“No need to,Just stay with dad。I just walk around,No need to accompany。”Lu Menglin smiled。

“Still talking!Your dad ran away at noon,Said something happened to the company,I have a customer to see。Leave me here alone,Very boring,Otherwise I won’t wait for you!”Mother Lu shook her head and smiled bitterly。
It turned out that Dad drove away!No wonder mom is so idle!Lu Menglin’s heart secretly said。
“go,I bought a la carte,Get something delicious for you father and son at night。”Mother Lu stepped forward and took her son’s arm.。
Lu Menglin nodded,Accompanied my mother into the community。
A few people walking towards you,It is Lu Youshan and Lao Zhang、Xiaoli and the others,Among them is a middle-aged man who I haven’t seen yesterday,All smiles。
“What are you girls doing here?Go in the house and change clothes,let’s go and eat。”Lu Youshan waved his hand。
“eat?What to eat?I bought good vegetables!”Mother Lu was stunned。
“Our Liufang partner,That’s the Hong Kong company,I know you two are here,Must have dinner。Stop shivering,Just follow。”Lu Youshan laughed。
“Yes,Yes!Sister-in-law is here,They must be a treat。”The one talking is the guy who I didn’t see yesterday。
Lu Menglin looked at this man with a spring breeze,Suddenly I feel that this person is laughing a little fake。
“Who is this?”Mother Lu was taken aback for a moment,Asked。
“I’m Huang Yuanshun,Dasao can call me Xiaohuang。I’m sorry yesterday,I went out to do something with the client,I will invite sister-in-law and son-in-law to dinner alone。”
Huang Yuanshun’s mouth is pretty slippery,Talk in sets,It doesn’t look like a financial man,It’s like an old salesman。
Lu Menglin knew that the surname Huang belonged to Zhao Yuanchao,Just know it,On the surface, he smiled and nodded。
Waiting for Lu’s mother to change into a slightly more formal dress,Lu Youshan took his son and his men to the Yuehai Restaurant across the street。

Especially Huang Shaotian himself,Almost drew the sword!

Lu Menglin’s inaudible movements,Shook his head,Signal her to calm down。
Huang Shaotian relaxed temporarily,Looking at the maid with cold eyes。
“My host wants to see you!Come with me after you check in!”The maid is only at level 30,I don’t even know that I’ve walked around the ghost door just now.,Attitude is still very cold。
“What do you mean?”Huang Shaotian asked vigilantly。
The maid was taken aback first,I didn’t seem to expect to be rejected,Then I looked at the four people in front of me,As if thinking of something,Can’t help but smile,Tao:“Don’t be nervous!My host is female!She likes making friends with heroes best,The four of you come together!”
When I heard the maid mentioning the word hero, hero,Someone can’t help but pounce,Laughed。
The laughter was particularly harsh in the quiet hall。
“Niu Dali,Why are you laughing?”The maid heard this laugh,Displeased。
The man who laughed was a big and thick man,A look of embarrassment,Wave his hand,Tao:“Sister Xiaojuan,Sorry,Sorry,I couldn’t help it!”
“I asked you why you laugh?”The maid Xiaojuan asked again。
The cow scratched his head vigorously,I don’t know if it’s true or false,Shook his head:“I just think!The four words hero hero,Can’t just say anything!Sister Xiaojuan, you dragged a few people in,Just say they are heroes,Isn’t it funny??”
This remark,Everyone in the hall can’t hold back a smile,Burst into laughter。
Maid Xiaojuan saw this battle,Small mouth with anger,The white cow gave a strong look,Lifting the skirt corner, he walked towards the inner courtyard of the inn。
She didn’t refute,Maybe it’s because even she feels,The four that came in casually,Really can’t be called a hero。

“so,Taoist priests are more pragmatic than monks。Although today’s Taoist priests are also abducted,Many are liars,But the real Taoist priest,Sheng Shi hides in the mountains and cultivates medicine,Not cause trouble for the country,Troubled times,It’s better than the monk to avoid the mountain gate,Golden Age is better。”

Seeing Qi Hongye, they are moving,Populus also spoke:“Don’t forget the pill furnace!This thing is too big,It doesn’t look good when I move back。It’s these pills,interesting。”
Some people dare to ask for these medicines left over from ancient times?
The stall owner is a bit disappointed,Dan Lu was not seen,But if the pill can be sold,It’s also a business!but,He has to explain in advance:“Young man,It’s okay if you want the medicine,But don’t eat,What are the consequences,I’m irresponsible。”
Populus nodded:“I just think this thing is a bit mysterious,You can show it off to friends later,Who would eat this stuff forever?You always make an offer,As long as it’s not too outrageous,We bought it。”
So much!The old stall owner can understand,Young man!I don’t like this earthy pill furnace,Is understandable。And the ancient pill,It’s mysterious at first,You can also show off in front of friends。Young man!Is the age to show off。
He thought about it:“You guys watch it!”
Get!This is the human spirit。
Qi Hongye under Hu’s gesture,Hesitantly asked:“Five hundred okay?”

Or,Aniu doesn’t care about exposing himself?

A character like a butterfly,It’s really suitable for Aniu to use,This uncompromisingly shy direct and hot,Many people of the opposite sex are flustered and overwhelmed,Some will be taken directly under the mad attack。
Chen Wenjin looked cold,Like I didn’t hear her,Lie down on your own,Don’t show a special expression。He had such an attitude,Because this butterfly is so proactive,Not only Aniu’s helper,Also his helper。
Xiao Gao obviously just learned about it,Eyes widened incredibly,Staring at Chen Wenjin and asked:“real or fake?”
“Really。”Chen Wenjin’s brief answer。
“When did this happen?”
“Before school starts。”
Xiao Gao’s expression clearly shows excitement,But not the kind of excitement that is happy that they finally parted,More like anger。“Who proposed?”
“Common idea。”Chen Wenjin looked at Xiao Gao,The tone is still calm,This sentence is like a bucket of ice water,Xiao Gao’s emotions were immediately extinguished,He drank the glass bottle of Coke in one breath,Then say:“Should I break up first if I concentrate on studying??”
“What do you think?”Chen Wenjin doesn’t answer the question,Because he knows what Xiao Gao really asked:‘Is it for learning or breaking up。’
“I do not know!”Xiao Gao put the empty glass bottle on the counter,Went to school,He must ask Hui in person,He really shouldn’t have known it so late!
Aniu hurriedly said:“Small fish、Butterflies, you talk first,I’ll take a look。”
A Niu catches up with Xiao Gao,Take the initiative:“I told the butterfly。”
“why?”Xiao Gao originally thought,Only A Niu knew,but,He really doesn’t think,He should have known it later than Aniu。
“Hui is very sad,And she’s not sure about Jin’s sincere thoughts,So I deliberately revealed to the butterfly,Try gold。”Aniu’s expression and tone are very sincere,At the end:“I think real gold is not afraid of fire。”
“Do you know?”Xiao Gao can’t say anything,Point to the point。
“Her heart is upset,I’ll tell her when I’m done,Besides, it is impossible for her to agree to this approach。Not very good to say,But I think it will kill two birds with one stone,Tried gold,Gave the butterfly another chance。”A Niu is as sincere as possible,Because Xiao Gao is not stupid,He must have a complete cohesive statement,Persuasive。

Nezha looked at Po Meng who was hesitant,Reminded with a smile,Sanqi group members are so naive,He and sedum,Sun Wukong might not mind,But it’s hard to tell if the big guys in the chat group don’t mind。

At least,If the members of the 37 group meet the members of the Yingzheng group,Blunt words,The consequences are serious,After all, members of the Yingzheng group are the masters of a thousand worlds.,Lord of the Great Qin Dynasty,No rules, no standards,Therefore, the members of the Yingzheng group are very polite。
If a member of the 37 group inadvertently offends a member of the Yingzheng group,Nezha can only help each other,Because Yingzheng group members are about to advance to Tier 4,By then, he will be the leader of Yingzheng,The main thing is,The character or ambition of Yingzheng group members is too big。
On one side there is a small world with heaven and underworld,But it will make Yingzheng members’ hearts move,not to mention,And the terrifying host,At the beginning, the Monkey King group members were too unscrupulous because of their words,Then in a word from the host,Zhang Xiaofan directly led his men to capture the world where Monkey King was.。
Not to mention the moody boss Fang Han,Acquired evil god,In the past, Nezha saw Fang Han respectfully,Although there are constraints from the host,,Let Fang Han not go to the world where other group members are at will。
but,Just need a trivial reason,As Fang Han who has destroyed the entire world, he won’t hesitate,Nezha just because of kindness,So kindly remind Po Meng a few words,Let Meng Po take care of the Sanqi group。
otherwise,He is a small third-order peak,But I dare not intervene with those big group members,He hasn’t lived enough,Don’t want to lose your soul。
“Thank you Nezha for the suggestion,I will take care of Sanqi。”
After Po Meng heard Nezha’s suggestion,,Solemnly say,Although my daughter is now insane,,But Po Meng knows how cruel reality is,Not to mention wherever it is,Respect the strong。
In the eight hundred miles of the yellow spring,Po Meng can desperately protect her daughter,If you go to other places,Po Meng can do nothing,Not to mention that mysterious place,There must be too many strong ones,So Po Meng decided to teach her daughter well in the future。
“Nezha group members have become so indecisive?This is not in line with the status of a member of the Nezha group,When Nezha group members destroyed the entire monster race in one fell swoop,That’s a river of blood from killing,Corpses everywhere。”
“Why does the Nezha group members have no previous decisiveness?Because it’s been too long,Forgot to kill?”
Wukong looked at Nezha who seemed to talk a lot today,Said quietly,Nezha today is very different from the Nezha he has seen before,Make Wukong a little doubt whether Nezha has been stable for too long,I forgot what it means to talk more。
It’s not a good thing to be so indecisive,of course,Wukong didn’t mean to blame Nezha either,Just from the perspective of a friend,A few words to persuade Nezha,Don’t be so indecisive in future,otherwise,It’s useless to practice。
“Big Goku is too worried,I don’t have any extra thoughts,Just looking at the lady who loves the 37 group members,I remembered that my mother cared about me so much。”
“Since i was born,Was regarded by the people of Chentangguan as the reincarnation of a monster,All people are afraid of me,Only my father and mother will protect me,Keep me in the General Soldier’s Mansion all day,Afraid of me going out to make trouble。”
“Even now,My strength is far better than my parents,But in the eyes of father and mother,I’m still the kid who doesn’t understand anything,I’m afraid of something unexpected。”
“perhaps,This is the heart of the poor parents。”
Nezha looked at the members of the Sanqi group who were still eating flat peaches and dancing,Said in a leisurely tone,When he was young,Far more troublesome than the silly members of the 37th group,He didn’t understand the pains of his parents。

Qin Feng has enough cash flow to support the Lin family。

After taking off here,There is no way to stop Qin Feng from doing everything.。
finally,These representatives can only discuss with each other depressed,Then one by one is in accordance with Qin Feng’s requirements,Slippers directly。
Qin Feng understands,These people are bullying and fearing hardship,If he takes a step back here,It is also possible to be regarded as a soft persimmon。
of course,Qin Feng really needs the funds here,Because he also wants to buy some places around。
This place will only grow bigger,And he also does a good job of environmental protection here。
Because he also knows very well,The environment of a place,It’s impossible to rely solely on something to support。
It’s impossible to live on something like spiritual fluid for a lifetime,Qin Feng also wants to be his own characteristics。
It can be said,Here is everything。
The most important thing is that the price is not expensive,This has become a suitable place for people to live。
And the price here is not low,Thirty-one square,And even if you have money,Most people can’t get these things。
But people are like this,The more restricted,More and more people will compete,This is the place now。
Qin Feng didn’t expect,I will come to this point one day,After other companies invest in some places,Qin Feng is also easier to do things well。
In simple terms,The name of Qingshui Village,That is already famous all over the world。

This is what outsiders see,The opportunity Xiang Chen is waiting for。

And Xiang Chen did not disappoint the onlookers,Just when Jiro Matsushima was a little proud,Xiang Chen only relies on the strength between his fingers,Pop the tiger soul in your hand directly,The only regret is that this action is too difficult to control,It ended up just bruising Matsushima Jiro’s ribs,Did not cause fatal damage to him。
Hit the fatal blow but not succeed,Even if you don’t have the skills,But now Xiangchen looks to Jiro Matsushima,Even without crying,I shouldn’t be smiling like this。
There are still many questions in my mind,But Jiro Matsushima himself is already on the line and has to send it,Even if Xiang Chen has other players,It’s too late to think about how to deal with it now.!
Quickly hacking towards Xiang Chen,Matsushima Jiro is in a forward-looking posture。
Facing the attack of Jiro Matsushima,Xiang Chen didn’t retreat this time,It’s just a flash of body shape that came to Matsushima Jiro’s side,The palm of the hand is upward along the back of the long sword in Jiro Matsushima’s hand,Until Jiro Matsushima’s wrist,Xiang Chen pressed it down hard。
Matsushima Jiro is sighing Xiangchen’s ghostly body,Suddenly a downward force came,Jiro Matsushima is also a stagger,The center of gravity is a bit unstable,Before Matsushima Jiro adjusted his center of gravity,Don’t look back this time,I also know when I send it to Jiro,Xiang Chen appeared behind him again。
The long knife in his hand turns and stabs backwards,Take it for granted,All this was expected by Jiro Matsushima,Just don’t wait for him to turn around,Xiang Chen’s big hands are already on his face。
I wanted to turn around to catch Xiang Chen’s trail,Now it’s on the ground。
Matsushima Jiro got up quickly,Just relying on the direction of my memory,To find Xiang Chen,And in a panic,After Jiro Matsushima got up,Indeed, I found a figure in the opposite direction from where I fell.。
Between life and death,There is no time to think,Raise the knife and cut,Still can’t cut Xiang Chen,But it’s different from the previous borrowing,This time Matsushima Jiro can feel,Xiang Chen applied an upward anti-joint force to himself。
Feel my arm being pulled apart,Matsushima Jiro hasn’t completed the action of swapping knives with left and right hands,I suddenly felt the pain on my face,Instinctively waved his fist and hit Xiangchen’s direction,Just when I felt my fist might hit Xiang Chen’s back,Matsushima Jiro is disappointed again。
The clash of teeth made Matsushima Jiro’s whole body numb,Haven’t understood what’s going on,Matsushima Jiro felt that he was already lying on the ground。
A few meters away, Xiang Chenzheng wiped his body with disgust,After pulling Matsushima Jiro’s arm away,Xiang Chen elbows Matsushima Jiro’s cheekbones,Then he knocked Matsushima Jiro up with his palm。
setiThe action was done by Xiang Chen and its consecutive championship,But it’s too coherent,So that Matsushima Jiro’s saliva fell on Xiangchen’s half of his arm。
“Mr. Xiang,You are humiliating me!”
Matsushima Jiro got up,Looking at Xiang Chen seriously。
Now Jiro Matsushima can finally find Xiangchen’s location clearly.,Pick up the long knife that fell by your side,Matsushima Jiro looked at Xiang Chen,It’s like looking at my own enemy。
He Guo pays more attention to his reputation than his own life and death,Matsushima Jiro gave his life to fight,But on Xiang Chen’s face,But didn’t find any seriousness,This makes Matsushima Jiro feel humiliated。

and,For Lu Menglin’s body,Taoist dog is too slow,This game is slow,And it’s easy to be targeted by the mage profession,I can only bully the soldiers who are alone。

but,What is the unknown beast?,Lu Menglin really doesn’t know。
At least《legend》In the game’s official uniform,No such summoned beast ever appeared,And this random pattern,Sounds pretty exciting。
and so,Lu Menglin chose to randomly select unknown beasts。
quickly,In the mist in front of me,Gradually there is movement。
A dry arm stretched out from the mist,Scared Lu Menglin jumped。
Followed by,A skinny skeleton soldier jumped out of the fog,A pair of empty eye sockets faintly flicker with ghost fire,This little skeleton soldier is only half the height of Lu Menglin,With a broken helmet on his head,Holding a rusty chopper,Looks lonely,Pitiful look。
Lu Menglin saw this silly skeleton soldier,Sigh in my heart,cut!Summon such a game!Is this a failure?!
Taoist dogs are at least big,Enough,In front of you like a gate,Can block one block of damage。This little skeleton soldier,It should be the weakest kind of summoned creature, right?!Just touch it,What can you do?
Lu Menglin tried,Hit the little skeleton soldier’s head with one hand。
Wow!The poor little skeleton soldier fell apart immediately,The skeleton is broken。
“I go!Really so weak!”Lu Menglin smiled helplessly。
at this time,A data interface immediately appeared in his mind。
Summon creature:Skeleton Soldier

For Lin Yoona,After leaving Xiao Fan’s embrace,Like a little pitiful abandoned by others,Suddenly there is no safe haven。

Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Discuss something
On the way back,Xiao Fan is still driving。
but,Obviously because just now,A few people have had a lot of fun at the beach,and so,Xiao Fan hasn’t been on the road for long,Lin Yuner and the others all fell asleep。
Because Xiao Fan and several people stayed at the beach for a long time,So when a few of them got home,It’s already very late。
Seeing Lin Yoona who simply washes and rests in bed,Xiao Fan also sat on the edge of the bed as usual,Gently massaged Lin Yoona。
And Lin Yuner faced Xiao Fan’s massage this time,But far from the uncomfortable before,Seems to be similar to the present,It’s a normal thing。
Lin Yoona enjoys the comfort brought by Xiao Fan’s massage,I fell asleep in a short while。
Since Lin Feng and his family returned from the provincial capital,Everyone just changed their appearance,Oh,wrong,It should be said that the entire Lin family has become a family that loves each other。
And the state of Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan,Has developed and is no different from an ordinary couple。
time flies,Three days later,Qiao Zhentian followed an agreement with Xiao Fan,Bringing Qiao Shan to Yun City,And Xiao Fan really helped Qiao Shan as agreed。
For Qiao Shan’s legs,Xiao Fan can almost be said to have been busy for an entire afternoon。
Although at the end,Qiao Shanhai couldn’t walk directly,but,Qiao Shan told Xiao Fan and Qiao Zhentian,I have regained consciousness in my legs。

Chen Wenjin stopped an empty car on the side of the road,After the butterfly gets in the car,Motion him in,Have something to say。

When Chen Wenjin probed in,Hugged by a butterfly,Kiss。
“I’m going back!As long as you don’t get caught by them during the day,I’m going to find you。”
“see you tomorrow。”Chen Wenjin waved goodbye,The car drove some distance,Just withdraw his sight。
Chen Wenjin is not interested in going back to the game hall,Drove back directly。
Unexpectedly, he drove the car into the usual parked position,When turning into a decapitated road west of the Lychee Garden,I found out that the car had been parked!
and,It’s Abao’s car。
Colored car paint,Also posted various stickers,Extra large fixed wind wings。
The edge of the big encirclement is now shaking with the car,Shake hands with Green Grass。
Chen Wenjin is speechless……What is Abao going to do in the car,It’s ok,but,Why did he go to the place where he usually parked??
Chen Wenjin was waiting in the car with the air conditioner,Looking at the figure shaking in the car glass,I guess it’s been a while since I entered the topic。
Waited like this for almost ten minutes,Abao’s car doesn’t move,I can’t see the figure inside。
Not for a while,Leopard opened the door and got off,I lit a cigarette and smoked,Saw Chen Wenjin,Smile and wave。
Chen Wenjin put down the car window,Waved,Abao drove the car out。
When Chen Wenjin locked the car door,Qiangwei has gotten out of the car neatly,Abao introduced:“My girlfriend,rose。He is gold。”