Taiwan Air Force held a F-16V fighter pick-up ceremony, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "Taiwan independence" is the ovary stone

  On November 18, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted a regular press conference.

Asked by the reporter, the Taiwan Air Force held a F-16V fighter pickup this morning, and the United States was attended by Director of Taiwan Association.What is China’s comment?Zhao Lijian said that the position of China in Taiwan and the United States and Taiwan relations is a consistently clear, China’s opposition to any official relationship between the United States and Taiwan, I hope that the US has effectively abide by a Chinese principle and the three joint communiques of China, and on the Taiwan issue.Do not make any error signals in cautious, do not send any error signals to the "Taiwan independence" split.Zhao Lijian emphasized that the criticism of Taiwan’s situation is "Taiwan independence" split forces spare no effort to spare the motherland, collude external forces, and their own place is just a folk stone, and there is no future.[Source: 湃 News] [Editor: Yang Yongqing].

The national absorption foreign capital increased by 17.8% in the country, the main army

[] On the 15th, the Ministry of Commerce issued data show that January-October, the country actually used foreign capital of billion yuan, year-on-year increase% (excluding banks, securities, insurance fields, and below). From the perspective of the industry, the actual use of foreign capital is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

The actual use of high-tech industries has increased year-on-year, among which high-tech services have increased by 10%. "10 months before this year, the service industry absorbed foreign capital accounted for nearly 80% of the national absorption foreign investment, and is a veritable main force.

"Zheng Wei, deputy researcher, China Service Outsourcing Research Center, said that the" Economic Report "reporter said that the current world economy has entered the era of service economic economy, and the value of service industry accounts for increasing GDP, which has become the main force to promote the growth of the world economy. As China’s economic development is continuously improved, the needs of services, especially high-end service industries is increasing.

International service industry is to see huge potential and development opportunities in the Chinese market, began to hurry to invest in China and seize the opportunity. It is worth noting that my country’s service industry will also usher in more favorable. Chang Changqing, Director of the Ministry of Commerce, said, the next step, China will further reduce the negative list of foreign admissions, and expand the openness of telecommunications and medical services, and revise the "Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Catalog", introduce free trade. Negative list of cross-border service trade in the test area. Zheng Wei said that in recent years, China’s opening of China has been more and more, constantly compressing the special management measures for foreign investment access negative lists, reducing the threshold for service industry foreign market access, foreign investment in the service industry to create a good opportunity. At the same time, China is open to highland in the self-trade test area, Hainan Trade Port, etc. Development dividend. In the first 10 months, my country’s absorption of foreign investment has more highlights. According to the data, the actual investment of "a belt all the way" and the ASEAN actual investment increased by the national and the ASEAN (including investment data through free port); from the perspective of regional distribution, the actual use of foreign investment in the eastern part of my country is growing year-on-year. %,% And 9%. Zong Changqing said that this year is the "14th Five-Year Plan" start.

According to the Party Central Committee, the State Council stabilizes the fundamental discussion and "Six Steady" "Six Bao" decision-making deployments, the Ministry of Commerce will promote the work of all regions, and have achieved remarkable results.

The actual use of foreign investment in the country has reached a new high, and the introduction structure is further optimized, and the quality of attracting is continuously improved. Next, my country will further improve the quality of foreign capital.

Meng Huating, deputy director of the foreign trade division of the Ministry of Commerce, said in answering the "Economic Report" reporter, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, an important direction in our country’s use of foreign investment work is to continue to optimize Using foreign investment structure, continuously improve the quality and level of foreign capital, service business high quality development and economic high quality development.

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There is a 57-year-old police on the Northern Red House on Guardian Story.

  In the CPC, when people went into the Northern Red Building to witness the history of the revolution, when they firmly believe in faith, few people know that a old policeman guarded the story of "Red landmark".

  Chen Yuanshi, the police station of Donghua Gate, Dongcheng Branch, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, is 57 years old, straight out, stabilized, does not talk, do not speak, the bottom reveals peace, but as long as it mentioned "Red Building", filed "Yinli" community, reveal one The rays of the heart. Peking University Red Building, every corner, he has walked countless times; Yintuan Community, every door, he can come to a story. From the wind of the wind, to the white hair, guarding the "red landmark", supporting a day in the jurisdiction, is his most simple and deep emotion as a community police.

   Chen Yuanshi (right), Donghuamen Police Station, Dongcheng Branch, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau guarded the Northern Dahong Building. The small things of the masses were in 1964. Chen Yuanshi was born in a military family, he grew up from the small troops, and served "for the people" a few big characters. In 1981, the Beijing Municipal People’s Police School was established, and he found his goal.

In the second year, under the support and his own efforts, Chen Yuanshi successfully examined the Beijing Municipal People’s Police School and became the second phase of the police school. Not long after graduation, 22-year-old Chen Yuanshi came to the Dongcheng Branch Donghuamen Police Station. As soon as the police station, he served as a community police and took over the Governance of the East Sihui Street.

  "At that time, I didn’t call the neighborhood committee. We could govern the security meeting. We govern the policy will be the national policy will be!" Also, there is no bottom, such a good place, I have no experience, can I do? "The responsibility of the Shen Qian is pressed against the shoulder, and he knows that he must not only do it, but also must do it. As a result, 22-year-old Xiao Chen took the tube film, pulled the "red-sleeved mark" to go to the east, and did not have a month, touched the household in the jurisdiction.

  "When you just participate in your work, you don’t understand anything. It is the community residents to read me, teach me, really treat me." Speaking of the community residents, Chen Yuanshi’s eyes will still flash the light, and this sincere is never one-way.

The grandma mother is more like this early, but it is like a steady and meticulous young man. It is like self-owned people. This kind of work is to work with the people who really change the heart, but also launch a solid foundation for the excellent achievements and tradition of the National Advanced Governance Bank. Chen Yuanshi (right) guarding community residents in Dongcheng Branch, Beijing Public Security Bureau. At the beginning of 2000, the community active molecules and Chen Yuanshi filed, and Liu Yu, who intentionally hurt others to death, and fled to the field, it seems to secretly returning, and there is near Liu’s old house, and the neighborhoods are.

Chen Yuanshi did not live in the old house, riding a car to the corner of the community … He did not have a person, he didn’t have a person in the end of the alley, and he met Liu, and successfully captured it under the police force.

  The old neighborhoods have heard that they have been happy. "We Chener is really good!"

  One summer, Chen Yuanshi is working on the way out of work, sudden rainstorm. He instantly thought of "I have to go to the community!" Complete the task of work, Chen Yuanshi straight to the silver gate community, and saw the big tree with the wall of the house, and his heart mentioned again. He rushed into the hospital in the rainstorm. When he saw that the residents were innocent, they were pushed. After they were busy, check the housing situation, helping to contact the relevant departments to solve.

  With Chen Yuanshi, "This is a little thing", but these people’s "little things", no matter how small, they are "big things" in his heart, and it is also a "small thing" to train him and community residents. Heart.

  Chen Yuanshi (right), Donghuamen Police Station, Dongcheng Branch, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau guarded the Northern Dahong Building.

  The spiritual landmark of guarding never fading in 2003, Chen Yuanshi took over the new planned silver gate community. In the jurisdiction of Peking University, the Red House has passed the hundred years of vicissitudes, new cultural movements, May 4th movement, Marxism communication, Beijing’s first party organization … This red building is a spiritual landmark that never fades. Chen Yuanshi knows that the major responsibility and significance of guarding this place. In 2008, due to the comprehensive assessment of the construction safety situation, the Peking University Red Building launched the protection and maintenance project, more than 10,000 square meters, 320 days, and 500 people at the same time. Homework … Chen Yuanshi, the end of the Olympic security, there is no rest, and quickly put it into the new "battlefield". He positively responded, fully cooperated, as well as possible, and regulating the surrounding situation, promoting the overall improving building maintenance and surrounding environment remediation.

  In 2020, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Northern Dahong Building has begun a new round of repair and exhibition. Chen Yuanshi opened another "full escort". He actively coordinates the construction unit, the surrounding units and community residents, guaranteed the smooth progress of the repair work; at the same time, cooperate with the upgrade "full coverage" security system, realize video surveillance, alarm, access control Unified management and linkage of many systems.

  On June 29, the repaired Northern Red House was officially opened.

The National Cultural Relics Bureau is a special letter – "Thank you for your help, solve problems for many years."

After "full escort", Chen Yuanshi is a unremitting effort and stick to an old party member. He is looking forward to the new style of the Red Building. In the ordinary position, in your own way, the new era of the revolutionary site Style boost. At 20, he started from the community, and he was still in the community position. In the past 35 years, it has changed the surrounding environment. It is his appearance. It does not change is the initiality and responsibility of his public security.

(China Youth Network reporter Liu Shangjun).

Tianjin: Developing community social organizations to build a shared community home

Original title: Developing Community Social Organizations to build a shared community home reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to further promote the high-quality development of Tianjin Community Social Organization, play a greater role in innovative grassroots social governance, Tianjin has issued the development of Tianjin Community Social Organization Ten Measures will guide community social organizations to play a positive role in community service supply, community consultation, peaceful community construction, community spiritual civilization and other fields. Community social organizations are residents living in this community. The residential organizations have been established in the community, carry out social organizations such as people’s services, public welfare, neighboring mutual assistance, peace construction, cultural and sports and rural production technology services. .

Community social organizations facing the masses, active in the grassroots, serving residents, serving communities, serving society, and demand, the needs of the masses, the activities have mass participation, and the masses have judged. Top ten measures to develop community social organizations, including strengthening party building leaders, standardizing management system, and improving exiting mechanisms, boosing role, promoting "five social linkages", develop volunteer services, helps rural revitalization, cultivate talent team, improve platform construction, strengthen Publicity and other aspects.

The city will rely on community social organizations, build community-oriented, social workers as support, community social organizations, and community volunteers as a new type of community governance mechanism for the community charity resources.

Positive and regulate and regulate community social organizations participate in grassroots social governance, vigorously cultivate support for public welfare, service, mutual aid community social organization development. Promote government and social resources to tilt to rural community social organizations and agricultural service projects. By 2023, each rural community should create not less than an excellent community service team. (Reporter Liu Chao) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.

People’s Daily Like Jinan Construction Higher Horizontal Civilized City: Civilization Creates National Participation

Jinan – civilized creation of the whole people participated in the reporter Xu Jingeng Xiao Jiaxin "This pothoish road can be repaired, and there is my credit" "Beer house noise pollution, it is I am in time to solve" … Shandong Jinan Tianqiao District North Wang Mingying, member of Tan Street "Photographer", said. Through the form of "hand shot", the shooters discover the weak links and uncivilized phenomena in civilized cities, assist the street community in time and quickly solve the problem.

"Creating a higher level of civilized cities, it is to let the people sing the protagonist. Yang Feng, the Standing Committee of the Jinan Municipal Committee, Yang Feng, Minister of Propaganda Department, said Jinan specialized in forming" the citizens "" Quancheng Volunteers "and encourage the general public to take" Chuangcheng actuator ", Build a new situation in the construction of civilized cities.

At present, Jinan City has a volunteer service to organize 10,000 volunteers all over the whole city, and more than 20,000 volunteer activities will be carried out each year, and more than 10 million people are served.

In 2020, "Epidemic Prevention and Control, Volunteer has" civilized practice activities, more than 1.6 million people participating in volunteers.

The departments of all levels in Jinan are most concerned about the masses, reflecting the strongest problems, and do a good job in the good things of the people’s livelihood, doing the practical things of the people, solve the small things around the masses, and further form the people "gain" "" The vivid situation of dry ". Jinan founded the "Discount" platform, annually around a theme, organizes government department representatives, and the Committee on the CPPCC, and experts scholars went to the masses, negotiating things, after at least 3 mutually investigations, live broadcasts, local TV stations and other media participated, and Making into a special table disclosure. The Foshan Scenic Area is the core area of ??the Qianfoshan National Scenic Area. There are many architecture to invade the forest green space, and the public reflects strong.

Nowadays, illegal construction is demolished, the construction site becomes a green square.

"It is the whole people cooperated, and all the people participate, formation of a civilized city to create cooperation." The citizen said.

In the 12345 hotline in Jinan, specialized in establishing civilization and progress, its original intention is to turn the public to the "List of Licenses" created by the "Responsibility List" of Daily Life.

To this end, Jinan took the lead in establishing the streets of the public’s "12-hour claimation, 24-hour reform", and accepting the proposal to handle the masses, and the appeal was nearly 7 million pieces. The public Su Xi Rong is a photographer. In her lens, the Green Tree in Jinan is more, and the four seasons are more.

In recent years, Jinan has increased efforts to promote more than 20,000 pieces of small things around the people.

Sun Lisheng, Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Secretary of Jinan City, said that Jinan City established the people-oriented thinking, and painted "same heart" in the creation of civilized cities, and better satisfies the people’s good life. .

Pubei County: With a good family style, it is good to promote good people.

"As the lover of Mi Si Zhi, not only is a good" Yinhe "in life, but also supports him at work, it is a good end, more reminders, and supervise him, let him keep awake." The lover of the human resources department of Pubei County People’s Hospital, Qinzhou City, said firmly in a clean government family visit. Integrity family visits the county inheritance of a short-term style and honesty and promoting good folk style. "My family must do more than 50 tables in the year, I have to spend 40,000 yuan, now there is’ pull black conventions, don’t spend money. .

"Let’s talk about the" Lingtou Festival "banquet in Qingfeng harvest, and the villagers of Jiufeiyu Village, Qinghu Village, Beitong Town, Pubei County, no longer full.

Today, Ninemite Village, Beitong Town, the county is new, the village is clean, the environment is beautiful, the folk customs are simple, and the wind is in the style of civilized people everywhere. This is benefited from the township civilized construction practice system, the 10 villages of the village, including the law, love the environment, the behavioral civilization, enthusiastic public welfare, neighboring harmony and other standards to promote The system has cultivated civilized townships, good home, and simple people. "Looking at this glorious wall pride, my daughter can go to this glorious wall, I am very glorious, I have been worth it in a past year.

"In the Jixian Town New Village Party Group Service Center, a villager expressed its definiteness to this glorious wall. The glorious wall he said is a typical, entry, entry, recording school, etc. The demonstration of the deeds, the demonstration of family members promoted the formation of a good home, so that the fine homemarks spread widely in the society, and the bacon was cast. The people of the family are clear. The county adheres to the integration of domestic education Family, institution, community, school, etc., deepen the development of the homemanship, play the advanced leading role, guide the majority of party members, especially party members and cadres, morality, attach importance to the family taught home style, cultivate and clean and honesty, and drive The whole society forms a good fashion of righteousness, and the good fortune.

(Chen Hua) (Editor: Liu Jia, Ye Bin) Sharing let more people see.

Sixth: The struggle of the Chinese Communist Party in the New Period and Enlightenment of the New Period of the Reform and Opening and Opening and Socialist Modernization

Profile: Cao Pu, Central Party School (National Institute) Director, Professor, Director of the Science and Socialist Education and Research Department.

He has served as the executive vice president of the China Science Society Society, and the Vice President of the Political Construction History of the Party of China.

The National Propaganda Cultural System "four a batch" talent, enjoy special allowance experts from the government of the State Council.

Mainly engaged in the history and teaching of reform and opening up in the new era, the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The published monograph has "the history of the reform and opening up history of contemporary China" "Some major issues in the study of the reform and opening up history", have been a leader in the central party school, and the land office class for many years. Introduction: The main teaching of this lecture is that since the 1978 Party Third Plenary Session, before the party’s "18th National Congress", our party leaders reform and opening up and socialist modernization Struggle.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the 40th anniversary of the celebration of the reform and opening up, our party made historical decisions on reform and opening up, based on the deep grasp of the destiny of the party and country, is based on the profound summary of the socialist revolution and construction practice. It is based on profound insights on the trend of the times, based on the deep understanding of the people’s expectations and needs.

It is mainly described in five aspects. First, "Cultural Revolution" has caused serious dangers and great history. Second, the implementation of reform and opening up and the opening of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Third, withstand the test, accelerate the reform, push the socialism with Chinese characteristics to the 21st century. Fourth, build a well-off society in an all-round way, adhere to the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new starting point. Fifth, experience and inspiration.

Shenzhen Promotion will enter Macau’s deep and agus exchange cooperation and then speed up

  Recently, 2021 Shenzhen City promotes Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Bay District Construction (Macau) publicity promotion will be held in Macau, fully display Shenzhen to promote the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District, promote Shenzhen business environment and investment opportunities, encourage enterprises to grasp Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau BayCooperation and development business opportunities brought about by district construction.

  At the same time, the 2021 deep Australian double creation and Shenzhen Macau International Cultural Tourism Creative Product Design Competition was opened in Shenzhen.

The opening ceremony is based on the theme of "Creative Bay Area · From here". In recent years, under the framework of cooperation in the Dawan District, Macao and Shenzhen cooperates have been increasingly close, two places have established cooperative conference mechanisms and cooperation proceedings working mechanisms, and all areas exchange cooperation into the fast lane. This year is the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", "Hengqin Guangdong-Shenzhen Cooperative Construction Overall Program" "Comprehensive Deepening Program" Reform and Opening and Opening and Opening Plan for Qianhai Die Port Modern Service Co., Ltd. "has been released, surrounding the former sea, Hengqin Construction of the cooperation platform, deep and ags will promote strategic cooperation in greater, deeper, higher levels, and strive to maintain Hong Kong and Macao’s long-term prosperity and stability, promote Hong Kong and Macao to better integrate into the national development overall situation to make new and greater contributions.

  At 2021 Shenzhen City, the Skinishing Community, the establishment of Shenzhen Macao Duwan District Construction (Macau) Publicity Profile, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Dawan District Office, Jiang Lizhen, Director Zhang Zuoen, Director of the Macao SAR Government, Activities, the deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, the deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, introduced Shenzhen City to promote the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District, and representatives from all walks of life, Macao government, etc. attended the event. Jiang Lizhen introduced the situation in recent years in recent years, indicating that the current Shenzhen has entered the "double district" driver, "double district" superimposed gold development period, but also welcomes the pilot of comprehensive reform, and fully deepened the "double change" of the Qianhai reform and opening up Demonstration’s major strategic opportunities are actively docking Hong Kong and Macao, and Shenzhen can, and actively actively promote the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District.

  In the speech, Zhang Zuo Wen said that Macau and Shenzhen will focus on modern finance, scientific and technological innovation, Chinese medicine, tourism, and trade, trade, etc..

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District, the construction, providing new broad development space for Macau, September this year, the state announced the overall plan of the "Hengqin Guangdong-Australian Cooperation Zone," for the moderate diversified diversified in the Macao industry, residents’ life employment, etc. Unprecedented opportunities, but also provide new opportunities for deepening deep and agus.

Macau will give full play to its own unique advantages, further strengthen cooperation with Shenzhen, and promote the cooperation between the two places.

  In the event, He Xinhong slams from the target of the construction of international centers and centers, strengthens the infrastructure hard links and rules mechanism soft Unit, and builds the quality of the Yiyun Yao Yiyou, the construction of major cooperative development platforms, etc., in detail, Shenzhen promotes Guangdong. The progress of the construction of Hong Kong and Macau Dashang District. Next, we look forward to the construction of the two Australian cooperation in the construction of the Qing Dynasty, and strengthen its own financial industry cooperation. Promote the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao District. At the promotion meeting, Song Ya Nan, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Macau University of Science and Technology, made a statement of "Building a Macau in Macau", Shenzhen City, the full-time Vice President of the Friendship Association, Gu Ting, "The World Innovation City Cooperation Organization" Special introduction, the relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce made a statement on "Australian cooperation in the future". Double Creative Week to create a creation of the feast in 2021 deep Australia Shuangchuan Zhou and Shenzhen · Macau International Cultural Tourism Creative Product Design Competition opening ceremony, Shenzhen Cultural Creative and Design Federation and Secretary Zhou Bin said, " Shenzhen Macau Fifth International Cultural Tourism Creative Product Design Competition "As an important design contest plan for the Cooperative Framework of the Australian Cooperation, I have received high concern from all walks of life and become an important bridge in the exchange of deep and aggress. In the future, the two sides of the Australia will continue to lead and integrate with the advantages and innovative thinking of Shenzhen creative design, promote cross-border power to participate in the construction of deep and aggressive cooperation platforms, and help build Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macao Yiji Yao Yiyou’s "Human Bay Area" "Leisure Bay Area".

  Liu Zhilong, Vice President of the Macau Cultural Promotion Association, said Shenzhen and Macau are the core cities in the Daxan District, and there are more resources and more vast cooperative spaces. The Shuangwen Zhou Platform of the deep Australia is designed as the engine, integrating the advantages of both parties, jointly promoting cross-border, cross-domain forces, participating in the construction of deep and Australia and even the big bay area.

I believe that the annual deep-Australian double-winning week series will be a civilian tourist event, attract friends from all walks of life from Wuhu, the four seas. The exchange partnership platform in the creative industry, the development of the development of urban agglomeration in the Dawan District, and the new situation of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

  The relevant person in charge of deputy director of the Shenzhen Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Sports Bureau said that Shenzhen is a cultural creativity capital, and the bright business cards of deep Australia have cooperated with deep Australian cultural exchanges. Series have been successfully held for many years.

Through the joint efforts of the two sides of the Australia, this cultural platform will become a model of mutual benefit cooperation between the two places, and become the cultural feast of the deep and agglutical public participation and sharing together. It is understood that Shenzhen Macau’s 5th International Cultural Tourism Creative Product Design Competition began to collect "celebrate the party’s 100th year" "Diversified" "Diversified", "Diversified San Australian Brigade Design Products, held various awards. Awarded. It is understood that some excellent works in this competition will visit the Macau from December 10th to 12th.

  In order to promote deep-Australian cultural innovation and in-depth study, this conference invited a number of literary and innovations, from design, brand management, etc. The cooperation and win – win situation in the cultural industry.

  In order to promote the conversion of Shen Australian cultural creative achievements, many companies have also held a signing ceremony on-site, including Dawan District Hotel Wenchuang Product Exhibition, which has become another brand in cooperation between Shen Australia. Activity.

(Southern Daily Cui Wei).

The courier earns more than four or five hundred "delivery" every month.

  Recently, "Express delivery fees" became a hot spot, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baidi, Yunda, etc., etc., etc., regulations, from September 1st, all network distribution Yuan / ticket.

  After the feppension is improved, "Express Brother" increase how much income every month? Does consumers want to "buy" for this? What is the impact on the price war of major express delivery companies? In response to these issues concerned, the reporter conducted an investigation. Delivery to transfer the paid / ticket courier than the monthly increase of 500 yuan yesterday, Jiangbei District Yunda Express Small Brother Chen Ning Mountain told reporters that he can send a video of 4000-4500 tickets per month. " fluctuation.

Wang Zhifen, the relevant person in charge of Shunfeng Express Chongqing Branch, told reporters that SF’s express delivery is generally about 4,000 tickets every month, and some express delivery can make more.

  Subsequently, the reporter learned from Zhongtong and Yunda and other express delivery companies that these company’s express brothers, the average monthly delivery volume is maintained in the range of 4000-5000 votes.

  What does the palette will mean for the courier? Putting the paid on the paid, complete 4000-5000 votes, express brothers can increase the income of 400-500 yuan per month.

  It is worth mentioning that the delivery fee will be issued directly from the delivery company to each courier, not by the franchise network. Zhongtong, also reported that the joining outlets must not be trapped casually. Express delivery fee rising consumers do not need to "buy" for consumers, express delivery fee, does it mean to pay more in the future? "The delivery of the delivery is not related to the express price, but the labor cost of the express delivery company has increased." The relevant person in charge of some express delivery companies told reporters. The relevant person in charge of Yuantong Express said that "the head office raised the payment of the delivery," now many couriers have left because the delivery is too low, the new courier is very difficult, the company wants to solve this problem by adding disposal Consumers will not be affected. "The reporter learned that, in fact, the fees refer to the courier sent a courier income. In the express delivery industry said that the upward dispute belongs to the internal adjustment ratio assignment of the courier company, and there is no impact on the sending and recipient. The delivery fee will not cause a new round of price war company rising dispute and courier group rights guarantee policy.

  On July 10 this year, 7 departments such as the Ministry of Transport and the State Post Bureau were issued and issued with the "Opinions on Doing the Legal Right and Interests of Courier Group".

It will be proposed, and the "Express Terminal Payment Guidelines" will be developed, and the company has urged the company to maintain a reasonable end dispatch level to stabilize the courier’s income level.

  It is worth mentioning that the income guarantee for employees, SF will announce salary to the courier in July.

From August 1, this year, from December 31, SF will carry out income activities for the collection, that is, on the basis of the unchanging of the existing party, add more than 200 million yuan to enhance employees. income. On July 9, Zhongtong Express announced the funding of "express Xiaogong Chuan Chuan Fund", providing funds for express delivery, and their families, which caused the difficulties, and their families in the causes of diseases, accidental injuries. Zhao Xiaomin, expert expert, said, "With the order of the market order, the legal rights of the courier and the relevant policies of the express delivery industry and the green environmental protection and other related policies, the single price war model of the express delivery company has not been possible."

"Zhao Xiaomin believes that the rise of the delivery fee will not directly affect the performance of express delivery company, but the fees can be just the first step, and there will be other links in other links, which will bring a certain profit pressure to the courier company. "" To alleviate these pressures, it is possible to increase the increase in express prices. "News observation dispatcher is relieved" User’s Description "" Delivery to the door "problem is still in the notice in the notice, and the dispatch will be directly sent to the hands of the salesman. Freshly intercepted.

In the express delivery industry believes that the disposal fee is directly sent to the courier, avoiding the loss of the courier to a certain extent, which is conducive to cracking the "use of industry shortage" in the express industry. In an interview with a reporter, the person in charge of the reporter said that the express delivery will lose the profit, the first-level pressure level, the ultimately lose or the courier: "The courier salary is low, There will be a serious loss of people.

Without employees, the outlets will also be affected, and then the first level is affecting the company’s headquarters. "

  There is a courier told reporters that the traffickeepers have long been a normal, and some have just been gone for two days, and even the names of colleagues have not been recognized. "Since this year, a first-line operation employee has been shortage.

I can’t recruit people, I can only improve the price of the delivery, causing you to join a year in a loss. "The person in charge of a courier company complained. On the other hand, the courier is a decline in profit, resulting in only an expansion of the single amount to maintain the profits of the courier and the end outlet.

In order to improve efficiency, the courier will put the parcel directly in the station or express cabinet. However, such practices have damaged the user experience. Today, the express delivery company guarantees the income of the courier to a certain extent, but does not propose reasonable solutions for the "delivery of the door".

Express outlets single-piece express delivery profit is low, the courier company does not pay the door, and the phenomenon of the express delivery in the station will still exist without the recipient.

  Chongqing Morning News · Upstream Journalists Zhang Wei (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.

The "Project Sheriff System" in the rain lake area is a key project escort

On July 18th, the Xiangtan Public Security Bureau Yuhu Branch of the City, the police station quickly attacked, and 5 people who were arrested and quickly cracked a stealing case involving key projects involving the region. After investigation, 5 people were suspected of on July 16th, 17th, the scrap reinforcement of Xiang Yunding project demolition project will be more than 20,000 yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of the Yuhu Public Security Bureau, in order to protect key projects and corporate development, the district is implemented in the local system, and the project is guaranteed to protect the project construction. In March of this year, the rainhu district is equipped with "project alarm" in the region of 138 key construction projects in the region. Each "Project Sheriff" passes regular visits, regular schedules, to provide enterprises to provide security, legal consultation, dispute adjustment, etc. , As a good business security guard.

At the same time, in the enterprise to carry out publicity of foreign economic crimes, severely playing contract fraud, infringement of intellectual property, etc.

Up to mid-July, "Project Sheriff" visited the project (enterprise) more than 710 times, 12 of the project (enterprise) illegal suspects, cracked 6 related cases, and more than 30 discovery contradictions disputes. In order to make all the service measures, the Rainwater Public Security Bureau also established a special inspector mechanism for business environment, established a service enterprise office, multi-channel acceptance report public security organs in an optimized business environment, and chaos. Discover the problem special supervision within a timely rectification, spare no effort to ensure the smooth progress of the project construction.

(Reporter Jiang Rui correspondent in super) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei).