Sit-ups are not normal

Sit-ups are not normal

Sit-ups are the most common exercise for abdominal training.

  Equipment needed: a soft foam or air cushion.

  (1) Start lying on a flat mat so that it merges into a 90-degree angle, with your heels on the ground and your toes facing up; place your hands under your head, or put your hands across your chest so that your chin andKeep a certain distance from the top and bend the abdomen so that the side just lies on the air cushion (2) in this position for 2-3 seconds, then slowly relax the abdominal muscles to bring the body parts back to the initial state.

  Action description During the whole process, please pay attention to keep a certain distance between the chin and the two ends, and put your hands behind the head, but do not force to lift the head.

Become the best girlfriend’s code of conduct

Become the best girlfriend’s code of conduct

Don’t expand your rights without restriction because a man loves you. Don’t interfere with his ideals, beliefs, and pursuits. He must have some characteristics that you don’t understand.

  Don’t be late often, don’t think that men love you, you should have infinite patience.

There is a limit to the patience of all people. When patience is consumed, love is consumed.

  Don’t believe in the phrase “You love me, you should know what I think”. This is a complete nonsense, no one can fully understand what the other party is thinking.

It is foolish for a man to not love you because he does not know your thoughts in time.

  Don’t often ask men to accompany you for shopping. Most men don’t really like shopping, and the final outcome of forcing will be resistance.

  What men do for you when they are in love, don’t expect him to continue in the future, smart girls usually know how to get 50% off.

  Don’t try to completely change a man. Don’t have the idea that “he will become your ideal type under your training.” It is wiser to adapt to him than to change him.

  Don’t be overconfident in your own charm. Few men will last forever, and there are few men who can come and go, unless this man loves you with no motivation.

  Don’t use this line of thought to guide your love-look for evidence in a man’s words and deeds that he doesn’t love you.

A man cannot put a complexion on a woman at all times, nor can he notice every hint and displeasure of a woman.

When you look for dust with a magnifying glass, you will always find it.

  When a man is thinking, try not to disturb him. Sometimes he also needs the joy of being alone, which does not prove that he doesn’t care about you.

  No matter how close a man is to you, don’t hurt his self-esteem. Whether in front of others or alone, hurt is hurt, whether he loves you or not.

  Don’t always compare your man with other men, don’t say that he is not as romantic as other people, and not as considerate as others.

Everyone is special and the way of love is different. It is often said that anticipating love becomes a psychological burden.

  Always keep a little mysterious in front of the man, don’t reveal everything to him, he will be anorectic without being grateful if he is too full.

  Don’t expect to get men by sex, this is the least reliable way to capture men, because true love has nothing to do with the flesh.

  Love is a magnetic field, not a rope. It’s better to attract him by catching him.

A rope provokes men’s desire to break free, while a magnetic field can give men the illusion of freedom and an eternal temptation.

Seven steps to prevent dengue young children pay more attention _1

Seven steps to prevent dengue fever in young children

Seven steps to prevent dengue fever in young children1.

Clean up the stagnant water in the house and pay more attention to the sanitation of the sewers and other nearby places to prevent mosquito breeding.


For aquatic plants, change the water frequently and wash the roots and containers to prevent residual mosquito larvae and mosquito eggs from sticking to the roots and container walls, or use sand for cultivation.


Clean up garbage, pay attention to home hygiene, keep the area clean, and prevent mosquito activity.


When the mosquito activity in the house is earlier, you can consider using mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent and other mosquito repellents.


Be sure to use mosquito repellent when going out to play, wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites.


Screens, mosquito nets and other house attachment tools should be installed.


Citizens with early symptoms should go to the medical institution for examination, diagnosis and timely intervention.

Remind the child Yi Zhongzhao in the low-rise buildings in the old city. Although the diagnosed cases of dengue fever this year are mainly elderly over 50 years old, the concern for young infants, school-age children and adolescents should not be ignored.

The Eighth People’s Hospital of Guangzhou City has treated many children with dengue fever. The outpatient department of the Women’s and Children’s Medical Center and the inpatient department also cured 5 children.

Yesterday, the infectious disease area of Liwan Hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University successively treated young children.

A 7-year-old girl, Xiao Ling, lives on the second floor of a low-rise building in the Gonghe Community of Yuexiu District.

After fever appeared 5 days ago, Xiao Ling went to the city’s internal hospital for a cold.

Three days ago, the child’s father was diagnosed with a case of dengue fever, and Xiao Ling’s persistent high fever has not been controlled.

She was admitted to the Liwan Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University yesterday for treatment.

“The fever was 41 ° C, the leukocytes were extremely low, and the flakes were at the lower limit of normal values.

Coupled with a typical congestive rash and bleeding spots.

The first judgement at the time was that the child had contracted dengue fever.

“Said the hospital’s director of pediatrics.

This is already the second child dengue patient in the hospital, and a child in the retina is 8 years old. It is also living in a low-rise building in the old town, where mosquitoes reproduce.

Doctors at the hospital perform symptomatic treatment of children with implants and monitor their indicators.

Doctors said that they are most afraid that the blood routine indicators of these children will gradually decline, so the risk of critical illness will increase sharply.

Younger children cannot express themselves. Older school children who need special attention can also express themselves, describing typical symptoms of dengue such as headache, soreness, and muscle pain.

But young children, such as mosquito bites, do not show typical symptoms such as rash, may delay treatment and become a potential group of severe patients.

Parents of children should focus on their children’s emotional changes. They keep shaking their heads, irritability, crying, refusing to eat, etc. are all important symptoms of muscle aches and headaches.

At this time, if your child has symptoms of high fever or white spots on a large area of red skin, it is a typical symptom of dengue fever.

The doctor said that at this time parents should send the baby to a medical institution for investigation and treatment as soon as possible.

Because the child’s immune system is weak, neurological symptoms are more likely to occur.

Cutting-edge older children will not have underlying disease, and immunity is on the rise.

However, it does not rule out that a small number of children with basic diseases such as immunodeficiency and congenital heart disease have become severe due to dengue fever.

The doctor said that the younger infant group may have a lower bite because of the limited range of activities.

But mosquito control at home is particularly important.
Clear water, hygiene, long-sleeved, and mosquito nets suggest that the key indicator for preventing dengue fever is still to prevent and eliminate Aedes albopictus.
After the occurrence of community diabetes, the disease control department will work with the sanitation department to disinfect the external environment of the epidemic site and kill mosquitoes.

However, the standing water and mosquitoes in the indoor area require the citizens to act on their own.

Among them, cleaning up the water in the house and paying attention to the sanitation of the adjacent places such as the sewer to prevent mosquito breeding is the most important part.

In addition, citizens should also pay attention to home hygiene, keep their areas clean and prevent mosquito activity.

When the mosquito activity in the house is earlier, you can consider using mosquito repellents, mosquito repellents and other mosquito repellents. When you go out and play, you must use mosquito repellents. Wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites.

In the current severe epidemic situation, alternative tools such as screens and mosquito nets must be installed.

Dengue fever has a short incubation period, and the initial symptoms are mainly sudden high fever, that is, onset of illness, fever with chills, which can reach 39 ° C-40 ° C within 24 hours.

In addition, patients with early dengue fever have obvious flushing on the face, neck, and top, which may be accompanied by unexplained bleeding of the gums.

In addition, some rashes in early dengue patients are also very significant.

Citizens with the above-mentioned early symptoms are advised to go to a medical institution as soon as possible for investigation, diagnosis and timely intervention.

Infectious disease experts and experts suggest that headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, and nausea are also early manifestations of dengue fever, and citizens who have experienced mosquito bites need attention.

Yoga is the source of my happiness

Yoga is the source of my happiness

“are you happy?

I am very happy . “This is my favorite lyrics, because it fully shows my current mood, yoga has changed me tremendously from the inside to the outside.

I love life, I love yoga more.

  My first relationship with yoga was in the previous year. At first, I only studied yoga. However, because of work, I practiced intermittently until I came into contact with yoga this year. That quietly deeply infected me, and the tweezers were firm.My determination to continue practicing.

I like yoga and want to learn more about it, so I did not hesitate to sign up for a yoga studio and become a professional yoga practitioner.

  In this short and fulfilling half month, through the careful and selfless teaching of the teacher, I have truly stepped into the temple of Yoga. The changes in myself have been very obvious, from the body to the spirit, from life to the state of mind.Not only improved, but also corrected many previous misunderstandings and cognitions of Yujia.

  In the process of practice, I learned the hardships of being a teacher. The teacher taught us that we are also learning yoga knowledge, posture, and at the same time practicing the basic qualities that a yoga instructor should have.

Unless the tone of the speech should be gentle, slow and relaxing, and you should do it gradually, carefully, to your own limit, and step by step.

For example, when doing a tree pose, I only knew that I aimed my feet against the thigh roots on the other side and raised my hands above the head.

I just learned after class. I need to find a fixed point, concentrate, toe down, keep balance, put my hands on my chest, and raise my inhalation arm over my head. Through this example, I think I need to become a coach rather than calm down., And to be standardized.

  Now, I really started to get in touch with yoga and learn yujia. I found that my body is changing every day, the body is getting softer than before, and the movements that I could n’t do before have been improving every day. I feel the subtle changes in my body.
Although I woke up very early and hurried to catch the bus, my mood was always quiet and pleasant. It was a kind of mild joy and happiness.

Learning yoga is very happy, I like yoga very much.

I deeply understand that the more you practice, the more you really have some kind of life connection between you and others. This connection goes beyond the secular material and emotional connection.As we are all located deep in the ocean, there is an invisible tremor and transformation. For friends who know yoga or not, I want to tell him: yoga is really good!

  Now I am enjoying more and more happiness. I firmly believe that I will “hold hands” with yoga in my life, until I grow old .

Refreshing and spotless. These daily tricks you mastered? _1

Refreshing and spotless. Have you mastered these daily tricks?

Guide: exposure to the sun, staying up late, irregular diet, work pressure, improper use of cosmetics . these are all likely to cause all kinds of annoying spots to appear!

The weather is hot, and the wicked spots are more easily incorporated into this hot sunshine, which is annoying for those who want to show sexy curves and perfect skin in summer.

If you want to be fresh and spotless, follow the skincare experts to learn about the daily methods and latest technologies to eliminate spots.

  Sunburn Exposure After exposure to the sun, the skin may develop erythema, pimples, swelling and other symptoms, especially the exposed parts of the outside of the forearm, the back of the hand, the front of the calf and the face.

  Elimination strategy: sunlight is naturally the number one driver of spots, so if you want to have white skin, you must always pay attention to sun protection. Do not think that you only need sun protection in summer. Sun protection is a compulsory course for spot removal all year round.

Choosing the right sunscreen may create the first line of defense for your baby’s skin structure, which can effectively inhibit the precipitation of pigments and the formation of stains.

  Every 3?
Apply sunscreen once every 4 hours; you can also apply sunscreen foundation or dry powder; if you are often in the storm, you need to use SPF30, PA +++ sunscreen, and every 3?
Make up every 4 hours.

In addition, sun protection tools such as sun hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc. will also help you to effectively prevent sun spots.

  Chloasma, commonly known as butterfly spot.

There are many reasons for its formation, most of which are related to endocrine, especially estrogen levels, irregular menstruation, pregnancy, taking contraceptives or poor liver function, and chronic kidney disease can easily lead to melasma, sun exposure and stressWill greatly aggravate the appearance of melasma.

  Elimination strategy: internal regulation and external nutrition is the most effective method to combat melasma. Internally, it can be adjusted by traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and the circulation can be improved by removing stasis and clearing collaterals, thereby adjusting endocrine, eliminating internal siltation, and restoring the human body to a good physiological state; And external breeding can use some whitening products; if the chloasma is severe, you can go to a reputable laser beauty center to seek medical whitening treatment.

  In fact, preventing the occurrence of melasma is a daily care problem. We must develop good living habits, maintain an optimistic mood, stay up late, reduce stress, eat scientifically, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; we should also pay attention to weather changesProperly protect your body, drink plenty of water, and take physical sun protection, so that your skin can return to white and moist.

  Freckles The formation of freckles is mainly caused by the excessive production of melanin by the melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin. Its formation is related to heredity, physique, hormone secretion and diet.

If there are too many freckles and the color is getting darker, it may seriously damage the beauty of the appearance.

  Elimination strategy: Freckles are usually located on the epidermis, so some tips for external use are very effective in improving the appearance of freckles.

Eat a slice of vitamin C and vitamin E every day. After a period of time, the small spots are not so obvious; tomatoes are rich in glutathione, which can inhibit melanin and help reduce pigmentation orDisappear; lemon juice also has a magical effect on freckles. Stir the lemon juice and add the right amount of sugar water to exchange it. It can not only whiten the skin, but also precipitate melanin to achieve the effect of removing freckles.

In addition, the use of some more effective whitening essence products, such as light spot serum and mask, can also effectively eliminate freckles.

At the same time, sun protection needs to be strengthened so as to maintain the results of freckle removal.

  Experts remind vigilance of fast-acting whitening freckle area. At present, there are many beauty salons under the banner of fast-acting freckle, claiming to make the skin whitening instantly, and the spots disappear.

In fact, it is very likely that the product claimed to be able to instantly whiten and freckle contains bleaching powder, which can bleach the skin in a short period of time, making the complexion look much whiter, but temporarily suppressing the appearance of dark spots on the surface.

  Forcible and quick freckle removal is usually the removal of the outer protective film of the epidermis, that is, the skin’s natural protective coat is peeled off, and the red blood cells of the skin cells have also been damaged by bleaching, resulting in reduced metabolism, melanin deposition, thinning of the stratum corneum, and skin conditionIt gets worse. If you encounter ultraviolet radiation again, you will also have allergic, redness and other cosmetic problems, resulting in fragile and sensitive skin.

  The correct freckle attitude should be carefully maintained in order to obtain whitening effects, but there must be a gradual process, because skin cells are metabolized layer by layer and need to be consumed.

  Whitening and freckle I recommend: old Chinese medicine almond barley whitening paste honey gold whitening and freckle skin care beauty link: http: // www.


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Yoga moves to solve gastrointestinal problems

Yoga moves to solve gastrointestinal problems

When it comes to gastrointestinal problems, almost everyone has them. Some people spend a lot of money still can’t solve the problem, which is really a headache.

Gastrointestinal complications and causes are more common: 1.

Ulcers: Gastric ulcers or duodenal ulcers. The cause of ulcers is generally that the organs are stimulated by food such as coffee, alcohol, spices, or exacerbated by mental fatigue, and some are caused by incorrect posture;

Loss of appetite: there are many reasons, such as excessive mental fatigue, insomnia, inflammation of the stomach, intestine, liver, kidney and other parts, constipation, dysentery, etc .; 3.

Chronic gastritis: Divided into hyperacidity with too much fluid and anacidity without gastric acid secretion; 4.

Chronic ulcers: Causes of eating too much, drinking too much, lack of gastric acid, lack of digestive juice caused by pancreatic disorders, diseases of the small and large intestines, and neurosis

Constipation: Because the peristalsis of the large intestine is weak, the abdominal muscles are also weak, and the instructions of the brain and the intestine do not cooperate, which is caused by excessive use of laxatives.

If the disease is not very serious, as long as the tension is eliminated and blood circulation is improved, correct adjustment of the autonomic nerves on the spine can quickly obtain obvious results.

The more effective methods are: 1.

Name: Baby-style movements: 1) Lie on your back, bend your right knee, hold your hands to the upper part of the abdomen, and inhale and press on the abdomen.

  2) Exhale, raise your head, touch your knees, keep your left leg straight, hold for 10 to 15 seconds, and return.

  3) Hold your knees, press your knees to the upper level, exhale, lift your head and touch your knees, take a deep breath 4 times, return to relax, repeat the other leg.

  Role: Treat constipation and increase bowel movements.


Name: Crocodile-style action: 1) Lie on your back with your arms flat and your palms facing down on the floor.

  2) Inhale and lift your left leg at a right angle.

  3) Exhale, hold your left leg to the right, and keep your shoulders steady for 5 to 10 seconds.

  4) Inhale, lift your left leg at a right angle, exhale back to its original position, and repeat the other leg.

  Tip: Also do your legs together.

Or bend your knees and lie on your back, and your knees will fall down.

  Role: Treatment and prevention of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and low back pain.

What to do if there is wet poison in my body?

Recommended 10 spring damp damp soup

What to do if there is wet poison in my body?
Recommended 10 spring damp damp soup

Click to buy in the spring when the humidity is heavy and you need to get rid of it, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the series of wet and rainy weather in spring, the external humidity will lead to poor blood flow in the meridians.Weakness, water does not get wet, wet evil is trapped.

The humidity is heavy, and there is humidity in the body, which can cause multiple problems, such as certain rheumatism, obesity, loss of appetite, and weakness.

Here are 10 spring damp damp soups to help you get rid of the wet poison in your body.

  Qushi Soup 1, Chenpi Barley Duck Soup-Moisturizing and Antidiarrheal[Raw Materials]Water duck meat 250g, Chenpi 6g, stir-fried barley 30g, lotus seed meat 30g, Huaishan 12g, ginger 10g[Step]Duck meat cutSoak the cubes, barley kernels, and lotus seeds in cold water for 2 hours. Put all the ingredients into the pot. After the boil is boiled, cook in a simmer for 2 hours. Add the ingredients out of the pot.

  [Efficacy]Coix seed and dampness, adding duck can nourish the spleen and stomach, relieve dampness and relieve diarrhea.

This soup is especially suitable for those with heavy moisture and thin stools.

  Qushi soup 2, Zhishi barley red bean soup-from the “Compendium of Materia Medica”[raw materials]indica rice kernel, red bean, half a bowl of rice, light bamboo leaves, purslane, sophora rice, green tea, the amount of the above materials into the dry goods[step]Indica rice kernel, red bean, soaked in water for one to two hours, if heated water can be shortened by half; purslane soaked for half an hour; wrap light bamboo leaves, purslane, locust rice, green tea with gauze; wrap all materials intoPot, boil for an hour after adding water.

You don’t need to add any seasonings, drink soup, eat barley kernel rice, red beans and scallions.

  [Efficacy]This is a spleen and dampness-reducing food therapy formula from the Compendium of Materia Medica. It is often associated with spleen deficiency due to moisture weight. At the same time, conditioning can be effective at the same time, and the roots can be easily broken.

The above materials are not easy to collect, but there are finished products for sale on the surface of the city, and sometimes there is also Shutangrenren tea, a cup in the morning and evening, which is especially suitable for spring and back to Nantian.

Compared with ordinary diet indicators, this soup is more inclined to medicated diet, so the effect is much better, and there is also the effect of light spots and whitening to lose weight.

  Qushi soup 3, Coix ribs soup-Moisturizing and diuretic[raw material]500 grams of winter melon, 250 grams of ribs, a small amount of barley[Step]Don’t peel the winter melon, cut into large pieces, add the ribs and barley together into the pot, add water,Let it simmer for an hour and a half, add winter melon, and cook for 10 minutes.

  [Efficacy]This soup has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness, diuresis and urination, and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on patients with edema and urinary tract diseases.

  Qushi soup 4, cucumber pork bone soup-clearing heat and dampness[raw materials]old cucumber 1 catty, pig tendon 1 catty, Chenpi 1 horn, red bean 2 2 pieces, broken Yaozhu 1 tablespoon, lentils 1 2 and powder sausage 8 2[steps]Pork bone and powder sausage are dehydrated with water. After the water is boiled, add pork tendon in a pot for 15 minutes, then add powder sausage, rind, red beans, lentils, and old cucumber in a pot for 1 hour.Ready to eat.

  [Efficacy]The old cucumber can remove heat and dispel dampness and detoxify fire, lentils and red adzuki beans have the effect of strengthening the spleen and moisturizing. Adding pig powder intestines to boil cucumber soup, the heat can replace the gastrointestinal effect.

  Qushi soup 5, lentil carp soup-spleen and dampness[raw materials]lentils, 15 grams each of kapok, 2 jujubes, 100 grams of bonito meat, 3 grams of rind, 2 slices of ginger[Step]Stir-fried bonito, pourAdd some water and stir-fry the lentils a little. Put the anchovies, lentils, soaked kapok rind, ginger, a bowl of hot water together in a stew pot, cover, and simmer for an hour and a half.

  [Efficacy]The fried lentils have the effects of strengthening the spleen and moisturizing, and stopping diarrhea. It is stewed with anchovies of kapok skin, which is a healthy soup for strengthening the spleen and dampness when the spring is wet.

  祛湿汤6,沙葛扁豆猪骨汤-祛湿开胃【原料】沙葛500克,猪扇骨500克,眉豆,扁豆和赤小豆各50克,蜜枣2个,姜2片,水10碗  【Step]Soak the eyebrows, lentils and red beans in water for 2 hours, wash the pig fan bones, rinse with water, wash the sagebrush, peel, peel, gluten, and cut into pieces; boil water, add all the ingredients, and cook for 20 minutes on high heat, Turn to low heat for an hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, strengthening spleen and appetizing.

  [Efficacy]This soup can be used to clear away heat and appetite, and strengthen the spleen and dampness.

  Qushi soup 7, Poria horseshoe pork soup-Qushi digestion[raw materials]400 grams of lean pork, 200 grams of Poria, 1 carrot, 1 corn without shavings, 10 peeled horseshoes, pitted candied dates 3More than 10 pieces of tangerine peel and 3 pieces of ginger[Step]Soak the tangerine peel for a while, then cut it into clay, carrots, and corn. Divide all the ingredients into the pot, add 10 bowls of water, and boil over high heat.2 hours, just add seasoning.

  [Efficacy]Poria cocos can clear heat and dampness, strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion of horseshoe, and widen the qi of carrots.

  Qushi soup 8, olive water fish soup-Qushijie sleep[raw materials]water fish 200?
250 grams, 6 olives, 3 slices of ginger, ten slices of tangerine peel[Step]After soaking the tangerine peel, cut the olives in half, cut the fish into pieces and pass through the water. Put all the ingredients together into the stew pot, add 4 bowls of boiling water, coverClose the lid, simmer for 3 hours, add the seasoning.

  [Efficacy]It can dispel dampness, it is helpful for various skin diseases caused by moisture, and it can also relieve spring difficulties.

  Qushi soup 9, yam pig fan bone soup-spleen and dampness[raw materials]pig fan bone 1 kg 2 or 2 pieces, Chen Pei 5, 6 tablets, iron rod yam 2 two, Ci Shi, lotus seeds, Poria 30 grams each, 3 ginger[Step]After the pork bone is cut into pieces, pass through the water and cut into yam sections. Pour all the materials into a pressure cooker, cook for half an hour after adding water, and add the seasoning.

For the old-fashioned soup method, you can cook for 10 minutes on high heat, then switch to simmer for 1 hour.

  [Efficacy]Spleen and dampness, if it is to supplement the fan bone of the scapular region of the pig, the tail keel close to the tail of the pig to make soup, the effect of removing dampness is better.

  Qushi soup 10, Flammulina flammulina soup-Qushi slimming[raw materials]150 grams of Flammulina velutipes, 150 grams of soybean sprouts, 240 grams of lean pork.

  [Steps]Slice lean meat, marinate with 2 tablespoons raw soy sauce, half tablespoon of white sugar and half tablespoon of raw powder for marinating and set aside; put oil in a hot pan, stir-fry ginger, soy sprouts and shovel for later use; add 5 bowls of water to the panTurn on, add ginger bean sprouts, boil again, add enoki mushrooms and meat slices, add seasoning when cooked.

  [Efficacy]This soup has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic and swelling, and reducing weight.

  There are damp poisons in the body. You can drink more than 10 kinds of damp damp soups for conditioning, especially in spring, when the moisture such as Nantian is easy to invade the human body, you should pay more attention to it. In addition to diet therapy, active exercise, cupping, moxibustionAre good dehumidification methods.

But if the humidity is heavy and the spleen is weak, then only the diet can get two effects.

Eight measures to alleviate IT eye dryness

Eight measures to alleviate IT eye dryness

With the use of computers for a longer period of time, complications such as eye fatigue and blurred vision are increasing.

According to statistics, 70% to 75% of the population’s overuse of computers will produce “vision and eye discomfort syndromes in computer families.” Its symptoms include sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and chest muscle aches and pains.Stiff, mild symptoms will affect work efficiency; severe symptoms will cause vision loss and joint protrusion.

With the use of computers for a longer period of time, complications such as eye fatigue and blurred vision are increasing.

  In addition, according to the latest Japanese research report this year, as many as one-third of the computer families who feel eye fatigue have dry tears that have reached the diagnostic criteria for dry eye.

So don’t ignore the discomfort of the eyes, especially myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and strabismus friends. Once you find abnormalities in the eyes, please see an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to finding a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, adjusting the use of computers and eye supplements are also good ways to maintain eye health!

  8 rules for using computers properly: 1.

Do not place the computer near the window, to avoid light reflection from the top of the head; 2.

The computer screen is lower than the eyes; 3.

Computer screen and eye distance 60 cm; 4.

Use a computer-specific file shelf to hold the files to be processed; 5.

5. Take a 5 minute rest for each hour you watch the computer (if you can, close your eyes to achieve a complete rest); 6.

Blink more often; 7.

Place a glass of water on the table to increase the surrounding humidity; 8.

Rub your hands over your closed eyes.

  Food supplements for the eyes What our eyes can see is because the eye has an omentum, and rhodopsin is a photosensitive substance of the omentum, that is, under the light irradiation, rhodopsin will produce a chemical reaction and generate a signal, which is oxidized by nerves toThe brain only completes the action of watching.

However, through excessive use of the eye, external stimuli, ultraviolet radiation and other factors, it leads to premature aging of the eye, excessive dryness and fatigue of the eye, damage to the outermost tissue of the eyeball, and delayed complications of the optic nerve.In addition to the 8 rules of diagnosis and treatment and the correct use of computers, in fact, supplementing the necessary nutrients for the eyes is also very important in the process of protecting the eyes.


Food supplements for eye fatigue: Too dry eyes, lack of mucus moisturization and easy to produce eye fatigue, vitamin A or b cucurbitacin and mucus supply have a great correlation. Vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc supplements can also help solve eyesProblems with drying.


Food supplements with blurred vision: Most people often waste computer vision or blurry vision after reorganization using a computer. Others only have poor vision when the light is dim at night.It is generally known as night blindness.

Appropriate vitamin A or b cucurbitacin or the anthocyanin pigments contained in the popular mulberry seeds or bilberry on the market have a good effect on blurred vision or quick adjustment of vision in the dark.

Food supplements to maintain normal optic nerve system: Severe optic nerve atrophy can cause blindness.

Vitamin B group, especially vitamin B1, B12, has a close relationship with optic nerve health. If lack of vitamin B1, B12, it is easy to cause neuritis and neurological diseases.


Anti-Tissue Aging Supplement: Too much free radicals cause damage to eye tissues, including eye diseases such as cataracts. In severe cases, it can also cause eye blindness. Therefore, nutrients that can directly interact with free radicals, that is, antioxidant nutrients,Such as b-carotene, vitamins A, C, E, anthocyanins, etc., can prevent further deterioration of cataracts.

  The eye is the window of the soul. We must protect it well. If there is any discomfort, we must see a doctor as soon as possible. The correct use of computers and proper eye supplements is a good preventive treatment for eye injury and medical treatment.

  Foods that are good for the eyes: dark green vegetables, broccoli, green river vegetables, green peppers, carrots, papaya, guava, citrus, lemon, milk, egg yolk, lean meat, etc.

The magic bullet commonly used in pediatric puzzle

The “magic bullet” commonly used in pediatric puzzle

Thousands of years of up and down, bit by bit of experience record, has stored a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, providing a highly effective resource for traditional Chinese medicine medicine and intellectual therapy.
  The ancients were keen to find a “magic panacea” for two purposes: one is to prolong life and stay immortal; the other is to have superhuman intelligence and do whatever they want.
The latter has made the predecessors of Chinese medicine tirelessly study nootropic drugs.
  Thousands of years of up and down, bit by bit of experience record, has stored a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine in the treasure trove of traditional medicine in China, providing a highly effective resource for traditional Chinese medicine medicine and intellectual therapy.
The following is a brief introduction to some commonly used traditional Chinese medicines: ginseng, ginseng, no one knows, no one knows, its supplementary effect can be described as immediate, it can bring back to life and save lives at critical moments.
The magical effect of this magical drug is unquestionable.
Its nootropic effect has been thought to be achieved through “tonication”.
According to modern research, ginseng contains 29 kinds of ginsenosides, more than 16 amino acids, 9 sugars, 3 fatty acids, 3 sterols, 7 vitamins, 2 volatile oils, 3 flavonoids, 12 inorganic elements, 3This enzyme, as well as glucoside, ginsengone, choline and other ingredients.
Among them, ginsenoside is its main active ingredient.
Ginseng has a two-way regulating effect on the function of each tissue of the human body, and its intellectual effect is reflected in strengthening the excitatory process of the cerebral cortex, improving flexibility in the process of mental activity, enhancing thinking, working ability, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency;And can restore nervous balance caused by tension.
In addition, the strong effect of ginseng can improve physical strength and intelligence.
  There are many types of ginseng, such as: wild ginseng and garden ginseng according to the source of harvest; three types of raw ginseng, red ginseng and sugar ginseng according to the production method; American ginseng, Korean ginseng, and Jilin ginseng according to the production source.Wait.
The type is not served, and the effect is also different. For example, wild ginseng, American ginseng, and sun-dried ginseng are expensive and slightly warm; red ginseng is relatively hot; sugar ginseng contains the least amount of ginsenosides, has mild properties, and is less effective, but it is cheap.
Ginseng is used in children’s puzzle, and must have certain indications and should not be abused.
  An ancient book of Chinese poems dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine, “The Book of Materia Medica”, said: “Protecting the blood and removing evil spirits, keeping one’s eyes open, being happy, being weak, and having the best taste.

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japanese MM teaches you to drive off the cold, relax, and triple skin

Japan’s MM’s skin is recognized internationally for its fairness, firmness, tenderness, and breakable skin.

Is it a certain lifestyle that allows them to have perfect skin all over the body?

Three meals are inseparable from vegetables and fruits. Every day you care carefully, eat more fish . and the most important thing is to take a regular bath.

Basically, Japan is located on the volcanic earthquake belt and is rich in hot springs, so the Japanese MM simply brought home the heavenly enjoyment of hot springs, which can alleviate discomfort, but also achieve beauty and beauty, and promote blood circulation and other magical effects.

The season of nakedness is coming, and the body skin’s outbound rate is getting higher and higher. Except for peripheral work such as hair removal, the delicate skin of every detail is the basis for making you a truly charming woman. Start with a bath and exfoliation.Right.
  The three-in-one “head cold and hot feet” is an ideal physical state advocated by Chinese medicine, which is the most beneficial for health. However, the temperature of the upper body is generally higher, about 37 ° C, and the temperature of the lower body is relatively high.Low, only about 30 ° C, which is exactly the opposite of the head cold and foot fever claimed by Chinese medicine.

This can easily lead to the so-called “cold cold”. Many diseases such as dysmenorrhea and obesity in women must be blamed on the cold.

Especially air-conditioned rooms in summer, artificially created a “cold” environment, staying a day, hands and feet cold.

Therefore, bathing is more suitable in summer, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body and use the gentle power of hot water to improve the stagnant physical condition.

  In aromatherapy, bath music is often essential.

In the bath, people can reach a state of extreme relaxation, but they are not easy to fall asleep, and are easy to accept outside information and energy.

Therefore, when you bathe, play soothing music, point your favorite aromatherapy, and slowly massage the skin with essential oils, so as to achieve the effect of unity of the human body.

  Taking a bath is of course a beauty plan. When you bathe, you will sweat a lot, and the wastes in the pores will be discharged, so that the skin will become shiny, improve the skin, and thoroughly clean your whole body skin.

In addition, a large amount of hot steam will push your pores to open. If you apply a mask and exfoliate in a bath, the effect can replace the beauty salon.

Therefore, a bath is the best time to do a full body cleansing and facial mask.

  Before taking a bath, choose a “mate” first. If you want to achieve the desired effect through the bath, a bathing agent is essential.

It is important to choose a bathing agent that suits you, it will affect your mood and effect of bathing.

First of all, bathing agents are divided into bubble baths and bathing materials.

Bubble bath is a popular bathing agent in Europe and America. The visual effect is that the entire bathtub is full of bubbles.

The bath material is mainly from Japan and other places. By adding different additives, the bath water is transformed into a “medicine soup” with special functions.

Therefore, in order not to waste the good time in the bath, choose one or more “good companions” to make this time the best physiological reorganization.

  Professional recommendation: Japanese medicinal bathing agent Basquelin: Basquelin is an old-fashioned brand of bathing agents, with more than a hundred types.

Bathing agents with various functions and ingredients.

The more famous is the natural aroma series: there are dozens of natural aromas such as ocean, earth, forest, and floral fragrance, so that you have a wonderful illusion of being in the suburbs when you take a bath.

  Morita bathing agent in Taiwan: Taiwan’s most well-known local lifestyle pharmaceutical brand, which specializes in various health products. Its bathing agents are all developed and manufactured in Japan with quality assurance.

The more famous is the acid whitening bath, which has three different fruit flavors, which can make the whole body skin appear pleasantly white and tender.

  Japan Daiso Medical Bathing Agent: Daiso is synonymous with good quality and low price. Its bathing agent series adheres to this principle. The low price makes you feel no pain when using it. Although there are not many types, the effective ones are popularHot.

The more famous is the hot spring bath agent, which seems to bring Japanese hot springs to enjoy.

  DIY bathing agent: Milk whitening bath: It is 1 liter-2 liters of milk. After pouring into a bathtub filled with hot water, soaking the whole body for about 30 minutes, it can achieve whitening and repairing effects on the skin.

It is said that many netizens have practice feedback, taking a milk whitening bath 1-2 times a week, the whitening effect is significant, and it will not rebound, it is not easy to tan, and the black MM can also transform into Snow White.

  Rose nourishing bath: 10-15ml of rose essential oil, appropriate amount of rose petals.

Creating a luxurious rose bath that can only be enjoyed by the heroine of a TV series can not only nourish the skin, but also nourish the soul, bring you a great sense of happiness, and it is very economical.

  Bath salt to expel cold baths: Bath salt is about 30g (brand is not limited), the amount of ginger is appropriate.

After the rain or cold, try this cold bath to quickly expel the cold in your body to prevent typhoid and colds.

Colds caused by colds and colds can also be treated by this cold expelling bath, which is very effective.