“It is urged me to liberate everything at this moment.,”

“jt truth y heart!”
The voice of the juvenile is slowly,And the violin in the hands of the Meiqin is the right and benefit.。
The song of the original Qing Palace is the accompaniment of the girl violin,Now that the sound of the beautiful violin is the best chord of the teenager singing.。
“Never confused,”
“Because I http://www.dsyaolu.cn have a wiped will;”
“I am willing to solve this all,No longer avoiding true,”
“Going to the stage of the next life!”
“Your back of the run of the run,”
“I don’t know when I started, I feel so close.;”
“I also have a unfortunate look up in the sky.,”
“But I will have more memories and memories.,”
“It is the embarrassment of the heart,Arouse my ability;”
“Because I have a thing I want to guard!”
When do you not know,Juvenile,The faint golden rays have quietly gathered together,The invisible field is uncontrolled for the first time,Tightly protect the surroundings of the Qing Palace,Golden light slowly is getting more,Teenagers like an angel from the sky,Holy and noble,But the Qing Palace itself is not self-knowledge。
Unhappy building。
‘Humanity’Slowly open your eyes,Deep looking into that direction,The complex color in the eyes is over。
“This is‘science’Does the road??”
A corner of the seventh school district,Red identity seems to have a feeling,Slightly doubtful looking behind the direction,Then shook the head,No more。
He didn’t notice,The black long girl next to him is flashing in a flashing。
The whole stage is around,I have already won’t know when I become silent.,In addition to the whisper singing song,Still flowing in the air。
“Heart flowing view,Constantly climb up;”
“The pain will eventually disappear in the wind;”
“Heart sanctions,”
“Destiny can also be broken;”
“I hope to http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn create a dawn.。”
“Becoming a strong courage,Unchanging heart,”
“Conduct yourself with precious,”
“This will kill all obstacles。”
“In the start of the rays,Take each other,”
“Ohasse sanction of endless darkness;”
“Although it is so afraid of lonely swirls。”
“But now I will never look back.”
With the end of the performance,This year’s Chang Platforms is temporarily counted.,Although people have always reported a great curiosity to the final performance,But because of the performer,No who dares to ask the electromagnet gun to the Changye Platform。
And the girl of tea after the performance,Slowly walk behind the scene of the stage,there,The teenagers of the white clothes have not known,However, the girl still reveals a smile.。
“Anything else,This is my best so-called‘Exhibition’Opportunity。”Meiqin said http://www.yuyaoshop.cn with a light smile,As if he speaks,“The black man said, there is no mistake.,It is really a good day today.。”
“I firmly believe that I am worthy of?”Meiqin whispering,Although the face is with a slight red lotus,The eyes are still firm, as always.,“I believe”
“Thank you。”
“but”Speaking of which,Meiqin turned,Out of the air showed a smile of smile,“Guy tibied,I don’t like it.!”Finish,Girls directly out of the stage。

“how is this possible,A capable person like you,If a drunk woman is pregnant,Who should do that,Is there any progress in this society??so,Paid,Paid off,You can enjoy life”Wang Yihua smiled and said。

Xia Jian nodded and said:“well said!But I have to remind you,Hu Huiru, who is here to invest in Qingshan County this time, is a powerful character,You have to be careful”
“Needless to say,I guess I can guess。Can be the boss of Dongsheng Group,In addition to her ability,Must be very beautiful,And it’s not what kind of pretty popular flowers,It should be said to be unique,You say what i said is right or wrong”Wang Yihua asked with a smile。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but nodded and said:“This woman is indeed very temperamental,A http://www.knayt.cn charm spread out of her,Normal men can’t resist。She and I have fought head-on,Her ability to tackle key problems is really great,So we are in Qingshan County this time,But found a real opponent”
“Humph!The best woman,Also sleep under the man’s crotch,Why don’t you take her,Turn an enemy into a friend,Isn’t this resolved??”Wang Yihua sneered,Jokingly。
Xia Jian looked at Wang Yihua,Suddenly jumped over,He did it,While talking:“I’ll take you away first”
First1063chapter What the villagers think
Spring breeze blowing,Happy event。
Early next morning,Xia Jian got up。Wang Yihua made him a nutritious breakfast very considerately,Finished eating,Wang Yihua personally drove again,Sent Xia Jian to Donglin Daxia,Then she didn’t even get off the car,Hurried back to Qingshan County。
Guo Meili and Lin Wei saw that Xia Jian came http://www.dgzbwl.cn to the company so early,Quite surprised。Especially Guo Meili,She would definitely think that Xia Jian and Wang Yi were crooked together,It would be nice to be back this afternoon。
“Yo!President Xia,I came back quite early?”Guo Meili asked with a smile。
Lin Wei smiled sweetly,She did not speak,But to make Xia Jian a cup of tea,Delivered to him。After Xia Jian took a sip of tea,,Then asked:“How are you busy here?I have a new task for you to do,And a little rush”
“Oh!You speak!Our business was finished yesterday afternoon“Guo Meili said,Took out the paper and pen。Lin Wei is the same,Respectfully sat beside Guo Meili。

Anying is looking at the observation tower,He didn’t go up,Just starting to release your own pixels。

Half year,Anyingview is often asked to release your own pixels to the bone machine players.,The purpose is to make yourself adapted,At the crucial moment,Can work。
These gamrre people can’t bring their masks to be alert to him.。
Perhaps no role in robotic dog,But those gamluots are instantaneous in an illusion,Rosau’s unfamiliar pheromone,I know that the Anqing scene is coming.,He and not far from the point of view。
Quickly check the riding team covering Roshaoyuan et al.,Rosau is harvested by one by one in the illusion of gamlro people’s life.。
No, these gamr vectors do not stop the new robot dog,The stress of the skeleton machine team is suddenly reduced。
As for the weapon tower。
Zuo Luo arrived,The Qing Daojun has completely resists the attack of gamstro and robotic dogs.,He month was fell by a gamlore,The other side of the curved knife,Want to cut her head。
Gaheru uses the bend knife extreme sharp,They like to cut throat with bending or cut the whole head。
He month after the heel of the gluten is cut off,Have already supported,She is just not willing to take control of Gamshrui.,The rescue army is clearly。
Even if the curd has arrived in front of him,He month did not close your eyes,Waiting for death,Instead, the gamquerist who opened his eyes.。
Zuo Luo has no skeleton machine,Her foot is kicking one,The gamrro in the ground is in the hand,Jump up,She holds in her hand,Even no adjustment of the hife,The gamlui http://www.mnbhw.cn flying in front of how the moon is straight.。
When the bend is flying to the gamlore,The bend has been aligned with his back neck。
Gasrui’s bend knife pointer just scored Heyue neck,next moment,It’s high to fly over your own skull.,His eyes are even confused,How can I get more and more??
He month, the force turned to see the direction of the curved knife,Zuo Luoyuan stepped on the gamquer man on the ground,Two load bending has been removed。
When there is a gaishro and robot dog,Her face is revealing a laugh,With a deep ridicule,Immediately, the two load bars were taken toward the two gamrre people.。
She is too big.,Heavy heavy belt straight smashing gallass people’s head。
“Not urgent,I still have two。”Zuo Luohuan looks more and more gambo people。
She takes the weight strip on the wrist,Hiding a robot dog http://www.yiyuanpiaohao.cn attack,Lift the load again。
This time I have experienced gamrro knows to avoid it.,And another gamrro holds the curved knife to the negative band,I thought I could get it.,However, it was shocked by the load of the flying.。
Zuo Luohuan turned to the wrist,Instantly wear skeleton machine,The gamquer who came out behind the side was cut in her back neck.,Only one way‘Tinkling’Voice。
Gasr people have not reacted,It was pulled by Zuo Luohuan.,She doesn’t even take the light gun and the bend,Directed his neck directly。
Obviously she is alone,The atmosphere on the weapon tower suddenly changed,Gasro wants to retreat,However, Zuo Luo does not give these opportunities,Occasionally, there will be empty and evenQFour generation robot dog。
Zuo Luo sweeps from the first weapon port,All the way,No escape of gamrro and robot http://www.1tijian.cn dogs with her light gun and bend,She is too hurting。
Why can’t I think of the mad gamr?,They will die under the bending knife one day.。
He month supports the blood of the body,Slowly leaning on the wall,Can’t help but laugh:Zuo Luoho strength is high to this point,I don’t know when I started the training.,Why will I lose?。
Guashru and robot dog whose army can’t stop,It was all solved by Zuo Luoyuan.。
She unspeak the weight strip,Just as unlocked seal,Especially the bones of the bone machine,The strength is more on the stairs,The last gamrre wants to escape。
Zuo Luo Huanxiao stepped behind him,When he is about to jump out,One foot will fall。
Gasr is changing down,Hand to the glass window,Trying to escape again。
Zuo Luoyuan stepped on each other,Bending knife holder before his neck,Bending:“Look at it is very familiar。”
Take a while,Zuo Luo Hao is suddenly realized:“I used to have a video of killing people in the border line of the North District.。”
The winter army has not resigned the North District border line.,Gasro Empire once attacked the border line,There are many gamquas people to kill the federal people.,Like Rosau, this orphan is mostly like this.。
Gahesru, who was stepped on the ground, struggling,Zuo Luo is too lazy to entangle with him,Gently fly in your hand directly,Side on the side,Immediately hold the curd stand up。
Soon on the ground。
Zuo Luohuan did not look at it,Go before the weapon tower,Through the screen, look at a large half-distance warship:They are coming。

Awakening the first second,Sealing as if the perception of the last floor,Have to help him quickly,Have people around you。

and,What does he seem to eat?。
Blinking,Arrive on the upper,After the aftertaste, the flavor of the residual,In the heart。
under these circumstances,I can still live around him.,It’s really unlucky.。and,this time,He woke up so soon.。
It seems that there is something that he is feeding him.。
Sealing in the dark,Reach the person to the side。
Start,Touch a soft,Feng frowning,Fierce。
Think,Seal the people to pose from the ground,Depending on the darkness,Steady and steady。
He has come in countless times in this room.,I have long since everything about it.,Even if there is no lamp,He can also go to the door very accurately。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS138chapter The younger brother is not too violent22
open the door,Outside the bright light in the room,Closed eyes closed,It’s so fast to open yourself,Hope to the arms。
Familiar faces,The eyes are all over the eyes.。
Sure enough, she,Young teacher!Only she may come today。
and,With her hand,Come in,Liu Ma still can’t stop。
Feng frowned frown,Buddhism,Liu Ma, still fainted with the corner,Quickly hold people tighten your http://www.tiansilang.cn room,Put it in bed。
Pick up the phone next to it,Sealing quickly dialed a phone。
Telephone connection,People who are not waiting for the opposite person,Hurriedly,“Leave,Give you ten minutes,Bring the medical box appeared in Koyang Villa!”
Finish,I hang up the phone。
Anxious look at Yunqin in the bed,Feng frowned frown,Sitting in bed,Pick the glasses on Yun Qin’s face,Put on one side,Get down,Lower,With your forehead to Yunqin’s forehead,Then,Close your eyes。
Silent and colorless energy fluctuations in the Yunqin brain。a long time,Enclose the opening of the eye,Brow more。
It’s really strange,There is no fluctuating in the brain domain.?!
Seal and reach out,Passed the test in Yunqin’s carotid。
Pulse beat is stable and powerful,There should be no major event。
Sealing slightly tone。
Outer corridor,A http://www.ykrtwl.cn wake up Liu Ma,Open your eyes。See no one around,And the door of the special room has been opened,Liu Ma is shocked,Hurry up and stand up,Go doorway,I hope。
Light on the corridor in the room,Micro-illuminate the entire dim room,Let Liu Ma clearly see the content of the whole room。
no one!
Liu Ma was panicked。
Be turned around,I have to go downstairs to notify the family.。When passing through the room,Found that the sealed room is semi-hidden,Suddenly stopped,Push the room door。
Sitting in the end of the sea is reflected in Liu Ma’s eyes,Liu Ma suddenly surprised。
“Young master?!You are fine.?!Miss Luo?she,She seems to go in that room.。”
Side,Liu Ma is coming in,Go in,I saw Yunqin lying on the bed.,Another surprise。
“this?Miss Luo?Miss Luo this is?”
Feng frown raised his hand,Demonous Liu Ma。http://www.zzmaifang.cnLiu Ma is closed on the mouth。

slowly,Seeing these,Wang Teng at this time,The whole person is smiling indifferently。

“All right,Actually start now,these things,Completely http://www.shexiangge.cn secondary。”
“But I won’t talk about other issues for now,some things,In fact, we still have this completely necessary to solve it first.!”
When Wang Tingshan saw this,at this time,Wang Tingshan’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
Just here,Wang Tingshan said:“Investigate me immediately,Then recruit me。”
“I don’t believe,I can’t beat him in a small role!”
When Wang Tingshan’s words are finished,obviously,Those http://www.szkulove.cn around,All feel so。
But now,Such a good opportunity is on the bright side,What should I do,Actually this,It is very strong。
And see here,at this time,For the moment,At this time, Wang Tingshan is very confident。
“but it does not matter,This kid has too many enemies。”
“By the time,Even if we don’t make it,Do you think,How much hope does he have?”
When Wang Tingshan’s words are finished,obviously,In other people’s hearts,It feels so。
But http://www.jszsaz.cn from the current situation,How to solve this problem。
Actually just these,Really a problem。
And when Wang Tingshan looked at him,Even more directly:“But then,Let’s not talk about other issues。”
“But as for the next,Actually, I think,We have great hope!”
Chapter Thirty Three,Can you afford a house?

Fourth, it is actually the second skill of the magic ban.……Because the original Relvenda has no skills outside the skirt.,So simply add oneo(=?<=)p⌒☆psMyogue is ill……Weakless(?﹏?)

(This chapter is over)
NS62chapter Weak is not guilty
seventh istdownstairs,Looking at the explosion sound and thick smoke on the second floor,All of them stayed。
“How can I explode??”
“do not know,It seems that there is still someone.!”
“It seems to be a discipline……”
“what!”The white well, who just rushed to the downstairs, had heard this sentence.,The eyes fiercely slammed a fan。
“First spring!”Black disappears, still rushing to smoke,Directly a flash,Go straight to the building。
Inside the building。
Qinggang slowly,Look at everyone who is innocent behind him,A little breath。
Power does not underestimate。Look at the foot of the feet only less than half feet,Clear soy sauce,I am actually rare and underestimated.。
The explosion of this heavy particle,Actually willseventh istThe second floor is affected.,Explosion will shocked all the glass on the second floor.,Continuously with the ground under the foot,In addition to the area behind himself,All other places are like being bombed by aircraft.,If you control the temperature in time,Make the temperature under the burning point,At this time, the second floor should have already become a fire.。do not forget,This is a clothing store,How much is the possibility of flammability?。
What is even more surprised by the Qing Palace is,my own‘Absolute field’Surrounded by the power of the explosion,Although I have a big idea,But even so,Not a1eve1 4The explosion can be broken casually,Franida’s bombs can’t hurt the Qing Dynasty,Although I only need self-protection in the Qing Palace with that time,‘Absolute field’Just attach the body surface,Now in order to protect others,Relationship between the field expansion,However, this kind of explosion is absolutely extraordinary.。I want to go,The Qing Palace can only be attributed to this ability.,After all, the ability to manipulate heavy particles is not very common.。
If you don’t put the strip at the time, it will be fine.。Qing Palace can’t help but smile,His ability to deal with this thing,It is much easier than yourself.。
“First spring!”At this moment,An anxious called shout suddenly sounded in the air,then,A tea red double horsetail of the girl anxious face is coming out in the air,When she saw a black white trace in the earth’s shape,Suddenly stunned。
“Baijing classmate!”Aside,The first spring is excited,“I am here!”
“First spring!”Dishwood,Nowadays fluttering,I hugged the first spring,The anxious color on the face is slow,Changed to the disabilities that have been habitually hanging on the face,“Really!Your guy!I haven’t finished it.,You are anxious to hang up the phone?”
“Hi,Hi。”Listening to the disgusting tone,Early spring, no angry,Instead, smiles, watching the black,“Thanks to the palace of the palace.。”
“Why are you here??”The black child noticed that the Qing Dynasty and Meiqin,First, I made an exciting expression against Meiqin.,It is daffitched to look at the Qing Palace,“You will not always track your sister adults.?”
“The tone you talk is very pleasant.。”Qing Yan smiles,“So I am also saved you.,How to follow me and……The attitude of the royal is so much?”
“cut。”Blackzi proudly,Twisted the head and no longer watch him,Just as the Qing Palace, I feel that the black is a lily.,But I heard the voice of the girl slowly came from front.:
“this time……Thank you。”Hezi whispered,“after all,First spring……Is my very important friend。”
“What is it?。”Qing Palace,Subsequently laugh,“What do you need to thank you?。you……”
“It is also my very important friend.。”
What is the black?,Nor turn turned,However, the mouth of Meiqin is tight。
really,Your guy……I didn’t see the wrong person。
“Misaka,Come with me.。”The mouth of the Qing Palace has a cold gentle smile.,Eye light gold flashes,“Let us go to the bombing magic。”
If the enemy of the Qing Palace is standing in front of him three years ago,They will definitely become,At this time, the smile of the corner of the mouth,And the part of them before memory is the same……
seventh istdownstairs,Population,A glasses,Facial pale aiming young people’s evil spirits,Turned into the alley。
“very good,very good!”Some distortions of young people,“For this powerful force,I am getting more and more handsome.!”Speaking of which,The evil color on his face is more。
Earthly,A figure appears after youth,Heard this sentence,http://www.kato365.cnThe brow is not awkward,then,One foot is playing with youth’s waist。Youth pain,Directly kicked out,Heavy hit on the trash can in the alley,Suddenly drink bottle。
“Laughing is really disgusting。”Qing Palace is disgusted, frowning,“Don’t laugh in this way,Easy to 揍揍 Do you know??”
“what……Condition。”Youth is difficult to turn around,When you see the teenager in front of you,I can’t help but stunned.。
“Stop pretending,Bombing。”The Qing Palace kicked a rolled beverage pot on the foot,From time to time, a crisp metal collision,“That kind of power does not be underestimated,Even I am almost in the case of not paying attention.,but,”Qingguang looks at the youth,The corner of the mouth comes out of a sinful smile,“I haven’t hurt one person.!”
have to say,The comparison of the two smiles is very obvious at this moment.,Although http://www.jszsaz.cn the smile in the Qing Palace is also evil spirits,But it gives people a handsome and lovely feeling.,Unlike this youth,I only feel disgusting。
“what!”The youth on the ground raised the head,A face is incredible,“impossible,That is already my maximum output.!Well……”
“Stop pretending。”The people who look at the ground in the sky,“It’s been ready for a long time in the aluminum spoon in your hands.?But unfortunately,From the beginning,Your place,Is my field,Your tactics is impossible to succeed。”Say,Qing Palace fingers,Youth’s bag burn,The aluminum products inside suddenly took a burst of sound.,In the eyes of youth,Slowly melted into a beach liquid。
“you……Who are you!”Operating the aluminum liquid on the ground,Young trembling look at the Qing Palace,“This capability,Absolutely impossible to be ordinary fire!You are……”Look at the Qing Palace for a while,Youth desperate smile。

“If this is really this,So next,think carefully,It is very good。”

“actually,If it is really because of this,Think so much,It is very good。”
Before you,As these people have not forgotten。
now,The old magic is a profound。
“That is of course,You have to remember。”
“We are not light.,And it’s still very big.!”
With the words of the old demon,obviously,This is for them,It is completely occupied.。
And now,Not only,Even for them,Next to do this,In fact, there is still a great advantage。
So next,In fact, they all,How http://www.hjbyy.cn can it be unclear?,What should I do?。
slowly,See these。
At this time the old devil’s side,A man is excited。
“That is to be of course,And there is a high-spirited old magic with us.,Let’s win this time.。”
As this is said,What about the rest,In fact, I think so.。
And the old devil,It is a swing against you.。
In fact, such a thing,The old devil itself,It’s totally not careful.。
Such a thing,How should I solve it?。
In fact, don’t say anything else.。
But the more like this,In fact, other problems,It’s not to say anything.。
At this moment,The old devil looks very embarrassing。
“my plan,It is at all costs,Thoroughly kill them!”
“Who dares to stop,Then there is only one in his end.,That is to die.!”
With the words of the old demon,It is even more than those people around,The more you look, the more you feel very touched.。
After all, I will follow it.,I plan to start starting from what.。
now,Surroundings,It is quite clear that it is。
After all, no matter what to do,In fact, it is these,itself,It is a good opportunity.。
“If you really start from this aspect,In fact, I think,Let’s everyone should be fast.!”
“Is this still used?,if not,Do they really do we do not exist??”
“Since everyone now thinks so,Then I think it is,Start now,It’s our good opportunity.!”
http://www.hntpsjwy.cn Before the eyes,These people have all said that I am speaking.,Don’t forget to say this。
After all, for such things,I plan to start starting from what.。
In fact, other problems,But there is no tangible。
And the old devil itself,It is looking at it here.,More feelings are quite good。


Summer,“Can’t see you,I won’t call you.。http://www.maxotv.cn
Haha,Old Qin,You didn’t dream of me last night.?
Otherwise,How to call me early in the morning。”
“Go,What is it?。”
The voice of the Qinling Mountain is shied.,“Jingcheng special cold these days,You remember to wear a few pieces of clothes.。”
“Also,I know a lot of enemies.,But don’t be reluctant to encounter dangers.。”
“Also,Always eat on time……”
First1862Chapter Uncomfortable source
Qinling a contrary to normal,After the test, I said a lot.,Hang up the phone。
This makes some doubts in the summer.。
Just he thought for a long time,But I don’t want to pass the original。
Sorry, it is placed on one side.。
After returning to the company,Summer replacement,It is no heart to patrol again.。
Why,He suddenly smeared。
Some irritability。
In his thoughts,This kind http://www.baitaidq.cn of uneasiness is from the fantastic thing.。
When Haiti just told him,Have a very annoying guy,Always staying in the ninth mountain。
The other party seems to like Xianti,Sword, marriage with the ninth mountain。
At that time, Xianti’s voice seems to be not very much.,After all, marriage this kind of thing,It’s not the mouth to talk about it.。
But this time fanta is so rushed.,Even not to inform yourself。
The key is to be taken away by a man.。
One time,Summer heart is rare, there is a silk anxiety。
He is related to the relationship between Xian,Not only is the red knowledgeable so simple,It is also a life and death.。
In addition,She is still a summer woman。
Sigh,Forced pressure,Stand up and leave the office。
After patrolling,He came to Liu Qingqing office。
Liu Qingqing is with a pair of glasses,Sitting behind a desk,Seeing the summer coming in,Slightly surprising。
Underground,At this time, she is busy every day.,Summer is also very few will come here at this time.。
“What’s how about summer?,Is there something??”

originally,Sun He thinks,Even if Wang Teng comes here,,It’s impossible to come in such a short time。

But now,Wang Teng’s performance,In fact, it is still a little unexpected。
See here,at this time,In fact, Sun He looks,at this point,For them,It’s a threat。
And Sun He’s side,A subordinate,Asked anxiously。
“Boss,Let’s now,What should I do?”
indeed,Such a thing,Actually from the current point of view,There should be a good solution。
Look at these,at this time,Sun He slowly recovered http://www.chuauto.cn his calm。
Now words,In a while,It’s not time to talk about this。
If necessary,Actually it is necessary,Deal with this matter first。
“hateful,Damn bastard,This kid,Unexpectedly, he dared to break in。”
“In this case,Don’t blame me for http://www.artlinks.cn being ruthless!”
When Sun He finished,Those people around saw it,Nodded again and again。
After all now,Actually such a thing,In itself,It’s already obvious。
And looking at these,at this time,Others already fully understand。
“Boss, don’t http://www.363dai.cn worry,Leave these things to us,Absolutely nothing。”
“That’s what it said,Even if Wang Teng is better,Can be compared with us?”

“Amitabha,I also want to teach the rumor。”Brahma laughs。

“Since the two will fight,We will give two games.。”Yeah,The two people in the north are laughing.,The two of the two people directly exited,Shangguan Yue’s figure also retreats to the horizon。
Lin Feng and Vainan two strong people stand in the sky of Tai-star stars.,The two big strong people are far away。
“Lin brother,Please!”
Brahma looked at Lin Feng Road。
Lin Feng carrying hands smiles。
“Five-way mountain!”
The vital sound of the vitality is issued from the mouth of Brahma.,Brahma’s figure is simple,But his big hand covered the sky,Five fingers are like the Tianzhu in the empty,Directly shroud to Lin Feng’s figure。
Five terrible power gather on five http://www.bjyuansheng.cn fingers,Five lines of power,Chaotic evolution,One is like a chaotic big big hand shrouded,Put the square99The range of kilometers is over.。
Brahma’s palm gives a heavy feeling。
Like a mountain like a thunder, Lin Feng,This kind of power is shocking,Let the world shock。
Lin Feng looks micro-change。
His body moves directly,Want to avoid this trick,His figure has disappeared in an instant,But the next moment is still in front of him.,Golden water in the world stands in five parties。
Lin Feng’s figure,Rushing into the sky,However, his body just rushed,A grand power is crushing,This force is thunderous,It’s like a prosthetic topping.。
“Lin brother,Take out your true skills.。”The voice of Brahma passed the road from the empty:“This is the five-way mountains in the palm of the palm.,The five-way mountain is actually a mailing and the martial arts integration.。”
“A five-way mountain,Brahman,Then you have sinned。”Lin Fenglang laughed:“Riped!”
With his voice,His body has emerged in violent power,A punch to the empty,This box is like a chaotic,Carrying the power of destroying the sky bombards to the void。
No huge explosion sound。
But the next moment, Lin Feng is colorful.,His figure is like disappearing like a string,At the moment he disappeared,He bombards the boxing,But directly from the area where he stands.。
Another empty midst of Lin Feng’s figure。
Just just appear in Lin Feng’s figure.,Sudden a lot of lotus,These lotus burns the breath of the flame,A dangerous breath,Let Lin Feng’s Yuan God feel the feeling of Nirvana。
The flame is burned。
“Red lotus!”
Lin Feng stared at these flames:“it is good,it is good,But why not,This end。”His figure does not have any dodge。
Run this red lotus fire shock。
“Ripedard spear!”
Lin Feng’s body emerged from the heaven and earth,He slowly screwed in the void,A spear is broken,This spear is filled with devastating,Directly stabbed in the empty。
This spear carries the power of destroying the earth to impart the void,This time, there is a dramatic explosion sound.。
Five lines collapsed,Five-pointed mountain collapsed,The confusing air is overwhelming。
Lin Feng’s figure flew out,There is a bloody spear in his hand.,Blood color spear,I came to Brahlon between Brahlon.,Directly stabbed to Brahma’s head。
“As far as God refers to!”
Vainatic is like electricity,I am a peerless devil,His finger has extended,This finger is directly growing thousands of times,Just as a master of the sky,I http://www.tongshangdc.cn pointed to this blood color spear。