But here,In fact, Ye Xuan knew。

Now words,This is not the time to continue to struggle with these things。
When Ye Xuan slowly looked in front of him,For all of this,Actually Ye Xuan’s heart,It came very clearly。
“but,Look at the current rhythm。”
“It looks like,They should be calculating what to do with me?”
Ye Xuan feels,Should be like this。
“otherwise,Redeem a lip-reading skill?”
Ye Xuan took a look,Still stunned。
original,Words to exchange lip language,It actually costs 30 points。
“This one,Much higher than taekwondo。”
Of course,Now words,Taekwondo only needs three points。
And now,This is thirty times that of Taekwondo。
But is it worth it??
Anyway, keep it,Certainly useful。
So here,Ye Xuan felt more and more,Actually now,You can give it a try。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,Start redemption。”
Ye Xuan chooses to redeem,And the remaining HP of Ye Xuan,Only over a hundred。
“It seems,I don’t have three to five thousand points on hand,I’m so embarrassed to go out。”
Ye Xuan thought for a while,Still can’t help but complain。
but,If you really need 30,000 to 50,000 points,Ye Xuan doesn’t know yet,How much will it cost。