65 "Sanitation Station", Jilin Oil Company, China

China Petrochemical Jilin Petroleum Company is listed Sinopec Jilin Petroleum Branch as a customer, for the masses as an important part of "I do practical things for the masses", team members bring team to the grassroots oil station research,To conduct a questionnaire, understand the needs, improve and enhance the quality of service.

In the survey, it was found that the sanitation workers had a hard work every day, summer hot, winter cold, should be able to provide some convenient services for sanitation workers to support urban construction in practical actions.The company’s party committee decided to select 65 sites to create a "sanitation station" to create a "sanitation station", add microwave, fan, table and chair and other facilities, and provide hot water, hot rice, mobile phone charging, temporary rest for sanitation workers.Waiting for services to practice "I do practical things for the masses" with practical actions.

As of the end of July, the first batch of 65 "sanitation stations" completed the listing, which was freely open to sanitation workers.