Anhui Province Explore "Guide + Net Tour" service

  Recently, the Anhui Provincial Cultural and Tourism Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction and Management of Tourism Team", adapting to the tourism market small group, customized consumer demand, exploration tour guides and related service vehicles to apply for webmobile driving according to law The competency certificate and vehicle transport certificate provide tourists with "Guide + Net Tour" service. "Notice" proposes, the promotion application of the tour guide service appointment platform is actively promoted according to the national tourism supervision service platform, and actively promotes the management of electronic tour guide certificates, enrichs the practice information show, and promotes the application of the tour guide service reservation platform, convenient Guide practice, guarantee legal income; carry out unreasonable charges, travel agencies may not charge or change to the guide, margin, management fees, service fees, etc. Unreasonable fees, the tour guide industry may not register as a name to charge any Fee; Implementing the action of the tour guide into the scenic spots, encourages the A-level tourist scenic spot to exempt tickets for tour guides to practice activities or related activities related to practicing activities, and support tour guides to provide visitors in the A-level tourist scenic spot; strengthen " The gold medal guide "cultivated, and the" Golden Medical Guide "team was doubled in 3 years.

Play a good "Golden Medical Guide" studio pass, help, belt effect, support the "Golden Medical Guide" and the Cultivation Cultivation of Tour Guide Professional Students in Vocational Colleges.

Strengthening the assessment and management of senior guides, and conducts a group of special guides.

  In addition, "Notice" proposed, establish a comprehensive evaluation system for tour guide service quality, adhere to tourists’ evaluation as the guide, and excite the tour guide consciously enhance service quality. Establish and improve the tour guide credit file, promote the application of the national tourism supervision service platform credit management system, adhere to the principle of "should be included, listed in", and guide the city according to law, according to law, to organize the list of conflicts to be included in the subject list and implement credit discipline.

(Reporter Zhang Idea).