I am busy every day from morning to late.,When I got home, when did I have not paid a public food??”

Looking at the anger of Dai Changsheng,Especially those who finally Dai Changsheng said,It’s even more indignant.。
Two men around her are also can’t help but wanted。
There is also a red face。
“You both want to laugh?”
I heard this,The two are also right to pretend what they don’t know.。
“What do you say,What is going on??
This will always have fake photos.?”
“Wife,Are you really stupid or a fake?
Obviously, I was arrested.,Some people can’t read us for a good day.,I am very normally good to fall.。”
Looking at Dai Changsheng’s face of grief,Zhong Zhao Feng still does not believe。
After all, the woman is suspicious.,That must definitely, the more doubtful。
Dai Changsheng decided to solve things once again,Otherwise, this is a white.。
“Humph,These are the words of your side,What do you want, how to say,How can I believe you??
Waiting for me to check that you will know how to record.。”
Zhao Zhao Feng’s exit,Dai Changsheng is constantly sinking with the heart of Anxin Moon.。
Dai Changsheng knows that the more you want to calm this time.。
“Go back,Go back,You casually,If you don’t believe,You ask me directly this secretary,Anyway, secretary, you also hit it.,It is also unfair to ask questions.。”
How did An Xinyue have never thought of this time Dai Changsheng will bring her to the knife.。
But when she looks to Dai Changsheng,I saw the color of her use of her.,She will immediately。
After all, the instant aware of the two people.,But the tacit understanding of the cultivation is absolutely not the case of the eye.。
She clearly remember that Dai Changsheng said some emotion.,He is gently slap,Yes, my wife will pay attention to it.,She immediately understands。
Even when he issued a low,I don’t know how to cooperate.。
For so many years,Wife has always belonged to a strong type。
Which man will like your wife’s strength??
Not all like to conquer??
Remember,An Xinyue is also a bottom gas in my heart.。
Dai Changsheng this is to let her play.。
Zhong Zhao Feng did not know the two people。
Especially when I see the confidence of Dai Changsheng,A look of a friendly look,Her heart has begun to shake。
Look at the eyes of peace of mind, no longer so fierce。
“Come,you say,Do you have any legs with him?,If you dare to say a fake?,I guarantee that you can’t do it in this plant.。”
“Of course, if you recognize it, you have an leg.,I can not only let you go.,And will also make you high。”
Dai Changsheng heard this,The whole person is stunned.。
“Wife,Are you a question??

Is this the fate of the slave??

Fang Niannian couldn’t help being a little scared。
If the Zulong City State did not hold its territory,The people in Fengdi Town,Will people I know end up in the same way?。
Locked in an iron cage,In heavy shackles,It is a terrible unknown what kind of person bought it.,Not to mention that nobody bought it and was slaughtered like a livestock。
Although the four city states of Zulong City are in peace,But there are other city-states away from Sichuan,Their fate is completely different from the people of Zulong City State。
in the end,Still have to be strong!
Isn’t the Ji Ting Dynasty strong enough for the ancestral dragon city state?,Did you recruit Zulong City State?,Otherwise, just let Rui Guo crush them。
“We are at the altar,Saw a group of leeches swallowing each other,Use these blood and evil spirits to transform the dragon……”
“And that stele furnace pond,Existed for so many years,Gathered like a penis,Hidrosaurus born from it,I’m afraid it’s already a blood leech dragon。”
The prophet Li Xing painted the real evil,It’s the slave altar in this city of stele!
Zhu Minglang explained the situation to the two elders of Mianshan Jianzong and Yaoshan Jianzong,The female sword aunt Bai Qin’an who has always been wearing a sarong,She behaved a bit disgusted。
“Such evil spirits,Leveled out!”Female sword aunt Bai Qin’an said。
“They are very cunning,All killed are slaves。in this way,We can’t find a legitimate reason to kill them directly。”Wu Feng said。
The life of a slave,Not a trace of blessing in the Ji Ting Dynasty。
life and death,All by the slave owner。
In other words,Even if they wantonly slaughter the living,Throw them into the furnace,It’s not against the laws of the dynasty。
Not to mention,The killing of unsold slaves,Everyone who does this business in Beicheng knows,The governor of this city seems to have acquiesced……
“Yep,Hands-on,I’m afraid that people from the Eyeless Sect will not show up。”
When everyone is discussing how to eradicate this group of demons,A woman in a black tight armor came,Long black hair,Pair it with the armor that outlines the perfect figure,It gives people a sense of heroism and enchanting。


Chapter Eighteen Reunion and secrets
A small town in the northern part of the Puang Empire‘Fallen Dragon Fort’in,There is a typical Northland hut。
The house is small,But very warm,Flaming brick、Cyan tiles,Eaves covered with animal skins and dried meat。
Wright grew up here,Live here。
“Haven’t been home for ten years!”Wright walks in front of the house,But stopped,Suddenly I feel like homesickness。
This life,The initial memory is a little fuzzy,Consciously,Wright lives here,Have a dad、mom,Later I got more sister!A warm and happy family。
“Crunch~~~”The door was opened,A tiger,The brawny man whose left hand is missing from his elbow is smiling。
“Haha,My son is back!”Wright didn’t react,Already in the arms of this strong man。Through father’s generous shoulders,Wright saw his mother looking at him with a full smile。
“Dad,Why do you only see brother?!”The girl’s slightly annoyed voice came from behind Wright。
Suddenly,Wright felt that his heart was attached to the world,One more touch of inexplicability。
Wright’s Heart,Adjusted quickly。
The mother at home is talking about dinner,This is Wright’s first return home in nearly ten years after leaving his hometown。
And father Andy is the same as ten years ago,Sitting on an animal skin chair,Teasing two kids,He just lost half of his left arm,I’m afraid I won’t be able to pick up the two children in a short time。

Li Ming listened,Paused and said:“Five hundred dollars, right?,How much is the corpse of this basilisk?”

“Brother Li,That’s a martial beast,I guess it’s worth over a thousand dollars at least。”Yang Xiaoshi said。
Li Ming nodded,Tao:“Come back, you help me sell the dead beast,Draw part of it for the expense of the martial arts gym。”
Yang Xiaoshi was taken aback,“This。。。”Instinctively want to refuse,But found that I can’t say it at all,He really needs this money。
“All right,This little money is easy for me to get。。But as a price,”Hear here,Yang Xiaoshi’s heart jumped suddenly,This master won’t want his own sister。。。
“Will you help me get acquainted with the next place when you return to the city later,I plan to live in this Yanyin domain for a while。”
Heard what Li Ming said,This Yang Xiaoshi, who has the potential for sister control, gave a sigh of relief,Then I happily agreed。
quickly,The three of them came to Yanyue City。
Yan Yecheng,That is, the only city in Yanyue Region。
The walls of this city are hundreds of meters high,Are all hardBPouring grade metal。
It is important to know the gravity of Shenwu Continent,Ordinary star、Constant star cannot fly,Cosmos grade is very reluctant to fly。Such a tall city wall,Ordinary masters can’t break through。But this also made Li Ming’s heart a little alert,After all, if there is no strong enough war,It’s impossible to build such a wall。
Through the gate,The two star guards at the gate seem to be familiar with the siblings Yang,The three of them paid three small dollars and entered the city。Li Ming swept the discovery with his mental power,This little money seems to be used some kindBMade of grade metal,Round。Follow the side-knock along the way, Li Ming knows,A lot of money equals1000Small money。
While Li Ming and his brother and sister Yang were strolling in the city,I swept around with my mind。
In this Shenwu continent,Due to the underdevelopment of the spiritual practice system,It’s just a very common way of using mental power to use hidden weapons,And Li Ming’s spiritual mind power secret method is extremely high,Can easily make those pure things hard to detect。
“Brother Li,This is the headquarters of Qifeng Wuguan,Legend has it that Guan Guan’s master’s strength is the strongest in the entire Yanya domain!”Yang Xiaoya introduced to Li Ming very eagerly。
And Li Ming soon learned,Two martial arts halls,The headquarters of Qifeng Martial Arts Hall is located inside Yanyue City,Although it’s a martial arts hall in name,But it’s actually a real monster。
More than just cultivating disciples,This Qifeng Wuguan has its own firm、Caravan,At the same time also serves as the management of the entire city。More than half of the city’s administrative staff were sent by Qifeng Martial Arts Hall,The rest are grown-ups from large families and chambers of commerce。
Qifeng Martial Arts Hall is the uncrowned king of Yanyi City。
Yang Xiaoshi shot the body of the basilisk,Actually sold to Qifeng Wuguan。The power of Qifeng Wuguan,Not to keep prices down,Sold a full eight thousand dollars,The price is higher than Yang Xiaoshi thought。

“Ga”A sudden brake,Jin Cheng said coldly,“get off,you arrived。”

“what?Just arrived at the intersection,Open the front door of the construction site。”Hua Yun looked out the car window。
“It’s not easy to turn around,Right here,He doesn’t have long legs。”Kim Sung Sneak。
“Not a few steps away,See you tomorrow。”Li Tianchou held back the hilarious laugh in his stomach,Open the door and get off。
Just started work the next day,Lao Yan came to Li Tianchou with a mysterious face。Arrived at the small office,Li Tianchou knew that Hua Yun had already gotten along with Yan“Borrower”Negotiated。
Lao Yan is of course not good at opposing opinions,But look at Li Tianchou more differently。This little brother always made him feel uncomfortable before,And do something extraordinary,But it really helped him a lot,Now this guy actually got into the company boss,This is so high for mud legs,The help to him in the future is immeasurable,Yan Defa is overjoyed。
After constantly hushing cold and asking warmth,Lao Yan is full of affection:“Brother Xiao Li,You have to work hard if you go,But don’t forget us old brothers everywhere。”Li Tianchou responded vaguely,At the same time, I have to admire Huayun’s efficiency。
“Forgot one thing,Yan Tou,Is that woman okay yesterday?”After a chat with no nutrition,Li Tianchou suddenly thought of the white and fat Cui Cui,This girl may be stimulated,Refuse to communicate with others,Mental state is worrying。Came back too late last night,I didn’t even care to ask。
“Ugh,Don’t mention it,Ran away last night,Winter melon daughter-in-law sleeps like a dead pig,Didn’t watch。After tossing for a long time, no one was found。”Lao Yan sighed,A little uneasy。
Li Tianchou was shocked,Suddenly realized that things are getting bigger,Although this Cui Cui is a woman from the wind,,But it’s important to understand Li Desheng,And there are still a lot of hidden secrets that have not been solved,Maybe it is also the subject of the police investigation。
The police officer on duty yesterday actually mentioned,Considering that Cui Cui’s mental state is unstable,And there is no indication that Cui Cui has any connection with the poisoning case,So it’s not convenient to take restrictive measures,And he didn’t immediately start an inquiry into her,But the construction site is required to ensure the safety of Cui Chui,In order to be on call during the investigation。
No one can run away,Isn’t it bad?And judging from Cui Cui’s emotions yesterday,She seems to be afraid of some people,Now running alone,Most likely to be in danger。
Li Tianchou has no time to listen to Yan Defa’s explanation,Get up,Ran out of the office。In the old lady of winter melon,He didn’t get any useful information,Can only go again“Fangfang Health”Up,Besides,He couldn’t think of any other clues。
The alley is still colorful,just“Fangfang Health”Closed the shutter,It is conspicuous from a distance,I’m afraid it was due to the fight last night,The boss closed the door and hid。Li Tianchou squatted at the door thinking for a long time,No idea,Only ask Hua Yun to discuss whether to inform the police in time。
An office of the Criminal Police Team of the Public Security Bureau,Captain Zhou Nan just got up from the sofa with a yawn,I almost stayed up all night last night,Really exhausted,Lie down on the sofa for a while,I feel refreshed。

But here,In fact, Ye Xuan knew。

Now words,This is not the time to continue to struggle with these things。
When Ye Xuan slowly looked in front of him,For all of this,Actually Ye Xuan’s heart,It came very clearly。
“but,Look at the current rhythm。”
“It looks like,They should be calculating what to do with me?”
Ye Xuan feels,Should be like this。
“otherwise,Redeem a lip-reading skill?”
Ye Xuan took a look,Still stunned。
original,Words to exchange lip language,It actually costs 30 points。
“This one,Much higher than taekwondo。”
Of course,Now words,Taekwondo only needs three points。
And now,This is thirty times that of Taekwondo。
But is it worth it??
Anyway, keep it,Certainly useful。
So here,Ye Xuan felt more and more,Actually now,You can give it a try。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,Start redemption。”
Ye Xuan chooses to redeem,And the remaining HP of Ye Xuan,Only over a hundred。
“It seems,I don’t have three to five thousand points on hand,I’m so embarrassed to go out。”
Ye Xuan thought for a while,Still can’t help but complain。
but,If you really need 30,000 to 50,000 points,Ye Xuan doesn’t know yet,How much will it cost。

Medical history:Lower abdominal pain5-6sky,Oral ancient pain,Discover the upper abdominal pain,No disgusting and vomiting,Gynecological surgery has been visited。

Inside:God,Cardiopulmonary diagnosis,Upper abdomen and lower right abdominal tenderness,
diagnosis:Abdominal pain,Pelvic fluid,
Suggest:Gynecology does not consider specialty diseases,Infusion。1
NS236chapter Two egg fried rice
Zhou Ye is still thinking about Xie Xiaohui,At this time, Sun Jun gave some opinions.。
Look at him,Sun Jun seems to have thought about what to do next.。
Is it actually a further improvement?,Then go to clearly diagnosis!
It is impossible to say that the patient pulls in,I diagnosed it in minutes.,This kind of doctor is now very small now.。
And the most important question is,Now this society is already unlikely.,Is a more existence of evidence,Not that year, a group of fools,The doctor will fool you a few words.,You all believe in the age.……
The current state of society is,Doctors and patient relationships are highly tense!At any time, a violent patient may take a knife like a watermelon.,Remove the doctor’s head!
Therefore, I have heard the most, I have heard the most, I have heard the most.,Don’t diagnose in advance,Be sure to wait for the auxiliary examination.,Clearly telling the patient how to diagnose。
No doctors, dare to rely on their own experience,Diagnose patients directly according to clinical symptoms,They are all routine symptomatic treatment and then waiting for follow-up。
After all, doctors are also an industry to eat.,No one is willing to throw your own rice bowl inside,So, it will lead to see a doctor now.,A bunch of checkup,Slowly treatment。
This may be the side of the other aspect of the height of medical and patient.!
“Xiao Wu,Since it is difficult to diagnose,What do you think next?,In addition to conventional symptomatic support。”The question of Sun Jun also made Zhou Ye have some difficult to answer.。
He looked at Sun Jun in a little horror,The cold is flashing,I want to diagnose my diagnosed no trail.。
You also let me go to the next step,I am more faint.……
“Take it easy,This patient’s abdominal pain is not very obvious,And there is something I want to tell you in advance.,This Xie Xiaohui is to be received another hospital to do hospitalized.,It is an emergency closure.,We have slightly treated this,Tomorrow or go to the second disease area.……”Sun Jun is not slow,The mouth under the protective mask smiles。
For a long time,This patient is not subject to six disease areas.!
But the second disease!
Zhou Ye 神 神 怔 怔,But you can also understand why you do this.,Because all major wards are newGPatient isolation。
However, the director and biased characteristics in several wards are still different.。
The isolation ward like the diamond zone is slightly biased towards the new surgical and obstetrics.GPatient’s treatment!
Xie Xiaohui big probability like his eyes is not the disease of obstetrics,Surgical disease,Therefore, diagnosis should be more professional in the diagnosis of diagnosis in the second disease area.。
“Military brother,The just gynecological doctor Chen Yuanyuan is not a consultation, is it not like a maternity??”Zhou Niwu is a little curious.。
Because I look at Sun Jun, the meaning of this.,It seems to be a problem that is biased towards obstetrics。
Sun Jun also speaks directly,See Ye Ye,Nothing to laugh:“Medicine is also an experience discipline,Just a little girl working for a few years,Ordnance,I think she may miss the diagnosis.……”
Zhou Ye smiled:“Military brother,You just don’t say your own opinion,You have always nodded to send people in the room。”
This style is simply not very the same as before.!
Zhou Ye thinks that the emergency young doctor before, because there is no inspection downstairs,Then by Sun Army,The two pictures are really stark contrast。
“Little girl,How do I feel so?,And this is not auxiliary inspection.,Diagnosis and missed diagnosis is also normal,I can’t let her make aydan examination,Then diagnose the problem.。”Sun Jun is a way,More tenderness in the eyebrows。
He is actually taking care of the little doctor。
Things to say the emergency doctor,At that time, the patient’s vital signs were unstable.,Then the practice of emergency is some free,I will suddenly lose my temper。

The discussion of steel straight men is always directly,Although Li Hui has never admitted that he is a steel straight man,But a lot of things to show a lot of things.,That is the proper steel straight male。

Qin Xue is also just after school.,I have been thinking about what I have to eat at night.。
Seeing Li Hui’s information, she couldn’t help but surprise in her heart.。
After all, this student has not contacted a lot of days.。
She feels that Li is always escaping the feelings of the two.,Since the other party chose to escape,She is not a woman who rushes to。
Soil is not chasing it。
But today’s SMS,But I broke her in my heart.。
I want to ask me to eat?”
Say this sentence,She is behind the expression of a playful tongue。
This allows Li Hui, suddenly felt that the other’s cold appearance has a cute inner heart.。
“OK,Where are you?
I will look for you!”
Qin Xue saw this news,First stunned first,Then, the little heart, the heart, jumps up.。
“You are in Huashan City?”
“Um,Teacher in the vita high school!Just take office today。”
This news directly let Qin Xue surprised。
She has always thought that Li Hui Feng will develop in the mountain village.,After all, Li Fang has always been the kind of person who said.,He said that he should build his hometown.,Then I will definitely build a beautiful building.。
“Your hometown is not built?”
“Under construction,Just, I don’t need me to help.,And just I also accepted the invitation.,Come here to Dangdang teacher,Experience the feeling of life in your weekdays。”
This is in this,Qin Xue listened to what。
I am very happy in my heart.。
She knows that Li Hui’s meaning is to completely talk to her.,So, let’s experience the life of her weekdays.,Otherwise there may be a lot of contradictions together。
She didn’t expect to seem to have such a delicate mind.。
And Li Hui Reni is not thinking that Qin Xue can make up so much.,He just said,More even some things don’t look for me.。
“I am waiting for you at the university.,Come and pick me up.,Meet。”
See the information of Li Hui’s last back,Qin Xue has been smiling.。
When I decided to eat with Li with the wind,By the way, press the road together。
Li Huiye saw this news,It’s also laughing.。
“it is good,Arrive on time after ten minutes。”
The first thousand three hundred and ninety-six chapter small depressed
Qin Xue saw this news,It is also directly sorted out clothes.,I went out to wait for it.。
Again see,Even if you have time,Qin Xue gives Li Hui’s feelings still amazing。
The cold gas field as always,Just when I saw the silk smile,But like thousands of trees and pears,The whole cold world is warm.。
Qin Xue once again saw that Li Hui Rong, but knowing that Li Hui Feng, which is, it is no longer her Muskine.。
But a young man who dares to hate dare to fight。


First1284chapter Have a play
Not to mention such a night,An old woman bowed suddenly appeared。This Wang Youcai can be considered a bold person,If this is for someone else,Screamed long ago。
”What am i doing?What are you doing?Why did you go to the yard without sleeping in the middle of the night?,Do you want to beat my wife?? I can tell you,Don’t even think“Li Lanhua said coldly。Although it is night,But Wang Youcai could feel the fierce light in the eyes of this old woman。
Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Can’t help but scold:”You are a lunatic,I want to beat your wife and wait for you to arrest me?I would have been under her bed when you found out,I can still stand here waiting for you to catch“Wang Youcai got angry,Just say what you want。
”Are you alright!I’ll get up as soon as you open the door。I can tell you,We are poor,But never do shameless business,If you have this idea,You take your money,Leave tomorrow“Li Lanhua said with a throat。
There are more than 20 households in Chenzhuang,Everyone built the house in their own land,So the people are scattered。This Yao Chunni’s yard is at the top of the village,Behind the house is the big forest。Her home is hundreds of meters away from another family,That’s why Li Lanhua dared to speak loudly。
When Wang Youcai heard this dead old woman talking like this,He’s afraid he really doesn’t want him,So he smiled and said:”You old man is really my heart。My wife works in the city,Young and beautiful,How can I like your rustic daughter-in-law??You don’t think about it“
”Really!“Wang Youcai’s lie,Made old man Li Lanhua believe。
At this moment,Just listen to the creak of the east door,A dark shadow came out。It seems that the quarrel between Li Lanhua and Wang Youcai awakened Yao Chunni。
”mother!what are you doing?It’s shameful, right?!“Yao Chunni said,Jumped down the steps and walked towards them。Although in the dark,But Wang Youcai uses the faint light,I can still vaguely see the two lumps on Yao Chunni’s chest wearing clothes。
Thin pajamas can’t cover her plump breasts,As she walks around,These two soft balls swayed up and down。Looking at the seductive Yao Chunni,Wang Youcai suppressed the anger in his heart。
”Damn!Just arrived at your home,There are fleas on this soil kang,Bite people can’t sleep,So come out for a walk,I didn’t expect to wake up Auntie too“Wang Youcai said with a smile,And didn’t mention Li Lanhua troubled him。This is equivalent to giving Li Lanhua a step down。
Yao Chunni walked to Wang Youcai’s side in two steps,Said angrily:”You’d better not walk around at night,Otherwise some people will be suspicious again“
Some people in Yao Chunni’s mouth naturally refer to her mother-in-law。Li Lanhua is not stupid,She immediately sneered:”In the past two days I found a bitch called Chun,I’m afraid of bringing male dogs to the house“
”what!Your family also has a dog!Why didn’t you hear it?“Wang Youcai asked deliberately。
Yao Chunni listened,There is no place for the anger in my heart,She unexpectedly pinched Wang Youcai,Then a sharp turn,Angrily returned to the room。
that’s it,Wang Youcai returned to Xifang again passively,He lied on the kang secretly,Fell asleep。