Country tour, the beautiful village is rich farmhouse (first-line investigation · Tour village string to explore Xing)

  In recent years, rural tourism has developed rapidly.

There is data show: Since 2015, rural leisure tourism is growing in an average annual rate of 10%. In 2019, rural leisure tourism directly drives the number of employment people to 12 million, driving more than 8 million households.

Rural tourism not only provides a variety of choices for people, but also provides strong kinetic energy for rural residence.

  After the development of Hedans Highway, the ecological tourism is a small rain, and the fog is holding a green mountain. Tourists arrived in Shaanxi Fangtang Village in Shaanxi, where to settle down, and enjoyed the mountain.

"I ride more than 1,000 kilometers from Nanjing to travel, I have seen a lot of beautiful scenery, not fake!" The small snack shop in the village, the door, the door, the store, the Gao Peng Tao speed tap the keyboard, order to the customer.

"We rented the old house of the villagers, you can see Qingshan, watch the Yunhai, the main product is pulled with tofu, one day can sell more than 1,000 copies." Gao Peng Tao said. The waiter Ren Xuefeng is the village of Fangti Village. She didn’t go out of work last year. "Earn 3000 pieces at home, can also take care of the place in home, no longer run in both.

"Talking about today’s life, happiness is on the face of Xuefeng. In the village, the farmhouse is full of car, the stove is fire, the tourists or dining or taste … Fangti Village is located The top of the Lushan Hill, was identified as poor village in 2014, and the incidence of poverty reached 30%.

"Because it is remote, it has become a poor village.

Now visitors come, good scenery drums the villagers’ pockets.

"The Village Branch Chen Hongwu said. Change from a road.

In 2013, Huanshan Road walked in the village, let the mountain goods go down, visitors go up.

  Do not destroy the environment, no big demolition, and the beautiful hillivays are transforming tourism resources into development power. Chen Hongwu said: "The previous year, we held the first ‘蟠 蟠 节’, the traffic is blocked from the village to the foot of the mountain, 8 mi.

"There are many tourists, the villagers’ mountain goods do not need to go down the mountain, the roadside stall can be sold. Service is also upgraded, an old house hangs a new house -" Fangtang Village Supply and Market ", visitors can buy here Many products and handmade products in the village.

Dai Yonggang, the first secretary of the village: "We are buying a batch of mobile shopping carts, and the villagers can rent them at any time, and the environment in the village is more standardized." The change has a concept. At the beginning of this year, the village Zhu Bo opened a "Bo Bo Meat Collapse" store.

"My store is equipped with the city, the health standard to the fast food restaurant in the city, the ingredients directly from the field to the table, tourists eat more assured.

"Zhu Bo said." Last year, due to the epidemic, ‘蟠 蟠 节’ did not do. This year, I have to be hot, and the ecological tourist rice, the more you eat, the more beautiful! Dai Yong Steel said.