The season of eating chestnuts is here, these three categories have eaten good for the body!

It’s time to eat the season of chestnuts, the rigs that have just been baked in the street are sweet. Chestnuts can be said to be "autumn limit", is the fruit of autumn, and it is also a food gave us in nature. What is the characteristic of chestnut in nutrient ingredients? Chestnut belongs to nuts, but the ingredient is close to the food. It is not as rich as other nuts, and the fat content of cooked chestnuts is about%, while its carbohydrate content is more, accounting for 46%, which is higher than steamed rice (% of carbohydrate).

From the heat, 100 grams of cooked chestnut (10 or so) is 214kcal, about 2 times the roast rice, so if the chestnut eats, it must reduce the intake of staple food.

However, the heat of chestnuts is much less than other nuts, such as 100 grams of dry walnut heat is 646kcal, 100 grams of fried almond calorie is 618kcal, which is much higher than the chestnut. Therefore, under the premise of controlling the total heat of the day, the right amount of dot chestnuts, such as 4-6 per day, is ok. Chestnut contains protein, dietary fiber, carotene, and a variety of nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium.

The following three types of people are appropriate to eat some chestnuts to the body: people who often "bad mouth" contain a lot of vitamins that are good for oral mucosa, such as vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is also named riboflavin, if the body is lacking, oral, skin, reproductive and other inflammatory responses.

  For example, the "bad mouth corner" of the people often say, it is related to infection, and is also related to the lack of vitamin B2.

Serious lack of vitamin B2 may also cause symptoms such as conjunctivitis, eyeliditis, corneal angiogenesis, and light.

  100 grams of fresh chestnut containing gram vitamin B2, is 3 times the same weight noodles, 5 times the rice, 4 times the potatoes. So friends who have oral ulcers or frequently "rotten mouth" often eat chestnuts.

  The human data of immunity shows that Beijing’s cooked chestnuts are 36 mg per 100 grams of vitamin C (starch has a protective effect on vitamin C, and different varieties have different data), not only higher than the general nuts, food, even Many vegetable fruits are high. Vitamin C is immunized to "defense ministers", if long-term lack will cause a reduction in immune system. In addition, lack of vitamin C, which is also prone to gum bleeding, subcutaneous rubber, oral ulcer, and difficult healing.

  The potassium content of human cooked ruthenia is very high, reaching 468 mg / 100 grams, which is high than the general food, and potatoes. It is well-known banana, which is also 256 mg / 100 grams. The main role of potassium in the human body is to maintain acid-base balance, participate in energy metabolism, and maintain normal function of neuromuscular.

When there is potassium in vivo, it will cause uncomfortable, tired, heartbeat, dizzy, and add sufficient potassium to prevent stroke, assist muscle normal shrinkage and assistance to lower blood pressure.

  It should be noted that the crowd of renal function is abnormal, as well as patients who are taking some patients that may affect the discharge of potassium ions, and the diet must comply with the doctor’s advice to avoid high potaemia, and seriously endanger life. The chestnut is in a measuring method, the most common is sugar fried chestnuts, and the taste is sweet. However, for sugar fried chestnuts, don’t eat more, you can eat three or four, and don’t exceed 10 days. The people who have weak digestive functions such as old people, children should pay more attention to it. In addition to sugar fried chestnuts, steamed, stewed, and boiled methods are more worth advocating, such as steam, chestnut stew, chestnut stew.

Chestnuts can delay the absorption of fat in the meat, but also complement the meat, give the body to supplement the protein, which can be eaten when you eat, you can eat, you have two, the taste is also very good.

  Text / Professor of Clinical Nutrition Academic Nutrition in Beijing Union Hospital.

The list of the new party committees of the new party committee in Qixian County, Sichuan Province, released the latest personnel in Nanchong, Yibin, Guang’an and other places

People’s Network Chengdu September 29 (Yuan Yizhen) Recently, Sichuan has released personnel dynamics, as follows: Zhangzhou Luzhou Qixian County, the list of the new party committee leadership team released as of September 28, Zhangzhou Qixian County Party Committee It has been fully completed, and the leadership team of the new district and county party committees will be selected.

On September 25, Jiangyang District, the first plenary meeting of the 10th Committee of Jiangyang District, China, China, was held, and the conference election has produced members of the Tenth Committee of Jiangyang District, Jiangyang District, China. The list is as follows: Jiangyang District Party Committee: Yang Changwei, Jiangyang District Committee Deputy Secretary: Tang Dongliang, Liu Zejun Jiangyang District Committee Standing Committee, Jiangyang District Committee: Yang Changwei, Tang Dongliang, Liu Zejun, Tang Yan, Liu, Luo Tang, Wang Gang, Zhang Zhi, Ye Jidong, Road Dunqin, Yang Yulong Mattan District September 28, the sixth committee of Longmatan District, the Communist Party of China held the first plenary meeting, and the meeting has produced a member of the Sixth Committee of the Longmatan District, Luzhou City, China. And secretary, deputy secretary.

The list is as follows: Dragon Mantan District Party Secretary: Deputy Secretary of Longmatan District Committee: Xu Bing, He Gang Long Mattan District Committee Standing Committee Committee: Qi Lizheng, Xu Bing, He Gang, Li Ping, Chen News, Yuan Rui, Chen Jia, Zhang Daoping, Meng Chen Shuai, Liu Bo, Li Zhengliang District September 26th, the 14th Committee of the Naxi District, the Communist Party of China held the first plenary meeting, and the selection of Conference has produced Naxi District, Cangzhou City, China. Members and Secrets, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the 14th Committee.

The list is as follows: Naxi District Committee Secretary: Tan Rongbing Niki District Committee Deputy Secretary: Yuan Weirong, Zou Bing Niki District Committee Standing Committee Member: Tan Rong Shu, Yuan Weirong, Zou Bing, Li Shengchun, Zhang Yi, Li Wei, Zhu Yimei, Ai Zongran , Tang Haoran, Xiao Ke, Wang Yunxian, on September 26, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the meeting has produced members and secretary of the Standing Committee of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China. vice secretary. The list is as follows: Secretary of the county party committee of Jixian County, deputy secretary of the county party committee: Cao Yang, Lu Xianji County, the Standing Committee of the county party committee: Xiao Gang, Cao Yang, Lu Xian, Zhang Lei, Huang Anhua, Xiao Chun, Shi Lei, Ye Shi Liang, Feng Huaoyu, Zhu Daqing Liu Lijun Hejiang County September 26, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of China Communist Party Hejiang County, and the meeting has produced members of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China Hejiang County Standing Committee members and deputy secretary.

The list is as follows: Hejiang County Party Committee Secretary: Li Renjun Hejiang County Party Committee Deputy Secretary: Wang Bo, Li Qinghejiang County Party Committee Commission: Li Renjun, Wang Bo, Li Qing, Chen Quan, Zheng Chaojiang, Xia Zeong, Liu Bin, Ren Jianyu, Zhang Lei, Wang Hui, He Yongxian County On September 28th, the first plenary meeting of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China, the first meeting of the Conference, has produced members of the 14th Committee of the Communist Party of China. The list is as follows: Syro County Party Secretary: Liao Jun, Yong County Committee, Deputy Secretary: Wang Yongqiang, Jiang Yongqiang, member of the Star Council of Yong County Committee: Liao Jun, Wang Yimi, Jiang Yongqiang, Fang Shengming, Feng Jian, Zhang Jing, Shen Gang, Zhu Hai Bin, Anjian Jian, On September 28, Zhang Lili, Zhang Lith, held the first plenary meeting of the 13th Committee of the Communist Party of China. The list is as follows: Guzhang County Party Committee Secretary: Ren Xiaoyu Guzhen County Committee Deputy Secretary: Zhao Yuanhua, Chen Shiwei Gumei County Committee Standing Committee Member: Ren Xiaobo, Zhao Yuanhua, Chen Shiwei, Lu Gang, Lu Zhuo, Wang Ming, Ge Pengcheng, Lang Jie, Liang Chao, Nanchong Nanchong Municipal Committee agreed: September 27th, the Jialing District People’s Procuratorate held the National Police General Assembly to announce the main leadership adjustment of the People’s Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchong City. The Municipal Party Committee agreed: Nominant Zou Gang Comrade Linked to the procurator of the People’s Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchong City, eliminating the procuratorial president of the People’s Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchain City, Nanchong City. The Nanchong Municipal Party Committee agreed: September 27th, Xiqi County People’s Procuratorate held a new leadership meeting, announced on the main leadership adjustment of the People’s Procuratorate in Nanchong City.

The Municipal Party Committee agreed: Nominant Chen Yixiao is a procurator-General of the People’s Procuratorate of Xiqiao County, Nanchong City, eliminating Tang Hengbo, Nanchain, the procurator-head of the People’s Procuratorate of Xi’an County. The Nanchong Municipal Party Committee agreed: On the morning of September 27, Peng’an County held a meeting of the leading cadres and announced that the main leadership adjustment decision on the People’s Procuratorate of Nanchong City. The Municipal Party Committee agreed: Nominant Wang Waijun is the procurator-General of the People’s Procuratorate of the Peng’an County, Nanchong City, and handled in accordance with relevant laws.

At the 183th meeting of the 13th National County Committee of Peng’an County, September 27th, the county party committee agreed: Comrade Wang Wenyi was a party secretary of the People’s Procuratorate of Peng’an County, Nanchong City, China.

Guang’an Wen Par is elemits Guang’an Guang’an District Party Committee Secretary, Liu Yongming, Zhang Jianchao Zhou Zhi District Deputy Secretary, September 28, the first plenary meeting of the 6th Committee of Guang’an District, China, China Team.

Wen Pavilion was elected as secretary of Guang’an District Committee, Liu Yongming, and Zhang Jianchao were elected as deputy secretary of the district committee. Xu Zhong, Li Changbing, Shi Yuanbin, Tian Guochun, Yang Wei, Zhu Bin, Hu Peng, Guo Zhen was elected as the Standing Committee of the District Committee. Mi Liang was elected as Secretary of Yuechi County Party Committee, Chen Songbai, and Liu Dongxi’s deputy secretary of the county party committee on September 28. The first plenary meeting of the 13th Committee of Yuechi County, China, China, was held.

Mi Liang was elected as the county party secretary, Chen Songbai, and Liu Dongzhen were elected as deputy secretary of the county party committee, Yuan Xingjun, Liu Guohui, Zheng Wei, Sun Qi Feng, Liu Yonghong, Wang Haibo, Long Tao, Tan Jinhua was elected as the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee.

Mianyang Du Zhengmao was elected as the Chairman of the Seventh Committee of Wucheng District, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, September 28, the seventh committee of the Yucheng District, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, at the Election Conference held in the closing conference, and produced a new leader in the CPPCC. The team, Du Zhengmao was elected as Chairman of the Seventh Committee of the Yucheng District, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, Mianyang City, Mianyang City; Qin Pure, Xiao Xingliang, Yu Xiaoyan, Liu Zhengxi is elected as Vice-Chair; Jiang Chunquan is elected as the Secretary General; the meeting elected Liang Jun, Wei Ziqin and other 43 comrades as the Political Science and Technology Mianyang City Standing Member of the Seventh Committee of the Yucheng District. Jingyou was elected as Chairman of the 11th Committee of the CPPCC, on September 28th, the first meeting of the 11th Committee of Mianyang City, China’s Political Consultative Conference, held a third plenary meeting.

The selection of conference produced the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-General and Standing Committee of the Eliographic Committee of Mianyang City, Mianyang People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Jingyou is elected as the chairman of the 11th Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Liu Ji’an, Yang Shiru, Zhou Houchun, Gan Xiaomei as a vice chairman of the 11th Committee of Mianyang City, Mianyang City; Luo Xiangjun was elected as China The People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Secretary-General of the 11th Committee of Mianyang City.

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Tibet Border Police: Guarding G219! Youth to the mobile cranks

  The picture shows that the Crancin border checkpoint offers high antimicrices for high-counter tourists.

 Zhong Xinhot "has a duty gap, with the girlfriend video, she opened the air conditioner at home, and I was wearing a coat here, driving the roasting stove." "Just a day before the National Day, I have sunned outside The sun suddenly became a hail, and every one had a screw cap. This is the first time I saw such a big hail … "" I remember it in mid-September, I took special at night. The big snow, the next morning, I went out of the box, let me start shocked, outside silver, white snow, white, I am from Sichuan, the time of the time is afraid that there is more than 30 degrees … "" "Although the environment is hard, but it is still unable to relax, especially in the past, we have to pull the standard, continue our team’s glorious tradition, showing the good image of our immigrant management police.

"The newly-serving checkpoint instructor Zhang Sheng Yan has made a request for everyone. Every night’s star is particularly bright, no one in the night, several small friends in the box are often wrapped in coats," you see, stars and day More than being as small, but he still shines hard this late night, no matter which corner, no matter how thick clouds, because of them, this big place is guarded, the people they want to be guarded. "Deputy Chang Zhongxin turned his head to three brothers.

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Tongrenjiangkou: Improve the quality of the state-owned enterprises with "five feeding five"

Optimize the mechanism of the system. Improve the "three major" decision-making systems, comprehensively promote the party companies, party members, party members, and refine the content and procedures of the Decision of the Party Organization, clearly and the borders of the board of directors, manager layers, Strict implementation of the Party Organization research discussions in major decisions, forming the company’s governance mechanisms, forming each other, responsible, coordinated operation, effective balance of corporate governance mechanism.

Improve supervision closed loop.

Keep a key focus on the major projects, key departments, key departments, key posts, key decision-making sections, key decision-making systems, and the problem of major losses in state-owned assets, and enterprises, business trains, etc. The "carpet" investigation of the risk of enterprises, effectively curbing the violation of the violation of the violations of the vision of the state-owned enterprises, covering the political ecology. Strengthen the incentive constraint. Establish and improve the institutional system for the development of new kinetic energy in the country, introduce the opinions or methods of implementing new and old kinetic energy conversion assessments in state-owned enterprises, and incorporate state-owned enterprises to complete new and old kinetic energy conversion tasks into the company’s person in charge to operate performance assessment.

Promote auditing, discipline inspection and supervision, cadre management and other departments to develop specific measures to inspire national enterprise reform and innovation, encourage cadres to act as real measures, and improve the implementation of measures to improve the medium and long-term incentive mechanism. (Figure / Wen Fanjiang) (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Qingping: A good time to papers in the magnificent historical tide

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China nineteenth Sixth Plenary Session held in Beijing, passed the "CPC Central Committee on the Party’s struggle for centuries significant achievements and historical experience of the resolution."

Steady stream of history, often new era papers.

In the new exam on the road, we always hold the development of the "baton", take a good foot of the "Long March", the combination of high-spirited majestic power in magnificent historical tide, and perseverance to achieve our goals. The party loyalty as the cornerstone of faith. Party loyalty, not abstract but concrete, not conditional, but unconditional.

A hundred years, many Communists hold high the flag of the ideal, raised the sails of faith, courageously forward, overcoming difficulties winning, to achieve national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people’s happiness and make unremitting efforts.

According to records, from 1921 to 1949, died in the revolution led by the Communist Party of China martyrs, known to be investigated amounted to 370 million people.

It is these loyal to the party, loyal to the country, loyal to the people of martyrs to "I would like to fight blood Wei Hua," the faith and action, as China’s achievements today laid a solid foundation. On a new journey, we should thoroughly study the party’s history, the belief spread fire, Geng continued red gene, made the party in the party, the party for the party, the party love the party, always uphold the "loyalty of the heart", the "party loyalty" in the forefront. Always enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance" and continuing to build a strong base of faith, the spirit of the calcium supplement, rudder dependable thoughts. The "people’s happiness" as a struggle coordinates. Looking back on the party’s struggle, the Communist Party of China after a century of trials and hardships still be able to survive, is backing behind the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the Communist Party seized political power, we keep country, people are happy to keep the heart of the people.

Way for the government to shun the people-oriented, people’s livelihood thick oriented, security-oriented without interference.

The people are the main body of the practice, are the creators of history, to benefit the people is our bounden duty, the people ride out the storm is our sacred duty.

On a new journey, we Party members and cadres should consciously practice early heart the mission to strengthen the sense of purpose, conservation feelings for the people.

We must firmly adhere to the people-centered development thinking, always harbor so happy the people living in this "country big person" to the people heart to heart, with the people sitting in the same bench, the satisfaction of the people as a test of effectiveness of the work of an important criterion . To adhere to the "dry" for the first word, a warm dry, dry good results; the "real" word underpinning, things practical, realistic and effective, the piece into the hearts of the masses of things to do inside, and enhance people’s well-being and get a sense of. The "clean and honest" as the first ethics. Incorruptible government to win the trust, with the right to justice and to win hearts and minds.

From the history of the party look, honest and upright, is integrated into the same character among the Chinese communists blood, but also Chinese communists from generation to generation red gene.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that a person can self-discipline, the greatest temptation is his hardest to defeat the enemy is ourselves.

Communists should strengthen self-cultivation, self-discipline, self-fashioning, to set an example in self-discipline.

On a new journey, the majority of party members and cadres to strict self-discipline, and often repair of government of Germany often think victims of greed, Chang Huai self-discipline of the heart, to be honest and upright into daily habits.

To strictly abide by the provisions of honesty in politics, so that self-police introspection, Cautiousness adopt an extremely careful, swayed by personal considerations, not self-serving, ever loyal to temper the political character to play a clean, take the lead and create a Delicate gas is the political environment. Before and after the journey after another, the same strain struggle. Our Party members and cadres to strengthen their faith in a look back in history, to draw strength from the great achievements, we should write a more glorious era respondents in a new era exam on the road.

[Responsible Editor: Wang Junxiu].

Qilihe Mall shopping place resumed business

Original title: "Hand Disinfection Robot" in the entrance of the Yingli River shopping place.

Zhou Dongnan, with the situation of the epidemic prevention and control, people walked out of the house, shopping, shopping, eating food, November 23, the reporter visited some shopping malls, shopping venues, and found that all kinds of shopping venues were significantly increased, epidemic Prevention and control is more relentless.

The original quiet city is gradually recovering for the busy in the safe and orderly environment.

I have just passed in the morning, and the reporter saw at the door of the Xitang Shopping Center. The citizens prepared their own health code in order to enter the mall. The entrance set up a disinfection station, and some staff members have health for the citizens. Check, disinfection, etc.

Fan Guang, deputy general, deputy general business center, said that the mall on November 17 began to prepare for normal business, in addition to the strict requirements of personal employees, the store public area, toilet, etc. It is necessary to kill once at two hours, and some promotions are currently planning to make merchants to maximize sales.

In the first floor of Western Taihua, the reporter saw that the employee Qi Rui was wiped by every piece of goods. She told reporters that although the customer did not have a lot of customers, but also a good start. Current cosmetics still Allowing the trial, customers will do a good job in disinfection.

At the entrance of Lanzhou Center, a "hand disinfection robot" in contact with disinfection attracts customers, and the workbench is more intimately providing disinfection and washing liquids, disposable masks, etc., exit people come, The mall seems to be gradually resumed in the back of the past. The reporter then came to the Fifth Building Food Square in Lanzhou Center. At that time, the food plaza was significantly higher. Many customers chose to eat in the premise of overturbance prevention and control. Wang Xiaobin, general manager of Lanzhou Center, introduces the reporter, except for the cinema, gym and other people without business, the rest of the whole business, the first day of the shopping mall is 10,000, the next day is 30,000, there have been 60,000 in the past weekend Many, it is expected to return to normal at the end of the month.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the mall has no dead-angle to murder 4 days before opening, and the government epidemic prevention requirements are strictly enforced during the opening period. More than 600 merchants are equipped with body temperature testing instruments, providing consumers with a safe consumption environment. At the same time, the entire mall closed air conditioner and opened the door to ensure air circulation.

Han Xia, a medical department of the Qilihe District Market Supervision Administration, introduced the reporter that all food and beverages in the Qilihe District are gradually promoted and started, requiring all food and beverage control, setting the epidemic prevention and control workbench, and the key area should be carried out. 4 times a day disinfection.

Under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Qilihe District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau also conducts uncommon inspections in food safety. Before all the dining shop, supervise, reassure the ticket, and not in the order of unknown sources. Required ingredients, catering is cleaned, and the ventilation of the space is safe, and the catering store is not standardized to rectify.

The reporter learned that the Qilihe District actively guides the market entities such as the farmer’s market, supermarket, pharmacies, beef hooduses, and other market entities.

According to statistics, there are currently a total of 9301 operations in all kinds of operations, including 26 collects markets, 258 pharmacies, 2985 circulation industries, 1380 catering industry, 803 service industries, 2578 industries; food operations in various markets; 1271 stores. On the basis of the preliminary 9 guaranteed supermarkets, the 143 convenience chains of the unlocking, Hongqi, and Bihejia three major chain supermarkets have been opened yesterday, which is great to facilitate the residents’ life needs. In addition, 89 production have been resumed in 102 commercial and trade circulation enterprises. The Lanzhou Central Catering Store has implemented 50% of the food, and the rest of the store has begun to open yesterday. At the same time, actively assist the postal management department to do the logistics express industry to warm the temperature, express cancellation, and send and receive various measures such as "one-meter", and effectively protect the light. Lanzhou Daily Department full media reporter Zhou Dongnan (responsible: Jiao Long, Zhou Yu Ting) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Pu Yongnang, Dean of Siping Municipal People’s Court: Focusing on promoting trial system and trial capacity modernization to provide quality and efficient judicial services to the people

The party secretary and dean of Siuping City Intermediate People’s Court, Pu Yonggang case were more than a percentage point, which increased a percentage point year; the overall composing rate was increased, and it was 100% year-on-year; the correction rate was percentage. Group data and instances have made the results obtained in the Jilin Provincial Court of Jilin Province in the past year.

This ‘heavy’ report is also a higher demand for our future work.

"Park Yong Gang said, next, Siping Institute will focus on promoting trial system and trial capacity, and earnestly providing the masses with better judicial services.

In recent years, the Supiping Municipal Intermediate People’s Court has been fully strengthened by the "integrated" mechanism of innovation trial management.

In 2019, eight qualitative indicators in the case of case cases, the average trial of litigation cases, the implementation case, and the actual criticism are ranked first in the Jilin Intermediate Court.

In the list of the "Excellent Business Units" announced by the Supreme People’s Court, the Supiping Intermediate People’s Court was awarded this honor as the only intermediate court in Jilin Province.

The rule of law is the best business environment. Talking about how Sipi Zhongyuan will better optimize the rule of law business environment and serve the four-flat economic development, Park Yong Gang said that in order to create a good rule of law, Siping Middle School issued " Improving some opinions on providing judicial guarantees in the business environment of the private enterprise, and will focus on preventing financial risks, strengthening financial trials, and tries to raise fund-raising fraud, illegally absorbing public deposit cases, and carry out special activities related to financial cases, providing local financial stability Powerful judicial guarantee. And actively explore the judicial needs of enterprises, and prudently use judicial mandatory measures to ensure the healthy development of the four-civilian camp economy and private entrepreneurs, so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on business, rest assured investment, peace of mind. "In the future, we will continue to consolidate improvement, strengthen management, with ‘efforts to make the people feel fair justice in every judicial case, and focus on improving the level of judicial ability in the new era, responding to the masses with higher quality judicial services Judicial demand.

Park Yonggang said.

(Editor: Li Yang, Xie Long).