I am busy every day from morning to late.,When I got home, when did I have not paid a public food??”

Looking at the anger of Dai Changsheng,Especially those who finally Dai Changsheng said,It’s even more indignant.。
Two men around her are also can’t help but wanted。
There is also a red face。
“You both want to laugh?”
I heard this,The two are also right to pretend what they don’t know.。
“What do you say,What is going on??
This will always have fake photos.?”
“Wife,Are you really stupid or a fake?
Obviously, I was arrested.,Some people can’t read us for a good day.,I am very normally good to fall.。”
Looking at Dai Changsheng’s face of grief,Zhong Zhao Feng still does not believe。
After all, the woman is suspicious.,That must definitely, the more doubtful。
Dai Changsheng decided to solve things once again,Otherwise, this is a white.。
“Humph,These are the words of your side,What do you want, how to say,How can I believe you??
Waiting for me to check that you will know how to record.。”
Zhao Zhao Feng’s exit,Dai Changsheng is constantly sinking with the heart of Anxin Moon.。
Dai Changsheng knows that the more you want to calm this time.。
“Go back,Go back,You casually,If you don’t believe,You ask me directly this secretary,Anyway, secretary, you also hit it.,It is also unfair to ask questions.。”
How did An Xinyue have never thought of this time Dai Changsheng will bring her to the knife.。
But when she looks to Dai Changsheng,I saw the color of her use of her.,She will immediately。
After all, the instant aware of the two people.,But the tacit understanding of the cultivation is absolutely not the case of the eye.。
She clearly remember that Dai Changsheng said some emotion.,He is gently slap,Yes, my wife will pay attention to it.,She immediately understands。
Even when he issued a low,I don’t know how to cooperate.。
For so many years,Wife has always belonged to a strong type。
Which man will like your wife’s strength??
Not all like to conquer??
Remember,An Xinyue is also a bottom gas in my heart.。
Dai Changsheng this is to let her play.。
Zhong Zhao Feng did not know the two people。
Especially when I see the confidence of Dai Changsheng,A look of a friendly look,Her heart has begun to shake。
Look at the eyes of peace of mind, no longer so fierce。
“Come,you say,Do you have any legs with him?,If you dare to say a fake?,I guarantee that you can’t do it in this plant.。”
“Of course, if you recognize it, you have an leg.,I can not only let you go.,And will also make you high。”
Dai Changsheng heard this,The whole person is stunned.。
“Wife,Are you a question??