Treatment of headache, dizziness, improvement, health care, Baihui

Treatment of headache, dizziness, improvement, health care, Baihui

Acupoint name: Baihui acupoint specific location: Baihui acupoint, located in the head of the human body, the center of the head is right, through the two ears to the midpoint of the line, to take acupoints.

First seen in the “Acupuncture and Moxibustion”, belonging to the Du Meridian, for the hands and feet Sanyang, the Governor’s meeting, alias “Sanyang Wuhui”.

“Cai Ai” cloud: “Three Yangs and Five Meetings, five of which are words and hundreds”, meaning that hundreds of veins will meet at this meeting.

The Baimaizhihui, the main cause of the disease, the Baihui acupoint has a lot of treatments, which is one of the common clinical points.

  Health Benefits: Baihui Acupoint is both a longevity point and a health point. It can stimulate and increase the body’s yang, regulate the heart and function of the cerebrovascular system. Baihui points are closely related to the brain and are the key points for regulating brain function.

The meeting of the hundred veins, the whole body.

On the right is the meeting of the Suns, the ancestors of the Baimai, and the Baihui points are the overlapping of the various qis.

The acupoint is yang, and it is in the yang of the yin, so it can reach the yin and yang veins, and it can play an important role in regulating the balance of yin and yang of the body.

  Oxygen and blood flow in brain tissue of patients with headache are significantly reduced. Acupuncture and massage Baihui acupoint can improve the oxygenation and blood flow of oxyhemoglobin in brain tissue, thus achieving the effect of Tongluoluo and relieving pain. It has a refreshing mind and calms the mind.The role of Shengyang trap can treat headache, dizziness, rectal prolapse, hypotension, insomnia, neurasthenia, stroke aphasia and other symptoms.

  Suitable for people: stroke, headache, dizziness, hypotension, hair loss, tinnitus, insomnia, rhinitis patients and other health care methods: headache, dizziness -1.

Massage method: sit at the front of the sleep, rubbing back and forth with the palm of your hand to heat up, 100 times each time;

Sniper method: use the right hollow palm to gently slam the Baihui point, 10 times each time;

Insertion method: Insert the middle finger of both hands into it, slowly exhale, insert it for 6 seconds, and repeat this 5 times, the blood circulation will become good.

  Hypotension – available as a moth.

There is no fixed distance between the end of the ignited moxa stick and the Baihui acupoint, but it moves like a bird like a bird.

The above two methods are about 15-20 minutes each time.

Or massage the top of the Baihui point with the palm of your hand, massage each time 50 times in a clockwise direction and counterclockwise direction, 2-3 times a day.

(Note that under the guidance of a doctor) hair loss – you can use the point method.

After clicking on the Baihui, press down hard and hold for 5 seconds, then lick 5 times, the 揉 is partial 揉, do not move.

After 揉5, the midline of the fracture head is further up, and the occipital bulge is pressed directly to the back of the head.

  Insomnia – Massage Baihui acupoints before going to bed every day.

Every time you use a health-care wooden comb to comb your hair for 5 minutes, you can keep your mood comfortable, relieve your troubles, and eliminate your thoughts.

  Allergic rhinitis – tapping.

When tapping, it is limited to the range that can be tolerated.

Before you get out of bed in the morning, you can shoot for a while; when you are at the workplace or school, you can take a few more shots to make your nose comfortable.

It is more conducive to alleviating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Qigong exercises 9 major requirements

Qigong exercises 9 major requirements


Practicing qigong is to clean up the body’s garbage, and the self-physical purification process of stretching the bones often feels sour after exercise. It hurts, or itching, sweating, creping, darkening of the skin, rotten heels, peeling, some people will suddenly thinkTo defecate, urinate, and people will have blood in the stool and so on.

  All of this is a reaction to spiritual self-purification.

It is undoubted that this is a disease reaction when practicing Qigong.

After experiencing these reactions, the toxicity and physical strength will be improved, thus achieving a healthy self-breakthrough.


The utilitarian thoughts of practicing Qigong cannot be too heavy, not just for comfort, nor just for treating diseases.

If there is a first purpose, it can’t last for a long time; for the second purpose, it is not easy to concentrate on oneness in the spirit, and it is not easy to get sick.

  If there is no motivation for utilitarian thinking, then it is possible to establish a kind of physiological health, a small benefit for the family, and a great idea for the benefit of society.

With such a big utilitarian idea, the consciousness of practicing qigong will be greatly improved, and modern scientific knowledge can be used to help practice, so as to achieve the purpose of improving and better changing the state of the human body.


Whether one can persist in practicing hard and can do scientific training, in the end is still a question of world outlook and outlook on life.

If a person’s goal in life is to possess wealth and honor, to enjoy, then he lacks the spirit of hardship.

  To persist in hard work and scientific practice, we must correctly handle the relationship between daily work and practice, and the heart must be as big as the universe, can accommodate things that ordinary people can’t tolerate, can endure the hardships that ordinary people can’t stand, and can solve the problem that ordinary people can’t solve.Trouble, can find the greatest pleasure in the most difficult environmental conditions, so as to eliminate all interference, feel comfortable and practice, and always practice.


Strengthen the understanding of Qigong theory based on natural science knowledge.

I think that general physical exercise only relies on physical exercise to strengthen local functions, while Qigong training has both exercise and rest functions.

It is the proper use of breath and body movements to enhance the body’s ability to cycle, so that the various functions of the body are balanced.


It is a slow process to strengthen your own body and consciousness by practicing Qigong. You cannot rush to seek success.

Because of the decades-long process, the various components of the body have aged, and the world view of the human being has been shaped for decades.

  In a very short period of time, the world view formed in decades will be reversed to the scientific track, and the already blocked rivers (that is, various circulatory systems) will be unblocked, and the already rusted chain (the entire spine is equivalent to a chain)Lubrication, which makes the joints that have been solidified flexible, is absolutely impossible, and can only be perfected one by one.


To practice qigong, you must be scientific, and you must strive to practice in the evening.

It is said that practicing Qigong can’t be eager to seek success. The essence is not to say that the practice should be slowly. If every practice has a new experience, then the skill will grow faster.

Therefore, when doing every action, use your heart, use your gas, and use your strength.

Every practice is like the first time you practice, always feeling fresh.


When practicing Qigong, you must relax and use your strength.

This seems a bit contradictory and hard to do.

The more relaxed, the more you can use the gas and strength.

The feeling of relaxation can be found in the following process: the body is right, the eyes are closed, the breath is full, the whole body is swollen, and then the lower abdomen is slowly exhaled from the mouth, and the force is exhausted until the head is slightly dizzy.The whole body is soft and seems to be surrounded by the feeling of underground.


It is best to practice qigong with both physical and mental exercise.

Physical exercise, different exercises have different requirements, and physical changes in the body are the common requirements of Qigong mental exercise.

  Always pay attention to where the acid is, where it swells, where it hurts, where itchy. Think again about what is the reason, is it that the joint is loose, and the pipe is going to pass, and the gas is increased, the gas in the body is transported toThat part is waiting.


Practice can not be done as a task.
It is necessary to understand the profound truth from the practice process.
In the process of improving, I have to understand the meaning and fun of practicing.

Physical vitality indicators every detail

Physical vitality indicators every detail

Health investment requires you to pay at least money, including time and enthusiasm, from playing a ball with friends, doing a physical examination, starting a “fashion health”, you are already investing in health.

Never let spending increase deposits, our bodies can always be healthy.

  Small deposit certificates, from the usual healthy accumulation of balanced nutrition, we can not rely on photosynthesis like plants, can only rely on diet to supplement the body needs.

Therefore, please pay attention to the balanced nutrition, to meet the body’s needs for a variety of nutrients.

In addition, a well-functioning digestive system is needed, and the armor fully absorbs the nutrients in the diet.

  Tip: Eat 30 kinds of foods every day (including seasonings and 5 kinds of vegetables). If you can’t guarantee, please take nutritional supplements.

  Enough sleep The body and brain we rest during sleep, strong and physical and mental recovery.

When the night is in a sleep state, various physiological activities of the human body are weakened, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the energy accumulated during sleep is ready for the activities of the next day.

How to calculate “sufficient” varies from person to person. Once you wake up, your fever is strong and your mind is agile. That is to sleep.

  Tips: Go to bed at 11pm every day, sleep 7-8 hours, and wake up the next day.

  The vitality of the body is balanced and soft, allowing the age of the body to be represented.

Active, normal exercise can promote metabolism, strengthen physical fitness, enhance immunity, and help the body maintain vitality.

Anyway, go downstairs, especially those who are sedentary, 30 years old and have a small belly.

Oh, it’s you.

  Tip: Perform 3-5 aerobic exercises every week for 30-45 minutes each time.

  Love’s Emotional Deposits The greatest advantage of human beings is that we have emotional needs, love others to satisfy us, and love to make us happy.

Gradually extending, we need sex as the expression of love, don’t just love sex, don’t be simple and rude, don’t be unclean before sex, don’t be more “sex”. remove these “exceptions”, sex will not hurt us, it is a piecebeautiful thing.

  Tips: There is a person you love, more than once a week, and there is a family time that can’t be beaten every month.

  The principle of life that conforms to body rhythm and health is the law that allows the body to do what it is doing.

From small to three meals a day, quantitatively, to the root of a woman – the most important body rhythm of a woman is: timely marriage, timely education, timely feeding.

The hidden danger in the female body is a repair, unborn, late-growing or lactating breast-feeding population, the hormone levels in the body are easy to maintain normal, the rate of breast disease, gynecological diseases is significantly higher than other people.

  Tips: Have children before the age of 35, breast milk intake.

  Setting a pressure outlet for a healthy life has a positive, positive mental and mental state that is always necessary, so we need to find an outlet for stress.

It can be a SPA, a K song, a yoga class, or buy a few beautiful clothes, play with friends for a day, see a psychiatrist. informal, useful to you.

  Tips: When you are dissatisfied, you can solve it. After 12 hours, it is much better.

  Health investment requires you to pay at least money, including time and enthusiasm, from playing a ball with friends, doing a physical examination, starting a “fashion health”, you are already investing in health.

Never let spending increase deposits, our bodies can always be healthy.

Morning exercise 6 major considerations

Morning exercise 6 major considerations

It is suitable for exercise in the morning, the air is fresh and comfortable, and many old people have joined the morning exercise team. In fact, the elderly should pay attention to some taboos in the morning exercise, otherwise the more they practice, the more harmful the body.

Let’s take a look at the six major precautions for the morning exercise.

1, should not empty the elderly metabolism slow, morning blood flow is relatively slow, blood pressure, body temperature is low.

Before the morning exercise, you should drink some hot drinks, such as milk and egg soup, to replenish moisture, increase calories, and accelerate blood circulation.

2, it is not appropriate to increase the temperature in the morning. If you leave the house too early, the elderly will suddenly get cold and easily catch a cold. Some elderly people with chronic diseases are more likely to get sick.

3, should not be exposed in the morning outdoor activities to choose shelter from the sun, warm and quiet, fresh air in the wilderness, parks and other places, do not run the wind, can not reduce clothing activities, but also can not take off the body to exercise.

After sweating, don’t take off your clothes and let the cold wind blow.

4, should not be anxious after morning due to muscle relaxation, joint ligament stiffness, so before the exercise should gently move the joints, twist the waist, relax the muscles, prevent excessive movements and accidents.

5, it is not advisable to eat immediately after eating morning exercise, and it is easy to suffer from rehabilitation diseases such as indigestion.

It is generally best to eat after 20 minutes to 30 minutes in the morning exercise.

6, it is not advisable to make up the cage. After the morning exercise, there will be general fatigue. Some people think that going to bed after morning exercise is a combination of work and rest.

In fact, doing so affects both morning exercise and health.

Old TCM Health Network reminds: the old man should choose the weather for morning exercise, do not go out in the fog or cool down, so as not to get infected, can not achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

Counting tips for easily quitting smoking

Counting tips for easily quitting smoking

Smoking is seen by many people as a personal habit. It is not known that smoking is essentially a tobacco-dependent disease.

There are many ways to quit smoking. In the tedious process of quitting smoking, using some tips at the right time may make your way to quit smoking more complicated.


hzh {display: none; }  照镜子检查牙齿是否发黄  窍门1、在随身携带的小镜子上贴上自己肤色黯淡、牙齿发黄的照片。Seeing it, maybe some of your smoking hands have shrunk.

  Tuen Mun 2, put the money to buy cigarettes in a piggy bank, one day, one month, one year, use the money to reward yourself, buy a Chinese costume, buy some luxury goods or change your lifestyle to enjoy life.

  Tip 3, find something (except food) that occupies your hand.

Try to do some things in your spare time, some doing handicrafts, home repairs, gardening, and even crossword puzzles.

  Tuen Mun 4, abandon negative thoughts.

If you don’t have tobacco, pay attention to your life better, and don’t worry about how difficult it is to quit smoking.

  Tuen Mun 5, collect all your cigarette butts in a transparent large glass bottle and look at it every day to develop your aversion to smoking.

  Tip 6, don’t carry tobacco and its matches, put them in places that are not easily accessible.

Throw away all tobacco, lighters and other smoking equipment.

Create a clean, fresh, smoke-free environment at home and at work.

  Tuen Mun 7, choose a smoke-free environment.

Enjoy outdoor activities or go to a no smoking place, such as a library, museum, cinema, shop or church.

Go to the restaurant and try to choose to sit in the smoke-free area of the restaurant.

  Tuen Mun 8, go to the dentist, remove the gums left by smoking, and keep your teeth white.

Chat for 10 minutes and improve your memory

Chat for 10 minutes and improve your memory

According to the Daily Health News, a new study found that chatting helps improve brain function and make people smart.

  A research team in the United States found that simply chatting with others for 10 minutes a day can improve memory, and some of the experimental people will be significantly improved in the intelligence test.

  The study, led by psychologist Oscar-Yabala of the University of Michigan’s School of Sociology, said in a written statement that “social activities and traditional practices of improving memory and intelligence are equally effective.”

Oscar promoted his research team to analyze the data of 3,610 people, who ranged in age from 24 to 96.

The research team found that a person’s level of social interaction is higher and his cognitive ability is better.

The researchers explained that social interactions include gatherings and talking to relatives, friends and neighbors.

To verify whether chat helps improve brain function, the researchers conducted another experiment.

The researchers conducted experiments in 76 labs within the lab to analyze how social interactions and intellectual exercises affect the results of memory and mental performance tests.

  Abraham said, “We found that a short 10-minute social interaction increased the participants’ intellectual performance, which was no less effective than the so-called “intellectual” activities of the same time period.

“These research shows that friendly conversations with others every day are just like daily anagrams, which helps to improve people’s mentality.

The elderly need to use the body brain for longevity

The elderly need to use the body brain for longevity

I was born in April 1928. I am now over 72 years old, but I am healthy and full.

I swim all the year round and can swim for half an hour every time I go into the water.

The brain is also useful, dozens of common phone numbers can be memorized.

I am learning French and often recite some French essays.

I have the confidence to live a healthy and long life, as long as there is no cancer.

  How can the elderly achieve a healthy and long life, and have a certain quality of life?

My experience is: life is in motion.

This is an old saying, but the sentence is especially important for the elderly.

Our current life (especially in large and medium-sized cities) generally does not lack food and drink, no shortage of nutrition, lack of exercise, and older people are easier.

Many elderly people mistakenly believe that they are old and weak, not suitable for physical exercise, and even with the help of others, they do not actively move their bodies and move their hands.

Due to lack of exercise, resulting in slight accumulation, high blood lipids, excessive body weight, severe liver increase, leading to high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood cerebrovascular disease, the incidence of cerebrovascular disease, causing huge health and life for the elderlyThreat.
And these can be controlled until they return to normal by systematically participating in different forms of physical exercise, as well as appropriate dietary adjustments.

Therefore, the maxim I can apply to the elderly is that “sports are more important than eating.

“If you choose between eating and exercising, I would rather eat less than one meal and not participate in a sport less.”

Of course, the exercise should be moderate, that is, the effort should be done.

Don’t take too much exercise and competition.

Any form of incompetent exercise is good for the health of the elderly, such as swimming, tai chi, doing eight sections of brocade, jumping ballroom dancing, twisting Yangko, walking, climbing and so on.

  Life lies in the movement of the brain.

Older people need to exercise and exercise their brains.

Some older people think that they are old, their brains are not easy to use, they are too lazy to use their brains, which will speed up their brains, degeneration, and even early dementia.

The human brain is like the muscles of a person, and it is also used to retreat.

Older people should overcome the laziness of their brains and force themselves to use their brains.

Any activity that uses the brain is good for the body, such as chess, reading books and newspapers, using a computer or learning a foreign language.

And remember something with your brain.

  I have been learning French since 1997 (I have a foundation in English) and now I am able to absorb dictionary translations.

I have translated more than 10,000 words of medical materials.

Also often recite some French essays, such as the famous French writer Alphonse?

The famous book “The Last Lesson” written by Dud, we read the English translation of this article when we were learning English in middle school.

Everyone else asked me strangely: “Why do you still want to learn French, do you want to go abroad?

“To be honest, I feel at home, in my own home, where I am free and comfortable.”

You can only stay in foreign countries and cannot live permanently.

I often replied straight away: “I learned French to train my brain.

“By learning a foreign language, I exercised my brain power, enhanced my memory, and increased my cultural knowledge, enriched my life, and enhanced my confidence in health and longevity.”

Therefore, I still have a maxim, that is, for the elderly, “the brain is also more important than eating.

“You can eat a meal less, or eat a meal in a hurry, but don’t use your brain for two days, don’t read the book, don’t read the newspaper, and confuse the day.”

Older friends, hurry up with the brains you haven’t used for many years, where you have a wealth of life experience and knowledge accumulation, and there is plenty of room for development and utilization.

It’s never too late to exercise your brain.

If you re-actively use your brain, you will feel that your brain is not stupid, even flexible, and useful, which will increase your confidence and fun in your future life.  However, only the physical exercise of the brain is not enough, there are some other measures to improve physical health, such as: (1) to improve emotional intelligence, enhance the ability to adapt to the outside world after entering old age.

Every family has a difficult experience, but each family has something to be happy about.

Human happiness is not directly proportional to his wealth and power.

The distress of the rich and powerful is not necessarily less than the average person, and may be more.

Even the US president has his own inexhaustible worries, sometimes comparing the White House to a “living prison.”

It is more than enough to eliminate the troubles and enjoy yourself.

  (2) Don’t close yourself and keep yourself in the circle of the self or family, the old man.

Participate in some social activities as much as possible, make more friends, have old friends and old friends, have young people and even children friends, children and grandchildren, students, etc. Their childishness and vitality can wash our anger.

  (3) Develop a scientifically sound living system and habits.

Everyone can have a rhythmic life system and habits that suit their age, physique, economic situation, and habits. They cannot be forced to be uniform.

However, in the case of the elderly, it is recommended to play less mahjong (Chinese medicine cloud sedentary wounds), less to watch TV, and not to use TV as the main pastime.

When people watch TV, the brain enters the state, it is passive to accept external stimuli without brains, and can not make the brain get any exercise.

Also take less medicine.

Medicine can also cure diseases.

Older people are more ill, and they cannot all be cured by taking medicine.

Medicine can’t be eaten, but you can’t eat more.

It is necessary to rely on exercise, health care to prevent disease and even cure diseases.