“Ga”A sudden brake,Jin Cheng said coldly,“get off,you arrived。”

“what?Just arrived at the intersection,Open the front door of the construction site。”Hua Yun looked out the car window。
“It’s not easy to turn around,Right here,He doesn’t have long legs。”Kim Sung Sneak。
“Not a few steps away,See you tomorrow。”Li Tianchou held back the hilarious laugh in his stomach,Open the door and get off。
Just started work the next day,Lao Yan came to Li Tianchou with a mysterious face。Arrived at the small office,Li Tianchou knew that Hua Yun had already gotten along with Yan“Borrower”Negotiated。
Lao Yan is of course not good at opposing opinions,But look at Li Tianchou more differently。This little brother always made him feel uncomfortable before,And do something extraordinary,But it really helped him a lot,Now this guy actually got into the company boss,This is so high for mud legs,The help to him in the future is immeasurable,Yan Defa is overjoyed。
After constantly hushing cold and asking warmth,Lao Yan is full of affection:“Brother Xiao Li,You have to work hard if you go,But don’t forget us old brothers everywhere。”Li Tianchou responded vaguely,At the same time, I have to admire Huayun’s efficiency。
“Forgot one thing,Yan Tou,Is that woman okay yesterday?”After a chat with no nutrition,Li Tianchou suddenly thought of the white and fat Cui Cui,This girl may be stimulated,Refuse to communicate with others,Mental state is worrying。Came back too late last night,I didn’t even care to ask。
“Ugh,Don’t mention it,Ran away last night,Winter melon daughter-in-law sleeps like a dead pig,Didn’t watch。After tossing for a long time, no one was found。”Lao Yan sighed,A little uneasy。
Li Tianchou was shocked,Suddenly realized that things are getting bigger,Although this Cui Cui is a woman from the wind,,But it’s important to understand Li Desheng,And there are still a lot of hidden secrets that have not been solved,Maybe it is also the subject of the police investigation。
The police officer on duty yesterday actually mentioned,Considering that Cui Cui’s mental state is unstable,And there is no indication that Cui Cui has any connection with the poisoning case,So it’s not convenient to take restrictive measures,And he didn’t immediately start an inquiry into her,But the construction site is required to ensure the safety of Cui Chui,In order to be on call during the investigation。
No one can run away,Isn’t it bad?And judging from Cui Cui’s emotions yesterday,She seems to be afraid of some people,Now running alone,Most likely to be in danger。
Li Tianchou has no time to listen to Yan Defa’s explanation,Get up,Ran out of the office。In the old lady of winter melon,He didn’t get any useful information,Can only go again“Fangfang Health”Up,Besides,He couldn’t think of any other clues。
The alley is still colorful,just“Fangfang Health”Closed the shutter,It is conspicuous from a distance,I’m afraid it was due to the fight last night,The boss closed the door and hid。Li Tianchou squatted at the door thinking for a long time,No idea,Only ask Hua Yun to discuss whether to inform the police in time。
An office of the Criminal Police Team of the Public Security Bureau,Captain Zhou Nan just got up from the sofa with a yawn,I almost stayed up all night last night,Really exhausted,Lie down on the sofa for a while,I feel refreshed。