For the scene of Teng Zijing off-line in Qing Yu Nian, Wang Yang’s face fell swollen

For the scene of Teng Zijing off-line in “Qing Yu Nian”, Wang Yang’s face fell swollen
Not long ago, Teng Zijing in the hit drama “Qing Yu Nian” went offline, and the former brother-in-law Ji Yu of Luo Bin (Jin Dong) appeared in the TV series “Elite Lawyer” which was broadcast last week.Both of these roles are played by actor Wang Yang. Although they are quite different, “Teng Zijing is the most correct character in” Qing Yu Nian “. He is very wise and cute.But Ji Yu in “Elite Lawyer” is very emotional, with a soft heart and many crying scenes.The two roles with different personalities in the TV series “Qing Yu Nian” and the TV series “Elite Lawyer” both earned a lot of tears from the audience.A few days ago, in a special interview with Sauna and Yewang, Wang Yang copied it. When shooting the scene where Teng Zijing went off-line, he specially designed some details.He also hopes that the audience will remember these two characters while they are distressed, “When the” Qing Yu Nian “broadcast ends, everyone will recall it and think of Teng Zijing, even if I succeed.””Qing Yu Nian” Teng Zijing is too serious, but the hardest time to get the script, Wang Yang knew “Qing Yu Nian” is a good show.Both the producer and the opera boss Air Force have seen Wang Yang’s work, and feel that he is very suitable for acting in Teng Zijing.In the original script, Teng Zijing’s episode was offline after 11 episodes, and it was actually broadcast. He finally went offline after the plot developed to episode 13 due to editing.In the entire character line, 80% is his rival play with Fan Xian.”My first feeling is that this person is not good at acting.It ‘s not that he ‘s not good, it ‘s because he was off the line too early, and his role is very positive.”Wang Yang wondered how to make the audience remember this” good man “Teng Zijing who went offline early.”First of all, he cannot be stupid.”Teng Zijing’s martial arts are high, he has a sense of justice, and his IQ is also online.” Based on these, why can’t he compete with Fan Xian in some ways?”Wang Yang doesn’t want Teng Zijing to be just Fan Xian’s bodyguard,” then he becomes dispensable, and I hope to show his wisdom and cuteness through performances.”The relationship between Teng Zijing and Fan Xian in” Qing Yu Nian “is more like a brother.When Teng Zijing and Fan Xian talked, it should be silent and faint, but every sentence could poke Fan Xian’s pain point.”In this way, the brotherhood of the two people can be more sincere and smarter, and the emotional setting can be established.”Based on the lines written by the scriptwriter, Wang Yang also added his own way of processing.” Sometimes, Fan Xian hasn’t finished speaking the lines, so I started to say my lines.Sometimes in dialogue, I will leave blank for a long time to make the audience want to know what Teng Zijing is going to say. Through these technical means, people will be more impressed with Teng Zijing.”The fall off the line, without any protection as Wang Yang wished, the role of Teng Zijing really impressed the audience. Netizens said that they couldn’t accept it when they went offline.In fact, in the original book, Teng Zijing just broke a leg and did not die.Wang Yang said that he had never read the original work, but he thought it was the best place to change it.”Fan Xian’s follow-up is caused by Teng Zijing. The death of Teng Zijing is very important for Fan Xian’s mental and spiritual growth.”The off-line scene,” is my favorite and the hardest scene.I only watched this episode when I opened the barrage, and I was overwhelmed and cried in full screen.Some netizens said, can the screenwriter write a scam for you?”In this scene, Wang Yang went to the scene 18 times before and after, sometimes staying there for a day, sometimes for a few hours.It was during the scorching heat, and the actors had to wear armor and fight with Waia, “but now it seems that everything is worth it.”Wang Yang said that the drama was originally planned to have more than 20 minutes, but later for various reasons, it was only reserved for six or seven minutes,” it would be regrettable, but fortunately left some memory points for the audience.”Teng Zijing’s last scene.At the end of the scene, Wang Yang also specially designed the details.”Teng Zijing was uncomfortable for everyone off the assembly line. A large part of it was because of the last shot, Teng Zijing knelt down‘ 咣 ‘, then the whole body leaned forward heavily on the ground and rebounded.”This shot was taken once, and Wang Yang did not have the power to control his body and protect it.” After the scene was filmed, no one could see it, but my left face retina was swollen. Only I knew how painful it was.But I drew a perfect stop to this character.”Life Events” Wang Yang, who still needed to “liberate nature” universities originally planned to study abroad, still applied for the idea of retrying because of the visa rejection, and was admitted with the third grade of the professional course.In the first few years, Wang Yang has been in a state of groping professionally. “I am not good at liberating my nature now. When there are many people, I am still willing to retreat. I can’t do animal simulation all the time. I am particularly uncomfortable in this short time.”Artists provided pictures until the third year, and a teacher who came back from abroad directed the drama” Abalone “for them.”Choosing me to play in group A means that at least in his eyes, professional level should play in group A. I have a certain degree of confidence.”After graduation, Wang Yang was admitted to Beijing Arts,” At that moment, I insisted that it might really be the way to go.”In 2008, he played the Qing Dynasty drama” Shangshufang “with Yuan Hong and Yang Mi, and also starred in the urban drama” Snow Burning “, which has accumulated a certain popularity for him.” Up to now, some people are watching thisTwo works.”Qing Yu Nian” has also become one of the most talked about works in Wang Yang’s works, “Although there are not many plays, it is considered a representative work.””Now when I go out, everyone knows that I am Wang Yang, or call me Teng Zijing.”Although there has been no big reds and big purples, Wang Yang feels that his journey has been smooth.” Many people who are better than me and more professional than me are not so lucky. I started acting since graduation. There are three of the first six dramas.It is male number one, and the third part is male number two.”He did not shy away, hoping to have a day of fame,” after becoming famous, the most important thing is to have better resource allocation, and can win better roles and works.There is no such thing as fairness or injustice, this is the market.”Sauna, Ye net Zhang Kunyu artist photo editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin