Medical history:Lower abdominal pain5-6sky,Oral ancient pain,Discover the upper abdominal pain,No disgusting and vomiting,Gynecological surgery has been visited。

Inside:God,Cardiopulmonary diagnosis,Upper abdomen and lower right abdominal tenderness,
diagnosis:Abdominal pain,Pelvic fluid,
Suggest:Gynecology does not consider specialty diseases,Infusion。1
NS236chapter Two egg fried rice
Zhou Ye is still thinking about Xie Xiaohui,At this time, Sun Jun gave some opinions.。
Look at him,Sun Jun seems to have thought about what to do next.。
Is it actually a further improvement?,Then go to clearly diagnosis!
It is impossible to say that the patient pulls in,I diagnosed it in minutes.,This kind of doctor is now very small now.。
And the most important question is,Now this society is already unlikely.,Is a more existence of evidence,Not that year, a group of fools,The doctor will fool you a few words.,You all believe in the age.……
The current state of society is,Doctors and patient relationships are highly tense!At any time, a violent patient may take a knife like a watermelon.,Remove the doctor’s head!
Therefore, I have heard the most, I have heard the most, I have heard the most.,Don’t diagnose in advance,Be sure to wait for the auxiliary examination.,Clearly telling the patient how to diagnose。
No doctors, dare to rely on their own experience,Diagnose patients directly according to clinical symptoms,They are all routine symptomatic treatment and then waiting for follow-up。
After all, doctors are also an industry to eat.,No one is willing to throw your own rice bowl inside,So, it will lead to see a doctor now.,A bunch of checkup,Slowly treatment。
This may be the side of the other aspect of the height of medical and patient.!
“Xiao Wu,Since it is difficult to diagnose,What do you think next?,In addition to conventional symptomatic support。”The question of Sun Jun also made Zhou Ye have some difficult to answer.。
He looked at Sun Jun in a little horror,The cold is flashing,I want to diagnose my diagnosed no trail.。
You also let me go to the next step,I am more faint.……
“Take it easy,This patient’s abdominal pain is not very obvious,And there is something I want to tell you in advance.,This Xie Xiaohui is to be received another hospital to do hospitalized.,It is an emergency closure.,We have slightly treated this,Tomorrow or go to the second disease area.……”Sun Jun is not slow,The mouth under the protective mask smiles。
For a long time,This patient is not subject to six disease areas.!
But the second disease!
Zhou Ye 神 神 怔 怔,But you can also understand why you do this.,Because all major wards are newGPatient isolation。
However, the director and biased characteristics in several wards are still different.。
The isolation ward like the diamond zone is slightly biased towards the new surgical and obstetrics.GPatient’s treatment!
Xie Xiaohui big probability like his eyes is not the disease of obstetrics,Surgical disease,Therefore, diagnosis should be more professional in the diagnosis of diagnosis in the second disease area.。
“Military brother,The just gynecological doctor Chen Yuanyuan is not a consultation, is it not like a maternity??”Zhou Niwu is a little curious.。
Because I look at Sun Jun, the meaning of this.,It seems to be a problem that is biased towards obstetrics。
Sun Jun also speaks directly,See Ye Ye,Nothing to laugh:“Medicine is also an experience discipline,Just a little girl working for a few years,Ordnance,I think she may miss the diagnosis.……”
Zhou Ye smiled:“Military brother,You just don’t say your own opinion,You have always nodded to send people in the room。”
This style is simply not very the same as before.!
Zhou Ye thinks that the emergency young doctor before, because there is no inspection downstairs,Then by Sun Army,The two pictures are really stark contrast。
“Little girl,How do I feel so?,And this is not auxiliary inspection.,Diagnosis and missed diagnosis is also normal,I can’t let her make aydan examination,Then diagnose the problem.。”Sun Jun is a way,More tenderness in the eyebrows。
He is actually taking care of the little doctor。
Things to say the emergency doctor,At that time, the patient’s vital signs were unstable.,Then the practice of emergency is some free,I will suddenly lose my temper。