Li Ming listened,Paused and said:“Five hundred dollars, right?,How much is the corpse of this basilisk?”

“Brother Li,That’s a martial beast,I guess it’s worth over a thousand dollars at least。”Yang Xiaoshi said。
Li Ming nodded,Tao:“Come back, you help me sell the dead beast,Draw part of it for the expense of the martial arts gym。”
Yang Xiaoshi was taken aback,“This。。。”Instinctively want to refuse,But found that I can’t say it at all,He really needs this money。
“All right,This little money is easy for me to get。。But as a price,”Hear here,Yang Xiaoshi’s heart jumped suddenly,This master won’t want his own sister。。。
“Will you help me get acquainted with the next place when you return to the city later,I plan to live in this Yanyin domain for a while。”
Heard what Li Ming said,This Yang Xiaoshi, who has the potential for sister control, gave a sigh of relief,Then I happily agreed。
quickly,The three of them came to Yanyue City。
Yan Yecheng,That is, the only city in Yanyue Region。
The walls of this city are hundreds of meters high,Are all hardBPouring grade metal。
It is important to know the gravity of Shenwu Continent,Ordinary star、Constant star cannot fly,Cosmos grade is very reluctant to fly。Such a tall city wall,Ordinary masters can’t break through。But this also made Li Ming’s heart a little alert,After all, if there is no strong enough war,It’s impossible to build such a wall。
Through the gate,The two star guards at the gate seem to be familiar with the siblings Yang,The three of them paid three small dollars and entered the city。Li Ming swept the discovery with his mental power,This little money seems to be used some kindBMade of grade metal,Round。Follow the side-knock along the way, Li Ming knows,A lot of money equals1000Small money。
While Li Ming and his brother and sister Yang were strolling in the city,I swept around with my mind。
In this Shenwu continent,Due to the underdevelopment of the spiritual practice system,It’s just a very common way of using mental power to use hidden weapons,And Li Ming’s spiritual mind power secret method is extremely high,Can easily make those pure things hard to detect。
“Brother Li,This is the headquarters of Qifeng Wuguan,Legend has it that Guan Guan’s master’s strength is the strongest in the entire Yanya domain!”Yang Xiaoya introduced to Li Ming very eagerly。
And Li Ming soon learned,Two martial arts halls,The headquarters of Qifeng Martial Arts Hall is located inside Yanyue City,Although it’s a martial arts hall in name,But it’s actually a real monster。
More than just cultivating disciples,This Qifeng Wuguan has its own firm、Caravan,At the same time also serves as the management of the entire city。More than half of the city’s administrative staff were sent by Qifeng Martial Arts Hall,The rest are grown-ups from large families and chambers of commerce。
Qifeng Martial Arts Hall is the uncrowned king of Yanyi City。
Yang Xiaoshi shot the body of the basilisk,Actually sold to Qifeng Wuguan。The power of Qifeng Wuguan,Not to keep prices down,Sold a full eight thousand dollars,The price is higher than Yang Xiaoshi thought。