really,Song Wei is very right,Yue Lingxi has no sense of security。

fine,He sent her a message tonight.。
Lu Wei Jun sent a message in the past。
[Xixi,You tell me,Do you have me in your heart??Even if only a little bit,I hope that you tell me the truth.。]
He is also straightforward personality,There is something to say.,Everyone is comfortable。
Not talking about love,But he can honestly be honest.。
Yue Lingxi see the news,A little red lips ,She is tight,Looked outside the window,On the top floor,Excellent,City lights,Bright wine green paper drunken fan。
Do she like it??Really like。
Love can also be love at first sight,no time limit,Some have been together for many years.,When something happens to,I know that I don’t really love each other.。
But some meet for one or two days or two or three days,It can also quickly fall in love with each other in such a short time.。
She doesn’t know why Lu Wei is asking.,But still answer her。
[Lu Weijun,I admit,I like you!]
After the news issued,Yue Lingxi is nervous and dead。
very nervous,Although she has a boyfriend,But very slag,Haven’t seen a few times,She is a learning from a child.,High school university,Others are busy talking about love,She is busy learning brushing questions。
Love is for her,Still very strange,But the feeling of my heart can’t be fake.。
Lu Weijun saw this sentence,Sudden smile is suddenly overlapping。
He laughs:[Xixi,You just want me,Love me is good,You don’t have to worry about other things.,We have no need to go to the door.,No need to marry to strengthen the map of Lu family,We are in the pursuit of two love。]
Lu Weijun edits good news,Check it several times,Determine if there is no problem,In the past。
Yue Lingxi hands holding mobile phone tightly,Very nervous waiting for Lu Wei’s news。
Sudden,The phone is vibrating,She was shocked ,Heartbeat is not accelerated。
She is moving one inch moves to mobile phone screen,After reading the news,She is like a lot of life after robbery.。
When I see the four words of the two love,Yue Lingxi laughs,She is also looking forward to a love of two love.。
Yue Lingxi is also happy to laugh,Hold the phone and play a roll on the bed.。
The whole room is full of her happy laughter。
Soft moonlight on the floor of the fluffy carpet,Interleaved a soft and warm rays。
Maping her smile on her smile,Touching。
Love for two love,Who can’t move??
Her Yue Lingxi’s life pursuit of love,Also!
Excited for a while,Yue Lingxi has returned Lu Weijun news。
[Lu Weijun,Thank you for letting me have courage you like you.!]
Lu Weijun looked at the news she sent,Laugh very openly,Body of each cell,It seems to be wrapped in joy。
He is elegantly under the bed.,Before walking to the floor,Skimming city,Suddenly I feel that the outside of the fire is particularly beautiful.。
He took a photo,Yue Lingxi。
In this lonely night,So a person sharing his mood with him,This feeling is really good!
Yue Lingxi see photo,Outside the window, like her window ,Lights。
Only different is,The floor window is reflected in his shadow,Wearing white silk sleepiness,It has a high cold temperament,He seems to be the kind of maturity.,Introverted look,Charm,Mature,aloof,When I laughed, I took a little smirk.。

Divine Body of the Lord,Its value is far from matching this heritage。

“From ordinary treasure to peak treasure,Xeon Zhibao,Refining method,Point,There are everything you need to incorporate the rules and secret patterns—But the ordinary Xeon Zhibao,Should be blocked by the will of the primitive universe。”
“According to some methods in this heritage,As long as the level of law is high enough,Is enough to refine a powerful treasure。”
“Overall refining techniques and teachers,It is very different from the refining style of the master of Peng Gong,Completely another style of means。”
“First practice with my branches,The Lord of the Universe takes back part of the body of the spiritual imprint,And these special metal materials。”
Li Ming(World Tree Clone)While talking,Throw out some metal material from one branch,Under the smelting of divine power,These metals gradually melt,Then turned into a thread,Carrying Li Ming’s law and secret pattern into the branches of the World Tree。
Li Ming is not the first time to refine the treasure,but【Infinite Palace】http://www.anguofangchan.cnIn fact, there are certain specialities,What’s more, reluctance of the rank is considered the highest treasure。Li Ming is not too difficult to refine,And this treasure now refined,But it’s the top treasure。
“I hope it can be refined successfully!”Li Ming’s World Tree clone’s legitimate consciousness is all put into the refining device。
A wave of spatial fluctuations,A burly,The domineering dragon race appeared in Li Ming’s palace。
“what,teacher!”Li Ming’s【Temple of Infinity】in,The Lord of Longxing and Li Ming sat opposite。
Since it was developed separately【Infinite Palace】A pulse,Li Ming can’t live in the headquarters of the virtual universe company。
of course,Even if you are alone,Teacher Li Minghe,It’s very close to the first bank of the universe, who has learned to refine.。
“teacher,What are you doing here today?”Li Ming offers a glass of fragrant wine,This is the harvest of Li Ming’s wandering prisoners,Named【Hell wine】,If remove its high temperature toxicity,It’s especially suitable for human consumption。
of course,Ordinary immortal dare to drink this wine,The divine body will be broken directly by the high temperature contained in it。
Only the Universe,Can really‘Enjoy’With wine。