It seems,Ancient medicine in everyone’s heart。

It’s not what it used to be!
Came to the hospital,Fang Yu soon came to the arranged ward。
“How isVIPWard?”
Fang Yu surprised。
“What Mr Fang needs……We will naturally do our best!What else is needed,Can tell me……”Dean Huo smiled。
“Not necessary……I just borrow a place to recuperate。By the time,I’ll count the money for you!”Fang Yu said。
“How does that work……This little thing,No need!”
Finished,Huo Cheng leaves first。
Fang Yu wants to explain to him,I can only wait until the treatment is over.。
“The environment here is really good……Xiaoyu,That was the dean just now?”Fang Qianglin looked around,Have a sofa、Have table,And independent big TV,And no sound,Very quiet。
taste,It’s not pungent like a normal hospital。
the most important is,This is a separate ward。
Fang Yu nodded。
Simultaneously,Ready to go back to get the gold needle。
Here,Just for resettlement!

“That won’t work……These are two different things!If your son comes back,How can I explain to Mr. Hu?Didn’t he go to Dongwu?”

Dean puzzled。
“Although Dongwoo is not bad……But I think we need to develop,It’s better on our side!”Xu Zhilin is sure。
“Anyway,You and I should pay attention to this!”
The dean ordered。
After Xu Zhilin left。
Made a call to go out。
“Fang Yu,Why are you still alive?”
“Mr. Xu……Fang Yu is very cunning,Will not appear easily。We have no chance……and,Seems pretty good!”
Over the phone,The man said。
“I give you so much money,I didn’t let you tell me this!”
Xu Zhilin shouted coldly。

Fang Deyun suggested。

“Which company?”
Fang Yu asked。
“It seems to be a pharmaceutical company under the Yongyun Group……She is the management inside。Past applications,I guess I have a chance to see her in the future。This is much better than you in my pharmacy!”
Fang Deyun said。
“amount……This one……”
Fang Yu was shocked。
Hu Yongchang was rejected during the day。
Go to the interview tomorrow?
It’s not good!
“what happened?You just got fired from the hospital……Didn’t do anything bad!You are afraid to apply?Anyhow,You are also a serious medical graduate,As for being so emboldened?”
Fang Deyun patted his son on the shoulder,Deep face。
“That one……Uncle Guo’s tea seems to be gone!I’ll make tea for Uncle Guo!”
Finished,Fang Yu ran away!

Ruan Wu didn’t understand,This is a very good thing。What others can’t ask for,Fang Yu doesn’t care……Really wasted such a good opportunity。

“Doctor Ruan,You still haven’t seen any patients……”
Bi Shujun saw Ruan Wu asking Fang Yu,Reminded。
“Thanks for reminding!”
Ruan Wu hurried to work。
He is not Fang Yu,Some patients need to see the situation in time。
“Doctor Fang,I admire you!”
Bi Shujun poured a glass of water for Fang Yu,Smiled。
“You also think I should accept all that……To be the spokesperson of the hospital?”Fang Yu wondered。
“It’s right to accept!Not accepting is courage……After all, who can withstand such a big pie!Pity,I want my little brother,And I am a little sister!”
Bi Shujun sighed。
“Anyway,There will definitely be someone taking my place!not my business!”
Fang Yu calmly said。
“You can think about it……The dean is probably too angry。It’s just that if you’re not a normal organization,He can’t help you。After all, barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes!”
Bi Shujun smiled。
“It’s late,I’ll go home and cook first!Afternoon chat……”
Fang Yu got up,Stop talking。
When Fang Yu was about to drive away,Seeing Xue Lian who was not far away trotting, followed。

Xia Jian was talking,But he knew。Tomorrow is the last time to work,When the leader saw this newspaper,My heart will explode。

Others are joking,But Xia Jian was thinking about things。Last time it was him and Yao Junli,But many people got in this time。And all of them are cadres,This can be big or small,So he can’t care less。
Two or three accidents,This shows that his every move of Xia Jian,I’ve been targeted long ago。Last time he didn’t follow it down,Not this time。No tigers do not show off,People really thought he was a sick cat。
Everyone chatted for a while,Li Lin left early。Secretary Wang said that he came to the city,I have to say hello to some old friends,So I left without waiting for dinner。
A family in Pingyang Town married a wife,Invited the three of them, Tong Jie,So these three are also gone。In the end, Liu Zimin and Zhao Chunling are left。
Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Chunling and said:“Feng Xiaowei will be handed over to you and Liu Zimin,I want to go out and do something。You give her some porridge or something,It should be fine if you make your stomach feel better”
What does Zhao Chunling want to say?,But when the words came to my mouth, I swallowed it back。Liu Zimin is happy,He smiled and said:“Nothing,You go busy!When Deputy Chief Feng wakes up,Let’s go have a meal together,Then go back to Donglin Township”
Xia Jian nodded,He walked out of this hotel。He didn’t go anywhere else,But went to ChunyuKTV。Because of the afternoon show,So Xia Jian’s past tense,Where is someone working already。
The cashier at the bar is no longer the same woman as last night,But a young girl。Xia Jian thought for a while and asked the little girl:“Hello little girl,Which woman worked here last night?”
“Who girl?I’m an adult。Ask Sister Wang Li!What are you looking for?do you know her?”The little girl said,Two big eyes staring at Xia Jianzhi spinning around。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Sir,Of course Wang Li and I met,I agreed last night to go shopping today,But she didn’t tell me where she lives?”
The little girl saw Xia Jian’s humor,She couldn’t help but smiled and said:“You asked Sister Wang Li to go shopping,I’m not afraid of her husband coming back and breaking your leg”
“Haven’t you come back now??”Xia Jian kept saying what the little girl said,It feels like he really made an appointment with the so-called Wang Li here。
The little girl’s mouth turned up,Xia Jian gave a blank look and said:“You should be careful。Sister Wang Li lives on Taishan Road139The third floor of the small courtyard。The door is hidden,Push away and go directly to the third floor,Sister Wang Li and I live on the third floor,Remembered Qianbee calling her name at the gate”
“Don’t call her name?what do you mean?”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。

The length of the gun body reaches one meter,This gun has an energy slot,Also has a handle,。The weapon has a purple texture throughout,The muzzle inexplicably produces this deterrent,But it’s so frightening。

Warning light above the energy slot behind the gun,Red light is on,Obviously Prince Zikurdanis has turned on this weapon。
Li Ming, who is fighting hard, feels a strong sense of threat。
“YesB9Laser gun!”Babata made a hurried sound:“Let Ling Er kill him soon!”
“B9Laser gun!”Li Ming’s face changed slightly,“The kind that can kill the vast majority of the 9th-level constant star powers,And the unavoidable laser gun?!”
The heart jerked!
Raised hair!
Eyes rounded!
An unprecedented panic made the soul tremble in an instant,Li Ming understands that if he is hit by this weapon,I must die。
“Reiji,kill him!”Li Ming quickly ordered,At the same time, we can break free from Meenos’ attack,But at this moment Meteoros is constraining Li Ming in turn。
The prince Zikurdanis naturally also noticed the madness of the opponent,But the weapons in his hand need some time to accumulate energy。
“Block that guy!”Prince Zikurdanis shouted this,His five men looked at each other,A face of determination。Rushed out quickly,Crazyly resisting a blue streamer shot by Ling Er。
The connection pierced three constant star warriors,The speed of the red mixed copper mother fragments finally slowed down。
With the combined blow of two constant star warriors,Although their arms were broken,But it did block Ling Wu’s blow。
And at the same time,The energy of the laser cannon in the hands of Prince Zikurdanis has also been accumulated。The technical content of this laser gun is very high,Target automatically。
A white streamer,Shoot out silently
Dazzling white light flashed,Li Mingyifang’s strongest spiritual teacher‘Reiji’,Fall!
“Second brother!”The tears flowed from the corner of Ling Da’s eyes,The three brothers were raised as slaves since childhood,The only thing you can rely on is your brother。Until Li Ming bought it,Li Ming still respects them,As a bodyguard rather than a slave,Got a promise of freedom。

“Large manager,Gao Rui does not defend the Northern Great Wall,Instead, with the army,Come to Yucheng,Intention。The end will be set up in the water,Completely!”

Amounts light red face,Glaze。
He is not Gao Baoyi,More not fish,As soon as this is now open,Is it quite uncomfortable for a time?。Ambush Gao Rui is true,The whole army is also true,Just there is a question of torture soul。
If you don’t know Gao Rui,How can I arrange a big army waiting in the water??Instead, this is an accidental chance.,It is better to say that it is a long time.“Fairy jump”。
This is how it is not awkward.?
He was originally ordered.,Now equipped with a pair“Defend the city”Model,Not to see Gao Bao,Instead, I will give it to the court of the city center.。
The ridiculous ridiculous laughter on the political field,Mo。
Ambitious Gao Rui,Die“Accident and misunderstanding”,after all,The court did not give Gao Rui,It is the defending army of Yucheng,Don’t ask blue saponis,Just gave Gao Rui fatal one。
This is a bit like defense。
But think about it carefully,There is no big problem。
Yucheng is the capital of Qi,Not only the place where the central champies,Instead, Qi State’s political and economic center。Gao Rui,Going in the middle of the night,And it is giving up the original zone,If you don’t say hello?,what is this?
Say good to listen to it, I don’t know it.,Speak straight,This is the battle,And it has not yet started,Ended military。
So Gao Biyi needs“Be late”,Demertion“explain”,And the mad minishers of the city center,It is estimated that it is also equipped with a fool.。
The rules of the game are played.。
You can say this is very hypocritical,It can also be said that this is very helpless.,only,Everyone has already traveled to see a similar thing.。unless,It is Gao Boyi who wants to tear the face with the high royal family.,otherwise,No one will do this happened to change。
As for high,His death,only“Accident”,His associate,There are people who participate in this matter in the high royal family.,All die“Accident”。
Don’t ask why,Asking is killing the chaos under Gao Rui。
“Gao Rui’s corpse?”
Gao Bo Yi thinks this,Gao Rui,High home room,Treatment is always different。At least after death,Have a full corpse,Burial,This is can’t run away.。
I didn’t expect this to hear this,Billow light is inseparable for a long time,Eyelids flash。
“Gao Rui running?”
Gao Baoyi asked some disappointment。
Noticeable,邺城 这,Not close to the mountain,滏 水 陉 also was blocked by the Light of the Lower,How did he run?,Is it a jumping?
The level of dendrobline is so bad?
“Uh,That is not……At the end, I will not be clear.,Please go to the end of the same way together.。”
The Light of the Light, the army, squatting in the suburbs of the North City,So Gao Biyi came to a military account in the army with dendrobium.,I saw a shocking scene。
Gao Rui’s body,Divided into several copies,Like being pulled,Behind the needle,It looks like a buffed doll。
His eyes are very big,No matter how,After latency, you have been a full,Let the people around feel the hair。
“Why is it possible??How can I don’t give up the decent??”
Gao Baoyi is dissatisfied with the lawdens。
“that,At the end of the soldiers,Praise,then,Golden。”
The Light of the Light is not allowed to find a hole in the cave.。《History》Inside,Xiang Yu is self-sufficient,The body is taken away by people.,Those people finally have to be sealed。
Probably he got someone,The story of history is not understanding,I thought that Gao Rui also had such a component.,So……Such a tragedy。
It’s really unable to spit。
“So be it,Convergence,You see this neck is really bad.……”
Gao Bo Yi put his hand,Leave this heart-owned big account。
Afterward,He took a deep breath.,Suddenly bull out of your mind, you have some fear of yourself.。
If he has failed after someone,Will not be more miserable than Today’s Gao Rui?
have to say,Can’t exclude this possibility。
I think of here,Gao Bao has a rabbit dead fox,The hard feeling of the material。He asked at the light of the Light.:“What is the situation in Yucheng is now??Why don’t you enter the city??”

“Liu Shu, you can rest assured,As long as I make a fortune,Will definitely think about Liu Shu’s,But the young man of Little Ya,Do you give”Li Hui’s words have not finished,Liu Dafu quickly attached to the topic,Laugh:“no problem,Absolutely no problem,Waiting for one, you gave me a good,I immediately put the best 口 口 地 小 地 马,And Liu Sihai’s money, I will give him a face directly.,Classify the boundary with him。”

Although I haven’t arrived at the station yet,But Liu Dafu is still very smart, I chose the advance team.,For Li Huifeng, he is not very good.,After all, Li’s heart is young.,No more people,experience,Some is a bloody blood。
And Liu Sihai life experience,Humanity,money,The company wants to have 啥,The only thing that made him can’t stand it is Liu Sihai talking to him.,Also see him look like a dog,He wants to be a person,Don’t want a dog under the hand of others。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Liu Dafu actually stood here so soon.,However, he doesn’t believe in each other in his heart.,Liu Dafu has a lot of walls like this,If the other party is the accounting of the village,He may really have to take the other party。
“Hey-hey,Then trouble Liu Shu.。”
“No trouble,No trouble。”
All the way,Liu Sihai said with Li Hui Rong,The appearance gives people feel like it is better than the relatives.。
Especially Liu Dafu’s smile,What makes people who see people feel very not shameful。
For this matter,Liu Sihai also received a message very quickly.。
Liu Sihai has come back a few days,Many people have been fully deployed,For example, Wu Lai is a bomber,For example, Zhao Dashan will give Li Hui’s party members before the village committee.。
These people are the object he watched。
In his eyes,Li Hui is just a child.,He will play the other party just played a trick.。
As for Li Hui’s things with Qin Su, he also hesoned it.,But these is a joke for him.。
Although it is a joke,He also asked Wu to related Qin Ya.,When I learned that Li Hui Feng and Qin Ya were not really getting together.,His mood is still a small excitement。
As for why excitement,He is also unclear,There are many times, he feels some metamorphosis。
Even some crime,But when he came back to Qin Ya Ya,I found that all sin is worth it under the beautiful face.。
Didn’t have a wife and children,He is more urgent to find a person who is intimately not betraying him.。
I want to go,He feels that this person is not Qin Yaoo。
Think of your son that look,The other party is not depressed,According to his understanding,Although my son died,But Qin Suya did not register marriage to logout。
That is to say, Qin Suya is still a state of marriage with your son.。
Think here,He can’t help but laugh。
“Wu Si,Next, your task is to monitor my wife.,As long as it is done,Money is definitely less than you。”
Say,Liu Sihai directly took out a thousand dollars to Wu Lu。
Wu came to see Liu Sihai to give money so generous,The whole person is exciting。
“Hey-hey,Liu Boss, you can rest assured,Just have a flies, I can give you a monitors.,And I have to give you a message,That Li is the wind is getting fruit.,If you have a relationship, you can completely unite a few bosses don’t want his fruit.,At that time, his fruit can not sell it.,Hey-hey”
The 36th chapter is also married to you.
Wu Lu’s words let Liu Sihai can’t help but move。
“Is his fruit sold??”
“Forehead,This year, it seems to be sold.,But Liu Boss can be aimed at his future action.,Li Hui Feng This child wants so many mountain farms with sand land,Can’t always be idle,It is definitely something to grow.,As long as the boss will use the people a little,Shot,That will definitely let the boy crying and calling to ask for you.,How do you want to knead him?,Not a matter of your words?”
Liu Sihai listened to this sentence directly smiled。
“I didn’t expect you to have such a heart.,I didn’t see it before.,Row,I remember this.,You give me more about this kind of news about this,At that time, the benefits are absolutely less than you.。”
Say this,Liu Sihai directly let Wu come to stare at Qin Ya.。
And Li Hui’s style with Qin Ya is not knowing these things.。
At this time, Li Hui’s residence with Liu Dafu came to the orchard.,Seeing Qin Su Ya is still,Li Hui also is also a。
“Little Ya,You have been here.?”
“Yup,I am not here.,Big white with rhubarb, no one is looking。”
Qin Su Ya saw that Li Hui Feng took Liu Dafu.,Some shy low heads began to get busy。
Liu Dafu looked at the dress of Qin Ya, Today,Especially the charming curve that is outlined,His saliva feels to flow out.。
Just when Li Hui’s face, he dares to show whit.。
“Little Ya,Let’s take a break.,Waiting for me to go to the small selling department in the village to buy something, let’s eat it.。”

“Why isn’t it what you have to find??

Do you still be very urgent??”
“Um,Because I called that name,She trembled her body!”
Say this,Li Huihe himself stunned,Why is the other party tremble??
Just say that the other party is not Qin Ya,So the other party should also know Qin Su Ya。
This moment,He suddenly rose again。
The same is also straightforward。
“Hey-hey,Correct,you’re right,Indeed, I am too worried.,Let’s leave for a while。”
Yun Show doesn’t know what kind of medicine sold in gourd.,But since Li Hui is going to stop,He nature will not say more。
“Row,Then I will accompany you.,Just I want to see。”
soon,The last pressure axis has risen to 50 billion。
But in the end, it was taken by a middle-aged man.。
This amount of this amount is a lot of wind.。
But if these people really have the same ability as him,Or there are some words he don’t know.,Sixty hundreds of millions are really not much。
After all, this ability can make it easy to earn money in someone else.。
As people in the field gradually dispersed,Li Hui Feng also embarked on the stage,Then go straight to the stone door behind the Taiwan。
“Qin Suzhe Goddess,Be able to。”
I heard Li Hui’s voice,Qin Sui, who just walked into Shimen, also stopped。
Isn’t you just left??
Why don’t you go??
I really have to look at my appearance.?”
“Forehead,no,I am sure you are not what I am looking for.,But I think you should know who Qin Su Ya is,So can you please tell me where she is??”
“Gigbling this friend,Are you too self-righteous?,Don’t say that I don’t know who Qin Ya is.,Just know,You this kind of question method,I feel I will say??”
Said to go directly into the stone door,Then the stone door is ready to check。
Li Hui Feng seeing this scene is also an urgent,He feels that this opportunity is really rare,Naturally, you can’t miss it.。
State directly to the stone door,Then a flashed into it。
Insert a moment,He stunned。
Because he has already surrounded。
Qin Sue looked at Li Hui Feng,Laugh:“You are really a kind of infatuation,But unfortunately tell you,You are wrong place,Self-funded martial arts,Otherwise, we want to shoot,You are afraid that you can not go out.。”
“Hey-hey,I just want to know that you don’t know Qin Ya.,At the same time, I also want to see your true face.。”

Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly stood up,And Chen Xiaolan arrived at the gate one after another,I saw village chief Chen Haiping sweating profusely, standing in front of his big run, breathing heavily。

“What’s wrong with you?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Chen Haiping took a deep breath and said:“Something big,Liu Gui of Liuling Village led a group of villagers to block up the road construction machinery,I almost beat Mayor Ouyang,Your staff seems to have a physical conflict with people from Liuling Village,You go take a look!”
“Are you still looking for a good one?”Chen Xiaolan raised her brow,To Chen Haiping。
Chen Haiping smiled and said:“If I didn’t see this car,How can I know that Xia is always in your house?”
“All right!Stop talking gossip,Let me see the situation”Xia Jian said,Opened the door,Jumped into the car quickly。
He just turned the car around,I saw Chen Xiaolan chasing him and said:“I will go with you”Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,She pulled the car door by herself and got in。Chen Haiping hesitated,Open the back door and sit up。
Xia Jian did not speak,Kick the throttle,Da Ben raised a thin layer of dust on the newly built cement road。No one in the car spoke,This is the afternoon,It’s also a rest time for farmers who are tired from work。
Because no traffic is allowed on the newly built road,So this road became the special way Xia Jian said。Few minutes,The car has arrived in Zhangbao Village。Xia Jian stopped Da Ben in a hidden place,Only then quickly rushed to the location of the accident with Chen Xiaolan and Chen Haiping.。
In front of two excavators,Surrounded a lot of villagers,And the road workers here and the people from Zhangjiapuzi Village stand in a row,Everyone is holding various tools。On the other side may be Liu Jun villagers,Not many of them come,But everybody,Obviously picked out and ran up to make trouble。
The two groups confronted each other like this,A touch。
President Xia just walked over,Tan Hailong, the mayor of Donggou Village, rushed over in two steps,He said in a huff:“Too shameless,The road has not been repaired to their Liuling Village,They ran up to make trouble,I really thought this mountain belonged to their Liuling Village”
“Chief Qin,Where are they?”Xia Jian asked lightly。
Chief Tan glanced at Chen Haiping behind Xia Jian and said:“Went to the village committee,These bastards won’t let us in yet”
“Oh!What exactly is going on?Make it clear”Xia Jian asked。
Qin Hailong pulled Xia Jian aside and said:“This Liu Gui brought more than ten thugs,Mayor Ouyang,And your manager Guo and Assistant Xi got the village committee of Zhangbao Village,Said to negotiate。No one else is allowed in,What are you saying?”
“Nothing!You take me over”Xia Jian said coldly。
Tan Hailong took Xia Jian to a small yard,Said it was the village committee,In fact, they are two adobe tiles houses,But this is better than the home office in Shuijing Village。
Four young men stood around the gate,They carry,Like a bodyguard in a movie,Looks very airy。Surrounded by some old people and children,They are pointing here and talking about what。