2015 Birmingham-Navarro wins Kuzva and advances to the quarterfinals

2015 Birmingham-Navarro wins Kuzova and advances to the quarterfinals
England, Birmingham-On June 18th local time, the 2015 Aegon Birmingham Classic continued, with Navarro making the perfect transition from clay to grass. Two sets of Lectra Kuznetsova broke into the quarterfinals.纳瓦罗在比赛中  经历了首场比赛的三盘大战之后,纳瓦罗在第二场草地比赛中找回了状态,3号种子最终以6-3,6-4力克库兹涅佐娃.  Navarro’s performance this season is extremely stable, and the 35th victory of the year also helped her break into the quarterfinals for the 11th time.I feel great this year. I have worked hard to prepare for the offseason, and now I finally have the harvest season, Navarro said.  In the past, Navarro has made a lot of good results on the clay court, but now her play style is also very handy on the grass.The key break in the eighth inning of the first set controlled the progress of the game. Navarro’s outstanding backhand lost Kuznetsova’s position. The Spaniard took the opportunity to break and win the first set.  Navarro, who was chasing after the victory, quickly established a 4-1 lead in the second set, but the Spaniard looking forward to the quick victory ushered in Kuznetsova’s strong bravery in the final stage, and finally she was in the fourth gameOnly points successfully fulfilled the promotion to the quarterfinals.  Kuznetsova has always been a difficult opponent, but the grass game will definitely be different, so we need to work harder to find the best state, Navarro said that she has been fighting until the end, I alsoIn trying to maintain a steady performance, beat your own rhythm.  Navarro will face No. 6 seed Carolina Pliskova in the quarter-finals.