Constructing a new Singapore Sathemum "Family Education Community" unveiled in Hangzhou Jiande

  Youth education, can’t stay in school and teacher, parents can’t be absent. On November 20th, the College of Continuing Education, Zhejiang University, unveiled the "Family Education Community" in Xin’anjiang Middle School, explored the new path of home schools, building schools, families, and social development, new style.

  What is "Family Education Community"? Simply, it is to cooperate with Xin’anjiang Middle School with Xin’anjiang Middle School through the School of Continuing Education, Zhejiang University, which has created a multi-educational, high-efficiency learning exchange platform. Talented.

  This is the innovation of the innovation for family education to replenish the short board for family education. "The ‘Double Reduction’ policy, the importance of family education is more embarrassed.

"Xin’an River Middle School Principal Xia Jiaan Zuo, the school and family need to reduce what, add anything, how to add and subtrack, reach the school and family education 1 + 1 greater than 2 effects, teachers, parents It also needs to be better and more systematically learned.

"We built the platform, for the implementation of the family education and teachers’ family education and teacher’s family education guidance" "reporter learned, next, Zhejiang University City College continued college will seize expert field investigation Based on the informative data, it is aimed at the urgent needs of family education in the current homes and the urgent needs of parents. It has targeted research, opening corresponding "Parents School" courses, and enhances the guidance of Xin’anjiang Middle School teachers. Ability to provide close-up training and help.

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