Chapter Fifteen Disagree
“Know me,Ning Ning Ye。”
Yangliu gave her an admiring look,Said with a smile:“My father paid back the loan for our house,In other words,Our family still has some assets,House sold,Plus the money you have,Shouldn’t be much different。”
Willow is very open,When the restaurant is gone,Chengyu is so young,I still love food,It’s not good if you lose your will,and,If the food is stained,It’s not easy to do it later。
Let this matter fade out of the public eye,Then look up slowly,Such a big loss,Don’t say Chengyu,She won’t recognize!
Before coming,Told mom about it,Yang Qiuyun promised to sell the house without hesitation,All the children she looked at growing up,It’s impossible to watch him。
Yang Liu patted Zhou Chengyu on the shoulder,“do not be sad,Before we had nothing,I feed myself by distributing flyers on the street,Isn’t it better now than then??Just start over,Don’t be discouraged,Just spend money on lessons。”
Look at the red eyes,Yangliu hurriedly interrupted his upcoming gratitude,Not feeling stable recently,Can’t stand his hypocrisy!
Looking at two people who didn’t know,Sun Ningning is very sad,If Huo Yunhe just wants them to lose money,I will recognize。
But his goal is to get Chengyu to jail!
Food poisoning can be big or small,Huo’s lawyers are not a general,Really want to hit there,Sun Changyi couldn’t stand it。
The problem now is not as simple as losing money,Not handled well,Lao Zhou is really over。
He Huandong’s babbling words rang in his ears again,He said there will be a solution;Brother also said,Yiyi is his goal。
Take a long breath,I have to say something buried in my heart,“Yiyi,Let me tell you something,You have to promise me not to be angry。”
Ningning moved out after working and lived by herself,I thought I could do whatever I wanted,It’s only after I know how hard life is。
Although the salary of civil servants is not high,But the benefits are very good,Plus some people are Mr. Tiansnails from time to time,Her life is pretty moist。
In her impression,People can be shameless,But you can’t be shameless to this level,Chengyu likes Yangliu,I believe that guy can see it too,but,They have divorced,Marriage is irrelevant,Why are people as disgusting as a maggot!
This is not simply revenge,And she can’t figure out why he retaliated,Since I can’t let go,Can you compete fairly?,Anyway,The child in Yangliu’s belly is his greatest weight,As long as you are sincere,Jinshi must be open。

Yang·Timmer and Halber·Qijiestra got more excited:Isn’t Chen Geng’s meaning obvious??Don’t talk about the ones,Let me first see the strength of your Philips Semiconductors,If your strength is the same thing,Of course it means nothing to say,But if your strength is really outstanding,Then we will expand the scope of cooperation。

What we have to face next is the largest North American market in the world!
Thought of this,Yang who has always wanted to enter North America·Timmer,All excited。
“Oh,correct,”Finished this,Chen Geng suddenly remembered something:“I have a very good friend,You should have heard her name,Karen·Carpenter,She is also a contract artist of your Polygram Records。”
“Miss Karen?Yes,of course,Miss Cullen is the leading representative of American country music,Of course I have heard of her,Actually she is my favorite female artist,none of them,Her voice fascinated me deeply,Her legendary rise,It moved me even more,”Yang·Timo nodded repeatedly,Chen Geng has spoken for this purpose,Yang·How could Timo not know what he meant?Not waiting for Chen Geng to speak,Yang·Timer took the initiative to say:“Cullen told me before,He is going to create a tailor-made album for Miss Karen……”
Cullen,Which is the current president of Polygram Records。
How awesome are Polygram Records??They own almost the most famous artists and orchestras in the world in this era:Pavarotti、Domingo and Carreras both signed at PolyGram,The most prestigious music conductor Karajan、Abado、Seiji Ozawa and others also signed at PolyGram,Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra、Berlin Philharmonic、The Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is also still signing with PolyGram。
And after entering the nineties,Polygram Records successively acquired the United StatesA&M、MotonAnd BritishIslandWaiting for record company,Formed a monopoly on the global record market,Rolling Stone Records UK is awesome?Comparable with PolyGram,Rolling Stone can only be regarded as a younger brother。
In addition,In addition to having branch offices in Europe and America、In addition to signing and cooperating with artists in the country,It’s more deeply involved in the Asian market,Almost all heavyweights in the Chinese music circle are signed artists of Polygram Records,That’s so awesome!
Although Yang·Timor doesn’t know if Polygram Records is Karen·Carpenter’s tailor-made album plan,But it doesn’t matter,It’s important for Philips Semiconductors,The U.S. market is important,that’s enough!
Chen Geng smiled and waved:“Thank you very much Mr. Cullen,But I don’t mean that。”
You don’t mean that?Chen Geng’s words make Yang·Timo froze。
Chen Geng then explained:“I mean,Miss Karen is very happy now with Polygram Records,But in the future, Miss Cullen’s work may focus more on the film industry.,and so,Can Polykin give Miss Karen a more relaxed contract??”
that is it?
Chen Geng asked Yang·Timer was a little surprised,But this is not a problem at all,Yang·Timur nodded happily:“Of course, no problem,I’ll call Cullen later,Please he must respect Miss Karen’s opinion,Provide the most relaxed working environment for Miss Karen……Haha……I want to hear more beautiful songs from Miss Karen。”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
How awesome are Polygram Records??They own almost the most famous artists and orchestras in the world in this era:Pavarotti、Domingo and Carreras both signed at PolyGram,The most prestigious music conductor Karajan、Abado、Seiji Ozawa and others also signed at PolyGram,Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra、Berlin Philharmonic、The Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is also still signing with PolyGram。

Yes,She has a natural fear of Leng Ling。Now she gets scared as long as she sees this face。

“Help,Catch this person quickly,She beat me。Security come,Come here!”
Although her feet are shaking,But this does not prevent her from yelling,At least now she was calling for help!In fact, she knew that even the security guards in this building could not stop Leng Ling,But now she can’t control so much,She just wanted to escape the scene。
She was afraid that after being caught by Leng Ling, she would be rubbed on the ground again!
Now she doesn’t care about her face anymore,From this“hell”escape。
However, Qin Feng looked at Wang Guangming,“brothers,you saw it,It’s this woman,She buys.kill!This is a very serious accusation。Since it is from your company,Then.”
“what,She is not from our company!Ok,I won’t fight,In fact, some new recruits in the company are my cousin digging。My cousin.Forget it,I will clean up the portal!”
Wang Guangming is also quite depressed at this time!He knows that his bodyguard is usually ignorant,Is the legendary dude,Has been complained by many people。
Just because of this
Haven’t made any major mistakes for a long time,Isn’t it just playing with celebrities and making unspoken rules?Don’t say it’s his cousin,Even many big bosses are actually good at this bite。
so,In his opinion,Actually, this is not a problem!Just who can think of,This time it will cause such a big deal。
To know,The one standing in front of me is the military。
Even though their Wang’s company is so big,Have their own connections and relationships in the military。But use the military for a bodyguard,It’s not worth it anyway。
So in the end, Wang Guangming made a decision,That is to sacrifice his cousin。

“I was serious。I’m still in school,This thing is of little use to me,And take up space。Nothing,You use it!”Lu Menglin said seriously。

He used the compact and delicate iPhone,Very demanding hand feeling,This old-fashioned big brother is really not interested。
Ji Hu saw that Lu Menglin didn’t seem to be joking,Only then solemnly accepted the phone,Heart heavy,I think this boy is really good,Not only talented,And not greedy for materialism,This character is really rare。
Clang,Clang!This big brother rang suddenly,Almost startled Ji Hu。
Fortunately, when he was the vice president,The publishing house assigned him a big brother,It’s easy to use。
“Hey!Which?”Ji Huweng replied with a sigh。
The voice on the other end of the phone was first,Then someone asked in a deep voice:“Is it Ji Sang??I’m looking for Lu Sang。”
It turned out to be from Hojo Tadao。
Ji Hu quickly handed his eldest brother to Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin answered the call,Answer calmly:“Hello there!I am Lu Menglin,I have forwarded this call to Uncle Ji,I hope Mr. Hojo doesn’t mind。”
Tadao Hojo on the other end was silent for two seconds.,Obviously I didn’t expect this boy to be so wealthy and righteous,It is admirable。
“Ok!I know!Lu Sang,Can you go downstairs,I am waiting for you in the banquet hall。”
After speaking,Tadao Hojo hung up the phone。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Said to Ji Hu:“Tadao Hojo is waiting for me below,I gonna go see。I’ll ask Uncle Ji for the materials。”
Ji Hu quickly stood up,I patted Xiao Lu on the shoulder quite profoundly,Smiled:“Do not worry!I have a sense of measure,Just wait for my news。”
“correct,Hojo.Ugh,Anyway, you do it for yourself,Pay attention to protect yourself。”Uncle Jihu wants to speak but stops。
He knew that Tadao Hojo would surely use the means to sell Lu Menglin,Knowing good things,He can’t stop Xiao Lu from getting rich, right!It’s just a sense of scale,I still can’t help but remind one or two。
“I know that!Thank you Uncle Ji!”Lu Menglin smiled and strode out of the room。

Fu Yunfei even regrets it,You shouldn’t have loaded a bursting bomb in a meteor gun before,Should be replaced by ordinary electromagnetic bombs,I won’t have the current hesitation。

Before, he was worried that the transport ship would be attacked by monsters,The same end as the Taishan ship,That’s why the burst shock bomb was loaded into the meteor gun,This special seed bomb,Is not used to attack humans at all,But need more valuable goals。
“You surrender!Otherwise, I shot,you will die!”Fu Yunfei shouted。
Long Zhanye shook his head,Laughed boldly:“Try again!”
The crowd standing behind him dispersed in an uproar,Obviously don’t want to be affected,So as not to endanger the pond fish。
“Are you shameless!They haven’t worn the armor yet!You even used a sniper rifle!”Zhong Ming is bold,Yelled。
Hu Lin also frowned,Shouted:“Fu Yunfei,Put the gun down!It’s not fair!”
Fu Yunfei stood still,Like a statue,Arms steady as a rock。
One thousand two hundred and forty three chapters Avoid bullets
In an instant,The atmosphere in the square became extremely tense。
Just now,No matter who wins,After all, it’s just a lively game,And now the big gun in Fu Yunfei’s hand,It’s a deadly weapon。

“mom,Stop talking,What’s the use of saying these?”Liu Chunlan can’t listen anymore,So he directly interrupted Wang Dahua’s words。

“OK,OK,When it comes to this, you don’t want to listen,me too,You two are so old now,I tell you what’s the use of this?”Wang Dahua also said angrily。
“mom,I didn’t mean to blame you。”Liu Chunlan said。
“Humph,You and your baby girl talked to me like that,You didn’t mean to blame me,Come tell me,What do you mean?”Wang Dahua said with anger。
“mom,Yoona now manages the entire Lin group,She has to worry about everything,Just now,I think he must have encountered something again at the company,That’s why I feel bad,Said a few things you don’t like,Don’t be angry with her!”Liu Chunlan found reasons for Lin Yuner and explained to Wang Dahua。
“OK,OK,Don’t find any more reasons for your baby girl,Things are over,I can still care about a child。”Wang Dahua said。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty One Shut up you
When saying this,The anger in Wang Dahua’s heart,If you can,She really wants to go forward and slap Lin Yoona a few times now。
I am her grandmother,Don’t worry about whether her grandmother is a kiss or a girl,But after all, she was the one who raised her mother,She treats herself like this,That’s less teaching,Just wrong。
but,This is not the time when she is arguing with Lin Yoona,and so,anyway,Wang Dahua wants to suppress this breath。
“OK,big flower,What are you talking about endlessly?,You go for a while。”Liu Neng finally said。
“Got it!”Wang Dahua said reluctantly。
“Chunlan,What did your mother say just now?,No other meaning,She,This person is such a temper,Don’t take her words to heart,She has nothing malicious。”Liu Neng pretended to be very educated and said to Liu Chunlan。
“dad,I know,How can I take mom’s words to heart?,I know when mom just now,Must be joking with me?”Liu Chunlan also pretended not to know anything,He doesn’t care about anything,To Liu Neng。
After Liu Chunlan said this to Liu Neng,,I took a look at Wang Dahua,But what about Wang Dahua,Although it was said that she didn’t care about Liu Chunlan and Lin Yoona just now,but,Her anger hasn’t subsided yet,and so,When Liu Chunlan’s eyes came over,Wang Dahua gave Liu Chunlan a fierce look。

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First303chapter I want one too
“boss,what car is this?”Looking at the huge car in front of you、Painted as Desert Yellow、Full of masculinity、Rough just follow“Red necks”Buggy with no difference,Chevat·The eyes of Egarford and his friends are straight!
After joining Fernandez,Beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Garrett2000The first request made by the guys is that they want to go“Magic claw”Visit,Coincidentally,They arrived“Magic claw”when,Just in time for the first oneHMMVPrototype trial production,Looking at this one I have never seen before、From an off-road vehicle that can evoke a man’s deep desire to conquer at the first sight,Chevat·Egarford and his friends are drooling。
For men,There are two kinds of cars they love most,One is a sports car,The other is a powerful off-road vehicle。
If a sports car with soft lines is a hot figure、Sexy enchanting beauty,Then this oneHMMVIs another kind of beauty:《tomb Raider》Laura,Is a hot little wild cat,Compared to sports car,This kind of“Little wild cat”In fact, it can arouse the desire of men to conquer women。
Not only Chevat·Egarford and his friends looked at the car in front of themHMMVFrantic oral exam,Will be considered as made this oneHMMVof“Magic claw”Employees,It’s not the same as drooling?
This carHMMV,This pure off-road provoked,Can arouse the wildest instinct in a man’s bones for conquering。
Chen Geng asked casually:“Knowing that the Ministry of Defense is preparing to generalize the army’s currentM151Is there a plan to replace off-road vehicles??”
Chevat·Egarford and his friends looked confused:Ministry of Defense prepares to replaceM151?M151What is it?Ready to replace?
Also,For Chevat·For these young people who spend their days in the garage studying software,Expect them to know what isM151、what isHMMV,It’s really hard for them。
Point to the one parked not far away and don’t know what source Bob got it fromM151Military jeep,Chen Geng said:“M151Is the jeep now equipped by the U.S. Army,That’s the one。”
“That’s it。”Looking at the car not far awayM151Military jeep,Chevat·Egarford suddenly realized:“This is not‘Mule’Well。”
SayM151It’s true that the mule of the American soldier,In the sequence of the US Army,M151Was dubbed by the American soldiers“Mule”,It means that this car is as hard-working as a mule,Because the soldiers call it that,So that not only the soldiers callM151It’s a mule,Even American society is accustomed to using“Mule”To call this car。

So as long as there is nothing special,Generally, the government promises benefits to these people。You can’t treat these people who are doing their lives for the country.?Otherwise, who will be bloodied in the future?

Thought of here,Commander Ning also felt as if he had chilled the hearts of the frontline personnel。And Tan Zhitong, the secretary,Seems to be behind the scenes。
In ancient times,This is not the eunuch’s chaos,The eunuch used no guilt to let the general who killed the enemy outside return to the court to die?
“Little Comrade Qin Feng,I know you are angry。How about this,What kind of compensation do you need,Secretary Tan, I will persuade him to apologize and even some compensation for the property。Are you satisfied with this?”Because I thought a lot,Commander Ning just remembered,Qin Feng has done a lot of military exploits。
He heard that if it weren’t for Qin Feng’s injury,,Maybe the Tamron Special Team and the Fire Phoenix Special Team will be removed。
So at this time, he turned to help Qin Feng again。
have to say,Human mental thinking is a very complicated thing。
“Ha ha,Would you like to ask Secretary Tan??He is willing to apologize to me?Dare to give me a guarantee,People from the Tan family won’t trouble me in the future?”
“This one.”Commander Ning found that Qin Feng’s tone was loose,So he quickly looked at Tan Zhitong。
“Secretary Tan,how about it,Will you make a guarantee?”
“I.”Tan Zhitong’s face is full of bitterness。He knew he was defeated,So if you can,He really doesn’t want to face Qin Feng again。
And now,He has bowed his head,Qin Feng doesn’t seem to let him off so easily。
He hesitated,He is not reconciled,But more helpless。There are many times,These big guys are all involved by a cheating son!
Chapter Two Hundred and Nine Sudden attack

If they two lose themselves,Is it the girl I like??

Lu Menglin doesn’t know the answer,Don’t want to know the answer,So he can do,Just fight,Nonstop fighting,For feelings,This is some kind of escape,No escape。
Maybe,Su Yi sees through Lu Menglin’s nature,So I took the initiative to stand up,Use credit for your daughter’s place in someone’s heart!
Just when Lu Menglin was sad,The helicopter has arrived over the destination,Landed slowly on a green tarmac。
Below,Is the most evil place in the legend,Secret Medicine Group Headquarters。
Chapter 815 Mo Shangke
Completely different from what I imagined。
Look around,Picturesque here,Four fields are all green,Where is the slightest magic cave?,On the contrary, it is similar to the vitality of Jingshengu.。
In addition to the apron in front of me, there are some traces of modern technology,The surrounding scenery is completely idyllic。
The first thing that catches the eye is the interlaced rice fields,The turquoise rice seedlings are neatly planted in the field,Like a team of energetic soldiers,I can’t help but think of the harvest time,What a beautiful scene of that heavy ear of rice。
On the opposite mountainside,There are shepherd boys taking a leisurely stroll on the green cow,Those green meadows eaten by cows,Obviously shorter than the grass next to it。
not far away,There is a small village,The independent houses are dotted around,And the big tree planted in front of the door,Clear,The Dongyang people’s traits that they would rather die than disturb others are vividly demonstrated。
“This is the headquarters of Secret Medicine Group?”Lu Menglin rubbed his eyes,Asked in disbelief。
It’s too peaceful here,Too beautiful,People can’t bear to associate it with monsters like the Arcanum Group。
I don’t know that Tu Chunch stretched out his hand unceremoniously,Take a hard shot on Lu Menglin’s head,Shouted:“Hey!Be honest with me!Is there any sense of being a prisoner??Is this what you should ask?”

Is a mission item,What does that mean??

Lu Menglin carefully observed the head of the leader in his hand,Desperately thinking about various possibilities in my mind。
This answer,Systemic urine,I definitely won’t tell myself directly,So be sure to understand,Figure out,The system will never prompt a useless task item,and,This is the head of Lord Zuma!
The Zuma leader who was just beheaded by himself,It is very likely to be the strongest alien creature known to have descended on the earth world,If it weren’t for the space annihilation of the cut effect,Ignore all defenses,I’m not the opponent of that Zuma leader。
Head of Lord Zuma,What’s the use??
Lu Menglin’s mind flashed,Suddenly think of《legend 》In the game,There is also a quest item like the head of Lord Zuma,That avatar seems to be used to submit a sand attack request,Similar to the Woma horn that exploded on Lord Woma,One is to establish guilds,One is used to submit a siege application。
If the foreign world over there,Really and《legend 》If the game has a special connection,Could it be that,The head of the Zuma leader,Is used to officially start the two world wars?
Just when Lu Menglin was uncertain,Kasuga Mingzi suddenly said:“Brother Lu,Look at the center of the altar,There is a hole in the core,It seems that I can just put that head on。”
Hakoko Kasuga grew up in Songzhengju,I have been exposed to the various rituals of the shrine since I was young,Familiar with altars and sacrifices,Lu Menglin woke up all at once。
Lu Menglin stood up,Staggered to the center of the altar,Sure enough, as Mingzi said,The central location of this altar,Empty block,It’s just the size of the head of the leader in his hand。
“Oh shit,Give it a go!Anyway, I don’t know the use of this toy!”Lu Menglin took a sip,Grit your teeth,I directly pressed the head of Lord Zuma on the recessed position。
Lu Menglin let go,The whole sea altar began to vibrate violently,And every stripe on the altar begins to bloom。
These rays are intertwined,Formed a magnificent giant light curtain。
The light curtain is like a smooth mirror,A strange world appeared in the mirror。
That is a wasteland,Gravel everywhere,Like a desert,There are only clusters of dwarf plants on the ground。
suddenly,A weird beetle the size of a washbasin appeared next to that cluster of plants,Open mouthparts about three feet long,Greedy sucks the water in the roots of plants。
Conscience,Lu Menglin’s two lives,It’s also a good knowledge,Good knowledge,But I have never seen such an ugly giant beetle。