2018 China Mother Fund 100 Forum Forum

The opening ceremony of the Standing Committee of the Xi’an Municipal Committee, deputy mayors: 9: 05-9: 10, the opening ceremony of Zhao Yahui, the deputy editor of the People’s Network, the general manager of the People’s Ventures: 9: 10-9: 15 Opening, Honglei China Securities Investment The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Fund Industry Association, the president, the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony PhD Time: 09: 40-09: 55 Policy Interpretation Gao Tianhong China Securities Regulatory Commission Private Equation Fund Supervision Department Director Time: 09: 55-10: 10 Theme Speech Yin Zhen Mi Mi Fund Joint President, Song Fei Assets found Partner, CEO Time: 10: 20-10: 40 Theme Speech Shen Zhengning Mi Fund Secretary Secretary, Bauhinia Capital Chairman Time: 10: 40-11: 00 Theme Speech Xiao Feng Mother Fund Commission, Zhongjin Fuyuan General Manager 11: 00-11: 20 Theme Speech Thank God : 2018 China Master Fund Market Development Prospect Time: 14: 00-15: 00 Round Table Forum Liao Junxia, ??Palace Pu Ling, Li Huaijie, Liu Yufei -16: 00.