First1284chapter Have a play
Not to mention such a night,An old woman bowed suddenly appeared。This Wang Youcai can be considered a bold person,If this is for someone else,Screamed long ago。
”What am i doing?What are you doing?Why did you go to the yard without sleeping in the middle of the night?,Do you want to beat my wife?? I can tell you,Don’t even think“Li Lanhua said coldly。Although it is night,But Wang Youcai could feel the fierce light in the eyes of this old woman。
Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Can’t help but scold:”You are a lunatic,I want to beat your wife and wait for you to arrest me?I would have been under her bed when you found out,I can still stand here waiting for you to catch“Wang Youcai got angry,Just say what you want。
”Are you alright!I’ll get up as soon as you open the door。I can tell you,We are poor,But never do shameless business,If you have this idea,You take your money,Leave tomorrow“Li Lanhua said with a throat。
There are more than 20 households in Chenzhuang,Everyone built the house in their own land,So the people are scattered。This Yao Chunni’s yard is at the top of the village,Behind the house is the big forest。Her home is hundreds of meters away from another family,That’s why Li Lanhua dared to speak loudly。
When Wang Youcai heard this dead old woman talking like this,He’s afraid he really doesn’t want him,So he smiled and said:”You old man is really my heart。My wife works in the city,Young and beautiful,How can I like your rustic daughter-in-law??You don’t think about it“
”Really!“Wang Youcai’s lie,Made old man Li Lanhua believe。
At this moment,Just listen to the creak of the east door,A dark shadow came out。It seems that the quarrel between Li Lanhua and Wang Youcai awakened Yao Chunni。
”mother!what are you doing?It’s shameful, right?!“Yao Chunni said,Jumped down the steps and walked towards them。Although in the dark,But Wang Youcai uses the faint light,I can still vaguely see the two lumps on Yao Chunni’s chest wearing clothes。
Thin pajamas can’t cover her plump breasts,As she walks around,These two soft balls swayed up and down。Looking at the seductive Yao Chunni,Wang Youcai suppressed the anger in his heart。
”Damn!Just arrived at your home,There are fleas on this soil kang,Bite people can’t sleep,So come out for a walk,I didn’t expect to wake up Auntie too“Wang Youcai said with a smile,And didn’t mention Li Lanhua troubled him。This is equivalent to giving Li Lanhua a step down。
Yao Chunni walked to Wang Youcai’s side in two steps,Said angrily:”You’d better not walk around at night,Otherwise some people will be suspicious again“
Some people in Yao Chunni’s mouth naturally refer to her mother-in-law。Li Lanhua is not stupid,She immediately sneered:”In the past two days I found a bitch called Chun,I’m afraid of bringing male dogs to the house“
”what!Your family also has a dog!Why didn’t you hear it?“Wang Youcai asked deliberately。
Yao Chunni listened,There is no place for the anger in my heart,She unexpectedly pinched Wang Youcai,Then a sharp turn,Angrily returned to the room。
that’s it,Wang Youcai returned to Xifang again passively,He lied on the kang secretly,Fell asleep。