Chapter Eighteen Reunion and secrets
A small town in the northern part of the Puang Empire‘Fallen Dragon Fort’in,There is a typical Northland hut。
The house is small,But very warm,Flaming brick、Cyan tiles,Eaves covered with animal skins and dried meat。
Wright grew up here,Live here。
“Haven’t been home for ten years!”Wright walks in front of the house,But stopped,Suddenly I feel like homesickness。
This life,The initial memory is a little fuzzy,Consciously,Wright lives here,Have a dad、mom,Later I got more sister!A warm and happy family。
“Crunch~~~”The door was opened,A tiger,The brawny man whose left hand is missing from his elbow is smiling。
“Haha,My son is back!”Wright didn’t react,Already in the arms of this strong man。Through father’s generous shoulders,Wright saw his mother looking at him with a full smile。
“Dad,Why do you only see brother?!”The girl’s slightly annoyed voice came from behind Wright。
Suddenly,Wright felt that his heart was attached to the world,One more touch of inexplicability。
Wright’s Heart,Adjusted quickly。
The mother at home is talking about dinner,This is Wright’s first return home in nearly ten years after leaving his hometown。
And father Andy is the same as ten years ago,Sitting on an animal skin chair,Teasing two kids,He just lost half of his left arm,I’m afraid I won’t be able to pick up the two children in a short time。