It seems,Ancient medicine in everyone’s heart。

It’s not what it used to be!
Came to the hospital,Fang Yu soon came to the arranged ward。
“How isVIPWard?”
Fang Yu surprised。
“What Mr Fang needs……We will naturally do our best!What else is needed,Can tell me……”Dean Huo smiled。
“Not necessary……I just borrow a place to recuperate。By the time,I’ll count the money for you!”Fang Yu said。
“How does that work……This little thing,No need!”
Finished,Huo Cheng leaves first。
Fang Yu wants to explain to him,I can only wait until the treatment is over.。
“The environment here is really good……Xiaoyu,That was the dean just now?”Fang Qianglin looked around,Have a sofa、Have table,And independent big TV,And no sound,Very quiet。
taste,It’s not pungent like a normal hospital。
the most important is,This is a separate ward。
Fang Yu nodded。
Simultaneously,Ready to go back to get the gold needle。
Here,Just for resettlement!