There is a magic formula for evil Chinese medicine in the early days

There is a magic formula for evil Chinese medicine in the early days

In the early days, the evil Chinese medicine called “Bianyu”, which is what we usually call “Xunzi”.

It is a common skin disease caused by human papilloma virus infection.

Horrible demon.

Its onset is related to factors such as decreased immune function, skin abrasions or scratches.

With the increase of age and the continuous improvement of immunity, most of them can heal themselves, and a small part of them can be left for life, which not only affects the appearance, but also has the possibility of canceration, so if it cannot be subsided or continuously expanded, treatment measures should be taken immediately.The following introduces several prevention, easy, safe and effective external treatment methods, everyone does not hinder it: 1.

Take 30g of white fresh skin, 30g of bright staff, 30g of purslane, 30g of sage root, 15g of safflower, add 2000ml of water, and boil for 15 minutes, then smoke and wash the affected part twice a day for 30 minutes each time.

Generally, the skin lesions become white and soft after 2 doses, and the skin lesions all disappear after 6 doses, and it is not easy to repeat.


Proper amount of fresh leaves of Lantern grass, wash the affected area, routinely disinfect the warts with 75% alcohol, then place the lantern leaves on the blocked body, rub repeatedly, as long as you rub and crush 1 wart, other warts can subside on their own.

For the first time, you can feel the burning sensation or slight pain in the mole. Do not wash with water after rubbing.

Once a day for 3 consecutive days.

Usually 7 days after treatment, the color of the wart becomes brown or gray, and the desquamation of the wart disappears after 15 days.


Cut the single garlic into 2 mm thick slices with the same diameter as the wart, disinfect the affected area with 75% alcohol or iodine (iodine), and then fix the garlic slices on the affected area with adhesive tape.

Change once a day in the morning and evening, 4 courses a day.


Take 2-3 fresh citronella leaves and rub the affected area for 3-5 minutes.

2 times a day.

Generally, the warts disappear or fall off in about 15-30 days, and the local skin is normal.

Fresh cilantro leaves are satisfactory in treating common warts, the method is reduced, and the patient is painless.


Take an appropriate amount of fresh Eclipta prostrata, place it on the tortoise of your finger, and rub it repeatedly with your finger until there is a burning or slight pain, 2-3 times a day, wash the affected area before rubbing, do not use after rubbingWash the affected area with water.


Take 2-4ml of Bupleurum injection, wet the cracked surface with medical disinfectant cotton swab dipped in medicinal solution, 2-3 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time, usually 1-2 weeks can be cured without leaving scars.

First of all, the warts are routinely disinfected locally, the surface cuticle is scraped with a scalpel, and a few pills of Liushen Pill are ground into fine powder, which is applied to the affected area and fixed with adhesive tape outside.

1 time a day, usually 5-7 days can be scabbed and healed.


Fresh dandelion leaves in an appropriate amount, wash and cool the water drops on the dry leaves in a cool place, and then knead them into a ball. Repeat the test on the warts for 5 minutes each time.

3 times a day, 7 days as a course of treatment.

Do not eat pork with shrimp

Do not eat pork with shrimp

Pork should not be served with shrimp.

“Drinking to eat”: “Shrimp should not be eaten with pork, damage sperm.”

  [Analysis]There are freshwater shrimp and sea shrimp.

Freshwater shrimp (such as prawns), with a sweet and warm nature, has kidney and aphrodisiac properties, and breast milk; sea shrimp, with a sweet and salty warmth, also has kidney and aphrodisiac properties, and excitatory function.

Pork helps to dampness and heat, and makes it hot. Therefore, the two are compatible and consume yin essence. Yuan Zhu Zhenhengyun: “Pork fills the qi.

Weibu Yanger; those who are deficient today, not in yang but in yin, use flesh to fill yin and be cured by fire, cover the flesh into the stomach, and become hot and humid.

“Yin deficiency is hot, avoid pork and shrimp food.

  Don’t pair pork with pork.

“Dining is about”: “Pork should not be eaten with glutinous rice, it will rotten the human intestines.”

  [Analysis]Wuxi Xinwen, its sexual emission, exhausting gas hurts.

Pork is nourishing and helps to sputum with dampness and heat.

Han Yu said, “Every meat has tonic, but pork has no tonic.

“One consumes gas, but no supplement, so the two foods are harmful to the body without benefit.

Wuhu also known as coriander, can go to fishy.

Eat with mutton.

Want to lose face and drink winter melon corn soup


Want to lose face and drink winter melon corn soup

If you want to lose weight successfully, you should pay more attention to foods high in potassium.

Potassium can promote metabolic function in the body, and eliminate swelling of the face caused by improper diet or poor living habits.

In addition, high-fiber seaweed, tofu, dried tofu and vegetables, and fruits are all good friends for thin faces.

  Spinach Spinach is rich in potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, but pay attention to the cooking method, spinach is quite easy to lose nutrition.

  The bean sprouts green bean sprouts are quite rich in nutrition. Of course, potassium which is beneficial to eliminate edema is indispensable, and the bean sprouts can strengthen the chewing function, which is a high-quality food that promotes oral activity.

  Winter melon corn soup Winter melon and corn have a trace effect to remove edema, and the soup is also very simple to cook. If you continue to drink for one to two months, it will definitely work.

Eat less high-salinity foods, otherwise puffiness will increase.

  Carrots drink a glass of freshly squeezed honey carrot juice every morning for beauty and beauty.

  Nuts are rich in vitamins and oils, which help support the muscle fibers of adults to become strong and powerful.

Skincare recommended 4 multi-purpose beauty products

Skincare recommended 4 multi-purpose beauty products

Guide: Everything you ca n’t do without using multiple beauty products saves time and saves energy. It is always the first demand of “busy people”, so a multi-purpose “lazy” beauty product is definitely a skin care product recommended by MMAlready.

For example, Camila Cream, which is popular among online audiences recently, is a kind of good skin care product with a variety of functions. There are other skin care products that are worth recommending. Let’s take a look.


Not just a clean and mysterious Camilla Gel Mini Pack ¥ 109 is a highly recommended skin care product. It was born in a sub-region near New Jersey, Israel, known as a sacred place. It has been a natural plant in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.The essence of the mysterious brand Camilla, the new Mini package is very easy to carry. In addition to cleaning, it has high effect on acne, skin inflammation, and small wound healing.


Dual-use Essence Swiss Vislan Brightening Full Face and Eyes Dual-use Essence ¥ 1350 / 30mL Combination of whitening and anti-aging multiple-effect facial and eye-dye essence, it is one of the most suitable skin care products for business tripsIt is recommended to save the position of the cosmetic bag and it is very gentle to use at the same time. Even people with sensitive skin can use it with confidence, and the dual-use essence that can use the eyes is very small.Unconsciously promoted.


“Lazy” mask The source of the original wood Yuemu is moist and smooth and nourishing and nourishing at night. The mask without cleaning is really easy, and its fresh peach taste smells pleasant, and it contains avocado residue, moisturizing.The effect is very good.


Clean and moisturize in one step Jurlique Vegetable Lime Lavender Body Wash ¥ 230 / 300mL In addition to cleansing the skin, this bath lotion is also blended with natural lavender essential oil. After washing, it will not feel dry without rubbing the body milk.The scent also allows the body to get the best relaxation in the bath.

MM who wants to take a comfortable bath should pay attention to this skin care product recommendation.

Message from the editor: While applying skin care products, don’t forget to enjoy this comfortable process, the skin care effect will be better.

Why did they divorce?

Why did they divorce?

1. Marriage without love or marriage that cannot grow up together Such cases are often encountered in marriage counseling.
A marriage without love means that it is not love but other factors that maintain the marriage relationship.
Such as: hasty marriages and practical marriages, the parties covet the other party’s social status, money or marriage against their will.
This type of marriage develops to a certain stage and usually ends with a divorce.
Usually men will attract women with his wealth and social status. They feel that as long as they have money, they can reach the hearts of women. They do not know that women will pursue emotional satisfaction when their material life is fully satisfied.
Therefore, many wealthy women live unhappy, and some people make up for the regrets in their marriage by finding extra-marital lovers.
  A marriage that cannot grow simultaneously means that the husband and wife cannot progress and develop together.
For example: the husband or wife is good at learning, while the other party is doing nothing, playing cards all day, not paying attention to the cultivation of their own qualities.
There will be less and less common language and interest between the couples, and the world outlook and values will also be different, which will lead to the breakdown of the marriage.
  2、缺乏两性相处的技巧与方法,不懂的如何满足对方的需求,彼此感受不到对方的爱,误认为感情已经破裂而导致的离婚   在婚姻咨询中,此种原因引起的婚姻破裂占很A large proportion, and most of them are young couples.
The reason has a lot to do with the improvement of China’s material living standards.
On the basis of meeting their material needs, people began to pursue spiritual and emotional satisfaction.
But because men and women have very different cognition, thinking, and behavior patterns, it is difficult to meet this basic need.
Sometimes both husband and wife give love, but this love may not be needed by the spouse.
The reason is not knowing what the spouse really needs?
Some people think they know their spouses well. In fact, they know nothing about their spouse’s psychological needs. Love often disappears in this misunderstanding.
  3. Extramarital affairs or personality mismatch Affair is a companion to human marriage, and the “affair” phenomenon contains a very complex social-family-individual psychological content.
There are many reasons for the affair, but there are two main reasons: First, it is caused by the social culture of males and females, so men have a higher proportion of affair.
The second is due to personal dissatisfaction in marriage.
An affair generally hurts all relationships related to it.
Among them, 65% of affair marriages end in divorce (USA).
Divorce cases caused by extramarital affairs in our country are increasing year by year.
According to a survey in a district in Beijing, the number of divorce cases caused by third-party involvement was 14% in 1982, and reached about 40% in 1988.
  Personality mismatch refers to the disparity in personality traits between couples.
One is very extroverted, one is very introverted or one is very dependent, and one is very independent. Such a couple combination is prone to marriage problems.
  4. Divorce due to one’s physical or other reasons Generally refers to a divorce caused by a spouse’s physical, infectious or mental illness.
Other aspects such as divorce due to housing problems, long-term separation between the two places, or one party going abroad, and some false divorces due to child registration issues also occur.
  5. Divorce caused by economic problems or major changes in life is the foundation and the guarantee of spiritual life.
  One of the essential factors in marriage life.
With the transition of China’s economic system and the development of science and technology, social competition has become increasingly fierce, and laid-offs and unemployment have increased people’s psychological pressure.
Unemployment and laid-offs often cause people’s continuous anxiety. Some couples blame each other, which intensifies the conflict between the couples, causes the marriage to break up, and the destructive effect of unemployment on marriage is far more than we imagine.
The author found in a survey and analysis of the marriage quality of divorced people that in the comparison of various factors of marriage quality, the economic arrangement factor showed a significant difference between the divorced group and the married group (P <0. 001). In fact, poverty does put too much pressure on marriage, so that divorce rates for poor couples are twice as high as for rich couples. Some foreign studies have found that couples who are divorced or quarreled due to economic problems are mostly couples with lower education levels. Highly educated couples rarely quarrel over financial issues. On the other hand, some high-income couples in China also have differences and contradictions in terms of economic arrangements and consumption patterns. Serious cases can also lead to marriage crisis.

Skin care plan lies in perfect skin care in three steps in spring_1

Skin care plan lies in perfect skin care in three steps in spring

Spring is here. Every time the winter and spring meet, the biggest accumulation of skin is dryness and sensitivity, and the temperature and humidity are in the range of changes during the season. Dryness, tightness, and fine lines pass through.Do you get old overnight?

Start skin care work now and do it well, you must choose the right skin care method for the season!

  When the season changes, the skin tends to become dull, the maintenance penetration becomes worse, the powder makeup is not suitable, and the skin is rough.

The skin evaporates and loses half a liter of water every day. If it encounters seasonal changes, the accumulation of the skin will decrease, especially the accumulation of the stratum corneum, which will cause dryness and sensitivity of the skin, and even cause fine lines, cracks, and acceleration.As skin ages, it’s time to start paying attention to skin care issues.

You know, the wrong maintenance method will make it easier for you to grow up quickly. Now I will teach you how to properly maintain for different types of skin and keep you away from the skin erosion in different seasons.

  Dry skin is the most common type of skin. Especially when the season changes, the humidity of the air changes rapidly, resulting in a faster water evaporation rate. Naturally, more severe water loss will occur. The skin will start to become rough, dull and even peeling, requiring moisturization.It locks moisture in the stratum corneum, reduces water loss, and increases the amount of stratum corneum stacked.

  三步解决方案:  L’OREAL巴黎欧莱雅完美保湿组合  L’OREAL巴黎欧莱雅完美保湿组合  巴黎欧莱雅清润全日保湿水精华120元/50ml  巴黎欧莱雅清润全日保湿特润霜120元/50ml  巴黎欧莱雅清润水感面膜150 yuan / 100ml L’Oreal Paris perfect moisturizing combination can provide deep hydration and long-term moisture retention for dry skin.

First use the original moisture moisturizing water essence, which will be transformed into water immediately upon contact with the skin. It will provide nutrients and required minerals to the skin, and the excellent moisturizing ingredients can be transported directly to the deep skin.

Then use special moisturizer to let the moisture infuse the skin immediately, and lock it together with moisture and nutrition to bring a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

You can also use the water-sensitive mask to strengthen the hydration weekly. First, use the mask to add a large amount of water to the skin in a short time. The skin is suddenly filled with water from the deep, and then the moisturizing residue is locked with water essence and cream to keep the moisture in thePerformed perfectly in the trilogy.

  Sensitive skin Now more and more people are beginning to have skin sensitivity issues, but even sensitive skin needs to be moisturized when changing seasons, replacing less irritating products, and being sensitive behind the ears before useAfter the sexual test, make sure that your skin can adapt to the product, then perform skin care.

  Three-step solution: CLINIQUE Clinique Classic Trilogy Clinique Cleansing Soap 160 yuan / 100g Clinique Cleansing Water No. 2 180 yuan / 200ml Clinique body lotion (paste) 200 yuan / 50ml Clinique classic trilogy passed the skin test, thisFor skin-like people, first use Clinique mild cleansing soap to clean the skin, so that the skin stays fresh, clean, comfortable, and has no dry and tight feeling.

According to the sensitive situation, Clinique No. 1 or No. 2 cleanser is then used to effectively remove the dead skin cells on the skin surface, which is easy for the moisturizer to absorb and make the skin smooth and soft.

Finally, using oil, the formula is exactly the same as the skin’s natural moisturizing ingredients, replicating the natural water-oil balance, effectively preventing skin moisture loss and allergies, making the skin instantly become a wet sponge that is good at introducing nutrients.

  The interaction of aging skin genes and environmental accumulation, the skin begins to deteriorate gradually, transforming the aging of the skin, the skin’s own water-holding capacity also begins to decline, and dry skin, dullness, wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity, etc. will occur, so the skin is aging.In addition to deep moisturizing treatment, it also needs to resist aging.

  Three-step solution: LA MER sea blue mystery classic sambo sea blue mystery cream 1500 yuan / 30ml sea blue mystery concentrated repair eye cream 1800 yuan / 15ml sea blue mystery firming essence 2600 yuan / 30ml skin moisturizing, tightening synchronization,Entering nutrients with sea blue mysterious firming essence can stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, and then use eye cream to promote blood circulation in the eye, improve dark circles and puffiness, and use a special silver introduction rod.Instantly soothes the skin around the eyes.

Finally, the classic cream of the mystery of the sea blue is used. The core ingredient is “Magic Active Extract”, which has excellent repair, moisturizing and moisturizing functions. It can provide the skin with the most nourishment and help the skin restore the most natural and healthy balanceThe state makes you have soft, smooth, bright and moisturized skin.

Yoga woman comfortable every month

Yoga woman comfortable every month

Before the onset of menstruation, women often cause some physical and psychological reactions and symptoms due to changes in hormone levels in the body, manifested as headaches, fatigue, constipation, weight gain and increased appetite, dull and sensitive skin, and mood changes.It is called premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

  Increased balance, increased legume foods and calcium intake have the effect of regulating hormone secretion and balancing mood.

In addition, asana practice through yoga has a fairly significant effect on relieving the symptoms of PMS.

  After asana practice, you can close your eyes and do meditation for a few minutes, the effect will be better.

  1, the fighter two-style two feet separated a big step advantage.

Inhale and raise your hands to shoulders.

Exhale, bend your right leg, straighten your left leg, straighten your calf, press your heel tightly on the ground, make a lunge, and stretch your groin.

After holding 5 breaths, change direction and do it again.

  2. Inhale in half-moon style, raise your hands sideways.

Exhale, bend your right knee, put your hands on the extension of your toes, lift your heels at the same time, see the ground or directly in front, relax the abdomen, let the weight fall on the right leg of the support, lift your left leg and straighten, hold it 5 timesAfter taking a deep breath, slowly lower your left leg.

Change direction and do it again.

  3. Starting from the lower-dog style with a single leg, inhale, push the ground with both palms, lift your left leg, extend to the ceiling, and keep your shoulders flat.

After holding 5 breaths, lower your right leg.

Exhale, bend your knees, and rest in a baby style.

Then change sides and do it again.

  4. Snake prone, hands separated with shoulders wide under shoulders, inhale, lift head, neck, chest, abdomen, waist in turn, realize that the spine is lifted crosswise, chest, shoulders are stretched backwards, straight arms or flexedDo something with your arms. After holding 5 breaths, exhale, relax and slowly return to the prone position.

  5. Spinal inspiratory prone breathing, with palms of both hands facing down on the body, press the ground, lift the upper body and feet, lengthen the spine, tighten the tibia, concentrate energy on the back and abdomen, look forward and keep 5 breathsAfter that, exhale, relax, and rest with your face on your flexed arms.

  6, camel kneeling, knees separated from buttocks wide, hips lifted, chest lifted, spine lifted, step on front of thighs, groin, inhale, support hips with both hands, slowly tilt back, upper hips forward, callAngry, two hands align to hold the heel.

Tighten the shoulder blades, straighten your chest, relax and recover, and slowly return after 5 breaths.

  7. Stand on your back with your feet upright with your feet close together and your shoulders inwardly with your hands supported. Turn your legs forward, use your abdominal muscles to straighten up, try to straighten your legs up, and press your chin on your breast.

Breathe gently and hold for 2 minutes.

When laying down, bend your knees and lower your legs to control the slow fall.

  This set of exercises should not be performed during menstruation.

Summer siesta taboos one by one

Summer siesta taboos one by one

In the hot summer, people are generally tired at noon, especially after lunch. This is because the digestive function is strengthened after lunch, the supply of blood to the digestive tract is significantly increased, and the supply to the brain is relatively reduced, and the brain is supplied with oxygen.The amount will be reduced, so some people will feel drowsy, and taking a nap during this time is conducive to the adjustment of physical condition.

However, although siesta is very good, if you break into the misunderstanding of incorrect sleeping position, it will also affect your health, especially those with cervical disease, so be extra careful.

  First of all, don’t go to bed right after lunch. This is not good for food digestion. You can do a small exercise first, walk around, and then take a nap.

Time, do not take a long siesta time, it is better not to exceed 1 hour. When time goes into deep sleep, you will feel uncomfortable when you wake up. At this time, you can wash your face with cold water and drink boiling water to reduce blood viscosity.

In addition, do not choose to take a nap in a well-ventilated place, especially in the direction facing the air conditioner, because it is easy to cause colds, joint pain, muscles, especially hip muscle pain, and severe facial paralysis may also be caused.

  In particular, it is important to remind that office workers should never sleep while sitting or lying on their backs, which will cause breathing difficulties and lead to working at desk for half a day. Reusing these incorrect sleeping positions will increase the burden on the cervical spine and cause each cervical spine.disease.

At the same time, the eyeballs were oppressed at the desk, causing corneal deformation, changes in radian, and temporary blurred vision.

In addition, siesta at the desk will compress the tibia, affect breathing, and increase the burden on the heart; using an arm as a pillow will cause urgent head pressure, affect blood circulation and nerve muscles, and cause numbness and tingling in the wrist.

  The correct nap position should be lying down or lying on your side, with your head above your feet. This can both relieve the pressure on the heart and help digest food. Comfortable sleep can also stimulate lymphocytes in your body and enhance your immune system.

Older people have better health during the day

Older people have better health during the day

Abstinence and insufficiency do not prolong life. Some elderly people mistakenly believe that abstinence and preservation can prolong life.

So, in the 60s, he stopped his sex.

Modern medicine believes that long-term abstinence of the elderly will lead to the loss of sexual function.

Because abstinence destroys the balance of the body, reduces the secretion of sex hormones, suppresses the sexual instinct of human beings, and the sexual desire of the human body is not released, but it will cause damage to the spirit and the body.

Relevant research at home and abroad shows that people who are abstinent have more than 30% higher aging and death than those with normal sex life.

The normal use of sexual organs can delay the decline of sexual function and maintain the normal secretion of sex hormones.

If you don’t use it for a long time, your sexual organs will decline and shrink, becoming something you can’t reuse.

  Older people can also live a normal life and go to old age. They are often ashamed of words. Many people are ashamed to talk about the practical problems encountered in their sexual life, which adds some trouble and destruction.

In order to enable the elderly to enjoy the “sexual” blessings of their later years, they are now specifically addressing the practical problems encountered in the elderly sexual life, hoping to help the elderly.

  The sexual life of the elderly can last until the age of 70. The sex life of most elderly people can last until the age of 70, some of them can be maintained until the age of 80, and individual to 90 years old only have sex requirements.

According to medical reports, until the age of 90, male retinal pills can still produce some sperm.

Jiangxi Province surveyed the sexual function of 146 urban retirees, at 65?
Among the 70-year-old males, only 12% of them did not have sexual requirements.

  When the age is over, the sexual function will not be lost quickly due to the increase of age. The only loss of reproductive function is that reproductive function and sexual function are two different things.

  Sex life in the elderly does not have to stay in the evening. From time to time, the sexual life of young and middle-aged people usually takes place after going to bed at night, and this time is not necessarily suitable for the elderly.

Older people are prone to fatigue. After a day of activities and watching TV at night, they will feel exhausted. How can they study sex life?

Therefore, the elderly’s house plan is placed after a sleep, or before getting up in the morning.

Of course, this depends on the circumstances of each individual.

Sexologists believe that the elderly have to live sexually, not necessarily limited to the evening, what time impulses come, as long as the living environment permits, you can do it at any time.

  In terms of the number of times, the male body’s ability to bear should be taken as the standard.

The ancient book “Su Nian Jing” said: “The 20th year of the people, the four days of a vent; 30, eight vents; forty, six vents; fifty, twenty vents, thisFrench too.

” Therefore, you can refer to this number, 60-65 years old, 2-3 weeks is appropriate; 65-70 years old, 4-6 weeks is appropriate.

Good health, you can extend the time and increase the number according to your sexual desire.

In short, you can get sexual gratification after the event, and the body does not feel tired or discomfort.

  Tips for the elderly to pay attention to sexual life intensity: people are old, the action should not be fast, should not be fierce, should be drizzle with the wind, soft and slow; time is not long.

  Posture: Take the lateral position as well, you can save physical strength; head discomfort or dizziness, when you have a headache, stop sexual intercourse, lie down and rest, drink some tea.

  Diet: Do not drink alcohol before the house, do not eat too much or drink too much water, empty the urine before sex.

  Anti-accident: You should control your emotions, avoid excessive excitement and excessive action, and proceed slowly.

  Cooperate well: The most important thing for older couples is to cooperate with each other, especially in pre-existing and sex-making. Don’t be awkward. You must be loving and loving each other to make your sexual life harmonious.

In case the man has a slow erection or an erection, or even a weak failure, the woman must understand, do not complain, otherwise it will increase the psychological burden of the man, resulting in failure of sexual intercourse.

Therefore, in the event of a temporary obstacle, the man should not be nervous, can suspend sexual intercourse, take a break, and then cultivate emotions, and then proceed when sexual impulses arise.

Health medicated diet suitable for ordinary people

Health medicated diet suitable for ordinary people

Medicinal diet uses medicine and food as raw materials.

It is a combination of traditional Chinese medical knowledge and culinary experience.

It “contains medicine in food”, not only treats medicine as food, but also imparts food with medicinal power, medicine by food power, and food aid medicine. It has nutritional value, can prevent and cure diseases, maintain health and prolong life.

  Braised hoof tendons are 200g of water hoof tendons, 50g of cooked chicken, 50g of ham, 50g of bamboo shoots, refined vegetable oil, ginger pieces, spring onion, fresh soup, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and wet starch.

Wash the well-made hoof tendons with water, squeeze out the water, and slice into 3.

5cm long segment.

Cooked chicken, sliced ham.

Heat the oil in the wok, add the ginger pieces, the onion shabu-shabu, add the hooves, fresh soup, chicken slices, ham slices, bamboo shoots, boil on high heat, skim off the foam, add refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and cook on low heatMix until wet and fragrant, then use wet starch to thicken, put into the plate and serve.

This product is characterized by crispy taste, facial emollient, nourishing qi and blood, and kidney filling.

  Yinhua stewed duck tongue 200g cooked duck tongue, 100g of white fungus, 100g of broccoli, 1 piece of shiitake mushroom, 5g of ham, refined salt 4g, rice wine 3g, monosodium glutamate 3g, refined vegetable oil 50g, cooked chicken oil 5g, pepper powder 2g400g of fresh soup, spring onion, ginger, and wet starch.

Soak the Tremella in boiling water first, remove the yellow heart, wash it clean, let the broccoli water cool, change the knife into pieces, put the mushrooms in the bottom of the bowl, buckle the duck tongue, add refined salt, rice wine, MSG, fresh soupSteam for about 15 minutes, remove and place in a soup plate.

Heat the wok, add oil and heat, add scallion, ginger and stir-fry, add fresh soup, remove the scallion, ground ginger, add tremella, refined salt, rice wine, pepper, boil the broccoli, and MSGAlas, drizzle with chicken oil and place it around the duck tongue.

This product is characterized by white fungus white, duck tongue tender, nourishing yin and lungs, nourishing the brain and refreshing, beauty and longevity.

  Braised pig brain: Take 4 pig brains, minced meat 75g, ginger slices 5g, shallots 5g, shallots 5g, ginger 5g, rice wine 5g, sesame oil 50g, soy sauce 10g, bean paste 10g, fresh soup 150g, wet starch 20g.

Put the newly processed pig brain into a bowl, add ginger slices, spring onion segments, rice wine, steamed or boiled, and then onion and ginger.

Heat the wok, add oil to heat, stir-fry the minced meat, and add green onion, ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, watercress sauce, fresh soup, add pig brain when cooked to eight, and use an iron spoon orThe shovel cuts the pig’s brain, then uses wet starch to encroach, and finally drenches with sesame oil.

This product is soft and delicious, delays aging and enhances memory.