Is this the fate of the slave??

Fang Niannian couldn’t help being a little scared。
If the Zulong City State did not hold its territory,The people in Fengdi Town,Will people I know end up in the same way?。
Locked in an iron cage,In heavy shackles,It is a terrible unknown what kind of person bought it.,Not to mention that nobody bought it and was slaughtered like a livestock。
Although the four city states of Zulong City are in peace,But there are other city-states away from Sichuan,Their fate is completely different from the people of Zulong City State。
in the end,Still have to be strong!
Isn’t the Ji Ting Dynasty strong enough for the ancestral dragon city state?,Did you recruit Zulong City State?,Otherwise, just let Rui Guo crush them。
“We are at the altar,Saw a group of leeches swallowing each other,Use these blood and evil spirits to transform the dragon……”
“And that stele furnace pond,Existed for so many years,Gathered like a penis,Hidrosaurus born from it,I’m afraid it’s already a blood leech dragon。”
The prophet Li Xing painted the real evil,It’s the slave altar in this city of stele!
Zhu Minglang explained the situation to the two elders of Mianshan Jianzong and Yaoshan Jianzong,The female sword aunt Bai Qin’an who has always been wearing a sarong,She behaved a bit disgusted。
“Such evil spirits,Leveled out!”Female sword aunt Bai Qin’an said。
“They are very cunning,All killed are slaves。in this way,We can’t find a legitimate reason to kill them directly。”Wu Feng said。
The life of a slave,Not a trace of blessing in the Ji Ting Dynasty。
life and death,All by the slave owner。
In other words,Even if they wantonly slaughter the living,Throw them into the furnace,It’s not against the laws of the dynasty。
Not to mention,The killing of unsold slaves,Everyone who does this business in Beicheng knows,The governor of this city seems to have acquiesced……
“Yep,Hands-on,I’m afraid that people from the Eyeless Sect will not show up。”
When everyone is discussing how to eradicate this group of demons,A woman in a black tight armor came,Long black hair,Pair it with the armor that outlines the perfect figure,It gives people a sense of heroism and enchanting。