Create a personalized financial product ICBC to help Canton Fair Double Cycling Promotion Activities

  On April 16th, the China International Bank of China, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, and the "Domestic International Double Cycling Domestic Trade External Trade", China International Bank of China, China Communications, "Double Cycling Promotion Activities" in Guangzhou. More than 200 Canton Fair daily consumer exhibitors, more than 1,000 retailers associations, large business super, chain entities, and cross-border e-commerce platforms are present in the Guangdong Province. Communication scene.

Xinhuanet issued an exclusive financial support agency, ICBC is an internal and foreign trade enterprise, "going out" enterprise, Kongchuang and cross-border electronic commerce new information enterprise three major groups separately systemate the exclusive financial services, covering the wire financing, crossing Statement financing, global cash management, global match, and the first test of financial innovation policies. At the event site, ICBC built a financial services area to provide cross-border financial professional solutions for exhibitors and buyers. At the same time, ICBC is also combined with a number of companies to launch the "ICBC Financial Support New Development Pattern", help enterprises to achieve the supply chain, the industrial chain upgrade, value chain.

Through independently developed "Global Compliment" platforms, ICBC Assist participants to achieve global trade docking, broaden sales channels. At present, about 2,600 exhibitors have been attracted, and they reach a plurality of supplied cooperation in the same day.

  Participating in the event from advanced manufacturing, foreign trade enterprises, "going out" enterprise and cross-border e-commerce and other fields.

Among them, Guangdong Haida Group Co., Ltd. said that as the Group’s "going out" business in recent years has rapid development, the Group’s various financial services such as global cash management, trade finance, cross-border financing has increased, "Integration of ICBC Financial service programs have solved the Group’s outstanding overseas markets, industrial chains upgrades, and accelerate the actual financial needs of internationalization.

"Guangzhou Onion Fashion Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the online market that combines digital commerce." As a cross-border e-commerce company, we have higher bank capital settlement speed, account management efficiency, and data declaration compliance. The requirements, but the ICBC is not only to we hope that the whole process is used to use the renminbi to carry out domestic and external settlements, but also significantly reduces the overall settlement financial cost.

"To serve the current online Canton Fair, the Industrial and Commercial Bank will give full play to the advantages of the Canton Financial Services and the global investment prospects, using the VR business hall, intelligent customer service," Digital dock ", cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service Innovative services such as system, meet the needs of exhibitors.

As early as 2020, the online exclusive financing products "Guangjiao" have been accumulated for nearly 3700 Canton Fair, and the merchants of the Canton Fair have been initiated nearly 8 billion yuan, and the financing of more than 1,000 exhibitors have been distributed 4 billion yuan.