“Oh!have they gone?”Xia Jian asked quietly。

Lin Na lowered her voice and laughed:“Going through,But which aunt is still looking for you,You said her daughter might be seduced by you”When Lin Na said this,,Bent down with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled,Said to Lin Na:“How can you say this is possible?I am a gentleman,How could you do such abusive things??dont you agree”
“You’re still a gentleman,Two women stay with me in a hospital,The nurse in our nurse’s room talked privately,Say you are rich,Hospitalization”Lin Na said,Run away。
Xia Jian laughed,Secretly cursed“Shit,Almost killed,Also talk about romantic”
He flipped through the phone,Twelve missed calls,It’s all from Una。Xia Jian hurriedly returned the call,One call,I heard Una say on the phone:“What’s the matter with you,Why don’t you answer my call”
This woman feels very angry,Xia Jian hurriedly smiled:“Didn’t I come back for you??”
“You can not reply!Really,I ask you,Are you injured and hospitalized”Wona asked angrily。
Xia Jianyi startled,He asked with a smile:“How did you know,I did suffer a little injury,But no problem,Just raise it for two days”
“There is something here you should tell me,Really not friends enough,If it weren’t for this morning I went to the Public Security Bureau to do something,Encountered Police Officer Chen Xiaoya,I really don’t know this,You tell me,Which hospital are you at”
Xia Jian just remembered,Liu Ying might have known about his injury,Liu Ying may have told Chen Xiaoya about this again,Souna knows too,Xia Jian hesitated and said:“I’m hereKMFirst People’s Hospital,Don’t come if you are busy,I’ll be discharged in two days,I go againLJSee you”
“Needless to say,I’ll be here by car”Una hung up the phone after speaking。Xia Jian couldn’t help but smile,This foreign woman,Is the style of doing things quite Chinese??It seems she has been assimilated。
The sun gets bigger,Xia Jian was thinking about finding a place to hide,Xia Fei is here,She smiled and said:“Go back soon!Look at you”


Assign tasks。
Lin Zhaoda teaches to entice the Sea Eagle Emperor,Han Wan and Lu Yuan inspected the wild grass beads nearby,Prevent special circumstances from staying in this island。
I wish Minglang carry enough grass beads,Walk towards the depths of the swamp woods。
Leaf decay,Even if you don’t need to step on it,Touched the water in the swamp,Will also evaporate that kind of strong anomalous gas。
About another kilometer,Some poisonous dragons appeared above the swamp,When they see Zhu Minglang, it’s like a fly sees it in a pit……
“I’m thinking about something messy,Qing Zhuo,Kill them。”I wish Minglang look serious。
Cangluan and Qinglong emerge from the intertwined blue light,The purifying light quickly dissipated the stale air in the swamp。
A group of poisonous dragons,Basically they were cultivated for two to three thousand years。
Creatures of the Magic Island,Cultivation base is scary,In fact, these poisonous dragons have only been born for four or five years,Because of the unique gas and harsh environment here,It made them transformed into this huge tumor-like head in just a few years,Green all over,It is estimated that even blood has strong corrosive toxicity!
Cangluan and Qinglong flexibly shuttle among these poisonous dragons,Its blooming light is like a spear melted by a fiery flame,Accurately stabbed these poisonous dragons。
A group of two or three thousand years of demons,It was quickly resolved by Cangluan Qingshenglong。
Even the Dragon,The time you can stay in this strange gas island is also limited,So on the way these demons still let the blue dragon deal with it,God knows what evil demon is near the green copper tree。
Experience tells Zhu Minglang,Antique、Holy Fruit、There must be big evil things around the forbidden soil!
Basically all the creatures you encounter along the way can adapt to this weird aura,And most of them live in groups。
Cang Luan Qinglong killed many such monsters in the swamp,But it didn’t take long for Xiao Qingzhuo to feel dizzy。
Severe decline in physical strength,Breathing becomes very difficult,The sacred light of Cangluan and Qinglong can purify the miasma of the swamp,But it can’t purify this restraining tree fragrance。
Fortunately, the green copper tree is already in front of you,I wish Minglang let Cangluan Qinglong go back to rest,I walked towards the green copper tree alone。
The dragon’s breath is too fierce,If I can take away Zhenhailing without knowing it,,Of course there is no need to fight!

Glance up,Big Black Tooth’s big eyes that were supposed to close dimly opened suddenly,The pupils are full of doubts。

What flew past just now was a sword?
“call out~”
The sword spirit dragon flew farther into the spiritual realm,Suddenly saw a figure of holy white,Is spreading out his gorgeous wings like a phoenix,Pieces of edellow feathers are as beautiful and noble as crystal。
“call out,call out!”
The sword spirit dragon stopped in front of this white dragon,As if I met an old friend。
And Bai Qi also opened his dim eyes,First, I was shocked by the Yin Hong sword spirit in front of me,Then I gradually recognized it from the sword patterns on it!
“You~~~~~~”Bai Qi screamed,Pounced like a cat towards the sword spirit dragon。
“call out!”
Bai Qi naturally recognizes this sword spirit dragon,Zhu Minglang was practicing sword in the abandoned sword forest,It found a sword that could move by itself,So when I was bored,Bai Qi chased this sword,Flying around the mountains and forests。
Bai Qi has been asleep before,It didn’t expect that the former weapon monster became a sword spirit,Sword Spirit Dragon,Appeared in this spiritual realm!
It’s like seeing young friends again,Bai Qi is very happy,So chasing the sword spirit dragon in the spiritual realm。
The sword spirit dragon is fast,How is Xiao Bai already a very fast dragon breed,But it can’t keep up with the speed that the sword spirit dragon can almost teleport.。
Sword Spirit Dragon obviously has its own consciousness,To take care of my little playmate,It slows down deliberately……
“So you guys knew each other a long time ago?”
Zhu Minglang looks embarrassed。
I have been immersed in sword practice,Zhu Minglang didn’t even notice,The sword spirit has slowly taken shape,Did Xiao Bai, who was still a white dragon at the time, know its existence?……

“I ,I’m a little confused……”Shunzi feels she can’t play this game,Currently not on the same channel with Lu Yifang。

“Nothing,We can try first!first round,I will repeat the instructions,Until the enemy sniper is killed……”Lu Yi gave Shunzi a confident look。
“Where does his confidence come from?Opposing sniper,But a1.2Monster,The strength should be higher than the dragon fruit of the Oscar team?”
Shunzi recalled,Last kill mode,in“Blue Wave Airport”in,The fear of being dominated by the enemy sniper dragon fruit。It seems that the largest passenger plane on the entire map has been played in the hands of an ace sniper,That kind of dominance,I am also a sniper,Why not?
“Drill begins!”Lu Yi made a countdown gesture。
“Ok!”Straight up your ears,It’s like taking an English listening test of Band 4 and 6,Concentrate,No time to wipe the sweat from your forehead……
“Front left,Feint!”Lu gave the first password。
“Front left?Feint?”
Seemingly simple password,Shunzi is still jerky。He ran behind the bunker on the left front,Head and gun,No one at a glance,Just shrink back。
“Don’t know this is a feint??In the eyes of God Lu,Is this qualified??”Shunzi thought to herself。
Shunzi heard a sniper rifle,The bullet hit the wall in front of him,Leave a big bullet mark。
“well!”Lu Yi praised。
“well?I obviously didn’t do anything!”Straight puzzled,Hide behind the bunker and show your head,Can be called“it is good”Is it?Lu Dashen’s standard is too low, right??
“Front left,Feint!”Lu Yi issued the second password。

Xia Jian has been sitting without saying a word,He has been secretly observing the changes on the faces of these two policemen。He also felt strange,A hotel as big as Yao Junli,Generally, such a thing does not happen。Even if it’s official duties,The police will also ask the hotel to cooperate,That’s so strong。

First1350chapter Turned out to be fake
Some things in the world are made by man。
Although Xia Jian didn’t speak,But he felt that this matter is not simple,Shouldn’t be just a simple round。See what these two policemen mean,Kind of straight to him。
“We don’t care if you are the boss here,If he can’t get his ID,Please come to the bureau to accept our investigation“One of the policemen said,He reached out to pull Xiajian。
Yao Junli is on fire,She stepped over to Xia Jian,She asked loudly:“Did you handle the case like this??If you can’t show your ID,I’ll let the security lock you up first“Yao Junli shouted,The two security guards behind her immediately jumped up。
The situation on the court is about to happen,The situation is a bit scary。If this happens once you start,I really dare not think about the consequences。Xia Jian just stood up,He said coldly:“Nothing!We just go with them“
Yao Junli was dumbfounded when she heard it,She tried to procrastinate,I was afraid that Xia Jian would be taken away by these two people,Regardless of whether they are true or not,Just go in,It’s hard to figure it out。
At this time,A rush of footsteps came from the hall。Immediately after the door opened,A policeman in his forties walked in front,He followed three more。
“Director Wang!What exactly is going on,Forcibly broke into our hotel in the middle of the night,What kind of surprise inspection,But they don’t have any documents,I suspect they are fake police,If you come one step later,I asked the security to clean up the couple“When Yao Junli saw this policeman,And said loudly。
Director Wang gasped and said:“President Yao,Don’t be impulsive,No matter what happens,Isn’t there still our police??“
The two policemen saw Director Wang,So he came over,They whispered slightly awkwardly:“Sorry!We come out temporarily,Go too fast,Forgot to bring your ID”
Director Wang waved,The three policemen behind him put their hands on their waists,Formed a siege to these two people。The color on the faces of these two police officers suddenly changed。
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t bring your ID,Call your siren,And you ran to my jurisdiction to conduct surprise inspections,Excuse me, whose order are you executing”Director Wang has a serious face,The voice is very cold。
Which two policemen were dumbfounded for a while,I can’t give my alarm for a long while,Can’t tell what order they are executing。Director Wang’s face was suddenly clouded,Because he really didn’t expect,These two policemen in detective clothes turned out to be fake。
Suddenly,The two looked at each other,One of them pushed away Director Wang who was in front of him.,Run away。But they also underestimated the ability of these police,Didn’t wait for him to run three steps,This guy was thrown to the ground by a policeman。
The policeman who was standing still suddenly whispered to Director Wang:“We are Sun Yao’s people”

slowly,Xia Jian already feels that he can’t do it anymore。Clearly in my heart,Some things can’t be said in front of a woman,Can wait for her now,I have already said this。

In short,Xia Jian thinks he has a lot of words,I don’t know anything anymore。In a trance,He feels particularly uncomfortable in his stomach,Seems to have vomited many times。But when he finds out,He crawled on the toilet。
Anyway, his memory is a bit intermittent,Even he can’t figure it out,What are you doing。
The morning sun shines through the gaps in the curtains,Shine a ray of light on Xia Jian’s face。Under the stimulation of strong light,Xia Jianmeng opened his eyes。He looks at the ceiling,Remembering hard,How could he lie on his bed?He should be in Guo Meili’s room,but…
Dizzy,Whole body soft like noodles。Xia Jian exhausted all his energy and sat up,He feels sick again。And the dry mouth will smoke。
He struggled to get out of bed to find a glass of water to drink,But accidentally knocked something on the head of the bed and dropped it on the floor,Made a loud sound。
Soon,Guo Meili came in wearing a sexy pajamas。She looks tired,I saw Xia Jian sitting on the bedside like a sick cat,She couldn’t help but smile:“Didn’t you say you are a wine fairy?This wine fairy will be drunk like this?“
“Nonsense,When would I say such arrogant things“Xia Jian said this weakly。
Guo Meili didn’t argue with him anymore,But poured a glass of boiling water and brought it over and said:“A bit hot,Drink slowly。You tossed all night last night,So don’t go anywhere today,Take a good day off“
“I’m afraid not!There are so many things?“Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。
First1765chapter Miscalculated
? It’s up to people,Things happen in the sky。
Wang Youcai thinks that he and Song Fang have used 500,000 yuan to invest in the tourism project of Pingyang Town,There shouldn’t be any problems,But Song Fang said there was less,One million。She gave him an idea,Let him ask Hu Huiru to borrow。
Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep,Stopped at a remote place on Pingdu Park Road。When he was thinking about what to do,His phone rang。
He took out a look,Feng Yan actually made this call。Wang Youcai was a little excited,Hurriedly connected。Feng Yan’s seductive voice came on the phone:“Manager Wang?Where are you?“
“what happened?Do you miss me?“Wang Youcai on the phone,Hehe said with a smile。
Feng Yan on the phone snorted coldly:“I think you blame,You tell me where you are?I am looking for you“
“I know you don’t want me,But what do you think of me??“Wang Youcai deliberately didn’t answer Feng Yan’s question directly。And chattering on the phone。
Feng Yan suddenly changed her tone on the phone,She said coldly:“Call to base,Said you arrived in the city。I can tell you,President Hu is here,She wants to see。Right in the Ginza restaurant,When you see her later,Just say you received my call,Do you understand the one who came from the base??“

“Why are you so stupid,You won’t go out and find a few bigger leaves to cover yourself,Really is。。。”Blue Dragon is worried about Fuming’s IQ。

“you。。。you”Fu Ming was choked and speechless,But he couldn’t refute,Had to pull up the halberd,Find a good position and jump up,Put the halberd on the wall,Then jump up in the same way。
When I rushed out of the seal,Light up,But Fuming feels the sun at this moment is warmer than ever,Fuming took a deep breath of the air outside,Look around,The fighting has already stopped,The blood on the ground has dried up。
It seems that during this period of time I rushed to the seal,The battle is over,Forget it,I’d better go home quickly,Parents should be anxious。
Fuming and found a big tree,Pluck a few large leaves from the tree and surround the vital place on your body,Almost see,So he rushed outside。
Fuming feels the energy emitted by the genetic lock in his body,I have never been so fast,This feeling made Fuming couldn’t help but scream,Arouse a flying bird。
Just as I was flying through the forest,Suddenly stopped“Kid,Why stop?”Long Yuan asked。
“I seem to hear someone”Fuming said。
“There are people,It has nothing to do with you,Hurry up”Long Yuan urged。
“No matter what,It’s always good to go and see,Moreover,If someone,See if I can borrow a set of clothes to wear”Fuming turned and ran towards the sound source。
“Big brother,This chick looks like a silly”
“Whether he is stupid or not,Recently wanted,We can’t go to town to drive meat,I didn’t think I met a silly girl today,Hehe,I’m talking about it first”Said the first guy with a smirk。
“Hehe,Brother Yingming,You first use”The other two little brothers smiled flatteringly。
Watching all this in the bushes,The guys in front of me have seen him on the wanted order in town,These three people are three brothers,Do evil things,Specialize in robbing other people’s money。(Li Da,Li Er,Li San,I am too lazy to pick a name)
I just woke up with gene lock,Haven’t tried their power yet,It’s better to try the three of them first,Fuming made up his mind and jumped out of the grass。
The three brothers were taken aback by the sudden emergence,I thought it was the police force in the town,But under closer inspection,The Fuming in front of him is covered by a few large leaves,How do you look like a savage。

Although both became zombies,Over the past few hundred years, Zhang Haibao and Guo Jing’s hatred has become deeper and deeper.。

The zombie world is the law of the jungle,Xuanwu ancestor and Qinglong ancestor neither stopped them,Let them fight you, I live。
Over six hundred years,Zhang Haibao attacked Guo Jing several times,Guo Jing also led people to encircle Zhang Haibao several times。
But everyone is the same three generations of zombies,Each other’s bodies are equally tyrannical、Martial arts cultivation level is also comparable,Have no chance to kill the opponent with one blow。
The last time Zhang Haibao fought against Guo Jing was thirty years ago,At that time, Guo Jing’s martial arts was advancing by leaps and bounds,In addition, Zhang Haibao was almost wiped out under the sneak attack。
Later, he hid in Changxin Village for several years without recovering from his injuries.,Only then went to An Nan to hide under Zhu Huiwei’s protection for more than 20 years。
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but wonder:“They fought for hundreds of years,Martial arts have no winners or losers,How did Guo Jing advance in martial arts thirty years ago,It is so much higher than Zhang Haibao!”
“It’s not that Guo Jing went to a family of hidden monks and stole a secret law……”
“Family of hermit monks?”
“What is this?”
“What else is so awesome,Don’t sell it,Hurry up and listen……”
Zhu Huiwei made a gesture of silence,Whispered:“Keep silent,Lao Zhang attracted Guo Jing!”
Chen Xiuyunqi“Omniscient”Listen intently,Sure enough, I heard a rush of breaking wind rushing three kilometers away。
“by,Zombie’s ears are too sharp,Actually heard the movement earlier than my Shunfeng ear!”

but,As soon as the consciousness penetrated into the inkstone,Like a mud cow into the sea,No response,For a while everyone also took a breath,Senior stuff……Sure enough……

After laying out the drawing paper,Jingpu looked at Di Chen who was standing opposite him and asked:
“Elder Di,What kind of painting do you want?”
Di Chen also said quickly:“senior,I want to ask for a picture of the recovery of everything。”
Painting of All Things Revival?
Jingpu thought for a moment,That spring scene should fit best,After Jingpu nodded,,Stop talking,Pick up the pen and prepare to paint。
This is Jingpu for three years,It’s the first time someone is watching myself painting,Jingpu was really a little excited。
Take a deep breath,Jingpu ready to perform,Hand sink,I clicked the paintbrush。
The moment Jingpu came up……
In front of everyone changed instantly!

Xu Wan came out of the nearby grotto at almost the same time,Gan Yifan took a look at her,She also looked over,Smile,Gan Yifan doesn’t know what to say。

“Is that a Taoist??”
Two more veterans came in at the entrance,The distance is actually far,Gan Yifan can see clearly that he is a Taoist and a Taoist Ziyun,Xu Wan can’t see clearly。
“It’s him,And Dao Chang Ziyun。”Gan Yifan responded,Go to the platform。
“In front of the Taoist,You be close to me。”Xu Yu suddenly said behind him。
“Oh,I know……”Smiled back,Showing white teeth,“sister。”
Suddenly, sister,Make Xu Xuante uncomfortable,I glanced at the boy in front of me,“Don’t call it so nauseous,Panicked。”
“Otherwise……Sister Xu?”
“Too raw,Smile and call me Sisi,You just call me Sisi sister。”
“it is good,Sisi sister。”
Sisi is a nickname,The close talent is called,I still feel awkward when I call out from Gan Yifan,But than that“sister”Much better。
“Ok,Brother Yifan。”
She replied,Both laughed。
Li Dachuan was injured,Not light,Wounded while escorting student soldiers out,Enter the abyss space and go to a grotto for the first time to heal。
He brought five men, one woman and six players,More or less hung up。The knife hurt the most,Tattered left arm to shoulder,All blood。Xiuxiu was the least injured,A piece of skin was taken away from the leg。
The most injured knife bandaged his wound and entered one of the grottoes,The other four team members started looking for Li Hongyan one by one in the grotto,When Gan Yifan and Xu Wan came,Only Xiuxiu is there waiting for them。
The two veterans were not injured,But it seems to be very expensive,They also plan to enter the grotto to recover。
Relative,Gan Yifan didn’t plan to be like a Taoist,But Xu Wan says hello,He can’t be too much,Give a gift to Daoist Ziyun,Arched hands at will,Even if it’s a courtesy to Rudao。