But didn’t wait for him to come on stage,Just below,Look up,It happened to have a glance at the Minister Xu who was sitting in the middle of the rostrum。

The latter’s majestic and powerful eyes,Seems to be silently condemning something,Editor Hu immediately reacted。
“No way!I can’t get on!If I go up rashly,On an equal footing with the leaders,It’s too bad to leave this impression!”
but,The original scheduled time for the opening of the conference has passed,Didn’t you see the host Lu Feng on the stage as anxious as the ants on the hot pot??
Just then,The editor-in-chief Hu saw Ji Hu who was arguing with Master Xiao Wang at a glance,Then I saw sitting next to Ji Hu,Lu Menglin, the unmoving mountain。
“what?This kid,Seems ok!”Several thoughts flashed through editor Hu’s mind,The more I think about it, the more reliable I feel。
It’s time for the bones,It’s not appropriate to call anyone up,Those old guys are all oily and slippery,Definitely unwilling to take the risk of rescue。
But this Xiaolu author is very suitable,He is young,Can be used as a topic character,Put him on,Just in line with the theme of this conference,“Science Fiction Age,we are young。”
And editor Hu still has a vague thought in his heart,It’s this Xiaolu author who is young,Should speak well,Besides, this person’s aura is very stable,Don’t worry about making mistakes。
Talking late,Then soon!Editor Hu takes a big step,In a few clicks, I came to the guest area under the stage,In front of Ji Hu and Master Xiao Wang。
Of course both Jihu and Xiao Wang recognize this《Science Fiction World》Chief Editor,The two met by chance, all shocked,I thought it disturbed the editor-in-chief Hu,I guess it’s going to be unlucky。
How did you know that after Editor-in-Chief Hu rushed down,I didn’t pay attention to the dispute between the two at all,I didn’t even pinch my eyelids,Squatted directly in front of Lu Menglin。
“Xiaolu,Brother Xiaolu!Help save a field,You follow me up,Sit on the podium。We just set you up as a model of the younger generation of writers。”Editor-in-Chief Hu is coming,Open your mouth。
Lu Menglin was taken for granted for a moment,First look at those on the podium,It’s not an old man who looks respectable,Just pot belly,An official,What’s going on by yourself??
Seeing Lu Menglin hesitate,Editor Hu quickly said:“Help out!The important guest appointed earlier fell ill on the road,Can’t come,It’s not convenient for other people to go up。Not many people know you here anyway,Just help me this time,Okay?I will pay you back this favor in the future!”
Seeing that everyone has already pleaded to this point,Lu Menglin also knew the situation was a bit urgent,I thought I just came here to make soy sauce anyway,Few people know,It’s okay to help him carry a pot。
“Ok!how should I do?”Lu Menglin nodded and said。
Editor Hu is like a heavy burden,The whole person feels immediately comfortable。

Even if Aoki Club doesn’t work anymore,They are also a medium-sized gang in Bairimen,There are still thousands of people in the help,Are these three guys so strong??

Especially the newcomers who join the club with the three of them,Even more excited,Staring at the three of them without blinking。
Liu Wenzhang cursed secretly in his heart,Over,Over!Brother Wuhao is going crazy again!Every time he goes crazy,Will cause a lot of trouble,If you cause trouble again this time,,I can’t even stay at Bairi Gate,Where else can the three go??
Thinking about this,Liu Wenzhang’s subconscious gaze swept around,I guess I want to find a way to escape。
And Huang Shaotian has an eager expression on his face,At first glance, he doesn’t care about fighting。
Only Lu Menglin has a good heart,A neat posture,Smiling,Take it easy。
The wooden knife saw all the subtle expressions of these three little guys,Can’t help but find it more interesting。
He is not worried that these three newcomers will turn the sky over,Because the strength is obvious here,As long as it doesn’t break through the forty level,,In the eyes of these people,Just like playing with kids,There’s nothing coming。
“it is good!This proposal is fair!I agree。”The wooden knife smiled,The meat on the face squeezed together,Looks more fierce。
Chapter nine hundred and seventy four Join the team
Since the wooden knife has spoken,The four guys with broken arms,Can only bite the bullet。
As a result, they couldn’t get anyone in the gang,The atmosphere was extremely embarrassing。
the reason is simple,Other people don’t want face!These few can’t beat a woman,Now I have to call a helper to fight with a woman in public,Who can pull this face down。
Maybe in private,A few glasses of wine,Maybe someone did it,But now it’s under the public,In front of the brothers in Bangzhong,No one wants to lose this face at this time。
Those four are really unlucky enough,Can’t molest the little girl,Had his arm broken,Now being invited to fight in public,And they know they can’t win,Call for help and no one will stand up,It’s really embarrassing to the extreme,Self-confidence。
If you knew how to molest a girl in a medical clinic, it would end up like this,I’m afraid they won’t be willing to kill them。
At this moment,Lu Menglin said with a smile:“It seems that these people are not very popular,Can’t call helper。If they are on their own,Probably not my sister’s opponent,Ouch,This is difficult!”

He seems to have spent a lot of money,But can also make a lot of money,Others don’t know how to do it。

It seems to be a little guilty for not accepting the painting of Populus euphratica at a high price,Xin Zhao thought for a while,Open road:“Xiao Hu,Do you play jade??”
Populus nodded:“Jade is jade,Of course play。”
Jade,But it is a big collection of antiques,Jade,Over the past ten years,The most popular kind of jade?Although this jade is not produced domestically,Almost all imported from Myanmar,But won the market’s welcome。
“tomorrow,It’s the day of Ping Chau Jade Public Market,Do you want to play together?”Xin Zhao invited。
“Betting on rocks?”Populus thought of a word。
The audience in the live room listened,All cheer up,Encourage Brother Hu to play,Take everyone to see,Always watch the news,what“A cut of heaven、One hell”Gambling scene,But many people have never seen it!
Those one stone millions,Tens of millions,Think about the adrenaline surge。
Seeing the demands of the audience in the live broadcast room,Populus nodded:“OK!Then follow along,I haven’t played,I’ve just met with friends a few times,Feels quite interesting。
This aspect,I also studied it back,Don’t know what level。”
Xin Zhao smiled:“Then you two give me your ID,I ask someone to help you get a certificate from the Jade Association,Otherwise you can’t get in。”
Hu Yang and Hua Zi immediately took out their ID cards,Give it to Xin Zhao。
Hu Yang told the people in his live broadcast room:“Like jade、People who like jade,You can really go to Pingzhou。After all, there is the largest jadeite wool market in China,More than half of the jade gambling in our country is there。
Not only that,It is also the largest jadeite wholesale market in China,I want to find a genuine jadeite,There is nothing wrong with going to Pingzhou。”
before,Yunnan is close to Myanmar,Jade is imported into China from this province,So go shopping for jade in Yunnan,Is everyone’s consensus。
but,With the influence of market economy,Everything must revolve around the market。The raw materials of jadeite are gradually transferred to Yangcheng,After all, this is the largest jade market in China。

“Isn’t it a ruby??”Someone exclaimed。

Can make Brother Hu willing to spend 10,000 yuan to buy it,They can’t think of,What else is similar,So valuable。
Even the boss thinks so,If it’s a ruby,This little piece,Also worth a lot of money!No wonder,Populus is willing to buy it for 10,000 yuan。
Thought of this,The boss is also a little excited,Have been in the stone business for so many years,The first time I found that the stone facade was still inlaid with gems,It’s so exciting。
He looked at Populus expectantly:“Little brother,Is it ruby?”
however,Hu Yang’s words let him down:“Is not,This is another kind of stone,But also valuable。”
“How valuable?”Zhong Wenqiu’s cousin couldn’t help but ask。
“Maybe more valuable than ordinary rubies!”
As soon as this word comes out,Everyone exclaimed,More valuable than rubies,What’s that baby?Never heard,That stands to reason,Is this a ruby??
“This kind of stone is very rare,It is said that it was first discovered in Myanmar,Boronite。After it was discovered,Is known as one of the ten most expensive stones in the world。Say so!Diamonds are all behind it。
unfortunately,This piece is too small。boss,Cut it out,Will it be bigger inside。”Hu Yang suggested。
Everyone was stunned:More expensive than diamonds?
No one has heard of it,Anyway, no one has an impression of the term red boronite。But never expected,The value of diamonds ranks behind it,This is incredible too?
The boss nodded immediately,Greet your own workers:“Don’t worry everyone,come here。”
As for this stone,Because that little red boronite is inlaid almost in the middle,This stone is destined to be wasted。
but,The boss doesn’t feel bad at all,I learned that it is more expensive than diamonds,Who can afford such a stone?!
He greeted his buddy,Move the stone with the help of a machine,Put it on the cutting machine and fix it,Use a circular saw to cut ten centimeters from the edge of the boronite。
At last,Centered on that piece of boronite,Was cut out of a square stone。

They are very satisfied with the treatment,Ask me what job i want?

“President Ge,You must not let us stay for such a high treatment,Talk about your thoughts frankly!”
Zhang Teng among the three women was the captain when he was in the army,The other two girls obeyed her instructions and orders。
“I want to form my own intelligence network,But rest assured,Not doing something illegal,Just to be safer!”
I asked them to investigate Song Wei and Chen Xin!
Zhang Teng feels,Not enough manpower。
I asked her to find some people,Treatment according to their standards。
Zhang Teng served as vice president of Brilliant Security,At least one million bonus every year!
This money is reflected in Zhang Teng’s appointment agreement!
After Zhang Teng thanks,We started to gather people!
She also read my recruitment list,Know a lot,I think this list is very reliable。
Zhang Teng suggested me,Appointed one of them named Zhou Hong as the chief instructor!
Because Zhou Hong is an instructor in the army,At the same time, he was the head of an overseas mercenary group。
The actual combat ability is particularly strong,And courageous,Reliable character!
After I saw Zhou Hong the next day,I think Zhang Teng’s suggestion is very insightful through chat。

Of course impossible!

Even ford、Chrysler、Universal,Don’t dare to offend the entire U.S. auto parts companies at the same time!
Since it’s not like this,The purpose of this is……
Those who react slowly are still thinking hard,The quick response is already a sudden realization,They have roughly guessed what Chen Geng intends to do。
Chen Geng smiled,Pick his thumb:“That’s right,I signed a cooperation agreement with Dongying people,Also invite everyone to come,Of course not to make everyone happy……As for why I did this,Ok,Please follow me,Everyone will knowAMCWhy did you do this。Say it to your friends again,AMCI’m not making everyone happy,We are really cooperating with everyone with sincere heart。”
Let him go?
where to?
Although the heads of the spare parts suppliers are confused,,But involuntarily followed the people in front of them。
Looking at these cars in front of me……To be precise, it is actually a wooden model……All the spare parts suppliers took a deep breath:These cars,ReallyMBeautiful!
The second reaction that followed was:Holding grass!Fernandez is Fernandez,Worthy of the nation、The world’s top car designer!
More people are looking at these cars that are bound to cause a sensation in the market.,They already know that Chen Geng and hisAMCWhat is the car going to do。
“Yes,Just as everyone thinks,These models in front of everyone,AllAMCNext models to be mass-produced,”Facing a pair of pairs or excited、Or unbelievable eyes,Chen Geng nodded affirmatively:“I believe everyone has already heard,General Electric Vice Chairman Jack·Mr. Welch will serveAMCChairman of the car,I think most of the friends present know Jack·The magic and ability of Mr. Welch,Can also imagine him becomingAMCThe captain will giveAMCWhat’s the difference……
What I want to say to everyone is,Jack·Mr. Welch’s management skills,Plus my design,And the whole American society reformed meAMCDegree of tolerance……Everyone thinksAMCHow long can it take to restore production capacity to30More than 10,000 vehicles per year?”
This question is also echoing in the heads of various parts suppliers,With Jack·Welch’s joining,With Fernandez’s support in design,AMCHow long will the car be able to restore production capacity to every year30More than 10,000?One year?One and a half years?Still two years?
Two years,This is the limit,Even the most pessimistic person,I don’t think I have Jack·Welch and Fernandez·Under Chen’s blessing,AMCIt takes more than two years to restore production capacity to every year30More than ten thousand。
No one answered,Chen Geng didn’t expect these guys to answer,He asked and answered:“My guess is pessimistic,I think it will take about a year and a half,But Jack·Mr. Welch is more optimistic than me,He thinks that since he officially becameAMCStarting from the moment the chairman of the car,At most one year is enough。
and so,Gentlemen,Do you think Dongying people can be satisfiedAMCDemand??Can meet the rapid development periodAMCDemand??”

“dissatisfied?”I thought that Ding Haijun should come forward、Ambassador Lian who is sure to be successful,After listening to this explanation from Comrade Ding,Can’t help but frown:“Why is Chen Geng dissatisfied?We don’t seem to be doing anything?”

“I don’t know too,”Ding Haijun frowned too、Bewildered:“But I can feel it,Chen Geng’s dissatisfaction is not against us。”
Not facing the embassy?
In other words, Chen Geng’s dissatisfaction is not dissatisfaction with the embassy.?
Since it’s not dissatisfaction with the embassy,What’s the reason?
Comrade Ding and Ambassador Lian looked at each other,All eyes are at a loss and incomprehension。
“This one……”
Secretary of Ambassador Liam、Cai Xiangdong, also the second secretary of the embassy, spoke weakly。
Cai Xiangdongfu opened his mouth,The eyes of Ding Haijun and Lian Changheng suddenly lit up,Asked immediately before Cai Xiangdong finished:“What do you know?”
Cai Xiangdong was taken aback,He regrets being too much,But at this time he can’t help but not say,Don’t even dare to hesitate,Weak way:“I also heard from my classmates in China,I don’t know what to do or not……”
“Say it!”
Ambassador Lian is anxious:“what is the problem?!What did your classmate tell you?”
Cai Xiangdong didn’t dare to hesitate anymore,Said immediately:“Is the whole timeAMCWhen the workers went on strike,Some domestic media have published something that is not friendly to Mr. Chen、Critical article……”

1935Jack born in·Welch,Just this year56year old,For a professional manager,It’s almost his golden age now,Jack·Welch’s age,He does it again15and even18Years are not a problem,But now,This guy actually told himself,He is ready to train his successor?

“boss,you listen to me,”Chen Geng’s reaction made Jack·Welch was touched,But he still said to:“You know,I was trained by General Electric,In many ways influenced by General Electric,For example, to measure the success of a leader,Not only in the performance it creates during its tenure,There is also whether he chooses a good successor,So as to keep GE’s foundation forever,That is‘Role model’。
I also think so。
I’m rightAMCVery affectionate,It is my honor to be able to retire in my current position,But precisely because of this,in order toAMCAble to last forever,I think even moreAMCCultivate a qualified successor,It is my responsibility。”
Chen Geng nodded。
Any big business、Large groups have their own unique successor training tradition,And GE’s tradition of cultivating successors is particularly special,why?Because of GE’s succession training program and their“Six Sigma”Equally famous,Roughly,This successor training plan must be prepared before the current president leaves or retires8Will start next year,After the plan starts,First of all,GE will extremely secretly establish a“futureCEOSurvey、to cultivate、Selection Committee”,And generally by the current president/The CEO personally takes command。
After the committee was established,First of all, for the future of the groupCEODraw up a feature list,Contains a vision、honest、Values、Leadership、fair、experience、balance、Courage and other conditions,Only these indicators can meet the requirements,To be included in the ranks of candidates,Simultaneously,It also requires candidates to have a strong sense of learning new knowledge**,Have the ability to easily handle complex affairs,Have the patience to face and deal with emergencies……Etc., etc。
Under normal circumstances,The committee can secretly select20to30Middle and senior managers with training value(Usually a competent department manager),These people are36Years old58Years old。The internal evaluation of at least half of them isHIPO(Persons with high-level development potential)。
At this time,General Electric will officially launch a successor job training program,Ability of the board of directors、Have a comprehensive understanding of talent and development potential,And in the process,The General Electric Board of Directors evaluates them twice a year,There are other talent development activities every year——What must be stated here is,All this is done in secret,The candidates are completely unaware;
finally,The committee determines three candidate lists for key training(of course,The others will not give up,After the previous training,Even the unsuccessful can be alone,Become a handsome talent in the group),Then choose one of these three to take overCEOs position。
But that’s not all,The final winner will have to go through the adaptation period under the leadership of the former president,To take over……
The entire process is extremely complicated and cumbersome,But no doubt,After such a selection,The selected candidates must be extremely outstanding,And obviously,Jack·Welch is ready to put GE’s futureCEOThe training system moved toAMCCar coming,Of course this is a good thing,But Chen Geng still frowned:“But even so,This plan started too early, right??As far as i understand,GE is before the current president resigns8Start of succession plan,You only now56year old,8Years later64,For a CEO is in the golden age of experience,The successor training plan can be discussed after a few years,Are you ready64Retire at age?”

“No, no,Why are you so excited?”Xiaoyu also feels irrational,She couldn’t help but call Abao,Why did Butterfly rush to call Chen Wenjin without eating??

End of butterfly words,Feel more embarrassed,Soon I found out that she was so deceiving Xiaoyu that it was not a normal style,Nothing else,The lie just now will obviously be exposed!
Abao and Chen Wenjin have dinner together,Do you know it was her calling?Talk to Xiaoyu later,Such a levelless lie,How could she be so mindless?
When sitting down to eat,Butterflies whispered:“I’m actually calling Jin Jin。”
“what?”Xiaoyu was taken aback,Look wrong,Thought for a while,Doubtful question:“What happened?”
This response,Same as Chen Wenjin。
Yes,Even Xiaoyu thinks nothing special,Butterflies make no sense to contact Chen Wenjin at noon。
Butterfly holding a spoon,Slowly stroked in the soup bowl circle after circle,Paddling……for a long time,No sound。
Little fish watching,Waiting,In a hurry,Finally, I couldn’t help but ask in surprise:“You won’t?I don’t know how to play with feelings.?”
“……Can you be quiet!”Butterflies are afraid of being heard,She still can’t accept this,How can I be heard by others?
“you、You really?”Xiaoyu asked incredulously:“Didn’t you just talk about that but not love?I still want to drive because of you,I think Abao is my type,It’s okay to talk,I just break up if I don’t like it,Anyway, he should be a very discerning person,Even if he can’t look away,I don’t feel guilty for dumping him。It turned out well,Now i see it quite open,You are so entangled?”
“Nah——”Butterflies have no confidence in denying,I cover my face again at the end,Whispered infinitely tangled:“I don’t know what the situation is now,Thinking of him all morning,Want to meet,Finally, I think it’s better to make a phone call and listen……Woo……I shouldn’t be like this!How could i be like this!Feelings that are boring and hypocritical and will change,How could i be like this?”
The little fish looks like a butterfly,So angry and funny,Finally, it turned into a weak comment:“You’re done……”
At the end,The little fish ate two bites,Annoyed and quickly stirred the soup with a spoon,Blamed:“Butterflies, you parallel imports!Can say can’t do!Let’s talk about it,You betrayed me!”
“Bullshit!How could i fail?Just need time,It must be so,I can definitely adjust!Don’t say I am a traitor!You have to believe me,Encourage me!”Butterflies refuse to admit defeat。
See the butterfly so determined,Xiaoyu’s mood calmed down,Looked at her and said:“It’s almost!Never admit defeat,Hurry up and adjust,How can I be worse than me?I have always believed in you,To determine who you want to be,If you lose at the beginning,How can you be worthy of my trust?”
“Won’t lose!I won’t lose!If I can’t adjust well,on、Just jumped down from that building!”Butterflies make a poisonous oath,Little fish no longer doubt,Raise your fist and say to her:“Come on!You can definitely do it!”

And the driver on the speedboat said:“Can’t chase it,This is going to the high seas。If you want to board a ship on the high seas for law enforcement, you need the nationality of the country where the ship is registered.!”

“Leave it alone,Keep chasing!”Qin Feng doesn’t care about all these things。After all, special forces are different from regular official organizations,The things that official organizations must comply with do not mean that special forces cannot break。
Besides, this is his first battle as the Deputy Minister of Tamron,If you can’t get this person back,How much will affect his position in the minds of Tamron members。
and so,He needs a beautiful victory,The one who escaped“Important personnel”bring back。
If possible,Qin Feng even wanted to detain the ferry。
A huge ship appeared on the high seas,This is obviously waiting for a response!Since it’s a group,Then take it all home。
As for interrogation,Qin Feng is also considered half an expert,I can definitely get some clues I want。
“Drive faster!”
“Already fastest!”
In fact, Qin Feng also knows this is the limit of yachts,Otherwise, the distance between the two parties will not be shortened at all。
Qin Feng is waiting,Waiting for the moment when the other party prepares to board the ferry from the speedboat。If you shoot a flying knife at that moment,It is possible to hit the opponent。This is the only chance Qin Feng can get!
“It’s now!”
at last,The moment Qin Feng wanted appeared,The throwing knife in his hand shot out in a flash。
But Chen Feng seemed to be prepared,A flying knife also appeared in his hand。Seeing his movements, I want to block Qin Feng’s flying knife attack。
But this time,Chen Feng failed to capture the trajectory of Qin Feng’s flying knife,Because Qin Feng uses a refraction flying knife。
But Rao is so,Qin Feng’s flying knife only hit the opponent’s arm,Hurt his hands。
Chen Feng glanced at Qin Feng,But didn’t fight back,But hide directly in the ferry。
Now the right to choose is back to Qin Feng’s side again,Whether to continue pursuing?You know that the ship has not fully started yet。Otherwise, the speedboat may not be able to keep up with the speed of the ferry。