Qigong exercises 9 major requirements

Qigong exercises 9 major requirements


Practicing qigong is to clean up the body’s garbage, and the self-physical purification process of stretching the bones often feels sour after exercise. It hurts, or itching, sweating, creping, darkening of the skin, rotten heels, peeling, some people will suddenly thinkTo defecate, urinate, and people will have blood in the stool and so on.

  All of this is a reaction to spiritual self-purification.

It is undoubted that this is a disease reaction when practicing Qigong.

After experiencing these reactions, the toxicity and physical strength will be improved, thus achieving a healthy self-breakthrough.


The utilitarian thoughts of practicing Qigong cannot be too heavy, not just for comfort, nor just for treating diseases.

If there is a first purpose, it can’t last for a long time; for the second purpose, it is not easy to concentrate on oneness in the spirit, and it is not easy to get sick.

  If there is no motivation for utilitarian thinking, then it is possible to establish a kind of physiological health, a small benefit for the family, and a great idea for the benefit of society.

With such a big utilitarian idea, the consciousness of practicing qigong will be greatly improved, and modern scientific knowledge can be used to help practice, so as to achieve the purpose of improving and better changing the state of the human body.


Whether one can persist in practicing hard and can do scientific training, in the end is still a question of world outlook and outlook on life.

If a person’s goal in life is to possess wealth and honor, to enjoy, then he lacks the spirit of hardship.

  To persist in hard work and scientific practice, we must correctly handle the relationship between daily work and practice, and the heart must be as big as the universe, can accommodate things that ordinary people can’t tolerate, can endure the hardships that ordinary people can’t stand, and can solve the problem that ordinary people can’t solve.Trouble, can find the greatest pleasure in the most difficult environmental conditions, so as to eliminate all interference, feel comfortable and practice, and always practice.


Strengthen the understanding of Qigong theory based on natural science knowledge.

I think that general physical exercise only relies on physical exercise to strengthen local functions, while Qigong training has both exercise and rest functions.

It is the proper use of breath and body movements to enhance the body’s ability to cycle, so that the various functions of the body are balanced.


It is a slow process to strengthen your own body and consciousness by practicing Qigong. You cannot rush to seek success.

Because of the decades-long process, the various components of the body have aged, and the world view of the human being has been shaped for decades.

  In a very short period of time, the world view formed in decades will be reversed to the scientific track, and the already blocked rivers (that is, various circulatory systems) will be unblocked, and the already rusted chain (the entire spine is equivalent to a chain)Lubrication, which makes the joints that have been solidified flexible, is absolutely impossible, and can only be perfected one by one.


To practice qigong, you must be scientific, and you must strive to practice in the evening.

It is said that practicing Qigong can’t be eager to seek success. The essence is not to say that the practice should be slowly. If every practice has a new experience, then the skill will grow faster.

Therefore, when doing every action, use your heart, use your gas, and use your strength.

Every practice is like the first time you practice, always feeling fresh.


When practicing Qigong, you must relax and use your strength.

This seems a bit contradictory and hard to do.

The more relaxed, the more you can use the gas and strength.

The feeling of relaxation can be found in the following process: the body is right, the eyes are closed, the breath is full, the whole body is swollen, and then the lower abdomen is slowly exhaled from the mouth, and the force is exhausted until the head is slightly dizzy.The whole body is soft and seems to be surrounded by the feeling of underground.


It is best to practice qigong with both physical and mental exercise.

Physical exercise, different exercises have different requirements, and physical changes in the body are the common requirements of Qigong mental exercise.

  Always pay attention to where the acid is, where it swells, where it hurts, where itchy. Think again about what is the reason, is it that the joint is loose, and the pipe is going to pass, and the gas is increased, the gas in the body is transported toThat part is waiting.


Practice can not be done as a task.
It is necessary to understand the profound truth from the practice process.
In the process of improving, I have to understand the meaning and fun of practicing.