Changsha: Civilization creates everyone participation

Original title: Civilization creates everyone’s participation (building a higher level civilized city) "community is different.

"Zhong Meilong, who lived for many years in Changsha City, Changsha City, Hunan Province, said that the neighbors in the front corridor met very much. Now, everyone is very enthusiastic, like a family.

What is changed? "Everyone participates in civilized construction, learning Lei Feng to do volunteer service; after the neighborhood homishes mutual help, it is difficult to think that it does not change!" Wang Aiping, secretary of the community party committee.

In recent years, Changsha City has cultivated civilized roots in urban development, and cultivated civilized temperament with red gene. "We fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses to participate, create ‘civilization creation, always have the atmosphere of me’.

"Peng Juan, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Changsha Municipal Committee.

Zhou Jin is a resident of Qingshuang Community in Kaifu District. "I will live near, listen to the red story grows."

"She is self-accepting her, and the obligation is the explanator from the Changsha Historiography of the Communist Party of China.

The community is launched around the red culture to carry out a civilized practice activities around the red culture, and build a red service station, organize the enthusiastic party members like Zhoujin, and drive the residents in the jurisdiction. In the process of innovating the spiritual civilization construction, Changsha also grasps the revolutionary cultural relics, repair, protects and utilize, around red resources, and launching the masses to actively participate in the red gene inheritance. Changsha County Yang Kaihui former residence, Liuyang City Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Memorial Hall and other red remains, becoming a cultivation base of Changsha civilization.

As the hometown of Lei Feng, Changsha adheres to the theme activities such as "Lei Feng Hometown Lei Feng" in the process of civilized urban construction.

At present, the number of registered volunteers in the city is 1.3 million, and 4,177 volunteer service teams are formed.

Changsha City is still in 520 communities in the city, with 5 full-time "Lei Feng Volunteers" to each community, and give full play to the role of volunteers in the grassroots social governance.

"We organized the establishment of the Lei Feng youth commando, the united mobilization of the majority of employees to learn Lei Feng spirit, strive to be a pioneer, 300,000 industrial army, Lei Feng, become a major characteristic of the creation of civilization in high-tech zone." Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee .

Furong District Mars Street Laurel Community is the earliest group of resettlement communities in Changsha, and the parking is difficult to have caused contradictions in residents. Borrow a civilized community construction opportunity, the community collects resident opinions, introduces third-party management enterprises, scrapped the construction area, split the community’s idle side, scientifically divide nearly 1,000 parking spaces, and carry out digital management, and finally parking is difficult to solve. Taking the people’s happiness interpretation of civilized connotation, Changsha City has been staring at the degree, parking space, toilet, and retaasses "urgent expensive" problems, let the public continue to share civilized results in urban development. "Changsha will continue to consolidate the development of civilization, strive to create a beautiful and happy and livable civilized model!" Wu Guieying, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Changsha Municipal Party Committee.

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