Are you eating right in the six principles of spring diet?

Are you eating right in the six principles of spring diet?

Spring health should follow the principle of raising the sun and protecting the wind.

In the spring, the human body’s yang is in line with nature, and it is excessively evacuated. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to defending the yang in the body. Any situation that damages the yang should be avoided.

So how do you eat in the spring to maintain your health?

Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

. The six principles of spring diet 1, food is diverse, come to “thick”.

  Different foods provide different nutrients, and no natural food provides all the nutrients the body needs.

Eat more foods a day, so that the nutrients provided by the various foods can complement each other to meet the nutritional needs of life and work.

Always eat coarse grains, such as cornmeal, millet, etc.

Nowadays, the food is too fine. The total consumption of such food is prone to B vitamin deficiency. Regular consumption of coarse grains can supplement the supplement.

In addition, often eat some potatoes, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. These foods are rich in supplemental fiber, which can prevent constipation and prevent cancer.

  2, colorful fruits and vegetables, add a little “wild”.

  Eat green, red or yellow vegetables or fruits every day, because dark fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and antioxidants than light ones.

Spring is here, and a variety of naturally grown fruits and vegetables are also on the market, such as plums, apricots, citron, and leeks.

Yellow and green fragrant scrambled eggs, sautéed scrambled eggs, and a white scallions mixed with tofu, while looking at the “eyes”, the food is refreshing.

If you can take the wild vegetables that grow naturally in the earth, leeks and leeks, it is a pleasure.

  3, light diet, less oil and salt.

  Try to use less oil when cooking, less salt, and a light diet is good for your health.

Eating less oil can reduce oil intake and help control weight.

Eating less salt helps prevent high blood pressure.

  4, animal food, leisurely.

  Animal food can provide high quality protein, traces, vitamins and minerals, and you should eat some animal food every day.

Too much animal food, unfortunately, will increase at the same time, which is not conducive to health, and should be stopped.

Animal liver, such as pig liver, chicken liver or duck liver, is rich in zinc, iron and vitamin A and other nutrients, you can eat some often.

  The nutrition of dairy products is more comprehensive, and it is best to eat some dairy products every day.

Pay attention to the instructions when choosing dairy products. Do not use milk-containing beverages as a dairy product.

  Although soy products are plant-based foods, they are diverse and contain a lot of protein and should be eaten regularly.

  5, three meals a day, clever arrangements.

  The year is in spring, the day is in breakfast!

A nutritious breakfast can not only “refuel” for health, but also contribute to the efficiency of morning study or work.

Breakfast can not be ignored, sloppy, not only to eat every day, but also should be full, eat well.

Can not do it, “retro style” comes with “bamboo”, it can be said that the benefits are many, saving time, money, nutrition, health .

If a few colleagues bring it together, you can organize a small lunch “party.”

Dinner does not have to be a big fish to treat yourself, and the diet is moderately healthy.

  6, more active and less sitting, healthy.

  Spring sprouts spit green and flowers bloom. It is a good time to go out and bathe in nature. It should be more outdoor activities, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, so you can exercise and promote health.

Lazy MM’s six super weight loss sports

Lazy MM’s six super weight loss sports

Regular exercise in spring can enhance the body’s immunity and significantly reduce the incidence of diseases such as the respiratory system in a year.

Going out is not only good for the body, but most importantly, it can alleviate the depressed mood in winter.

If you go to the outside world, whether it is an outing, climbing, or other skyscraper sports, you will have more to gain than indoor fitness.

  As soon as you hear about it, many people will be eager to try. The simple, economical and easy-to-do green fitness exercise can make people stay away from the noise of the city, bathe the fresh air of the forest, and enjoy the physical comfort.

But what to do is not to hinder the choice of the most desirable way of exercising according to your own hobbies.

  Cycling riding this kind of bicycle that relies on physical strength to walk through the beautiful scenery like a scroll, can not help but feel very incomparable, suddenly feel that this is almost a kind of fitness exercise, but also a kind of exile.

There are a lot of corresponding acupuncture points on the human hand and feet. When you hold the handlebars and force the bicycle, you have actually started the acupressure of the body without knowing it.

In addition to cycling, the leg movement can accelerate the blood circulation and strengthen the microvascular tissue.

  The free cycling method is not limited to time and strength, mainly through physiological fatigue caused by the pressure of life; the strength cycling method can stipulate how many kilometers per hour of riding speed per hour, which can effectively strengthen the stimulation of the heart and lungs.Exercise the human cardiovascular system; intermittent cycling can be alternately fast and slow, for example, slow ride for 5 minutes, then fast ride for 5 minutes, and then cycle as many times; aerobic cycling is mainly at medium speedIt usually takes 45-60 minutes to ride and improve your heart and lung function.

  Mountaineering is an excellent aerobic exercise. The air in the mountains is unusually fresh. It is very likely to improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, improve lung function, and enhance the ability of the heart to contract.

The rough road between the mountains is beneficial to improve the balance function of the human body and enhance the coordination ability of the limbs, especially walking on non-stepped sections without artificial modification, which can make the human muscle fibers thicker, more muscular and enhance the flexibility of the limbs.

In addition, it is far from the top of the mountain, which can relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles and relax and rest the nervous brain.

  Mountaineering is generally chosen in the early morning, but the intensity should not be too large, and the heart rate should be maintained at 120-140 times/minute.

Mountaineering should be carried out step by step. First, do some simple warm-up exercises, and then gradually increase the intensity according to a certain respiratory rate.

At the end of the workout, relax and get the blood back from the limbs to the heart.

Pay attention to replenish moisture during exercise to relieve fatigue and restore physical strength as soon as possible.

  Flying a kite in the spring to fly a kite, you can breathe fresh air, clear your mind and promote metabolism.

When flying a kite, you can move your body and joints, you can stretch your muscles and bones, promote blood circulation; metabolism, improve blood circulation, look at the kite, look far and wide, can adjust eye muscles and nerves, eliminate eye fatigue.

  Pay attention to protection when flying a kite. Don’t continuously lean back and neck, but alternate between back and flat, to think of the Lord.

It is best to fly a kite with 2 to 3 people, choose a series, open space is appropriate.

  Golfing A golf ball hitting action requires the use of muscles and joints, especially the waist, shoulders and limbs. It is good for exercising flexibility and correcting bad posture.

Golf is a good gentle exercise. It takes about 445 calories for 75 minutes, which is equivalent to 65 minutes at 16 kilometers per hour.

Playing golf has a high demand for human endurance. Walking for an hour or two in the outdoor, it can not only strengthen the heart, but also increase the burden on the heart.

  Playing golf is very easy to get injured. If the swing posture is not correct, some joint activities are not proper, the movements are not fully coordinated, and the force is not properly caused, etc., which will cause tendonitis and muscle strain, foot sprain and so on.

You must do a warm-up exercise for 5 minutes before exercise, especially to fully exercise the waist, shoulders and wrists, ankles and other parts.

  Do yoga in the mild afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, quietly do a set of yoga on the green lawn, let the body slightly sweat, is a very enjoyable enjoyment.

The posture of yoga various posture methods, massage the internal organs of the body, not only can promote blood circulation, shrink the stiff muscles, make the joints flexible, but also make the glands secrete balance, strengthen the nerves, eliminate the body tension and fatigue.

Yoga breathing method, through conscious breathing, can eliminate the body’s exhaust gas, virtual fire, eliminate tension and fatigue.

  Tip: Yoga breathing is a general breathing by inflating the upper abdomen and chest, and then removing the air more thoroughly through the abdominal muscles.

The purpose of the Yoga Breathing Method is to concentrate on mind by consciously controlling breathing.

Adjusting the details of the budget, overwork and intrusion

Adjusting the details of the budget, overwork and intrusion


Adhere to physical exercise: Modern work often has the characteristics of being static and not moving. The most likely to be exhausted is the lack of exercise for a long time.

Exercise can increase the ability of myocardial contraction, enhance the body’s immunity, and also accelerate the body’s metabolism, transform nerve cell aging, help waste elimination, and thus play a role in cancer prevention and cancer.


Keep your mood comfortable: boredom, worry, sadness is an intrinsic factor of fatigue.

Therefore, to prevent fatigue and maintain sufficient energy, you must always maintain a happy mood, be an “optimist”, cultivate a strong, optimistic, cheerful, humorous personality, have a wide range of hobbies and interests, and maintain a positive attitude towards life.

This is an effective way to relax nervous nerves and a mental medicine to prevent fatigue.


Reasonable diet: Eat less greasy and non-digestible foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as mung bean sprouts, spinach, rapeseed, oranges, apples, etc., timely add vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements.


Moderate rest: Long-term overnight work, resulting in a lot of toxins in the body, some toxins re-enter the blood into the brain, quickly causing “central poisoning” symptoms of the central system.

Fatigue is a signal that reminds you that your body has exceeded normal load and that adjustment and rest should occur when fatigue occurs.

If you are in a state of fatigue for a long time, you will continue to reduce your work efficiency and cause illness.


Regular physical examination: no matter young or old, there must be physical workers or mental workers. It is best to have a physical examination every year. It is important to maintain continuity of physical examination, early detection of high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, specialIt is a recessive coronary heart disease, preventing it from happening.


Active treatment of primary disease: active treatment of high blood pressure, high blood lipids and diabetes, some people with type of disease, especially those with arteriosclerosis, should pay more attention to their physical condition, cultivate healthy living habits, quit smoking and alcohol.

Avoid long-term intense mental work and emotional excitement, and cultivate an optimistic state of mind.

Care should be taken when angina or arrhythmia occurs.

Abandoning art is an important lesson in life.

Abandoning art is an important lesson in life.

Psychologists say that we cannot have two strong emotions at the same time. It is impossible to love and hate.

Resentment is mostly self-centered, so the best way to forget yourself is to help others.

  ◆ Disappointed people will say that life is so tired, because he only sees his own efforts, but does not see his own income; people who are not repeated are even really tired, and will not complain about life, because he knows, lostAlways with the same.

You know, not only does the rare earth not help, it will make things worse.

Therefore, no matter what the reality is, you should not refuse, but rely on your own efforts to change the status quo and get a happy.

  Pascal said: “All human problems come from being unable to sit alone in a room.

“A quiet heart is the foundation of inner peace, and the inner peace will affect the external calm.

You can train your mind as long as you spend five to ten minutes a day meditating and meditating.

This serenity can be integrated into your daily life so that you won’t be anxious and have a broad vision.

  ◆ A medical school has conducted a survey. The results show that people with heart disease are often not hard-working people, not hard-working people; the most serious cause of high blood pressure is that the appearance seems to be very quiet, but in the heartBeing afflicted by strong complaints and hate.

  How much land a person can own Tolstoy has told a story, and some individuals want to get a piece of land.

The landlord told him that in the early morning, you will run out from here, and when you run for a while, you will insert a flagpole. As long as you come back before the sun sets, the land with the flagpole will be returned to you.

The man wouldn’t want to run, and the sun is still not satisfied.

Before the sun set, he ran back, but he was exhausted and he didn’t get up again.

Then someone dug a pit and buried him on the spot.

When the pastor prayed for this person, he said, “How much is a person?”

It’s that big.

“At birth, we have nothing, but year after year, we have been overwhelmed by the burden of life.”

At the same time, we are also tormented by various desires.

Too much desire often makes people unsatisfied, so that psychology produces sorrow and anger.

  Tolstoy said: “The smaller the desire, the happier the life.

“Be content, you can always be happy, you can avoid fear and anxiety, live easily, and live comfortably.”

  Don’t spill the oil in the bowl. A little monk is told to buy oil.

Before leaving, the chef handed him a big bowl and warned: “You must be careful, you must never spill the oil.

After the little monk promised, he went down the mountain to buy oil.

He carefully carried the large bowl filled with oil, and did not dare to look around.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the entrance of the temple, I didn’t look forward to the road, stepped on a hole and sprinkled 1/3 of the oil.

The little monk was very upset and nervous and began to tremble.

When I finally returned to the temple, there was only a small amount of oil left in the bowl.

  The chef got the bowl and yelled at the little monk. The little monk was very upset.

The old monk saw it and said to the little monk: “I will send you another oil.

This time I want you to observe the people and things you see on the way back, and to make a report to me.

On the way back, the little monk found that the scenery on the mountain road was really beautiful.

Seeing the majestic peaks in the distance, farmers are farming nearby.

After a while, I saw a group of children having fun on the side of the road, and two old gentlemen were playing chess.

When I walked and watched the scenery, I went back to the temple without knowing it.

When the little monk sent the oil to the chef, he found that the oil in the bowl was full and did not sprinkle at all.

  Life journey, have to go for a long time.And the songs are ok, the optimistic and open-minded people can turn the boring journey into full of fun, so as not to lose the most precious things in life.

  A fox that gave up a leg to keep a life and was unlucky was caught by a hunter with a cover, and he did not hesitate to bite the calf and escape.

Giving up one leg and preserving a life is a philosophy of giving up.

Life should be like this. Before life forces us to pay a painful price, it is the most sensible choice to take the initiative to give up local interests and preserve the overall interests.

The wise man said: “The two disadvantages are balanced, and the two interests are taken seriously.

“To benefit and avoid harm, this is the essence of giving up.

  In life, sometimes bad circumstances will come unexpectedly, and we will be caught off guard. At this time, we must learn to give up.

Give up the anxiety and anxiety, wait for the turn of life safely, and let yourself have a transcendental attitude towards life. Even if we can’t reach this realm, we must learn to give up and strive to live freely and freely.

Even if “fish” is as important as “bear paw”, when you have to take only one, you must give up the other.

  Life is a questionnaire with no answer. The hard pursuit does not bring life more complete.

Perhaps a little regret, a trace of sadness, which makes this answer more meaningful.

Pick up your mood and keep going.

Miss the sun and you will get the stars.

Bathing to cure constipation

Bathing to cure constipation

Constipation is not a serious illness, but it is annoying enough.

Especially for the elderly, it may affect their quality of life.

Therefore, the use of drugs with laxative effects has become a last resort for some elderly people.

But this is not a good method, it may produce drug dependence, and may aggravate the condition.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with yang deficiency constipation (such as the elderly) can get twice the result with half the effort on the basis of reasonable diet and moderate exercise.

  Take 50-100 grams of fresh leaves (25-50 grams of dry product), 25 grams of ginger (cut into pieces), brew in boiling water for 5-10 minutes in the bathtub, then cool to a suitable temperature to take a bath.

When washing, sprinkle with a small amount of salt (you can eat salt) on the small abdomen, then use the leaves and ginger to wipe the small abdomen clockwise until the skin is hot.

If the skin is delicate, you can use the salt of the leaves and the ginger to wipe it directly. Once a day, it will replace the constipation.

  The reason why Ai Ye ginger salt bath can relieve constipation is related to the physiological characteristics of yang deficiency, and it is also inseparable from the medicinal properties of wormwood and ginger.

Symptoms of spleen and kidney yang deficiency, yang deficiency often manifest as dry stools, insufficiency of limbs, chills and warmth, weak waist and knees, cold pain in the abdomen, warmth and smoothness, and delayed pulse.

Ai Ye, whether it is internal or external, has the effect of qi and blood, cold and dampness, warm meridian; ginger also has a good effect of warming and dispelling cold, its role of dithering can promote the operation of blood and blood;Increase the friction of the leaves, ginger and skin, so that the skin’s capillaries slightly dilate and promote the absorption of drugs.

Of course, the direction of rubbing is also very important, in a clockwise direction, that is, according to the position of the colon to wipe, can increase the colon peristalsis by friction stimulation, so that the feces reach the rectum, stimulate the intestinal wall nerve receptor cells cause the brain to produce convenience.

  Ai Ye ginger food salt bath is not suitable for people with hot constipation.

Therefore, the method has the functions of increasing abdominal muscle movement and intestinal peristalsis, and should not be carried out when eating or eating a meal. It is not suitable for patients with acute abdominal transplantation and malignant tumors.

Meridian massage toxins Chinese medicine massage to create a perfect body

Meridian massage toxins Chinese medicine massage to create a perfect body

What is the Meridian Weight Loss Method Meridian Weight Loss Therapy is based on the Chinese medicine to clear the meridians, promote blood circulation, strengthen the yin and yang balance of the internal organs, and adjust the endocrine disorders.

In addition to weight loss, this treatment can also treat high blood lipids, high blood pressure, malignant liver, menopausal reactions, severe nasal discharge, rheumatism, rheumatoid, gynecological diseases, skin diseases and so on.

The wave pushing the meridian to lose weight is actually very simple. The wave pushing the meridian to lose weight is the two fingers close together, naturally straightening the fingers, the left hand palm is placed on the back of the right finger, and the two fingers of the right palm are flat.The corpse, then push the right palm forward, push the palm of your left hand backwards, then return to the original, repeat the two movements, slowly move from top to bottom, because this action is like a wave in the water, so it is called a wave.Push.

Massage Guanyuan points can change the time of staying in the gastrointestinal tract by massaging the food in Guanyuan. It can effectively inhibit the conversion of glycogen in the body into misfortune.

The method is that the dieter has a regular massage in the position of the Guanyuan point by sitting or lying on the back. The position of the Guanyuan point is on the midline of the abdomen, which is about three inches below the navel.Step by step, first slowly massage, then slowly accelerate, the average speed is about 100 times per minute, the time is about ten minutes, every morning and evening.

Knocking with the pulse: Knocking with the pulse means knocking the body double, the excess meat at the waist, which is the “lifebuoy”.

Principle: Take the name “with pulse”, which has two meanings. One is that the meridian is wrapped around the waist, and the other is because it is closely related to women’s meridians. In modern words, it is specially used to regulate menstruation andAnd an important meridian of the function of various organs of gynecology.

The vein is one of the eight classic veins, and it has the function of “total beam”.

The other meridians of the human body are all up and down. Only the “pulse with the veins” is wrapped around the circle, as if the vertical meridians are tied with a rope.

Therefore, which meridians have problems in the waist and abdomen, such as: stagnation of qi stagnation, blockage of congestion, can be adjusted and dredged by acupuncture and pulse.

The effect of knocking the veins is to improve the detoxification ability, the most obvious is to improve constipation.

Play in the southern hemisphere, bathe in the sun

Play in the southern hemisphere, bathe in the sun

“Life is like a trip, don’t care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery.
“Looking at the rolling mountains, beaded flat dams, deep canyons, high-altitude glaciers, each can satisfy our imagination of travel life.”
Here, the life family Xiaobian specially prepares a guide for life travel for those who want to travel, enjoy the excitement of adventure while playing, and carry the bag to experience the feeling on the road!
  At this time, Australia in the southern hemisphere crossed the bleak autumn into the summer of the sun, and everything became hot.
Beach coast, underwater world, jungle adventure, hot air balloon, helicopter. The sky is full of energy and passion.
In recent years, Australia’s tourism has developed rapidly, and it has been favored by Chinese tourists, and various tourist routes have emerged in an endless stream.
Australia’s well-known tourist spots line the southeast coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, along the coastline south of the famous Cairns.
The travel agency’s Australian travel experts have combined the classic attractions to provide matching travel advice for family, honeymoon and family travelers.
However, whether you are going to Australia for the first time or returning to Australia, there are some attractions that you should not miss.
  Blue Mountains @Sydney The cityscapes of Sydney are similar to those of other cities. It is recommended to be a natural beauty in the suburbs of Sydney.
For example, the Blue Mountains about 65 kilometers west of Sydney, the highest point in the east is 1070 meters above sea level, and the western peak is about 360-540 meters high.
The blue mountain peaks are steep and there are a lot of eucalyptus trees growing on the mountain. Because of the oily nature, the volatile oil droplets are reflected in the air and reflected blue light. This mountain is named Blue Mountain.
The Blue Mountains have a pleasant climate with three 450-meter-high peaks, the Gino Blue Cave, the Wentworth Falls and the ostrich.
  It is a great pleasure to take the aerial ropeway and cross the cliffs separated by 450 meters. The scenery of the blue mountains and peaks is all in the eye, and the clouds under the cliffs roll like the waves on the sea.
There are many attractions in the Blue Mountains. There are also Blue Mountain National Parks with rare animals and exotic animals, Lindsay Art Museum and Museum, and the Hartley Court Site built by prisoners in 1831.
  Sydney attractions: Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Sydney Tower, Darling Harbour (Lover Harbor), Sydney Harbour National Park, Sydney Aquarium, Feath-erdale Safari Park, Australian Museum, Sea Alcatraz Island, Luna Park, ParrotIsland, Rock Discovery Museum, Cardman Lodge, Sydney Observatory, Cooke Bay Pier, Hyde Park, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney Fish Market, Oxford Street, Lower Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter Valley, Goulburn River国家公园、拜伦湾、博得山脉国家公园、沃宁山国家公园等  十二门徒石@墨尔本  被称作“十二门徒石”的奇岸怪壁,实际上是突出在南太平洋海面上的12Block sandstone, after thousands of years of baptism of sea waves and sea breeze, has been carved into a human face by nature, and the 12 rocks with strange expressions seem to be sad, just like gentle.
  As time passed and the waves washed, only 12 of the twelve disciples were left, and the one that was recently fallen was in 2005.
It is said that in the next 30 years, the remaining boulder will disappear.
As one of the “Great Views of the Earth”, don’t pass it by now.
  Phillip Island @Melbourne Phillip Island is only a few minutes away from the Australian mainland, but like other islands in the world, it has its own unique spirit and character.
There is a large penguin habitat on Phillip Island, and the little penguin will appear on the beach in the evening.
They will rush from the sea to the cave on the shore. This magnificent migration is called the penguin parade.
Penguin can be seen on the observation deck and observation path in the Phillip Island Nature Park, but in order to protect the penguin’s habitat, only 500,000 people can come to watch each year.
  These little penguins are Australian native penguins, smaller than other penguins and only 33 cm when standing upright.
They return to their caves every night to rest, or feed their cubs during the feeding season from August to March.
Within an hour before sunrise, they will leave the cave to the sea.
  Melbourne attractions: Kelmer House, Captain Cook’s Cabin, Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Sovereign Hill Gold Rush Town, Puffing Billy Steam Train, Great Ocean Road, Daylesford, Morlington Peninsula, Goldfield, GridLanping Mountain, Victoria Plateau, Gippsland, Grampians National Park, Melbourne Aquarium, Federation Square, St. Coda Beach Art Holiday Market, Turkic Salmon Farm, Koala Conservation Center, Warlock Farm,Sunshine Strawberry Farm, Red Hill Winery, Arthur Seat Maze Garden, etc.
  Kangaroo Island @Adelaide Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island, with more than half of the land being lush wild land.
The wild animals on the island are very active. You only need to take a leisurely ride to get on the road and meet wild animals from time to time.
A long curved dirt road will take you to a desert, a swamp, and a forest.
Kangaroo Island is known for its wildlife.
There are 5 protected wildlife areas on the island.
Come to Seal Beach to see the funny appearance of Australian wild seals in their sleeping position or play.
Visit wild kangaroos and koalas at the Fenders National Park.
Go to the beach, the lake, and the swamp to find the footprint of 251 species of birds on the island!
  Seal Bay @Adelaide The most famous attraction on Kangaroo Island is the Seal Bay Conservation Park on the southern coast.
This place is one-tenth of a group of about 500 rare Australian sea lions.
The sea lions here have been able to accept humans on their beaches, and the Park Protection Officer will provide guided tours to give passengers a chance to get close to sea lions.  Visitors to Kangaroo Island will never miss a trip to Seal Bay.

It is said that the total number of sea lions in Australia is about 12,000.

There are about 600 sea lions here.

Usually, visitors can see about 200 sea lions.

Where have the other 400 sea lions gone?

Going far away.

Sea lions are foodies and love lobsters and crabs.

Because offshore lobsters and crabs are caught by humans, sea lions have to feed the deep sea.

Adult sea lions go out to sea once a week.

The long beaches and sand dunes of Seal Bay are the natural bedrooms of sea lions.

When the sea lion returns to the bedroom on the island, in addition to feeding the cub, the greatest need is to have a good night’s sleep, recharge your batteries and kill the next time you go out to sea.

  Adelaide attractions: Flinders Ranges, Barossa Winery, Victor Harbor, Gary Valley, Lake Eyre National Park, Cleland Wildlife Paradise, Melba Chocolate Factory, Clifford Bee Farm, 鸸鹋Ridge eucalyptus oil refining workshop, Flinders hunting ground national protection park, flying magical rock group outside the sky.

Treatment of headache, dizziness, improvement, health care, Baihui

Treatment of headache, dizziness, improvement, health care, Baihui

Acupoint name: Baihui acupoint specific location: Baihui acupoint, located in the head of the human body, the center of the head is right, through the two ears to the midpoint of the line, to take acupoints.

First seen in the “Acupuncture and Moxibustion”, belonging to the Du Meridian, for the hands and feet Sanyang, the Governor’s meeting, alias “Sanyang Wuhui”.

“Cai Ai” cloud: “Three Yangs and Five Meetings, five of which are words and hundreds”, meaning that hundreds of veins will meet at this meeting.

The Baimaizhihui, the main cause of the disease, the Baihui acupoint has a lot of treatments, which is one of the common clinical points.

  Health Benefits: Baihui Acupoint is both a longevity point and a health point. It can stimulate and increase the body’s yang, regulate the heart and function of the cerebrovascular system. Baihui points are closely related to the brain and are the key points for regulating brain function.

The meeting of the hundred veins, the whole body.

On the right is the meeting of the Suns, the ancestors of the Baimai, and the Baihui points are the overlapping of the various qis.

The acupoint is yang, and it is in the yang of the yin, so it can reach the yin and yang veins, and it can play an important role in regulating the balance of yin and yang of the body.

  Oxygen and blood flow in brain tissue of patients with headache are significantly reduced. Acupuncture and massage Baihui acupoint can improve the oxygenation and blood flow of oxyhemoglobin in brain tissue, thus achieving the effect of Tongluoluo and relieving pain. It has a refreshing mind and calms the mind.The role of Shengyang trap can treat headache, dizziness, rectal prolapse, hypotension, insomnia, neurasthenia, stroke aphasia and other symptoms.

  Suitable for people: stroke, headache, dizziness, hypotension, hair loss, tinnitus, insomnia, rhinitis patients and other health care methods: headache, dizziness -1.

Massage method: sit at the front of the sleep, rubbing back and forth with the palm of your hand to heat up, 100 times each time;

Sniper method: use the right hollow palm to gently slam the Baihui point, 10 times each time;

Insertion method: Insert the middle finger of both hands into it, slowly exhale, insert it for 6 seconds, and repeat this 5 times, the blood circulation will become good.

  Hypotension – available as a moth.

There is no fixed distance between the end of the ignited moxa stick and the Baihui acupoint, but it moves like a bird like a bird.

The above two methods are about 15-20 minutes each time.

Or massage the top of the Baihui point with the palm of your hand, massage each time 50 times in a clockwise direction and counterclockwise direction, 2-3 times a day.

(Note that under the guidance of a doctor) hair loss – you can use the point method.

After clicking on the Baihui, press down hard and hold for 5 seconds, then lick 5 times, the 揉 is partial 揉, do not move.

After 揉5, the midline of the fracture head is further up, and the occipital bulge is pressed directly to the back of the head.

  Insomnia – Massage Baihui acupoints before going to bed every day.

Every time you use a health-care wooden comb to comb your hair for 5 minutes, you can keep your mood comfortable, relieve your troubles, and eliminate your thoughts.

  Allergic rhinitis – tapping.

When tapping, it is limited to the range that can be tolerated.

Before you get out of bed in the morning, you can shoot for a while; when you are at the workplace or school, you can take a few more shots to make your nose comfortable.

It is more conducive to alleviating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Qigong exercises 9 major requirements

Qigong exercises 9 major requirements


Practicing qigong is to clean up the body’s garbage, and the self-physical purification process of stretching the bones often feels sour after exercise. It hurts, or itching, sweating, creping, darkening of the skin, rotten heels, peeling, some people will suddenly thinkTo defecate, urinate, and people will have blood in the stool and so on.

  All of this is a reaction to spiritual self-purification.

It is undoubted that this is a disease reaction when practicing Qigong.

After experiencing these reactions, the toxicity and physical strength will be improved, thus achieving a healthy self-breakthrough.


The utilitarian thoughts of practicing Qigong cannot be too heavy, not just for comfort, nor just for treating diseases.

If there is a first purpose, it can’t last for a long time; for the second purpose, it is not easy to concentrate on oneness in the spirit, and it is not easy to get sick.

  If there is no motivation for utilitarian thinking, then it is possible to establish a kind of physiological health, a small benefit for the family, and a great idea for the benefit of society.

With such a big utilitarian idea, the consciousness of practicing qigong will be greatly improved, and modern scientific knowledge can be used to help practice, so as to achieve the purpose of improving and better changing the state of the human body.


Whether one can persist in practicing hard and can do scientific training, in the end is still a question of world outlook and outlook on life.

If a person’s goal in life is to possess wealth and honor, to enjoy, then he lacks the spirit of hardship.

  To persist in hard work and scientific practice, we must correctly handle the relationship between daily work and practice, and the heart must be as big as the universe, can accommodate things that ordinary people can’t tolerate, can endure the hardships that ordinary people can’t stand, and can solve the problem that ordinary people can’t solve.Trouble, can find the greatest pleasure in the most difficult environmental conditions, so as to eliminate all interference, feel comfortable and practice, and always practice.


Strengthen the understanding of Qigong theory based on natural science knowledge.

I think that general physical exercise only relies on physical exercise to strengthen local functions, while Qigong training has both exercise and rest functions.

It is the proper use of breath and body movements to enhance the body’s ability to cycle, so that the various functions of the body are balanced.


It is a slow process to strengthen your own body and consciousness by practicing Qigong. You cannot rush to seek success.

Because of the decades-long process, the various components of the body have aged, and the world view of the human being has been shaped for decades.

  In a very short period of time, the world view formed in decades will be reversed to the scientific track, and the already blocked rivers (that is, various circulatory systems) will be unblocked, and the already rusted chain (the entire spine is equivalent to a chain)Lubrication, which makes the joints that have been solidified flexible, is absolutely impossible, and can only be perfected one by one.


To practice qigong, you must be scientific, and you must strive to practice in the evening.

It is said that practicing Qigong can’t be eager to seek success. The essence is not to say that the practice should be slowly. If every practice has a new experience, then the skill will grow faster.

Therefore, when doing every action, use your heart, use your gas, and use your strength.

Every practice is like the first time you practice, always feeling fresh.


When practicing Qigong, you must relax and use your strength.

This seems a bit contradictory and hard to do.

The more relaxed, the more you can use the gas and strength.

The feeling of relaxation can be found in the following process: the body is right, the eyes are closed, the breath is full, the whole body is swollen, and then the lower abdomen is slowly exhaled from the mouth, and the force is exhausted until the head is slightly dizzy.The whole body is soft and seems to be surrounded by the feeling of underground.


It is best to practice qigong with both physical and mental exercise.

Physical exercise, different exercises have different requirements, and physical changes in the body are the common requirements of Qigong mental exercise.

  Always pay attention to where the acid is, where it swells, where it hurts, where itchy. Think again about what is the reason, is it that the joint is loose, and the pipe is going to pass, and the gas is increased, the gas in the body is transported toThat part is waiting.


Practice can not be done as a task.
It is necessary to understand the profound truth from the practice process.
In the process of improving, I have to understand the meaning and fun of practicing.

Physical vitality indicators every detail

Physical vitality indicators every detail

Health investment requires you to pay at least money, including time and enthusiasm, from playing a ball with friends, doing a physical examination, starting a “fashion health”, you are already investing in health.

Never let spending increase deposits, our bodies can always be healthy.

  Small deposit certificates, from the usual healthy accumulation of balanced nutrition, we can not rely on photosynthesis like plants, can only rely on diet to supplement the body needs.

Therefore, please pay attention to the balanced nutrition, to meet the body’s needs for a variety of nutrients.

In addition, a well-functioning digestive system is needed, and the armor fully absorbs the nutrients in the diet.

  Tip: Eat 30 kinds of foods every day (including seasonings and 5 kinds of vegetables). If you can’t guarantee, please take nutritional supplements.

  Enough sleep The body and brain we rest during sleep, strong and physical and mental recovery.

When the night is in a sleep state, various physiological activities of the human body are weakened, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the energy accumulated during sleep is ready for the activities of the next day.

How to calculate “sufficient” varies from person to person. Once you wake up, your fever is strong and your mind is agile. That is to sleep.

  Tips: Go to bed at 11pm every day, sleep 7-8 hours, and wake up the next day.

  The vitality of the body is balanced and soft, allowing the age of the body to be represented.

Active, normal exercise can promote metabolism, strengthen physical fitness, enhance immunity, and help the body maintain vitality.

Anyway, go downstairs, especially those who are sedentary, 30 years old and have a small belly.

Oh, it’s you.

  Tip: Perform 3-5 aerobic exercises every week for 30-45 minutes each time.

  Love’s Emotional Deposits The greatest advantage of human beings is that we have emotional needs, love others to satisfy us, and love to make us happy.

Gradually extending, we need sex as the expression of love, don’t just love sex, don’t be simple and rude, don’t be unclean before sex, don’t be more “sex”. remove these “exceptions”, sex will not hurt us, it is a piecebeautiful thing.

  Tips: There is a person you love, more than once a week, and there is a family time that can’t be beaten every month.

  The principle of life that conforms to body rhythm and health is the law that allows the body to do what it is doing.

From small to three meals a day, quantitatively, to the root of a woman – the most important body rhythm of a woman is: timely marriage, timely education, timely feeding.

The hidden danger in the female body is a repair, unborn, late-growing or lactating breast-feeding population, the hormone levels in the body are easy to maintain normal, the rate of breast disease, gynecological diseases is significantly higher than other people.

  Tips: Have children before the age of 35, breast milk intake.

  Setting a pressure outlet for a healthy life has a positive, positive mental and mental state that is always necessary, so we need to find an outlet for stress.

It can be a SPA, a K song, a yoga class, or buy a few beautiful clothes, play with friends for a day, see a psychiatrist. informal, useful to you.

  Tips: When you are dissatisfied, you can solve it. After 12 hours, it is much better.

  Health investment requires you to pay at least money, including time and enthusiasm, from playing a ball with friends, doing a physical examination, starting a “fashion health”, you are already investing in health.

Never let spending increase deposits, our bodies can always be healthy.