Jinan issued the city’s first family education guidance order

  Due to a dispute with the hospital, a woman gave birth to a girl in the hospital, and left the baby in the intensive care unit for more than a year. In response to this case, the People’s Court of Huaiyin District, Jinan City issued the city’s first family education guidance order to urge and guide the guardian to perform their supervision responsibilities correctly in accordance with the law. Since the official implementation of the "Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China" on January 1, 2022, family education has risen from "family affairs" to "state affairs". Essence On January 1, 2021, Chen gave birth to a female flower in a Chinese medicine hospital and was transferred to a hospital in Jinan. Due to a dispute with a hospital in Jinan, Chen refused to go through the discharge procedures for Xiaohua and refused to receive Xiaohua to discharge.

Xiaohua can only live in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. It has been more than a year, and the hospital medical staff is taken care of. In desperation, the hospital complained Chen to the Huaiyin District Court and asked Chen to go through the discharge procedures for Xiaohua.

  After reviewing the Huaiyin District People’s Court, parents as minors should fulfill their duties in accordance with the law, provide the guarantee of life, health, and safety for minors, and pay attention to the physiological, psychological conditions and emotional needs of minors; little flowers At the stage where the mother is most needed to care about love, Chen, as his mother, should actively fulfill the responsibility of monitoring. You cannot leave Xiaohua because of disputes, so that Xiaohua is taken away from her mother for a long time and can not enjoy the mother’s love; and With the growth of Xiaohua, she also needs to receive family education in a good family environment to promote physical and mental health. The Huaiyin District Court issued a family education guidance order to Chen in accordance with the law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" and "the People’s Republic of China" and "Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China", ordered Chen to fulfill their supervision responsibilities in accordance with the law and fulfill their care obligations in accordance with the law. , Let Xiaohua get the care of her mother, accept family education that is suitable for age, and promote physical and mental health growth; if it violates legal obligations, be neglected to perform supervision duties, and will give punishment measures such as education and commandment according to law to constitute crimes. responsibility.

  The growth of each child is only once, and the responsibility of the guardians of both parents is indispensable. The problem of solving the "irregularity" is no longer a simple "housework", but instead of being included in the scope of legal regulations. It requires important issues that need to work together to work together.

“As long as you wait here,All all the treatment is almost。”

“Then,Let’s get started at any time.!”
When Handfei said,This is the people around you,More excited。
In fact, if now,Things are already like this。
Then,It is ready anywhere.,Can continue。
“but,From now on this extent,Let’s everyone,It has fully occupied the entire opportunity。”
“So other things,In fact, it is not so important.。”
When Handifei finished,Those people around you,It is even again connected nodes.。
And when Han Defei is still talking here,at this time,One person outside,Running hurriedly。
This person runs forward,Side, I didn’t forget to say this.。
http://www.muyujob.cn “Housekeeper,good news,Shen Xuan,It seems to be hierarily。”
“And look,They are more passive than before。”
After learning this news,Handfei is even more excited.。
“What you said,Are it true??”
Han Defei finished,people around me,It’s even more。
After all, this,It is inevitable。
but,When Hand flew out before。
Handfei at this time,The whole person’s face is more excited and can’t say.。
After all, I will follow it.,How to deal with this thing。
Otherwise,Don’t I don’t think it is completely。
“Since you want to fight,So no matter how,Such a thing,In fact, the root,I don’t think anything。”
“So now I have to play now,So now,In fact, let’s everyone.,Still there is this necessary to fight。”
When Handifei finished,Other people around,The more you look, the more excited。
The first thousand seventy-six chapters start at any time
at this time,Shen Xuan,It is very calm。
“How about it,you all,No need to be so nervous。”
But Shen Xuan’s side,Jiang Xiaowei is even more suspicious.。
“so,This is what you are now,Choose the true cause of stay here?”
Jiang Xiaotao looks at,Her face is full of curiosity。
But as for Shen Xuan?,Then pick the eyebrows slightly,Whole person’s face,It is also a kind of different look.。
But the more you now,In fact, in front of you。
Shen Xuan itself,It is completely unfair to,What will I have now?。
slowly,In http://www.sjywzx.cn front of you。
The more like this,In fact, in front of you。
Shen Xuan itself,The more you look, the more you think,Such a thing,In itself,It’s very funny.。

42 new local diagnosis cases in Beijing, 4 asymptomatic infected infected

According to the Beijing Daily client, on April 27th, at the 317th press conference of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia epidemic in Beijing, Pang XinghuoFrom 16:00 on April 26 to 15:00 on the 27th, there were 46 cases of new local new crown pneumonia virus infections, including 42 confirmed cases and 4 asymptomatic infections; 25 cases of Chaoyang District, 12 cases of Fangshan District, Tongzhou District, Tongzhou DistrictFive cases, 3 cases of Fengtai District, 1 case of Changping District.According to the Beijing Daily client, on April 27th, at the 317th press conference of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia epidemic in Beijing, Pang XinghuoFrom 16:00 on April 26 to 15:00 on the 27th, there were 46 cases of new local new crown pneumonia virus infections, including 42 confirmed cases and 4 asymptomatic infections; 25 cases of Chaoyang District, 12 cases of Fangshan District, Tongzhou District, Tongzhou DistrictFive cases, 3 cases of Fengtai District, 1 case of Changping District.

The elderly called easy to open,Trying to solve Jiang Yao and others。

When the tribe acting as a translation, the middle-aged middle age,A whitewood began to come up with a guy,Unpaid,A shot is on his face。
http://www.xinyingxianglighting.cn “what……”
Middle-aged people screamed,When the head is broken,Face with face。
Such a scene,Let Gree Tribe have a champion,An anger,But I don’t dare to act.。
They have been hospitalized,Clear than anyone,These armed forces are all devils that kill people don’t blink.,If it is dare to resist,I am afraid that I will be exhausted by the other.。
White people still smile,Stand quietly。
“Eating,Now give me a clean house now,I am going to take a break in a break.。”
Say,He reached out two fingers,Slowly open,Take some cigar immediately。
After ignition,Deeply sucking,White eyes swept,With a drama,Refers to Feng Yuan and Jiang Yao,“Two beautiful ladies,PLZ follow me。”
His voice is gentle,It is not to be suspicious.,The eyes are more flashing.,“I,polar bear,I hope to spend a wonderful night with two beautiful ladies.。”
“Ha ha。”
Surrounded by laughing sound,More people blow a whistle。
And at this time,Mu Dong wiped a forehead cold sweat,Be careful,“gentlemen,I want to ask you……Can you let go of this lady?。”
He pointed to Jiang Yao,“she……She is my unmarried wife。”
White mouth with a cigar,Frowning。
Mutong hurriedly,“gentlemen,Please listen to me,I guarantee the cost of making your satisfaction,As long as you let go of my unmarried wife。”
Toned,He is carefully supplemented,“If you are willing to let them,I can give you money.,a lot of money,Never let you down。”
Talk,The man used to use the guns, I walked up again.。
“Don’t do it first。”
White people stop him,即 打 打,“I am very interested in money.,More than a woman,I don’t know how much is this gentleman.。”
“As long as you offer prices。”
Mu Dong is secretly tone,As long as you can use money to flatten,Not a problem。
But he quickly http://www.shangshangroup.cn thought of what,Refers to summer and Yan Yuan,Loudly,“gentlemen,The people I said don’t include them.,I don’t know them.。”
This sentence can be said to be vicious,I don’t forget to retouble and the Langyuan now.。
Surrounded everyone has been scared,A blank in the mind。
No one sympathy, summer and Yan Yuan。
No people caught humane。
on the contrary,He bold everyone,Everyone even grateful。
“Um?They are not your companion?”
White people pick the eyebrows,Turntable,I stayed in Yan Yuan for a long time.。
Last laugh,“I am interested in women now.,Beautiful lady,PLZ follow me。”

Guizhou: Follow up the supervision of precision supervision and supervise the fact that the farm is farming

On February 28, cadres of the Supervisory Committee of Meitan County Discipline Inspection Commission of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province came to the construction site of the "100 billion -pound Grain Field Planning Project", and the completion of 37 machine farming roads and 5 agricultural irrigation canals in 6 project areas The situation was carried out on the ground supervision and inspection, and 14 issues were found and urged on the spot, and the project was urged to comprehensively resume work and re -production to ensure that it was not wrong.

It is essential to ensure the harvest of food for the whole year. In the past few days, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels of Guizhou have followed the responsibility of their duties and paid close attention to the complexity of spring production supervision responsibilities, the supply of spring plowing materials, the implementation of the policy of benefiting agriculture, agricultural technical services, and the issuance of agricultural subsidy funds. In the modern high -efficiency vegetable industry demonstration park in Xixiu District, Anshun City, local disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres carefully asked the current preparation of the current spring plowing materials such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, feedback the difficulties and problems collected, and urged relevant functional departments to be producer operators as production operators. Drip trouble.

The implementation of various policies and measures to prepare for the spring cultivation must be suppressed to the main responsibility of the main body of the real service department. The Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection dispatched the 21st Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team to urge the provincial agricultural and rural departments and other units to establish a key project account, plan major spring plowing projects in advance, and check the implementation of key projects such as rice, corn, rapeseed The role of the community has led the supply and marketing system and social enterprises to fully invest in agricultural supply to ensure that seeds, fertilizer, pesticide and other major agricultural capital transportation reserves are urged; Guide farmers to do good jobs in seedlings, weeding in field, and promote the protection of spring plowing, and lay the foundation for the opening of food production this year.

Agricultural supply guarantees and market specifications for agricultural product products have become the focus of supervision of disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Guizhou. The Anshun Economic Development Zone Discipline Inspection and Supervision Working Committee formed three special supervision and inspection teams to sink a line to strengthen supervision and inspection around the links of agricultural capital reserves and stabilizing agricultural capital prices, and urged the district agricultural and rural bureaus to increase the supervision of agricultural capital markets.

"We implement the work responsibility system of ‘one village and one supervisor’ work, and go deep into the fields to collect spring plowing and cultivation related issues.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Qinglong County, Qianqianzhou Prefecture, since this year, the county disciplinary committee and supervision committee has carried out more than 20 special inspections to inspect more than 40 households in various types of agricultural capital operations. In the low temperature rain and snow frozen weather, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shuangfeng Town, Panzhou City moved forward to supervise the barrier, and conducted supervision and inspection of the anti -frozen frozen work of crops in the town, and promoted the implementation of anticoagulant agricultural measures such as agricultural film, fertilizer supply, and management and training. Ensure that more than 6,000 acres of crops can go through the difficulty of freezing.

(Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection || Editorial Editorial Fang Qingqiao) (Responsible editor: Peng Xiaoling, Wu Nan).

“The game is over,But it is some imitation products.,I spent a lot of strength。”The dying Xilin is still hard now.。

Qi Yana’s hands have to rush to dry rushing,Han http://www.nesed6.cn Jiang pulled her,Look at it。
On the sky,One“Silver Bullet”Aim,Falling with a speed of fast。
Walter looked at Xilin, Laughing,Xilin also felt what looked up,I found a super large bullet aimed at myself.。
She feels that the weapon above is endless oppression.,Want to leave,The body is locked by Walter’s power to lock。
“Silver Bullet”Before arriving in Xilin,Xilin opens a delivery door with only the remaining power,Swallow bullets。
The earth rises a huge mushroom cloud,explosive“Silver Bullet”Release the heat that can ablate the land,Hurricane and rapid shock waves,Almost substantial radiation。
Siberian Icy stone chemicals into magma,The woods are completely burning into the grass.,Xilin was slowly affected by the impact。
When Xilin is going to fall on the ground,Xilin’s eyes,Two gray hands http://www.xssbq.cn appeared below her body,Prace Western in subcompersibility。
“Oops,let’s go!”
Xilin this is using the transfer door.,Han Jiang Laqiana chased the space fluctuation point。
Just flying out of 100 meters,A man with a clown mask appears in front of Hanjiang。
Hanjiang red,Put Kiyana。
“Qi Yana,Three kilometers nine o’clock,Either resolve Xilin,Either let her become human!”
Solve Cai Lin,Let Xilin become human,Qi Yanna didn’t know,Can only perform one。
Qi Yana flew out,Han Jiang and the mask of the clown mask are playing together。
Han Jiang knows this person is Otto,In the true illusion in Fuhua,Sure enough。
“Die here。”
Otto’s voice was disguised as a mechanical sound,One-handed hand,A spiritual force hits Hanjiang。
Han Jiang’s brain,I can only look at Otto slowly.。
“Oh?Actually didn’t die,Unfortunately, this is a good seed.。”
Outo walks into,Hanjiang bombard。
Han Jiang struggled to shake his head,Let yourself fresh。
There is a data vision,Calculate your awareness and action,Han Jiang reacted,Red typography is in front of him,Block Otto’s punch。
This is very powerful in Otto,A punch,Even the red 缨 is completely about to arrive in Hanjiang chest.。
At the end, Walter is not watching.,Fly up,Play a hand,There are several spatial cracking cracks around Otto.。
“who are you,Why prevent us from killing Xilin?”
“Feel sorry,This lady is the necessary existence in the http://www.finnspace.cn plan,Two positions if you want to destroy the plan。”
“That……I can only send two people to death.。”
Otto said,A boxing hit the chest of Hanjiang。
Han Jiang’s eyelids are suddenly jumped,The stomach is hitting the river to reverse the sea.,Otto is going to move the visceral of Hanjiang.。
Previously, Han Jiang always felt that Otto’s spirit is nothing more than the knowledge of the void.,I didn’t expect his body and so powerful.。
Otto did not puncture the chest of Hanjiang,Even the ribs did not break a few,I feel some accidents。
This body is debugged for hundreds of years,Foot enough to hardly,This young man……interesting……Forehead。

National Health and Health Commission: 31 provinces added local "5646+9942" example

According to the website of the National Health and Health Commission, at 024 on April 28, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 5,659 newly confirmed cases. Among them, there were 13 cases of overseas input cases (3 cases in Guangdong, 2 cases in Beijing, 2 cases in Shanghai, 2 cases in Fujian, 1 case of Heilongjiang, 1 case in Zhejiang, 1 case in Guangxi, and 1 case in Sichuan). Confrative cases (1 case in Zhejiang, 1 case in Fujian); 5,646 local cases (5487 cases in Shanghai, 47 cases in Beijing, 42 cases in Jilin, 31 cases in Zhejiang, 7 cases in Shandong, 7 cases in Guangdong, 4 cases in Heilongjiang, 4 cases in Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Three cases, 3 cases in Jiangsu, 3 cases in Sichuan, 2 cases in Henan, 1 case of Liaoning, 1 case of Fujian, 1 case in Hunan, 1 case in Guangxi, 1 case of Yunnan), including 5125 cases from asymptomatic infections to Confirmation cases (5062 cases in Shanghai, 31 cases of Jilin, 28 cases in Zhejiang, 1 case of Liaoning, 1 case in Shandong, 1 case in Henan, and 1 case in Yunnan).

52 new cases of death are local cases, in Shanghai; no suspected cases are not added.

There were 2796 new cases of hospitalization on the day, of which 14 cases were entered overseas, 2782 cases of local cases (2480 cases in Shanghai, 199 cases of Jilin, 25 cases in Heilongjiang, 18 cases in Guangdong, 12 cases in Jiangsu, 6 cases in Jiangxi, 5 cases in Henan, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan Five cases, 4 cases in Shandong, 4 cases in Shaanxi, 4 cases of Qinghai, 3 cases in Beijing, 3 cases in Shanxi, 3 cases in Zhejiang, 3 cases in Fujian, 3 cases in Hainan, 2 cases in Anhui ), 28,159 close contacts with medical observations, increased by 18 cases from the previous day. There were 182 existing confirmed cases (unsecured cases) overseas, and there were no suspected cases. A total of 18,163 confirmed cases were cumulative, and 17,981 cases were cured in accumulatively cured, and there were no death cases.

As of 24:00 on April 28, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 28,317 confirmed cases (including 417 cases of severe cases), and 180,951 cases were cured. A total of 21,4243 cases were reported, and there were no suspected cases. A total of 3345,519 people were tracked to the close contact, and 45,5300 close contacts who were still observed in medicine. 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 10029 cases of asymptomatic infection, of which 87 were entered overseas, 9942 cases of 9,942 cases (9545 in Shanghai, 91 cases in Liaoning, 76 cases in Jiangxi, 46 cases in Jiangsu, Jilin Jilin, Jilin, Jilin, and Jilin. 45 cases, 38 cases in Shandong, 23 cases in Anhui, 20 cases in Zhejiang, 18 cases of Xinjiang, 7 cases in Hubei, 7 cases in Guangdong, Heilongjiang 6 cases, 5 cases in Henan, 4 cases in Hebei, 3 cases in Beijing, 2 cases in Beijing, 2 cases in Sichuan, 2 cases in Sichuan , 1 case of Hunan, 1 case in Guangxi, 1 case of Chongqing, 1 case of Ningxia).

There were 15,884 asymptomatic infected from medical observation that day, of which 66 cases were entered overseas, 1,5818 cases were local (14,994 in Shanghai, 379 cases in Jilin, 109 in Jiangsu, 69 cases in Hebei, 51 cases in Anhui, 42 cases in Shandong, 27 cases in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, and 27 cases in Heilongjiang. 21 cases in Hubei, 20 cases in Jiangxi, 20 cases in Yunnan, 19 cases in Shanxi, 16 cases in Henan, 16 cases in Guangxi, 11 cases in Guangdong, 10 cases in Fujian, 5 cases in Liaoning, 5 cases in Zhejiang, 1 case in Hainan, 1 in Shaanxi 1 case, Shaanxi 1 For example, 1 case of Qinghai); 5127 cases were turned to confirmed cases that day (2 cases input overseas); 19,7213 cases of non -symptoms observed in medicine (601 cases were entered overseas).

A total of 419,016 cases were notified in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Among them, 330,488 cases of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (59173 cases were discharged from hospital, 9287 deaths), 82 cases of 82 cases of Macau Special Administrative Region (82 cases were discharged from hospital), and 8,8446 cases in Taiwan (13,742 cases were discharged and 860 deaths).

Huang Jia in the dark“Oh“With a,Then she asked:”You’ve been sitting all afternoon,Is it convenient?Say if needed,There is no car behind now“

According to Huang Jia,Xia Jian suddenly felt a little urinary,He smiled awkwardly and said:“If you can park well,Just stop,I’m fast“
“Zhang Sanyou,Park the car by the side http://www.tcylwy.cn of the road,Let this big brother go down for convenience“Huang Jia said loudly。
The car stopped slowly,Xia Jianla opened the door to jump down,Huang Jia gave him a hand and said:“Put the bag down,I’m afraid we won’t be able to run,Really not like a man“
What Huang Jia said,Xia Jian suddenly felt embarrassed,He hurriedly put the bag in his hand on the seat,People jumped out of the car。I can’t see anything in the dark,He found a place behind the big truck and started to solve it。
He just sprinkled half,Suddenly I found out why this big truck was moving?And speed up quickly。Xia Jian found that something was wrong,Chase when you lift your pants,But no matter how fast he is,Can’t keep up with the speed of the car。
Slap,Something fell off the car。Xia Jian used the light of the car lights in the distance,I found it was my bag that http://www.diaojs.cn fell on the ground,He hurried up,Picked up the bag from the road。
What the bastard wants to do?Xia Jian cursed secretly,Opened the bag and took a look,There seems to be a lot of things inside,But the only thing missing is more than 10,000 yuan in the mezzanine。Xia Jian just understood,Feelings are when he falls asleep in the car,The bag between him and Huang Jia has been checked by this nasty woman。
And what weird thing she asked,It’s Xia Jian’s answer,Gave her the determination to start。No wonder she was so kind to let Xia Jian come down halfway to solve the fire and water problem。Thought of here,The regretful Xia Jian was so angry that he squatted on the highway,No money,How can he live the days?
Leaning back on the highway guardrail,Xia Jian looked at the dark night sky with both eyes,He really doesn’t know how he should go next。What happened to him over the years,Passing in his mind like a movie。He started from nothing,From the group boss,Became a penniless fugitive,Is it fate?
Do not,I don’t believe in fate,I believe in myself,When I wanted to go out and work on the construction site,Not too poor,But then he still made people look up。
Thought of here,Xia Jian fisted fiercely,He secretly swears,He wants to start all over again。
Carrying the bag on the ground,Xia Jian along the highway,Let go of the pace and walk forward。Occasional vehicles passing by,Keep honking his horn,People may treat him as a mentally disordered person,None of this matters,The important thing is that he wants everything from scratch。
Finally reached an exit,When coming out of the toll booth,Which toll http://www.cndscf.cn collectors have a strange look at Xia Jian,I feel like a beast that ran out of the mountain。
When the exhausted Xia Jian saw the light in front of her,He’s almost fighting。By the tiny light,Xia Jian took a look at his watch,It’s almost four o’clock in the morning,He walked for five or six hours,No wonder I feel tired。
A steamed bun shop has opened,The steamer placed at the door is already hot,See these,Xia Jian felt her stomach was empty now,He still ate at noon,If I didn’t hold this breath in my heart,How could he go so far。

Representative of Li Cuizhi: Promote the development of green and low -carbon in dairy industry

  As a representative of the National People’s Congress from the dairy industry, Li Cuizhi has always paid attention to industry development. This year, she set her eyes to the dairy industry chain.

"When General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the review of the Fifth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, the Inner Mongolia delegation repeatedly mentioned the ‘double carbon’ goal, emphasizing that the carbon reduction was safe and safe to ensure the safety and food safety of the industrial chain.

This clarifies the direction of development for the dairy industry.

"To promote the development of green and low -carbon in the dairy industry, we must grasp the key link of the development of upstream agriculture and animal husbandry. In recent years, my country’s agricultural and animal husbandry has developed high -quality, but at the same time, there have been problems such as incomplete statistical systems of agriculture and animal husbandry, insufficient industry independent emission reduction power, and lack of composite talents.

"Li Cuizhi said that these problems restricted the pace of low -carbon transformation of agriculture and animal husbandry.

  In response to these issues, Li Cuizhi conducted in -depth investigations last year and combined with her more than 20 years of work experience. This year, she put forward suggestions: encouraging agricultural and animal husbandry companies to adopt a nourishment and combination model to participate in the restoration of the grass field and strengthen the grassland ecological protection and construction. By improving the production efficiency of grassland management, pasture varieties, and feed mixing, the pasture is made into high -quality carbon exchange systems, while effective carbon reduction while taking into account economic benefits, and promoting agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises to reduce emission reduction. At the same time, Li Cuizhi also suggested to improve the construction of a statistical system for carbon emissions in agriculture and animal husbandry, provide corresponding policy support for the carbon emission reduction of agriculture and animal husbandry, and put forward clear requirements and restraint indicators; formulate carbon neutralization roadmaps to find the entire industry of agriculture and animal husbandry The chain is effective in carbon reduction; accelerate the cultivation of "agricultural and animal husbandry+carbon reduction" composite talents, and support college focus on the hotspots and difficult problems in the process of focusing on the neutrality of agriculture and howing in the process of carbon Carbon transactions, carbon neutralization paths, and improve the theoretical system of low -carbon development in the industry.

  "Green is the background of the high -quality development of Inner Mongolia, and it is also the background of the high -quality development of China’s dairy industry. In the process of achieving the" double carbon ", the dairy industry must actively contribute." Li Cuizhi said, "We will follow the country’s’ double carbon ” Work planning and deployment, enhance the concept of systems, accelerate the full -chain carbon reduction, create zero carbon future, and make the northern frontiers’ scenery lines in the northern part of the country more beautiful. " People see recommended reading.

Hear the price of one hundred and five,And it is just planting vegetables,This makes http://www.crosh.cn everyone are excited.。

“Dry,We are born,It’s no problem with vegetables.,If you want to catch insects,We can do it。”
Li Hui’s heart is not always in the heart.,He didn’t think of these before,Feeling vegetables, although it makes him naturally grow naturally.,I forgot to catch insects.,Semiry’s things。
“Hey-hey,Row,Waiting for me, I must first come to Taohua Village to find you.,Today, I am coming to count.,Then you can work for tomorrow.,Everyone is nothing else.?”
“no,no,Give me a name first。”
soon,Li Hui Feng statistics,This statistic is not tight,There are more than 60 people。
See the last more people,Li Hui Feng hesitated,It’s all right.。
Qin Su Ya is not,Yang Tie management greenhouse construction,But things in vegetable greenhouses,He suddenly felt no one managed,If the average person, he is still http://www.cuofj.cn not at ease.,Looking for your own parents?
I want to think about it, I still don’t have to use it.,In case you know yourself, you will be a hundred and five.,I am afraid I have to pay myself.。
Back from Taohua Village,Li Hui Feng is thinking about using who is good。
I just had a little lunch at noon.,The gate of the wide yard is ringing。
This is still Liu Xu’s first time to Lotus Village.,Lotus Village is better than she thinks.,The road is wide,And the entire village is full of thriving,See the construction of a greenhouse,She is a little curious about this poor village when they have money.。
Today is the day of the broadband network completely installed.,She follows staff,Also on the road, I heard the rumors of this village Li Hui Feng.。
Two workers are every day in this lotus village,It’s almost two http://www.wrgfncp.cn months. Nature is similar to Li Hui’s deeds.。
But willow sweet but the first time。
I am misunderstood to drop out of school,Then loan mechanism,Garden,Engage in greenhouses,Contracted mountain field,Things to give the whole village to install broadband this item makes Liu Xu feel that he is a little bit of Li Hui,At the same time, I also feel that Li’s wind is a boy who has a very sunshine.。
She has not returned for more than a month.。
But this for more than a month,She has obviously feels that Chen Chaoyang will slowly start slowly.。
It is impossible to say that she doesn’t want to retaliate the opponent.,Have a few times she even gave birth to the staff to give Chen Chaoyang with a green hat.。
As a result, every time she own is unwilling.。
Her heart is still very good for Li Hui Hui,But the flowers are interested in flowing.,Let her also become very ugly。
Under the guidance of the staff,She also found Li Hui’s orchard。
Today, she is wearing very generous,And painted a touchless makeup。
When I rang Li Rong’s courtyard,She has thought of many possibilities in her mind.,I thought that I chat with Li Hui’s little young.,Even forever。
I even want to have a green husband.,After all, it is my husband’s first green.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that someone will come to him.。
Wear slippers directly,The big trousers are gone from the house.。
He stunned in a moment of the door.。
I only see Liu Xu’s on a white slim shirt.,The chest is still a weaving thick network,The lower body is a refolded cotton hot pants,Two slender snow-white jade legs are equipped with a pair of high heels to show the charm of charming。
Willow sweetness did not expect that Li Hui will be so unfolded.。
That solid muscle,Perfect, it is generally。
I saw that Li Hui Feng wearing clothes she has always feel that Li Fah is very thin type.。
But this shirtless look,She only knew that Li Hui Feng, which is obviously wearing thin undressing.。
Especially the eight abdominal muscles make her heart inevitably want to go。