
“Thanks!leave temporarily,It’s not that I won’t see you again in this life”Xia Jian said,Opened the door,Walk outside。
Guan Tingna sent Xia Jian to the car,A bit reluctant to say:“Remember to call me,Don’t forget me,Even if you get married,There should be no problem begging for a drink!”
“What marriage,This life is destined to be single”Xia Jian started the car as he spoke。Just when the car turned off,About to go out,Xia Jian stopped the car。
He sticks his head out of the car window,Speak loudly:“What do you want to do next?It’s impossible to just sit around like this every day!”
“how is this possible,I want to go abroad,Go see the family,And look for a job again。That’s more than half a month!We will call”Guan Tingna took a breath and said。

“Oh!have they gone?”Xia Jian asked quietly。

Lin Na lowered her voice and laughed:“Going through,But which aunt is still looking for you,You said her daughter might be seduced by you”When Lin Na said this,,Bent down with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled,Said to Lin Na:“How can you say this is possible?I am a gentleman,How could you do such abusive things??dont you agree”
“You’re still a gentleman,Two women stay with me in a hospital,The nurse in our nurse’s room talked privately,Say you are rich,Hospitalization”Lin Na said,Run away。
Xia Jian laughed,Secretly cursed“Shit,Almost killed,Also talk about romantic”
He flipped through the phone,Twelve missed calls,It’s all from Una。Xia Jian hurriedly returned the call,One call,I heard Una say on the phone:“What’s the matter with you,Why don’t you answer my call”
This woman feels very angry,Xia Jian hurriedly smiled:“Didn’t I come back for you??”
“You can not reply!Really,I ask you,Are you injured and hospitalized”Wona asked angrily。
Xia Jianyi startled,He asked with a smile:“How did you know,I did suffer a little injury,But no problem,Just raise it for two days”
“There is something here you should tell me,Really not friends enough,If it weren’t for this morning I went to the Public Security Bureau to do something,Encountered Police Officer Chen Xiaoya,I really don’t know this,You tell me,Which hospital are you at”
Xia Jian just remembered,Liu Ying might have known about his injury,Liu Ying may have told Chen Xiaoya about this again,Souna knows too,Xia Jian hesitated and said:“I’m hereKMFirst People’s Hospital,Don’t come if you are busy,I’ll be discharged in two days,I go againLJSee you”
“Needless to say,I’ll be here by car”Una hung up the phone after speaking。Xia Jian couldn’t help but smile,This foreign woman,Is the style of doing things quite Chinese??It seems she has been assimilated。
The sun gets bigger,Xia Jian was thinking about finding a place to hide,Xia Fei is here,She smiled and said:“Go back soon!Look at you”

Into the lobby on the first floor,A waitress greeted me。Xia Jian took a closer look,My boy,It turns out this service is all foreign women。

Lei Lei took Xia Jian to sit near the window。She ordered two steaks,Then I ordered two more cups of coffee。Xia Jian thought Lei Lei would ask him how familiar,As a result, he was the master,This disappointed Xia Jian。But he knows,The good show should still be behind。Because he didn’t answer the phone call from Lei Lei several times。
First2656chapter Be surrounded
Because of Lei Lei drinking coffee,So they didn’t drink,But ordered two coke。
Two people eating steak,Drinking coke,Listening to a song in a foreign language。Xia Jian suddenly felt that this kind of life was very comfortable。
“President Xia!Is Lei Lei very clingy??If it’s not you why don’t you answer my call。I really thought I stuck you!Then you are really wrong。I, Lei Lei, is also the daughter of the head of the Lei Group,And still the only daughter,I think you should know this!”
Xia Jian smiled at Lei Lei and said:“Miss Lei really misunderstood。How could i not answer your call?In fact, which time is there for a reason,I was driving on the hillside when you called。Which slope is very steep,Can be described as dangerous”
“Don’t make up stories,You keep driving,Why not come back?”
Lei Lei won’t let go,Serious look。It seems that she has to ask Xia Jian to tell him why he didn’t answer the phone。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Miss Lei!You are young and beautiful,And have such a good family background。You said how many men in this world think for you。But I alone can’t,Because I’m the father of three children”
Things have reached this point,Xia Jian thinks something should be made clear,Otherwise, keep entangled like this,Something will happen。
But what he didn’t expect was,After Lei Lei heard what he said,Appear extremely calm,She just smiled and said:“Are you telling me what is interesting?I do not want to hear”
Since they don’t want to listen,Then it won’t be interesting for him to talk about this topic。
“Hey!How is your mother’s health recently?Has the waist disease not recurred??Get busy,I forgot about it”

“No need to,Just stay with dad。I just walk around,No need to accompany。”Lu Menglin smiled。

“Still talking!Your dad ran away at noon,Said something happened to the company,I have a customer to see。Leave me here alone,Very boring,Otherwise I won’t wait for you!”Mother Lu shook her head and smiled bitterly。
It turned out that Dad drove away!No wonder mom is so idle!Lu Menglin’s heart secretly said。
“go,I bought a la carte,Get something delicious for you father and son at night。”Mother Lu stepped forward and took her son’s arm.。
Lu Menglin nodded,Accompanied my mother into the community。
A few people walking towards you,It is Lu Youshan and Lao Zhang、Xiaoli and the others,Among them is a middle-aged man who I haven’t seen yesterday,All smiles。
“What are you girls doing here?Go in the house and change clothes,let’s go and eat。”Lu Youshan waved his hand。
“eat?What to eat?I bought good vegetables!”Mother Lu was stunned。
“Our Liufang partner,That’s the Hong Kong company,I know you two are here,Must have dinner。Stop shivering,Just follow。”Lu Youshan laughed。
“Yes,Yes!Sister-in-law is here,They must be a treat。”The one talking is the guy who I didn’t see yesterday。
Lu Menglin looked at this man with a spring breeze,Suddenly I feel that this person is laughing a little fake。
“Who is this?”Mother Lu was taken aback for a moment,Asked。
“I’m Huang Yuanshun,Dasao can call me Xiaohuang。I’m sorry yesterday,I went out to do something with the client,I will invite sister-in-law and son-in-law to dinner alone。”
Huang Yuanshun’s mouth is pretty slippery,Talk in sets,It doesn’t look like a financial man,It’s like an old salesman。
Lu Menglin knew that the surname Huang belonged to Zhao Yuanchao,Just know it,On the surface, he smiled and nodded。
Waiting for Lu’s mother to change into a slightly more formal dress,Lu Youshan took his son and his men to the Yuehai Restaurant across the street。